Monday 21 December 2015

Crushing the rebels...and everyone else

Saw this posting by A Voice just now

"You are either with us or against us"

and told myself that if that's how the supporters of DS Najib Razak want it, then they would likely consider me as an enemy.

I believe I had been relatively neutral as far as the Umno civil war is concerned.

Going by the logic of Umno adopting that George W Bush's doctrine, then I should be treated as an enemy of Umno.

Being a neutral is being an enemy under that doctrine.

Well, that's too bad.

At the start of the rebellion, I posted this,

The right side

and later on this,

Only a Sith deals in absolutes

I wrote the second one as an advice to a rebel not to adopt the "you are either with us or against us" attitude.

I believe it's not an attitude which can win a war.

I think George Bush was wrong.

Americans didn't win the war in Iraq or Afghanistan.

They killed a lot of people but they didn't win the war or even win the hearts and minds of people.

Iraq and Afghanistan is still at war and those two countries may likely end up being ruled by people who hate America more than those the Americans tried to bomb back to the stone age when they started the war more than a decade ago.

And I believe many more people hate America now than back then before they rain Tomahawk missiles and carpet bombed Saddam Hussein's people and the Taliban.

I don't believe that PM DS Najib Razak will win by being another George Bush.

Why do his people want to make people like me their enemies?

As I wrote before, Barisan Nasional barely won the last general election in 2013.

At that time people like me and also those who are now rebelling against Najib are all going all out to support him.

Despite that BN even lost the popular votes.

What makes the Najib loyalists now think that they can pull it off by themselves in the next general election without the help of the neutrals and winning back those rebels.

Does crushing everyone else help win support for Umno and BN?

Maybe they think the warming relations with Pas will soon enable them to do it.

If that's the case, then I think they should go ahead with it.

Go ahead and crush people like me.

After that, let's see whether people like me or the Pas people are kinder to Umno.

One thing for sure, I never regard the over 3 million Umno members as infidels or jahilliah or anything like that.

But if the Najib's loyalists think, it's better for them to do that, then go ahead and do it, okay.


  1. Be strong much i love UMNO but i do hate the current leaders that knows nothing except talking rubbish. They seems to forget UMNO exists because of the malays and it's existence is to serve us. No worries...nothing last forever anyway.

  2. Tu lah yang dikatakan lebih sudu dari kuah!
    Menunjukkan semangat hulubalang dengan menghunus tombak nak menakut-menakutkan orang!


      ISIS may be claiming to wage a holy war for Islam but the self-declared caliphate is as vulnerable to the region's deep-seated corruption as the secular Iraqi and Syrian regimes it displaced.
      Evidence from its former fighters and officials suggests that "ghost armies" are fighting on both sides of the conflict.

      A year ago Iraq denounced deep corruption within its army, alleging 50,000 "ghost" soldiers had been drawing salaries from the military without serving.

      According to Omar, a rebel commander who fought with Isis for more than a year before fleeing and asked not be identified by his real name, the same thing happened on his side.

      "You'd have a frontline ISIS commander apply for salaries for 250 people, but really he only has 150," he said. "When officials discovered the schemes they started sending their own financial administrators to deliver salaries. But then the administrators started agreeing with commanders on scams, too."

    2. I suppose you cannot be that naive. Politics is a dirty business as the winning side must do anything to prevent from losing while the losers have to risk all to win.
      From your writings I gather you have always been pro-establishment and an UMNO supporter but now you find yourself being marginalised by your peers.
      Time to wake up girl and smell the stink. As things can get pretty ugly when SHTF.

  3. The voice of arrogant...

  4. Annie,
    I am glad you are neutral , better be in this way rather being hook into Najib and the Gang mess ,Dont be liked Rocky's Bru , Myknu ,RPK and other where they believe in " Money is King" but just imagine went Najib step down or worst Najib going to jail, for sure all this group will " jilat apa saja " for survival, now look most of them were dreaming saying umno will benefit from Pas - Umno collusion if its really happen , actually umno will lose more and Pas will gain little,because Pas will hoping that the malay on the fence who vote for BN before and the rebellion in umno will move thier votes towards them but for umno to gains somethings form Pas suppoters and voters is a stupids idea , umno for sure get nothings from this people whose from a couples of decade have been doctrine and brain wash thier mind by Pas mullah every hours to hate umno forever. But umno members is difference they followed where money float , and in the end with the leaders liked Najib being thier leader now,what else can they hope, I think you know the answer .
    So Annie from what you written above I can presume that Najib and the gangs were "desperados" so they grab what ever they can and do what ever idiots ask them to do in the end all of them will drown , now we have another two(2) bloody years form PRU 14 , so you just imagine with this period there will be a lot more allegations on Najib for instance ,investigation on 1MBD money laundering in Switzerland , Hong kong , UK ,Singapore and US , Ex A/AG late Kevin Morais " Pen Drive" mystery, Ex AG Patail statements on his sackings(i don't think he dare to release now its very ,very dangerous)and lots more scandals on 1MDB will be release by external media Plus the rakyat most urgent issue liked GST ,Tol hike ,cost of living and so on .So if Najib and the gangs think they can success in doings all this forcing works they really make a huge mistake. The best for umno is Najib to steps down now , yes now ,not tommorow not next years,at least some sympathize will come in towards umno especially from rebellion members and some malays on the fence. Well Annie have a nice day and be cool ,till than bye dear.

  5. No doubt you will have many comments agreeing with and supporting you on the above post. I do and would have written tons against Ah Jib Gor and the Projib people now.

    But, despite you have started publishing what I wrote to you, you have not apologized or shown sufficient remorse for wrongly interpreting my comments against the bastard Alvin Tan, accused me of having the intention to kill him and condoned the bugger for desecrating and blaspheming the Qur'an by using a page to clean his assol and putting photos of it in his Facebook account which was closed by the FB authorities for the sheer disgust of it.

    Well, a few words to them if you want to publish this comment - they can climb the trees and jump about in praise of Ah Jib Gor, but it's not certain yet that he'll remain at the helm until the 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion issues are resolved.

    Resolved satisfactorily by the rakyat's perception, that is.

  6. It's obvious today that George Bush was in the wrong when he said, "You are either with us or against us". The US demands the Afghans' Taliban to surrender those responsible for 911. Obviously they're after Osama ben Laden and the Talibans who are they former ally, against Russia. They previously armed and trained to oust the Russian in Afghanistan.
    Then Bush and Tony Blair lied to the whole world about WMD to invade and kill Saddam. After Iraq its Libya and they killed Gaddafi, mob style.
    After more than 15 years, Iraq, Libya and the world was much-much more peaceful when Saddam and Gaddafi was alive.

    Therefore, if Najib were to follow the footsteps of Bush to squash dissents, then he MUST be in the WRONG too. Even RPK, (slip of tongue, demonising Dr.M), had wrote recently, that the drafted 'charge sheet' was indeed genuine and that was the actual reason why Ghani Patail was dismissed.
    Nobody in the right mind would resort to such immoral act if they had no skeleton in the closet.

    Please imbed this in our mind: Jho Low, Deepak Carpet and Razak Baginda was not even a Government clerk. Therefore they cannot be working for the benefit of the Rakyat. By utilizing suspicious middlemen, it runs counter to 'Rakyat di Dahulukan'.

    1. Jibby has broken all the protocols of good governance. "Kepentingan Diri" di dahulukan. We rakyat are just here to refill the financial craters Jib Gor and Jho Low created.

  7. Hi Annie,

    Mohon maaf dipinta karena terkeluar dari topik.

    Terasa gerun setelah melihat dari berita video "balasan" alam semulajadi di selatan China bandar Shenzhen berdekatan Hong Kong gimana runtuhan tanah/landslide diikuti dengan letupan gas yang menyebabkan bangunan terbenam dan mangsa terbabit yang masih diragui hilang.

    The number of people missing after a landslide in southern China has almost doubled to 91, after a huge mound of construction waste collapsed and buried 33 buildings in China’s latest industrial disaster.

    Demikian, terus terbayang pencemaran lombong bauksit di Pahang... sekarang musim tengkujuh/monsun oleh itu hujan dan tanah merah akan bertukar jadi lumpur merah, apakah kepentingan dari "yang tertentu" demi permintaan tinggi dari China terhadap bauksit kerajaan negeri sanggup menggadaikan nasib derita yang di lalui oleh penduduk sekitaran Kuantan? Sebelum ancaman bala bencana akan menimpa yang berpunca daripada sikap kerakusan mereka hendaklah dihentikan serta merta karena pencemaran alam, kemalangan disebabkan lori-lori pengangkutan bauksit, pendapatan nelayan mengurang, mutu udara yang memudaratkan kesihatan, sumber air tercemar dan peniaga kedai makan dan peniaga kecil tidak boleh meniaga dek debu merah, laut biru bertukar menjadi merah begitu juga sungai dan selainnya...

    Apakah wajar perlombongan bauksit tersebut terus diperluaskan tanpa mempedulikan kesejahteraan hidup penduduk yang menjadi mangsa keadaan yang mana boleh ditangani oleh pucuk pimpinan kerajaan negeri tanpa berdolak dalih cara "typical" yang bersekutu untuk meraih pembahagian sepotong kek!

    à plus.


  8. Episode II, GE Wars: Attack of the clones
    ( UMNO clowns? )

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  9. My vote will be a spoilt one next time around.

  10. Main golf sinnah nabi...21 December 2015 at 20:37

    Now Najib blogger the unsponner try to defend corrupt agency Yapeim by saying main golf sunnah nabi!
    Yapeim main golf dapat kumpul 18 juta!
    new industry jamil khir dah jumpa. make money from playing golf.Apa salahnya muahaha. askar pencen najib...

    1. I like this commrnt 2.6b times lol.. lets invite Sheikh Tiger Woods ..

  11. Typical of women, you assume as such. Does it really matter if you are pro, anti or on there fence?

    Unless you are trying to sway sentiment.

  12. They are arrogant because Najib now has NSC or MKN where he can use and command the armed forces. Without NSC, only the King as supreme commander can order the armed forces


  13. "You are either with us or against us "

    UMNO will have more enemies and less friends ,who needs friend anyway 3 million is enough .

  14. Bush sendiri isytihar kenyataan itu. Bush sebagai ketua. Yang isytihar ni bagi pihak najib. Bagi pihak ketua konknnya. Bukan ketua sendiri isytihar. Yang ketua pernah isytihar ada blogger bangang. Apa yang abitw nak kepoh. Yang isyrihar ni mungkin blogger bangang. Tak jadi kudis pun. Tak ada kredibiliti punya kenyataan. Tak perlu endahkan.