Saturday 5 December 2015

Farewell good prince

(updated at 9.50pm)

It had just been officially announced that Tunku Laksamana Johor Tunku Abdul Jalil Sultan Ibrahim passed away today at 7.11pm in Sultanah Aminah Hospital Johor Baru.

Tunku Jalil of Johor passes away

May Allah bless his soul.

Here are my previous posts on Tunku Jalil which I'm reproducing in full for those who may not understand this great sadness I'm feeling with his passing :

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A good prince

This may be a bit late, but I was only aware yesterday that Tunku Abdul Jalil Sultan Ibrahim has not been well and is currently under treatment in a hospital for quite awhile now.

I am praying for his recovery.

You can check the latest on Tunku Jalil at his

Tunku Abdul Jalil Official | Facebook

Tunku Jalil is my favorite Johor prince.

He is a down to earth member of the royalty who has always been close with the rakyat.

The most memorable story about the prince was on how he mourned the loss of his colleagues in the police force during the Lahat Datu incident last year.

Tunku Jalil consoling the mother of Allahyarham Sargent Abdul Aziz Sarikon who was killed in the Lahad Datu incident at the deceased family home in Kampung Parit Punggor Darat Rengit Batu Pahat on March 10 2013 

 May Allah bless the good prince.

Thursday, 11 September 2014


Tired, but can't sleep yet.

Saw this latest picture of Tunku Jalil and felt so sorry for him.

He looks so thin....and sad, unlike all those other earlier pictures of himself that he posted on his Facebook wall.

I really hope Tunku Jalil will get well soon.

May Allah grant the prayers of all those who love him, so that he can be back to his normal self again.

I honestly don't have the mood to write about politics or anything else at the moment.

Somehow, seeing such a good young man afflicted with illness made me realized that I need to be really thankful for the health and everything else that Allah gave me.

I am not without my health complaints but they were nothing compared to what Tunku Jalil is going through at the moment.

I am trying to convince myself that what the prince is enduring now is part of Allah's will so that he will be protected from the evils of the world.

Maybe Allah loves him more than the others, because he is such a good person.

I am glad that I have never heard any bad things about Tunku Jalil. In fact, all that I heard about him are good: humble, loving, generous, good natured, gentle, friendly etc.

And of course Tunku Jalil is also good looking.

In fact, even those who are not fond of the Johor royal household, seem to like him.

I actually learnt of Tunku Jalil's illness from someone like that.

The person had asked me why I had not written anything about the prince.

When I told him I didn't know that Tunku Jalil was not well, he said;

"I don't care much about the Johor royal household but can you please do a posting so that more people will know about Tunku Jalil's illness and pray for his recovery? The guy is really a good person."

I hope readers of this blog, especially Johoreans will all pray for Tunku Jalil's recovery.

Thank you.

p.s I know Tunku Jalil doesn't read this blog or know that it exist. Nonetheless, this is a song for him;

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Congrats, good prince

This is a happy story for a change from all those gloomy news of late.

Congratulations to Tunku Abdul Jalil Sultan Ibrahim.

Tunku Laksamana Johor Made Police Inspector

JOHOR BAHARU, Oct 13 (Bernama) -- Tunku Abdul Jalil Sultan Ibrahim, the son of the Sultan of Johor, was today made police inspector in a simple ceremony held at Istana Bukit Serene here today.

The pinning-the-rank ceremony for the Tunku Laksamana Johor was conducted by the Sultan of Johor Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar and Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar.

Also present at the ceremony were the Permaisuri Johor Raja Zarith Sofiah Sultan Idris Shah, Tunku Mahkota Johor Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim and wife, Che' Puan Khaleeda Bustamam, as well as other members of the royal family.

Bukit Aman's Police Director of Management, Datuk Zulkifli Abdullah and Director of Narcotics Criminal Investigation Department, Datuk Seri Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff also attended the ceremony.

Tunku Abdul Jalil told reporters after the ceremony that he was grateful and happy with the rank and thankful to all members of the Royal Malaysian Police Force.

"I went through police training four years ago and today, I have been made inspector.

"I will take other suitable courses in the future, either in Johor or anywhere else I am assigned to," said Tunku Abdul Jalil who had previously taken part in the Probationary Inspector training courses at the Police Training Centre (Pulapol), Kuala Lumpur.

Meanwhile, Khalid said with the rank, Tunku Abdul Jalil now held the post of the Royal Chief of Staff of the Johor Palace, effective today.

He said Tunku Abdul Jalil would bear the combined responsibility of palace security official and the Johor Military Force in ensuring palace security.

He said Tunku Abdul Jalil would be called to attend other courses in the future to increase his knowledge of policing, including administration and investigations.

Tunku Jalil is my favourite Johor prince.

A genuinely humble and decent guy.

He has always wanted to be a police officer and now he got his wish.


May Allah grant Tunku Jalil happiness and good health, always.

These are my previous posts on the good prince about a year ago ;


Condolences to the Johor royal household and all who love the good prince.


  1. AlFatihah.semoga roh beliau TLJ ditempat bersama para solehin.Amiin.Insan yang disayangi didunia,insyaAllah di sayangi di Alam Barzakh.

  2. innalillahiwainnailaihirojiun

    salam takziah dan kasih sayang kepada keluarga almarhum TLJ. semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan bersama dengan orang yang beriman, in syaa Allah.

    al fatihah ...

    - Hantu Siber -

  3. not a fan of johor royalty but tunku jalil is my favourite royalty of all the royalties in malaysia. may Allah bless his soul n put him in a better place...Amin