Friday 4 December 2015

Najib's bigger problems

Had a chat with a friend who is an Umno rebel blogger yesterday.

He is one of the nicer ones who still wants to talk to me despite myself not among those who are relentlessly attacking PM DS Najib Razak.

I am glad to have a friend like him.

Of course our chit chat topic was about the rebellion.

My friend is a trained accountant and his blog has mostly been a platform where he dissected the 1MDB issue.

I find his arguments to be quite solid and easy to understand.

His writing was based on facts and not just sentiments as most others do.

However, I don't think Najib's biggest problem is 1MDB.

I find most ordinary people are not too concerned about 1MDB because it's a very complicated issue for those who are not well verse in business and finance.

They seem to be more troubled by more basic issues which directly affect their life such as the soaring costs of living.

At the moment, the most talked about issue is the public transport fare hike.

Here is a sample of stories on it,

Dissatisfaction over ERL and other public transport fare hike

I really hope the government realise what is happening on the ground and do something about this issue.

In my opinion, issues such as this are more dangerous to Najib and his administration than 1MDB.

Then there's the issue about affordable housing.

While the government keeps talking about being concerned over housing problems especially in urban area and wanting to do something about it, the authorities seemed helpless or maybe not even care for the rakyat in issues such as the Datuk Keramat affordable housing fiasco.

Here is the latest news on the issue

KL mayor criticised for turning down Datuk Keramat residents' request

And despite pleas for Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor to do something about it, he has not done or say anything to settle the issue.

Does he even care?

Bear in mind that Adnan is the Umno secretary-general whose pictures often came out in the media representing the party which supposed to be championing the rakyat.

If he doesn't care for the Datuk Keramat residents, then maybe the people will assume that Umno doesn't care about them too.

Personally, I think Najib as the prime minister should go to the ground himself to settle the matter because it is becoming quite obvious that his minister who was entrusted to handle it can't seems to be doing his job.

It will probably win Najib some extra support if he actually takes the initiative of meeting the Datuk Keramat residents and personally settle the issue.

If he does so, I would like to recommend for him not to bring Adnan along as the residents may by now not be too pleased to see him.

I think a direct intervention by Najib will do a great favour for Titiwangsa MP Datuk Johari Abdul Ghani who has been going all out  to help the Datuk Keramat residents.

Johari, who is also the deputy finance minister is one of those good guys in the current administration.

I was told that his service centre at his constituency is always full of people seeking assistance and most of them did get the necessary aid they needed.

It would be a pity if Najib doesn't see Johari's good work and help him and instead letting Adnan get away with not doing his job.

As it is, for me, Najib's bigger problems are issues which directly affect the people and his not so helpful ministers and Umno bigwigs such as Adnan.


  1. 1MDB is not the MAIN ISSUE U say............??????
    It is just A STORM IN THE TEA CUP hmmmmmmm........????
    Come on Annie.
    1MDBlah the biggest ISSUE.
    Kalau takda IMDB, takda timbul masalah yang menjerit kehidupan kita sekarang. Segala kenaikan bertujuan untuk bayar utang 1MDB.
    Even my greatgrandma pun said so!!!

    1. What do you mean by "takda timbul masalah yang menJERIT kehidupan kita sekarang"?

      RBA making the first comment again as usual?

    2. Dol, ni duit lu depa amik kasi kat IMDB.... Ada paham ka ? Bodo

  2. I really don't think current government give a hoot about urban and semi urban voters anymore. They just need to keep the felda villager, Sabahan and Sarawak voters happy. These 3 groups can keep umno in power even with 60 % popular votes going to the opposition. Why beat a dead horse, urban and semi urban voters need to figure out themself how to cope with rising cost of living. Hey get 2 jobs.

    1. You're the same RBA at 13:41 who made the menJERIT comment.

      (Yeah, I'm the same Anon who responded to you above.)

      So where does your boss get his funding? Not from the Middle East, I'm presuming.

