Thursday 24 December 2015

Be cool like Dr Mahathir

This is a nice story for the current holiday mood.

Dr Mahathir surprises moviegoers at Star Wars screening

Click on the link and you can see a picture of the handsome old man and wife Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali having a good time in the cinema.

Those two never cease to amaze me.

I wish when I'm 90 years old, I can still watch a movie with my beloved.

Well, not likely.

I think Marlboro Light will kill me first before I come even close to that age....and I don't think I'll have my beloved.

Haha....never mind.

Back to Dr Mahathir....eeerrr, judging by him enjoying himself at the cinema, I guess he's not very unhappy with all the reports that his rebellion against PM DS Najib Razak has failed.

That's nice.

He doesn't seems depressed or angry.

Not even grumpy or sulking.

I guess he must have told himself that at least he tried and will continue trying.

As for the outcome, let Allah decides.

We must redha (accept) with the decision of the almighty.

Don't meroyan (go crazy).

I think all the Umno rebels should be like Dr Mahathir.

Be cool.

You all tried and can keep on trying but don't become too bitter or angry if you are not successful.

Let Allah take care of the rest.

Yang pentingnya kita kena berusaha yang terbaik dan ikhlas (The important thing is for us to put our best effort and be sincere).

It's all that really matter.

If you rebelled against Najib because you truly love your agama, bangsa and tanah air, then Allah will reward you one way or another even if your side loses the fight.

But if you rebelled against Najib out of malice or due to some personal unhappiness, then I think you deserve to lose the fight.

I think Dr Mahathir is sincere.

I think he is doing it because he truly loves the country.

That's  why he seems still okay and can watch Star Wars with Dr Siti Hasmah despite everyone saying that he already lost the fight against Najib.

His conscience seems clear.

The outcome actually doesn't really matter.

Everyone should do what seems to be right....and do it with a clean and sincere heart.

That's what really matter.

And meanwhile, we should enjoy the life that Allah gave us.

Just like what Dr Mahathir is doing.


  1. YEH!..........May god bless him.
    Love him and his era. Those were the days........

  2. Sedari awal saya dapat rasa apa yang diutarakan oleh TDM adalah untuk menyelamatkan agama bangsa dan negara.
    Beliau telah dan berusaha memperbetulkan keadaan.
    Terpulang pada kita untuk menerima ya

  3. Dr Mahathir trying to find inspiration on how to overthrow Supreme Leader Najib's First Order using the Resistance's minimal firepower.

  4. Cool!!!
    Really love watching this couple....hope you can post more pics of them..

  5. Silent silent Tapioca24 December 2015 at 10:28

    Alhamdulillah. Tumpang bahagia tengok Tun M. Betul mcm Annie kata. Try our best in every possible way. Then let Allah decide utk outcome.

    Mungkin org lupa kisah terdahulu. Kisah Firaun yg amat hebat di masa dia. Ada team military n team ahli sihir yg sanggup buat apa saja utk dia. Menunjukkan kata dia rasa sgt hebat. Sampai dia mengaku tuhan. Bila tiba masa untuk Allah jatuhkan dan hina dia, kehinaan tu berterusan sampai ribuan tahun. Bumi pun xmau terima.

    Harap kita semua ambil iktibar. Masih belum terlambat utk bertaubat... kita tak tahu bila kedudukan tertinggi cycle kehebatan kita sebelum ia turun ke tahap terendah.

    1. Dengan apa apa yg ditunjukkan oleh allah sehingga sekarang walau pun Tun M dah bersara apa yg kamu ucapkan semakin tak relevan dan jelas kamu tergolong dikalangan orang yg fasiq dari segi agama islam.

    2. Errr...english please.
      Typical melayu loser yg sombong bagang yang perasan dia akan masuk syurga dgn perangai judgemental kampung...
      Pegi belajar agama dgn orang yang betul.


    3. Guys, guys!

      Be careful with your words.

      Don't be too quick on the draw and be judgemental of other people, lest you yourself will be judged unflatteringly.

      Go easy on the words "fasiq, bangang, masuk syurga," etc will you?

      Peace to all.

    4. Allah knows best.When man plays God problems follow.

  6. Annie,
    Let me make it clear annie ,whether Tun M and the rebelled manage or failed to maked Najib to step down does not effect anythings to them , because Tun M at this ages he had got every things in his life ,beside his life always simple and not so lavish lifestyle liked Najib ,Rosmah and thier family .The rebelled most of them that I know also does not benefit a lot either Najib in power or not ,but this people going against Najib because of their principal that they cannot accept corrupt leader with a lot of scandals behind him ,the worst PM Malaysia ever had. Actually Annie its not Tun M and the rebelled that matters most but the rakyat well being is important , with all the indicators we got, its shows either in economic or our country progress are uncertain and gloom right now if Najib still became PM ,so the rakyat will have to face this burden, Not Tun M and the rebelled . The worst of all UMNO will not relevant anymore after PRU 14 if Najib still PM until 2018 , because most of the new generation will condemn UMNO because a worst corrupt scandals being done by Najib without any oppose by UMNO members ,the mood are growing now ,please take my words Annie. Adios Amigos ,Salam Maulidul Rasul and Marry Christmas .

