Tuesday 22 December 2015

Meroyan bottom of wok

I had a very good laugh this afternoon.

A friend was telling me about the antics of a former Johor DAP leader who can't seems to make up his mind whether to love or hate his former party.

It's quite pathetic, actually.

I mean, if the party had kicked your ass, you just go away la.

Why still acting as if you are still so in love with the party which clearly think that you are just a stupid pariah?

Hmmm...maybe this guy is a real pariah....I don't know.

After all, I have to give it to Guan Eng and gang that they are quite good at detecting such garbage.

I really don't understand why this guy is still making so much noise about DAP on his Facebook page and blog which no one really bothered to read.

He should write about other things.

Write la about how Johoreans can make their state better or something like that.

Join an NGO also can, okay.

Or maybe he can write about all the drinking joints in JB where people can drown their sorrow after being kicked out of their beloved party.

I'm glad that my favourite DAP guy Dr Boo Cheng Hau didn't end up like that guy after Guan Eng's people took total control of the party in Johor.

Dr Boo seems to be quite cool over the whole thing.

Unlike that meroyan (going crazy) DAP guy,  Dr Boo had been relatively composed.

I know he was angry too but he understand that there's nothing he can do about it.

It's just the DAP's way of doing business.

If you are not part of the Lim dynasty's future plan, then you have to go.

Well, at least Dr Boo still have his Skudai state seat till end of this term.

The meroyan guy doesn't even have anything anymore.

Now he is acting like a husband who got divorced by his wife and now all mad with jealousy because the bitch is sleeping with someone else.

The Melayu call it "gila talak" or something like that.

It's actually his own fault.

Being a non-Chinese, he should know his place in DAP.

If he is handsome like all those sons of the late Karpal Singh, then different story lah.

This one, ugly like the bottom of a wok still want to make so much noise.

Don't la make so many stupid statements.

Now after getting kicked out, still making stupid statements.

Real moron.

Well, just want to share that with you all.

I hope all those sacked Umno people don't end up like that kicked out former Johor DAP leader.

If they really want to do good for agama, bangsa and tanah air, they should just do it elsewhere.

You don't have to be a member of a political party to do good.

Well, I'm not a member of a political party.

Just try to do good and be sincere about it.

That's good enough I think.

Of course no money or glamour lah that way.

But really. It's very much better.

I enjoy the freedom more than anything else.

I don't have to worry about getting sacked by someone like Ku Nan.

See, better what.


  1. A Malaysian trait this meroyan(?) adinda Ms Annie.

    There are a few top ones voted-down from PAS
    and an even uglier almost-sacked-one in UMNO.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  2. Sesuatu yang menarik di Johor sekarang, unsangkarable AMANAH mendapat sambutan hebat dan PAS bagai nak lumpuh...

    DAP tetap unggul, UMNO masih boleh cari makan sebab KUB kurang dungus...

    Anyway di PRU nanti jentera parti BN tidak akan bergerak jika upah tidak lumayan atau mungkin kali ini terpaksalah bangla dan.myanmarpasang bendera...

  3. But Helen Ang still mention the ex-Johor DAP leader in her postings. Must be the reason why he still get attention for his self-publicity...

  4. That's harsh.

    I wonder who that is.

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    2. Sorry anon 08:04, I rather not give him free publicity. Extremely irritating guy la that one.

  5. Who? Ku Nan the Sacker? You mean Jabbar the Hutt?


  6. Aii Yaa !, itu DAP punya hat maa aa , apa DAP buat tatak bolih kasi hanchur Negala maa aa .

    Manyak lisau apa UMNO buat lor rr .

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    1. Sorry. I'm not a big time blogger like Syed Akbar or Helen Ang. I don't give face to this one.


    2. Alaa Annie,

      Why aah you sound so surprise one by this so-called pariah's antics?

      Meroyan or gila talak, you oso sometimes behave like him maa.

      Remember or not, you always mention about your ex oso, maa.

      What la you, people don wan you anymore, people got new geffren oredi, you still wan to miss him.

      Jilted by lover, jilted by party, still has the same effect maa.

      Have a happy Christmas and happy holidays.


    3. That one I'm bitching a bit a bit only la. That's normal what.

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