      Yahudi !

  3. For now Najib badly needed help from "kaki jilat" to help him with whatever turmoil he is in at the moment and the rest come second. I felt sorry for Datuk Johari Abdul Ghani and residents of Dato Keramat.

    1. The minister's face like Freddie on Elm street , this T. Adnan Mansor is a living nightmare for the common man everyday life. Can't Jibby have someone with pinker lips?

    2. Three comments at 13:41, 13:49 and 13:51.

      So you've earned a total of RM1.50 from Annie's blog at 50 sen each. Your paymaster rather kedekut, I must say.

    3. 19:43, you can keep your freaking two sen worth of jibby trash

    4. Temper, temper and your language Oh My English! Tsk, tsk

      13:41, 13:49 and 13:51 ... and now 8:43 so early this morning always the first RBA to comment.

      Do you collect overtime after the first 50 sen batch? Maybe payment doubled and you're already RM1 richer at the start of the day.

      Now say 'Thank You' nicely to Ms Annie for providing you the opportunity to earn a living.

  4. I like the way your friend, JMD wrote about 1MDB too and agree that the bigger issue is how Najib's and his men badly treated the Rakyat.

    If Najib can intervened in that School where they rent shop-lots, in Sg.Besi somewhere, why cannot intervene in Dato Keramat?

    If Najib can intervened in Kajang for a new hospital, why Najib cannot intervene in Dato Keramat.

    After-all he was very 'Rakyat di dahulukan' or 'Perhatin terhadap Rakyat'. Almost everyday there is message/twit of sadness & sorrow, congratulation, surprise or shock to Malaysians. If you do don't hear it, you can see it running at the bottom of TV screen or read it in the news.

    What a loving PM we have. Everything is very cheap, nowadays.

  5. annie are u ever gonna make najib accountable for whts happening in msia ?

    hes a supposedly leader for God's sake !!

    1. Greedy pig only leads his pack of fastbuck quacks.


  6. Biarkan Biarkan Biarkan ,sikalang Wa ingat itu nasi sutak hampir mau jadi bubur maa aa , mana bolih jadi itu nasi lagi maa aa !.

    Sikalang semua olang belajar makan itu bubur maa aa .

  7. JMD?
    Nice piece always.

  8. 1MDB is not a big issue you said?Thats exactly what Najib wanted the rakyat to believe.He created other pain on the rakyat to divert their attention from 1MDB,while in the background he is cracking his head to solve 1MDB, believe me ,nothing else occupy his mind more than 1MDB ( by the way when talking about 1MDB it also included 2.6B and SRCI matters,).If 1MDB is not solved any sooner please expect more hardship and pain be inflicted on the rakyat.

  9. rebellion is a wrong word to descibe the real condition on the street. because that word brings negative vibes. how can a man with less money in the pocket these days (due to every price goes up) be a rebel? he is fighting for his life, his family life, and safeguarding his next (and previous) generation. so i believe u should not use the word 'rebellion' or 'rebels' or whatever associated with negative resistance

    as for 1mdb, the thing about money and those abuse of power does make it a very big issue. money comes and goes, yes, but the most biggest issue is the abuse of the people doing things over there. if they can make bend a rule, they bend it. if they can make rules disappear, they do it. if they can break the rule (read : one time exemption, blah blah blah) they break it.

    and also dont forget that they make it almost impossible for all these abuse to be brought forward. remember the BNM trying to file a suit on that wrongfully declared 'to invest in French power company'? “If the house owner does not request for certain or specific information from the eventual thief, how could the thief be faulted?" (JMD, 2015). and when asked to bring back the monies, they have the cheek to tell 'we have spent it'.

    and now the company screamed murder when it was investigated the most in malaysian's history (as they say it). 'money in my account' episode also very shameful as well. why these people became so stupid?

    to me, i will look upon this issue from integrity point of view. if things like these they can do, what chance do u have?