  7. Silent silent Tapioca24 December 2015 at 10:34

    Bangga juga dgn keberanian Tun M utk posting terkini Che Det ttg Paris Attack. Keep telling the truth. Ada dak pemimpin lain yg mampu tulis mcm tu? Rasa terbakar hati dek geram membacanya

  8. Look at the this Grand Old Man. 90 years old and still interested to learn what's new, what's trending and what's the latest. Unlike a certain nauseating bunch who think they know it all and love to lecture.
    May Allah continue to shower all His blessings on our two favourite Tuns.
    Najib has shown us all what a shit state we live in after bungling what Tun had done and gave us.
    Palpatine and his Jabba the Hutt lookalike wife...ugh.


  9. Greetings Annie.

    1. Nobody knows how long we will live to be. That is destiny. That is fate. When the time comes for you to go, you go. Not a second more, not a second less.

    2. My arwah father, bless him, lived happily right until his 90s. And he was puffing away like a chimney since he was a kid. Oh, he was also a firm believer and practioner of the tradional Malay herbs and roots that made him healthy and sprightly.

    3. My wife's grandma is in her mid 90's now and she is living with us. She also started puffing away since she was in her teens. And she is also into roots and herbs.

    4. Don't get me wrong. I am not promoting cigarrettes, vapes, shishas or anything. I am just stating what I see around me.

    5. If you feel that smoking is bad, then make sure you do something to counteract that bad habit and its effects. At least you have a fair chance of a long healthy life.

    6 . On the subject of Malaysian politics, I am rooting for TDM. I don't think he is vanquished, far from it. And I don't think he has given up.

    7. Knowing TDM's style, he never is a quitter. He is a great strategist and visionary. He is a thinker. And he is a fighter too.

    8. You can liken him to a marathon runner. He plans, he strategise, he executes his plans. He has the strength,capacity and endurance for a long fight.

    9. Most of all, and I agree with you, he is doing this for alif, ba, ta.

    Happy holidays.

  10. At the same time kena la accept yg manusia sume buat silap termasuk la tun n dato najib jga

    Org muo

    1. no thank you for 1/2 past 6 non-wisdom. tapi you pun boleh silap kan?

  11. Apa yang Mahathir lakukan bukan untuk peribadinya termasuklah semua kami...

    Apa yang kami nyatakan adalah "kebenaran", walaupun tidak berdasarkan bukti nyata tetapi sikap pihak sana yang cemas, takut, menyembunyikan dan mengambil beberapa tindakan pelik dan drastik menjurus kepada itulah bukti berani kerana takut kerana salah.

    Mahathir telah menunjukkan semangat juang dan melahirkan ribuan lagi orang sepertinya yang membuat kajian dan lebih bermaklumat dan mendedahkan dari masa ke semasa.

    Sudah tentu rakyat cool menunggu PRU sambil melihat mereka terus berbohong untuk menutup pembohongan lalu.

  12. yaaaa...after he had created so many lies to oust Najib n signed all kinds of consensus during his time which caused all kinds of problems for the current government..he can now sit back and relax watching star wars....meanwhile i have yet to see Najib go on a nice holiday somewhere.
    tun hpm had been wasting us so much time...and u wonder why Allah the
    Almighty still allows Najib as PM

    1. Yes bro/sis.Finally Tun meet his match in the form of Datuk Sri Najib.

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Selagi Najib belum sampai tahap jadi PM selama 22 tahun, jangan anugerah kan dia sebagai PENCABAR setraf TDM. Memimpin hanya satu PRU, pencapaiannya amat amat MENGECEWAKAN. Sudahlah tidak dapat majoriti dua pertiga malah lebih teruk dari keputusan PRU 2008!!! Nasib baik kerana dia memimpin UMNO/BN wadah politik yang telah menjadi darah daging Melayu. Kalau tidak samalah nasib UMNO seperti Parti Kongress di India! Tunggu PRU 2018. Apa nasib UMNO/BN sekiranya Najib Perahuan Bugis masih menjadi Nakhoda!!!

  13. ...yg bodoh (umno) tetap Kemal bodoh ...walaupun dididik (mahathir) dgn baik...


  14. Sometimes people are so blind that they do not see the elephant right in front of their faces.

    Worse still, they are so senseless that they do not notice the rotting, stinking elephant carcass right under their noses.

    13.37 and 18.23 are good examples.

  15. i hate all politicians equally but if i had to choose which one is the best, he or she would be the one that can make us a proud of being a Malaysian and make the country look like it's doing better than it actually is. that's what mahathir brought to the table and is an area which i find is extremely lacking in the najib administration.

    1. agree with you...they re all devils..the choice is between the clever and the stupid devil..the clever devil did alot of bad things but the feeling is so different from the current stupid hardship no feeling of insecure..every body happy n enjoy the peace affordable life at that time

  16. ASB's decreasing dividend payout since 2013 reflects Najib's performance...God bless us all!

  17. tq u annie, hate the current/surrounding feelings coming 2016...oh msia ku - so sad and gloomy feelings