Tuesday 1 December 2015

Stopping Dr Mahathir

A friend who is a supporter of PM DS Najib Razak sent me the following just now,  and I guess he was challenging me to publish it.

So, I obliged.

Results speak for themselves.

When Tun M caused a split in 1998 by sacking Anwar, UMNO lost 24.5% of UMNO seats in GE10 (UMNO lost 22 out of their previous 93 seats won in GE9) and lost Terengganu.
Tun M had retired and let Pak Lah do his own thing. The country rejoiced that Tun M is no longer PM and Pak Lah's BN won with a landslide victory.

There was a 7.4% swing towards BN resulting in BN winning 51 extra parliament seats. UMNO itself increased 38 seats - from 81 seats to 109 seats, a staggering 47% more seats!

That is what happens when Tun M stayed out of the way.
When Tun M next caused a split in 2007 by leading a campaign to remove Pak Lah because Pak Lah didn't listen to him, UMNO lost 27.5% of their seats (30 out of 119 UMNO seats which they previously won in GE11) and lost an additional 4 states - Penang, Perak, Selangor and Kedah.

From wining the biggest landslide ever in 2004 GE11, UMNO lost a staggering 27.5% of their seats and lost 5 states - and this allowed Pakatan to govern and build their funds, support base and strength.
Now Tun M is causing another split in 2015  by leading a campaign to remove Najib because Najib didn't listen to him, how many seats and states will UMNO lose in GE14?

GE10, GE12, GE14 - Tun M's causing splits seems to happen EVERY OTHER election.

And you blame Najib for weakening UMNO and BN? LOL!

I am sure you know who is the real underlying cause.

Note: The 1MDB issue is just a tool used by Tun M to attack Najib. Before Tun M used this as a tool, Pakatan had been using it for years and years and the effect was very limited. It is only when Tun M started using it that people started to beleive the worst - even though all the international auditors and the interim AG report could not find any money missing or stolen.

In 2008, do you remember what were the reasons why Pak Lah HAD to be removed and was corrupt to the core? What were those issues then since it was SO SERIOUS and what happened to those issues now?

Figures and history don't lie.

If you really want to strengthen UMNO-BN for next general election, please ask Tun M to stop.

All I can say in response is that - Who am I to ask Dr Mahathir to stop whatever he is doing?

I'm not his friend or even a hardcore supporter.

I actually never even have the privilege of talking one-to-one with the man.

Some of my friends who are close to Dr Mahathir are not even talking to me anymore.

I guess it's because I didn't join them on an all out attack against Najib.

One of them went to the extent of accusing me  of being the lackey of a Najib's loyalist.

That's quite sad, actually.

But still, I had defended Dr Mahathir whenever he came under attack because I don't believe in anyone whacking an old man no matter what was the alleged wrong doing that he had committed.

What more that the old man has done so much for the country.

You can just do a search on "mahathir" in this blog to find my previous postings on the man and find out what I wrote about him.

I defended Dr Mahathir believing that the rift among the pro-establishment people should not be worsen by unnecessary harsh words which would later be very hard to take back.

After all, they are all from the same side.

Honestly, I'm still hoping for them to reconcile before the next general election.

I know that there's very slim chance of that happening, but I don't feel it's wrong to hope.


  1. could u please draw a table and put the percentage of seat won under mahathir years, 1982, right until 1999. u can see a pattern that is consistent with the election results for those years.

    its always 2/3.

    so the doctor knew that whatever happen, or whatever shyte happen, just make sure during election his party won 2/3 so that he can mantain ruling. i just wanted that to be heard by the one who preaching about mahathir effect this that. get that one understood first then only we can go further.

    as for 2004, okay good it was a very good victory because of the blue waves by abdullah appointment. but in 2008 it was his own doing that made Barisan lost 2/3 for the first time since 20-30 years. just remind of urself about the GateKeeper, the 4th Floor Boys, the electrification train that was suspended, of course the Scenic Bridge, etc etc. Dont need to type all of them here.

    those were the reasons that demised abdullah rule to just 4 short years. those werent the ask of mahathir. those were what the nation needed. and the nation decided enough was enough and abdullah was out.

    the same also with najib. excuse? what excuse? during the initial years of 1MDB, it was an open secret that mahathir told najib to stop these. but it was the straw that broke the camel back, and of course 1MDB is a problematic not only here but internationally it brought so many problems that they created by themselves. and the approach they did with mahathir was also very shamefully wrong, how can these seasoned politicians treated these issues like novices from the cave?

    why cant they manage mahathir? u know why and we all know why. it is because they put a kid to do a man's job. they got advisors that know nothing about managing this very country. foreign advisors. and of course they became too greedy and too intolerant and obnoxiously insolent.

    umno can be saved, and its been proven since the formation of umno that leaders come and go and umno is still here, strong day by the day. the founder was out for reasons known to all, but the party grew stronger. the prime minister that claimed us independence, also out, but umno got even stronger since then. so dont come preach here about a leader that had to be defended at all cost or umno will fall, because history showed that not a single leader is indispensable.

    umno will get stronger. and better.

    1. I would like to response to your postings in Tun M's success and failures.Remember when Tun was in power he was called a dictator.Yes, indeed his style of governing is full of deceits.But that is politics.When he sensed Anwar was trying to topple him, he introduced bonus votes for each nomination for UMNO Presidency.
      Tun was no doubt a maverick but he was at the right time, when there was no internet, no social media ect.
      Things have changed a lot since Tun M stepped down in 2003. I would advise a handsome old man (as Annie calls him) to take up hobbies that are not detrimental to his health and to this country's political health.Take gardening or become a mosque committe or whatever.After all, as the Malay saying goes 'Rumah kata pergi, kubur kata mari'. Nobody lives forever

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Prof Kangkong.

      When The Kaki-Main-Pungkoq guy tried to topple Dr.M then, the bugger was not sacked from the post of DPM cum Finance Minister like what Najib did to Mahyiddin. And mind you, Muhyiddin was only complaining about 1MDB, no trying totopple his boss.

      As PM, Dr.M did not hold-on dearly to the Finance portfolio like Najib did.


  2. The pro-Najib crowd can spin all they want, but there are some things they just simply cannot wish away.

    Firstly, the 1MDB fiasco. That was a self-inflicted wound.

    The fall-out would have been less severe if Najib had owned up earlier and come clean on the matter when it first came up. Just admit your mistakes, apologise and then carry on with the damage control. People would understand that he was just human and imperfect.

    But in the first place, 1MDB should not have existed at all.

    Secondly, the RM2.6 billion debacle.

    Again, if Najib had come clean before all hell broke loose, he just might be forgiven for goofing off. Instead all the denials and outlandish responses from him and his minions just succeeded in making more people pissed off. To cap it all after all these, he had the gall to say that it was a donation some good-hearted samaritan from the middle-east. Do you think you can fool all the people all the time?

    I don't need Dr M to 'instigate' me. I am already outraged as it is by Najib and his henchmen's shenanigans.


    1. they need 1mdb to have lunch cari makan. the former hsve theirs and new ones need new sources after there is other projects. furrher construction is only eating kachang for lunch mana ada cukup?

  3. So sorry to hear that a "friend" with that kind of mentality still exist. He just blaming Tun M for everything that happen to UMNO yet he refused to know why Tun have to act in such manner - is it for his very own personal gain or for the sake of his beloved country ?

    1. tun m acts like ph. ph raise this matter and tun m also follow up

  4. Annie tak boleh minta Tin M berhenti tapi Annie boleh minta kawan Annie tu masukkan GE13 dalam kesnya. Jangan buat2 lupa macam Arul Kanda. Terus lompat ke GE14 yang belum berlaku sambil abaikan GE13 bukan satu ulasan atau perbandingan yang saksama.

    Sepatutnya lepas Pak Lah turun pada 2009, kesan serupa macam selepas Tun M turun pada 2003. Bukankah itu yang perlu diulas tapi tidak disentuh. Suruh juga kawan Annie itu bagi tau Najib supaya berhenti.

  5. If we know who your friend is, then we can know how close he is to the powers that be.
    - What car is he driving? How many cars does he have at home?
    Things like that.

    1. Does he have a crystal toilet bowl? Cos with fabulous shitty ejaculations like that he deserves nothing less than the treatment for royal excrement.

  6. Well, one old man can decide the fate of a government.

    Or the government wasn't responding to people's expectations.

    Both are correct. But which one is more correct?

    1. or both are wrong. who is wronger?

  7. Enough la Tun you had your years. Don't be trouble maker as you aged.
    Let Najib and others do their way.

    1. Ya let Najib the pirates and the crooks clean everything so we can go bankrupt...

    2. tun do his his way n bugis pendatang my way

  8. Annie,

    Mr Author.what/who causes the 'Chinese tsunami'(PRU13)
    1MDB is not a concern back then


  9. So what all this stupid PRO NAJIB people want Tun to do is shut up while they plunder the country and do stupid things?