  10. Pucuk pangkal Najib dan seluruh kabinetnya sedang kehilangan "integriti" yang sukar ditemui semula sehingga PRU.

    Apa isu bergantung kepada taraf pemikiran individu atau kumpulan dan semuanya sama serius.
    Bagi golongan politician..kepariahan UMNO terutama menyekat TSMY bercakap sangat jengkel.
    Bagi orang kampong, kenaikan beberapa kos barang dan perkhidmatan sangat membebankan.
    Bagi penduduk bandar, kenaikan tol sangat menyakitkn hati !!!
    Bagi golongan profesyonal, 1MDB dan 2.6B sangat jijik !!!
    Bagai pengamal undang-undang, Najib sedang dalam bahaya.

    Bagi annie dan sealirannya.. Najib still the best !!!

  11. Simple la. You put carpet seller as your Minister, you get carpet seller's action.

  12. Ha..ha....kelakar lah annie...1mdb not a big up girl...

    1. Cuba lah baca betul-betul. Ada beza aku tulis "not the biggest problem" dengan yang engko kata aku tulis "not a big issue". Kang aku kata engko bodoh, marah pulak. Ni lah yang orang nak sokong korang tak jadi nak sokong. Perasan pandai tapi tak berapa pandai. lepas tu sombong pulak tu ketawa kan orang. Lebih kurang je korang ni.

  13. Jangan angin sangat annie. Memang keliru bila baca tulisan annie yang ini. Kena baca dan fikir banyak kali sebelum ulas. Bila dah jelas barulah boleh ulas seadanya. Itu pun belum tentu tepat.

    Memang banyak isu besar tapi kebanyakan isu adalah kompleks dan sukar difahami oleh majoriti rakyat. Jadi masalah macam itu lebih mudah bagi najib untuk spin. Bila jumpa pengerusi jkkk @ ketua umno cawangan, najib boleh spin kerana hampir semua audien tidak faham langsung tentang 1mdb, rm2.6b, rm42 juta dan sebagainya. Bila najib umum umur yang dibenarkan memegang jawatan dilanjutkan, semua gumbira tepuk tangan sama2. Nanti balik kampung mesti kempen sokong najib dengan pujian melangit. Tapi bila isu berkaitan kis sara hidup yang meningkat, najib tak boleh spin sebab semua orang faham kerana mereka terlibat dan mengalaminya sendiri. Dalam masa yang sama, isu2 yang annie katakan lebih besar inilah yang memudahkan fahaman orang ramai dipengaruhi apabila dikaitkan dengan isu2 yang kompleks dan sukar. Penyudahnya sama juga, kepercayaan masyarakat semakin terhakis kerana kerajaan tidak bertindak menangani isu2 yang berbangkit dengan cara yang betul dan telus. Tiba2 bentang dan luluskan akta mkn, langsung tidak berkaitan dengan isu yang melingkari negara sekarang. Lagi mencurigakan tujuannya adalah.


  14. SPAD should have a non-politician Chairman, adinda Ms Annie
    who do not have commuters at the top of their interest.

    Take away ERL which serve the top $ segment and focus instead on Prasarana and express buses. SPAD must expect higher standards in safety and efficiency, to that of Japan and Frankfurt say. Increase maintenance cost(?) and higher pay to attact the better drivers, and that reallys what it takes!

    Of course ticket prices may need to rise astronomically to that huhu of Tokyo(?) In Malaysia the public cannot bear the high prices of 1st class service, but we need it. This is where SPAD stops work and the issue becomes one of sosio-politics of subsidies.kan?

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. What you saying Zin?:
      "SPAD should have a non-politician Chairman, who DO NOT have commuters at the top of their interest"???


    2. TQ for pointing the slip, Sdr ANON 08: 42
      that I noticed soon after posting about the Chairman having the interest of the commuters 1st.

      Yes the Malaysian commuter deserves better and SPADs to meet the expectations.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH