Friday 11 December 2015

The need to learn about comradeship, loyalty, love, reconciliation...and a bit of sex

I dropped by PWTC this morning to see how things are at the ongoing Umno general assembly.

On the surface, everything seems to look the same as in previous years.

Met and said hello to some old friends there but didn't stay too long.

Saw some faces which I'm allergic to there and decided to return to office.

Got better things to do.

Being there for that short while actually made me realised that among those whom I know connected to Umno, there are actually now more people that I dislike than those whom I like.

That's quite bad I think.

I used to enjoy listening to the speeches and being among friends at previous Umno general assemblies.

But not this time.

There seems to be more arrogant self-serving individuals among the people who work directly or indirectly for Umno.

Maybe it's just me being too negative again, but that's my true feeling this morning as I saw those faces which I knew were faces of arrogant hypocrites.

Well, there are many more good Umno people out there, but somehow a lot of those I know are of the type that I dislike.

Some, I discovered only recently, were supporting Umno just because they want something for themselves.

They don't really give a shit for Umno's true struggles or even what would happen to this country.

 But these people are the ones who were given recognition and high ranking posts in organisations supporting Umno.

That for me explains why the opposition, despite their troubles, is fast gaining ground on Umno and its BN allies.

These mercenaries hired by the Umno top brass to make themselves look good never bothered to put themselves on the line of fire for the sake of the struggles.

They just play safe by doing things that the Umno bosses like no matter how stupid or damaging those things are.

Their motive is to keep the Umno big shots happy so that they can keep their high paying job even though they knew what they are doing will further erode support from the party and BN.

They just do the syok sendiri (self-pleasing) work.

As long as the BOSS is happy, they will do it.

My bet is, in the event the people become so meluat (disgusted) and voted Umno and BN out in the next general election, these mercenaries will immediately declare that they have never really supported Umno.

"Hey! I was not doing politics during BN's time, okay," I can imagine them imploring the next day after BN lose the election.

I really can't stand these people.

Well, unfortunately the current Umno bosses and their handlers prefer that sorts of people to serve them.

They don't care much about loyalty, I guess.

Or maybe loyalty to them is cheap and can be bought.

Anyway, rather than hanging out at PWTC and bumping into those people that I dislike, I prefer watching this beautiful documentary which teaches the importance of comradeship, loyalty,  love and reconciliation.

There is also a bit of sex.

This hour long documentary is narrated by Liam Neeson. Watch it if you have time. It's really good.

There's so much we can learn from the Japanese...people and monkeys.


  1. Hi Annie,
    Agree with your post, these are categorise as the "cari makan" type politicians or followers, we hate them irregardless from whichever party. We all need to earn a living, but lets do it without selling our souls to the devils.
    I don't mind UMNO as the ruling government, but lets not do it with threatening the other minorities by taking away their rights, breaking laws, allowing rampant corruptions and cause hardship to the people like GST. We live in the same boat that is Malaysia, if the government and state government are wise men, then they will make the cake larger for everyone to eat and enjoy. Make the people richer, make our currency stronger so we can all enjoy holiday overseas and not only Najib.
    Where are these wise men and women at the moment?
    Pakatan can do a lot of good stuff, set the institutions right, have more civil liberties, stronger anti corruption, protecting our constitution which everyone agree and bring the real bad guys to face the law. That's why people vote for them. At the moment, UMNO is very bad, very rotten with a very tainted leader with scandals. Anytime Najib will face the music once corruption case is approve to charge, then UMNO need to search for replacement. There are plenty capable to takeover like Muhyiddin, Hishamuddin which are very acceptable and quite popular with the people. Why not?

  2. Bila boleh tengok wajah awak annie?

  3. Annie,
    Najib loyalty is bought with money, so what can you aspect from this type of loyalty,but we cannot do much if some peoples (most in umno) want themself to be fool by fools leaders ,liked some wise man said ,"Cheaters always want you to be loyal while they're be unfaithful".


  4. re, Well,There are many more good UMNO people out there.

    I doubt that ,what I see they are just opportunist . I also wounder that ,how many Malays are actually left in UMNO (truly Malays) not opportunistic Malays .
    UMNO is for the Malays survival ,not a platform to be Malays in UMNO and destroying UMNO from within ,that why UMNO has lost it's perjuangan .

  5. Come on Annie, you only realized this today?