    Remember all the things that Pak Lah did? And you all are living in the times where Najib is screwing you top left right bottom and centre.

  10. ...buat apa punya meja....jika meja tak di pakai

    ...buat apa punya tong sampah...jika tong sampah tak di pakai...

    ...buat apa?


  11. If you being seen as corrupt smell liked corrupt , nothing can turn it to be good and ok , mana pergi RM 2.6 billion ...... please dont kencing all malaysian with all that stupid story.

  12. 1. Tun didn't sleep on the job
    2. Tun didn't get a massive donation right into his account and keep quiet about it until terkantoi big time!
    3. Sapa yang dok meroyan la ni - tuduh orang nak jatuhkan kerajaan dan nak pecahbelahkan Umno
    4. Janganlah buat tak reti pulak - orang tak nak berPMkan orang yang tak amanah dan menyalahgunakan kuasa!

    1. have to try something new. ph knows all those monyet tricks already. like david copperfield to make money disappear in different ways

  13. ...disini gunung disana pun gunung
    ...ditengah-tengah Annie apa
    ...Annie bingung aku pun bingung
    ...sekarang mau buat apa


  14. Annie,

    Di bawah ini hanya sekadar metafora satirikal nusantara kontemporari. Ia tiada kaitan dengan yang idup dan yang mati.

    Tanah Melayu ini luas dan luar biasa. Luasnya sekangkang kera, luarbiasanya ia apabila dilayari bahtera di daratan dan kemeriahan terpancar apabila banyak bahtera berlumba-lumba membawa penumpang dari satu titik ke satu destinasi yang sama.

    Asalnya sebenarnya tidak banyak bahtera yang memberikan perkhidmatan. namun susulan berlakunya pertelagahan, perebutan dan perbezaan pendapat dalam kalangan nakhoda, pembantu nakhoda dan anak bahtera, satu demi satu bahtera baru muncul menawarkan perkhidmatan yang sama.

    Perlumbaan dalam persaingan itu sememangnya baik tetapi hanya di satu tahap dan apabila tahap itu dilepasi ia mungkin jadi tidak baik. Fakta ini tidak disedari dan kalau disedaripun, tak ada yang peduli. Kesudahannya ada bahtera yang karam, ada bahtera yang terus bertelagah lalu pecah-belah lagi dan lagi, ada bahtera yang berkubur dan tidak kurang juga bahtera yang di labuhkan secara kekal di Muzium Samudera Nusantara.

    Perpecahan terbaru, baru berlaku. Ia berlaku dalam cuaca tenang dan tanpa kedengaran desiran ribut dan gegak gempita sebuah petir. Seorang pembantu nakhoda dari Bahtera P telah terjun laut dengan membawa sebahagian anak bahtera, menuju sebuah pulau. Di sana pembantu nakhoda berjaya membina sebuah bahtera baru dan kini dalam ujian. Ia dikhabarkan memiliki kuasa kuda lebih besar berbanding bahtera lama yang ditinggalkannya.

    Kini bertambahlah satu lagi bahtera dalam laluan yang sama. Persaingan pasti meningkat dan peluang untuk meraih habuan lumayan bertambahlah nipis. Dalam situasi sebegini tentunya bahtera yang paling diminati, rajin dan cerdik bakal mendapat jumlah penumpang paling ramai.

  15. Annie...apa yg kawan you cakap ni..and you pun percaya ke...this is not about GE...this is about songlap duit rakyat, kos sara hidup rakyat, 1mdb yg bukan2...takkan itupun your friend tak nampak and you pun tutup sebelah mata ke....kami di kampung ni dah tak tertahan dengan kos yg makin bertambah...itu yg you patut bagitau kawan2 you yg kat umno tu...

  16. if we hav3 to have a crook as our leader, we better have a smart crook, not a bumbling, wife fearing crook.

  17. Tak kisahlah perahu mana yang lalu, kalau ianya kiambang, ia harus bertaut. Kalau kiambang tidak bertaut, ia bukan kiambang namanya tetapi daun daun kering.

  18. Hi Annie,
    Very interest Tun M attending UMNO AGM...hahahaha. He will listen to the delegates singing AYAM4U....AYAM4U....Najib.....I love PM....AYAM4U....AYAM4U.....hehehehe, lets see the delegate speeches of praises of 1MDB.
    Will the delegates invite Tun M...to say a word or 2??? Hahahaha, let see what Tun M will say...or will they censor him with....AYAM4U...AYAM4U Najib Najib...hahaha.
    I respect Tun M....he still got the guts to go, while UMNO dare not invite him. Not even dare to sent a letter to him. But Tun M, say he will go.....because Zahid told him to come.....Tun M accept the challenge.

  19. What a load of crap! If that's the best that spinmeister can come up with, best of luck campaigning for GE14. They are going to need lots and lots of luck since they have zero, zilch substance to work with. Oh wait, no problemo ... they still have RM2 bilion, right?

  20. I think your friend is more concern about his lucrative alibaba contact not being renewed post GE14.

  21. Dear Annie,

    It beats me how the most powerful man in Malaysia still need this kind of kukudus around to defend him... Yeah why not, he himself is the mother load of kukudus...

    1. puzzle me. thieves mostly work alone or in small group to prevent detection. why ali has 40 thieves? sli baba n 40 thieves. arr this why powderful man needs so many kukudus.

  22. Masa zaman Tun 3 org TPM kna tun musa tun ghafar n DSAi..skrg ngn Dato Najib baru sorang kna..apa lah sgt klu nk dibandingkn...

    Org Muo


    1. Musa Hitam letak jawatan.

      Anwar dipecat sebab dia tak boleh kawal anu dia dari mencari lubang buntut.

      Ghaffar Baba turun angkara Anwar Al-Juburi.

      Faham tu orang Muo?

    2. hahahhhaha....

    3. Dia lahir zaman reformasi kot!

    4. Hisap dari Parit mana orang Muo tu betul! kerana masa Tun, tiga Timbalan Perdana Menteri tak menjadi.

      Atas sebab sorang tu main sumbat pongong, sorang pulak kerana tidak dapat kepecayaan dari Bossnya dan sorang lagi terpaksa mengudur diri kerana lawanya gila nak Jadi Perdana Menteri.

      Tapi sekarang teori hisap dah berubah siapa tukarkan? Tak lain tak bukan ialah Najib sendiri sebagai ketua Agung Negara berkaitan dengan 1MDB.

      Najib sinkirkan Muhyiddin kerana APA? Kerana Muhyiddin menegur kedudukan perniagaan 1MDB yang di taja oleh Najib/Kerajaan.

      Didapati 1MDB dah buat salah. Dari sudut pembangkang, salah guna kuasa. Melayu....telah memabitkan nama baik Kerajaan dan pati Melayu Umno, seterusnya akan memebankan Negara.

      Ini boleh membuat Rakyat tidak ada keyakinan kepada pemerentah BN dan kemungkinan BN akan kalah di PRU akan datang. Kerana apa? kerana Rakyat telah memandang Najib tidak AMANAH lagi dan Najib dipandang telah gunapakaikan wang dari pinjaman 42 billion itu. Untuk siapa wang tu? Satu gambaran (teori hisap) yang tenat menimpa Melayu Umno.

  23. Dear Annie,

    On behalf of the mostly rational pro-Tuns, I just want to say that I've seen, read and acknowledged your posts that are Tun-friendly.
    I just can't believe that some of us called you Najib-lackey.
    That award goes to... on top of my mind: The Unspinners.

    Please don't feel disheartened. You may not all-out like D. Kadir Jasin and Din Turtle. But you are certainly NOT Najib-lackey.

    Farhan M.

  24. At-least Dr.M had never appointed himself as the Finance Minister and held to it dearly as Najib did. The only time that Dr.M held it briefly was when Daim resigned and that 'Rear Admiral' was disgracefully fired for abuse of power as DPM and for sodomy.

    If this dual grabbing of ministries is practice by a head of Government of a non-Islamic countries in the West, (especially if it involved the finance portfolio) this would have raised many eye-brows among its people.

    1. there r many ministers in the pm depart n also advisors. see what is the operation expenses. the depart sudah gemuk

  25. annie,

    ask your pronajib friend...mana RM2.6B 'donation' pergi?

    1. Especially the prepaid bloggers lockybru, a voice, bigdog and bujai!

      They are amongst the so called 'intellectual bloggers' whi are not so intelligent after all when it comes to getting paid. Integrity and honesty goes down the drain when it comes getting paid.

  26. Maybe they call you are a Najib lackey because of your endearment towards your captain and big brother Rocky. But no, you are not Najib's lackey and not Rocky's babe.

