Tuesday 8 December 2015

Najib's wish and reality on the ground

There is this article published in the Bernama's website last night.

It's on the wish of PM DS Najib Razak for the Umno general assembly which starts tomorrow.

My comments in blue.

I Want UMNO To Remain United - Najib

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 7 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister and UMNO President Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak wants UMNO to remain united and does not want to see the party in chaos.

Of course as a party president, Najib should want the party to be united and not in chaos. However, the reality is that, sentiment on the ground indicated that many members and supporters are not happy with what has been happening to the party over the last few months. To deny this reality will be foolish.

The party president said this was among issues troubling him, especially with the UMNO General Assembly 2015 starting this week.

It's not only troubling Najib, but the rest of us who have been supportive of the establishment. There seems to be a huge dark cloud hovering above PWTC where the event will be held.

"I want the party to remain united...I do not want to see the party in chaos or divided...I want party members to close ranks," he said in an interview with TV3 that was conducted by the Group Managing Editor, News and Current Affairs, Media Prima Bhd Datuk Seri Mohd Ashraf Abdullah, Group Managing Editor of The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Bhd, Media Prima Bhd Datuk Abdul Jalil Hamid and Utusan Group Editor-in-Chief Datuk Abdul Aziz Ishak.

To say it is one thing, but to do something about it is actually something else. Talking is after all rather cheap. I wish Najib had instead said "Umno people, I will do something so that you all can be united again and forget about all the nonsense that happened the past few months". All those three interviewers who are supposed to be the most brilliant minds of Malaysia's main stream media should assist Najib by asking him questions towards that instead of letting him sounding rather sad for wishing for unity without being seen as doing something about it.

The video of the interview has been uploaded on the website www.newsplus.my/live-tv.

This is clearly an attempt to reach out to those who use the new media as their main news source. The interviewers by right should also include someone reputable from the news portals or other internet media and not just the MSM bigwigs of the three news outlets which were known to be aligned to the establishment. Credibility which could be attained by appearing impartial is important in order to deliver the message.  

The Prime Minister said at the general assembly, the delegates must have confidence in him and the party leadership as what happens during the assembly would get the attention of many people. "The mood of the assembly will be scrutinised, not just by the people in the hall, but also by those overseas.

Party members' confidence in their leader is indeed important. However, it should be nurtured instead of just being called upon. It is hard to fake confidence if you don't have one as others who are observant enough will see that confidence as what it truly is. 

"The party's image must be preserved, show a good image and as members of the ruling party, we must show that we are responsible and can look after the interests of the party so that friends and foes continue to show respect," he said in his message to 2,762 delegates who will attend the assembly from tomorrow at the Putra World Trade Centre.

Respect is to be earned, and not demanded. Umno's image should be preserved at all time and not just at the general assembly. Projecting a good image is actually more important than all the rhetorics. For instance, I became supportive of the establishment after closely observing the leadership of former Johor MB TS Abdul Ghani Othman. The guy is simply incorruptible and conduct himself as what a true Malay leader should be. It's not his words which won him my support but the proper way he is. And I swear in the name of Allah that he never gave me any money or even asked me to support him. 

He said at the assembly this year will be an exhibition on Barisan Nasional's achievements in fulfilling almost all of the manifesto during the 2013 general assembly.

If we look at the results of the last general elections, we can see that BN's promises and those which it fulfilled do not really matter that much. I remember the fun-fair "Jelajah Janji DiTepati Program" and I don't think such theme won BN any extra votes. The people actually expect more than what BN promised them. That's why BN actually won the last general election without winning the popular votes. It would be better if Umno and its BN allies could promise and deliver to the people a better standard of living and quality of life. The people want to feel that their life is improving, not promises which sound good but do not change anything such as the currently high cost of living. 

Najib said based on the status, Barisan Nasional had a good chance of winning the general election although a few problems need to be ironed out.

I wish Najib had said "surely will win" instead of "a good chance of winning".

"This is because if we look at the alternative (opposition), they are in chaos. I feel they have a problem to decide their leader. However, though our position has dropped a little due to issues played up by certain people, we still have time to make up," he said.

The way I see it, both sides are equally in chaos. It's now a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils. Personally, I still support the establishment but bear in mind that the opposition has DAP which commands up to 90 per cent of the Chinese votes. The Chinese as they appear will remain united under the DAP banner no matter how chaotic the opposition will be in the run up to the next general election. Malays who are the core supporters of BN on the other hand are more divided than ever.

Asked if there was a conspiracy to oust him, the prime minister said what was important was to show that he had not done anything wrong morally or against the law.

I agree with Najib on this one.

"There are more than 20,000 UMNO branches and only a few may not be happy. They are those who may have lost and therefore not happy with their division leaders," he said.

I think Najib needs to win back those who are unhappy no matter how small their number supposed to be. BN needs every vote that it can get in the next general election.



  1. "The party's image must be preserved, show a good image and as members of the ruling party, we must show that we are responsible and can look after the interests of the party so that friends and foes continue to show respect," he (ah jib gor) said ...

    huhuhuhu hahahaha hehehehe .... kerabat jho low si lemak haloba sudah sampai ke puncak kedustaan!

  2. You agreed with the last 2 statement but I believe many people think he has done many wrongs including abusing of power which is obvious.

  3. Annie..
    Macam biasa najib hanya bersedia di interview dengan skrip yg di sediakan awal.. inilah PM yang mengaku pahlawan tetapi tak berani berdepan soal jawab secara langsung baik di parlimen mahupun press conferences.
    Annie... bila kau tulis kau setuju yg najib tidak melakukan sebarang kesalahan.. aku rasa nak MUNTAH lah..

    1. Cuba baca betul-betul dan paham apa yang cuba disampaikan. Jangan sampai orang kata engko tak berapa cerdik

    2. Annie.. tak mengapa tak berapa cerdik ( boleh diusahakan lagi )..tapi ader orang yg tak paham paham (atau buat buat tak paham) yg semakin ramai manusia yg dah menyampah.. dan orang yg menyokong manusia ini bukan tak berapa cerdik, tapi.. BENAK (plain simple)

  4. Nice and balanced. A bit surprised you didn't use the petikan asal Najib dlm BM but good enough ... Thanks

  5. Dear Annie
    Are you 100% sure that Najib had not done anything wrong morally or against the law ? Under the law a government official cannot accept any gift from anyone. Period.
    When news of the deposit of money into his account became public he denied it. Now he admit to the fact.

    So a law had been broken. A lesser official would have been put under investigation and subsequently charged in the court of law. But first he has to be on a half pay leave and be told not to be at the place of employment in order to facilitate investigation. This is not happening in this sordid and murky affair.

    Perhaps there is another set of rules and regulations for the top brass, which I am not aware of.

    Maybe Annie can enlighten me on this.

    1. No. I am not 100 per cent sure. That is why when Najib was
      "Asked if there was a conspiracy to oust him, the prime minister said what was important was to show that he had not done anything wrong morally or against the law."
      I agree with him to show that.

    2. Accepting RM2.6M under the circumstances which Najib admitted ,is 100% morally wrong even if cannot be proven illegal.(full stop).

    3. question is about ali baba n 40 thieves story? is a story or true fact? why it is not answered? 3 mins in parliament n hr in tv. why changes in ag and macc staff. where is the truth in religion? one support race, party, or truth in almighty?or tried to hide with more lies?

    4. Najib can say anything now and very few believed what he said. The real test is when he face The Maker on the Judgement Day. We'll only know the real truth then.

    5. "And O ye immersed in sins! Go you apart this Day!
      Did I not enjoin on you, O Children of Adam, that you should never worship Satan? - he is to you a sworn enemy.
      And that you should worship your Me your True Lord? - this is the Straight Way.
      But Iblis leads astray great multitudes of you. Do you not see?
      Now this is the Hell of which you were always warned!
      Embrace the Fire this Day, because you persistently rejected the Truth.
      This Day We shall seal their mouths. But their hands will testify to Us and their feet will bear witness about everything they had ever done."
      (Quran, Ya Sin: 59-65)

  6. I hv tried 2 reconcile both ds najib n tun m but hv failed. tun has mentioned 2 me that he has passed that stage. nevertheless I hv not given up hope.