    1. also no dap bf? why hitch to him in the first place? dap lackery?

  27. Hello...no one says that you are najib or rocky lackey...we just want you and your stupid friends too think and observe...????

    1. Siapa yang stupid?

    2. we ? please dont put us among your kind anon 10:28

  28. Patutlah Tun melompat sakan. Angsa bertelur emasnya telah dibunuh pahlawan Bugis. Kesian.

    1. Protonkah yang anda maksudkan?

    2. Angsa bertelur emas tu 1mdb. Itu ikut kata ku nan. Tun tak ada guna istilah angsa bertelur emas. Yang dah mati 1mdb sampai terpaksa jual aset. Edra baru pusingan pertama. Janji enam bulan dah sampai penghujung tapi angsa tu terus sembelit tak keluarkan telur. Telur tuan angsa yang makin kecut setiap hari.

  29. Now we are going to have a 'new' NSC, tabled in Parliament.
    I've said it many times Annie, that GE14 will be indefinitely postpone if Najib remains as PM.

  30. Msa zaman tun beratus org kna isa..dato najib xde pn pki isa skrg..

    Org muo


  31. Sebab takda ISA lah maka Najib pakai SOSMA dan sebagainya terhadap pengkritiknya.

    Contohnya terhadap Khairuddin dan Mathias Chang.

    Itu pun tak boleh sangkut, ditolak oleh mahkamah.

    Kalau ada ISA, habis semua orang disumbatnya kedalam, termasuk ketua-ketua cawangan UMNO yang mengkritik dia.

    Faham tu orang Muo?

  32. Najib batalkan isa konon tunjuk liberal. Alih2 timbul macam2 ancaman antarabangsa seperti isis/isil. Terpaksa buat sosma tergesa2. Bahas sosma sampai pagi di parlimen untuk kelulusan. Masa tulah zahid sebut pandikar tidak bangun untuk buang air berjam2. Rupa2nya pejabat speaker tak ada bilik air. Isa beri kuasa penuh kepada menteri kdn tahan orang hingga 2tahun. Sosma yang lebih liberal benarkan tahanan hingga 28 hari. Hari ke 29 mesti bawa ke hadapan majistret/hakim untuk sahkan penahanan. Itu yang berlaku kepada khairuddin dan mathias. Mahkamah bebaskan mereka kerana kesalahan bukan bawah sosma. Kalau isa masih ada, menteri kdn berkuasa penuh tahan tanpa bicara, bayangkanlah mungkin tun mahathir dan muhyiddin yang orang muor tu pun kena isa.

  33. Kira kira 2 bulan yg lalu saya berkesempatan bertemu Tun M secara peribadi di Jakarta bersama saya beberapa tokoh yg terkenal di Indonesia.Saya tak besempatan kenal beliau kerna dah hampir 20 thn sy di sini.Hanya saya rakyat Malaysia(tidak termasuk pembantu Tun)waktu itu.DAN Tun hanya berckp hal kemelut Msia sekitar 3 menit,selebihnya hal hal academic.walau di tanya byk,Tun hanya kata 'Thing have to change'itu saia,Tiada kata2 yg berlebihan dari beliau.Dan di malam harinya Tun berucap di hadapan 13 Duta asing dan tamu2 negara asing.Tiada Tun bercerita walau sepatah hal kemelut Malaysia.Di malam itu dan di perjumpaan peribadi saya dgn beliau,dihati saya hanya berkata'Kasihan Tun,beliau hanya sayangkan Tanahair dan Sayangkan bangsa Melayu'.Untuk makluman, saya tidak pernah minta sebarang projek di Malaysia(di zaman siapa saja jadi PM)dan juga tidak pernah ditawar,kerna saya lebih berminat berurus niaga di Negara ini.Bagi kami warga Malaysia yg tinggal diluar negara,kami hanya mahu lihat Tanahair makmur,bangsa melayu tidak terpinggir,UMNO teras bangsa Melayu berdiri teguh dengan tiang tiang kejujuran.Teras pemerintah Negara adalah bangsa Melayu.Salam Hormat Tanahair.

  34. Org muo.
    Maaf bertanya. Berapa umur semasa semasa Peliwat UMNO dipecat, 1997?

    Masa Tun Dr.M, dia tak tangguh-tangguh PAU. Nak bertanding lawan jawatan Presiden pun boleh. Naib President yang lawan dia pun boleh berucap pada perwakilan PAU.

    Dr.M guna ISA (Ops Lalang 1987) pun keatas Kit Siang. (Bapa racist yang juga pernah mencetuskan 13 May 69. Kit Siang lari ke Sabah bila ternampak keadaan tidak terkawal untuk mengelak dari dipersalahkan.)

    Selain Kit Siang yang di ISA pada Ops Lalang 1987:-

    Chandra Muzaffar- Presiden Aliran
    Karpal Singh- Timbalan Pengerusi DAP
    Dato Lee Kim Sai - Timbalan Presiden MCA (Dilucut gelaran Dato oleh Sultan Selangor)
    Chan Kit Chee - Naib Presiden MCA dan Perak
    Kua Kia Soong- Ketua Publisiti Jawatankuasa Hak Awam
    Lim Fong Seng Pengerusi Dong Jiao Zhong (Persatuan Pendidikan Cina)
    Halim Arshat - Ketua Pemuda PAS
    Ibrahim Ali Ahli Parlimen Pasir Mas, UMNO
    Mohamed Fahmi Ibrahim - Exco Biro Pendidikan Pemuda UMNO .

    Isunya berpunca dari Menteri Pelajaran, Anwar Ibrahim aka Al-juburi yang mahu menempatkan Guru Kanan Melayu di SRJKC. (Ketika itu juga Anwar bekas ABIM, giat mengIslamisasikan Sekolah dan institusi Kerajaan: Kanak-kanak perempuan Islam dipaksa pakai tudung, baca doa dan lain-lain).
    Masyarakat Cina beranggapan Kerajaan mahu 'Kebangsaankan' SRJKC. Akbar-akhbar memainkan sentimen perkauman dan saling tuduh-menuduh dan kutuk-mengutuk. The STAR, Sin Chew Jit Poh dan WATAN dibatalkan lesen dan ditutup.
    Ketegangan kaum memuncak (seakan-akan suasana May 13,1969) sehingga production line kilang-kilang di Sg.Way FTZ terhenti kerana ramai operator tidak datang kerja. Ibu-bapa tidak benarkan anak-anak mereka keluar rumah, terutamanya yang terpaksa naik bas mini melalui KL ke Sg.Way.

    'Nasib baik' Prebet Adam mengamuk dengan menembak mati dua-tiga orang di Chow Kit dan keadaan terus jadi 'lega'. Keesokannya, akbar-akhbar beralih tumpuan kepada "Amukan Prebet Adam". (Handpnone pun tak ada lagi ketika itu).

    Nota: Sila google untuk cerita lanjut, mengapa Prebat Adam mengamok.

    Singapura dan Britian pun masih ada ISA. Amerika ada Patriot Act. Tapi di Malaysia, Najib dah mansuh ISA. Lepas tu menyesal dan terpaksa gubal POTA, SOSMAH dan PUKI. Buang masa wakil-Rakyat dibayar elaun untuk bertelagah atas flip-flop yang Najib sendiri lakukan dengan menghapus ISA. Kerana tidak kuasai 2/3 Dewan, terpaksa pula memperdaya Pembangkang tidak hadir di Parliament pada pukul 2 pagi ketika undian dibuat.

    Itulah akibatnya buat kerja untuk jadi popular tanpa berbincang dengan anggota kabinet.

  35. Anwar Al-Juburi memperkuatkan islamisasi dalam sistem pendidikan Malaysia dengan akidah saudi-wahhabi - di asuhkan oleh Nik Aziz bapak angkatnya. Sedangkan dia sibuk cari jubur2 muda utk ia menghiburkan diri (macam perangai jelek pak badui)

  36. Dear Annie and fellow Malaysians,
    Najib doing power grab now with NSC. As they say power corrupts, absolute power corrupt absolutely. Najib can and will be the first PM that will be thrown to jail due 1MDB, 2.6 BILLION and 42 MILLION into his personal account. This is a VERY HIGH possibility when the government change over. That is why Najib is very fearful, very afraid. And the way to migitate this, is to think of way to concentrate more power to himself to avoid the possibility he will be thrown into Sungai Buloh by the rakyat. The rakyat are watching, whatever dastardly laws he and his gengs are creating, will one day be use against them. We can't wait, when we will use SOSMA, PUKI, NSC BILL to lock these Najib buggers up and throw them into Sungai Buloh for cheating, corruption and destroying the civil liberties of Malaysians. You watchout Najib...you watchout!!!