    I hv been in communication wth yg a bhg dtn sri rosmah.
    the latest is my plea below " salam ikhlas y a bhg dtn sri. sungguhpun sya masih berkecuali dlm sengketa ds najib dgn tun m,sya masih menyokong kepimpinan ds najib. melalui dtn sri sya merayu agar ds najib kekal dgn pendirian utk tidak mengecam tun m secara terbuka. ini adalah sifat yg amat terpuji. jika tun m d kecam n d malukan d khalayak ramai , sya secara peribadi terpaksalah menilai semula kedudukan berkecuali sya. I pray that ds najib wil stay strong. wassallam. d Rahman."

    sya tlh mendpt respon drpd dtn sri yg tidak bolih sya kongsi bersama tanpa kebenaran beliau.

    jawapan balas sya "y a bhg dtn sri I hv done my part n wil contd to do so. my plea is that ds najib shld exit PAU as a statesman n win over d heart n soul of d delegates. salam. Rahman."

    lets hope n pray that all is wel after d convention. insya'allah.

    1. It just show who is the real master behind the puppet PM

    2. anon 18:23
      I wld hv appealed direct 2 ds najib if I hv his contact no. so pls do not make assumptions.tq.

  7. A squabbling organisation lead by a crook won't last long. Doesn't matter if they change the leadership, UMNO is doomed.

  8. 1) aku baca yang warna biru saja, tu pun mual sikit-sikit.
    2) kalau baca yang warna hitam, mungkin muntah hijau.
    3) soalnya 10 yang dia cakap, ada 11 yang tidak boleh dipercayai.
    4) lain kali suruh media prima interview dari dalam kelambu.

    1. Minumlah teh herba campur lemon sikit untuk mengurangkan rasa mual. Kalau muntah juga pegi check doktor.

  9. Najib say ,I wish UMNO remained united, but what did he do to keeps UMNO united and respectful , nothing .

    People on the ground ,wish Najib should be relived as UMNO president and PM ,but nothing could be done ,he got 3 million UMNO members behind him .

    Keep on hoping .

  10. Hi Annie,
    Najib is not a fighter, all his life, he is spoon fed, even 2.6 Billion, easy get. His life is scripted. And he play "safe" according to some. Meanwhile, Tun Dr. M is a fighter.....even the 90 year old man, 1 punch, Najib also scare of him. Ask him debate 1 on 1 question on 2.6 Billion....he cannot do it because he is afraid and know it is wrong. What he can do, is hide behind here, hide there...like nothing2hide, this kind of balless and gutless leader is the one, the rakyat should fear....because coward can do crazy thing when in power because they will not sacrifice themselve...they will always sacrifice others. These people are call SELFISH!!

  11. Najib mengajak rakyat supaya mempunyai keyakinan terhadap ekonomi Malaysia sama saperti keyakinan yang ditunjukkan olih rating agensi saperti Fitch,Moody,Std.&Poor dll.Yes I believe all those data are very convincing and believable and we would eventually overcome our economic woes successfully…but ..this is a big BUT …if you are perceived to be immoral and corrupt no amount of good work will erase peoples despice..it ALL become meaningless and rings hollow .Yes I accept it but don’t expect my appreciation.


  12. Disunity aside UMNOs set in enjoying, adinda Ms Annie
    the power and the all the real $ !

    " I can open your eyes
    Take you wonder by wonder
    over, sideways and under
    on a magic carpet ride
    A whole new world
    A new fantastic point of view
    No one to tell us No
    .. or where to go
    or say we're only dreaming"

    -- Disney movie soundtrack, 1992

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  13. He..he...klaka...tak salah...2.6b..tak salah...tukar AG, fired DPM...etc...tak salah....klaka lah annie....

  14. Hi Annie,
    To bring Ah Jib gor syiok sendiri speech into perspective.

    Those rating agencies, Filth, Moody, Standard & Poor....that's what they, they gave good ratings to the western bank & country until it EXPLODED in 2008 Financial Crisis causing economic distress all over the world.

    You believe them?? That's what Najib maybe too much golfing with Obama has got to his brain. Even in TPP, he want to sell the country and all medicinal drug prices will go up. In desperate times, he sold our energy sector to China wholesale to cover his debt because China got the cash.

    This is the kind of desperate leader that he is. Tun Dr. M surely won't do such a thing. Najib is bring the Malays and Malaysian into ruin.....in chinese says, bring them to 'holland' (bring them to hell/ruin)

    Continue la my dear Malay bro if you still don't wake up....sweet dream with your Ah Jib gor....

    Concerned Chinese Malaysian

  15. Najib diduga dengan harta, kuasa, wanita. Many of thre opinion that he failed miserably. Kita pula bagaimana. Oleh itu hati-hati lah bila membuat komen.