Saturday 19 December 2015

Lies just piss off and turn around people

I think if we disagree or dislike someone or something we should state facts to support our opinion.

We shouldn't lie or come up with fictional stories and say they are factual stories.

Maybe joking or being sarcastic is okay, but don't la make it as if it's a statement of facts.

In the instance of FGV, I think the attacks against it has reached a new low.

Apparently those who want to see FGV fail had resorted to spreading lies.

BIGCAT blog posted this over the matter,

Reacting to bullies and liars

I know that Tinsel who operates the blog has never been a real supporter of FGV, but from that posting, I believe that she has turned the other way around.

She can't seems to tolerate the bullying and lying tactics of those who want FGV to fail.

It's true that FGV has its shares of troubles but from what I gathered, they are trying to improve things.

To continue criticising it is okay but I don't think bullying and lying about it is right.

Those tactics are wrong even if you are in the right.

They simply put off people.

As I have always argue, it's not just about whether your stand is right but also how you make your stand.

Even if your intention and objective is right but if you try to achieve it the wrong way, then your effort will end up futile.

The end doesn't justify the means.

In the case of FGV, the fate of that company carries the interests of so many people including thousands of Felda settlers.

So, I think we should bear in mind the repercussions on all those people if we lie about it just so that we can satisfy ourselves by seeing it fails.

You all can read further what they did to FGV here,

FGV refutes allegation its workers’ health not guaranteed


  1. Ha..ha..."bear in mind the repercussions" create FGV in the 1st place...???

  2. Btl la akak..gfren sya pn tuduh sya mcm2..kaki pmpn la..x syg dia la..x kisah psl dia la..sya bt x dgr je..harap2 dia sedar la nnti..

    Org Muo

  3. I am surprised you claim that lies pisses people off...

  4. Annie,
    Ini adalah fakta , pada masa FGV mula dilancarkan index saham mereka adalah pada paras RM 4.50 tapi sudah merosot kepada RM 1.50 dan semakin menurun, saya rasa tak payah la kita nak ulas panjang panjang kerana ramai peneroka telah rugi dari memiliki saham FGV ini, saya bukan nak fitnah tapi kalau sesuatu itu tak elok kita terima la hakikat nya ,yang pentingnya disini bukan FGV itu yang kita nak komen orang yang mengujudkannya dan kuncu kuncu nya harus " get lost" iaitu Najib and the pirates.

  5. Orang Melayu dan peneroka Felda padan muka. Harga dari RM4.50 jatuh pada RM1.50. Percaya tak? Agaknya siapa saudagar impian yang menipu Melayu? Agaknya apa agama mereka. Terimalah hakikat dan laungkan yang memiskinkan Melayu ialah Melayu, yang menjadi miskin terdahulu juga Melayu. Angkara siapa? Melayu juga. Bila orang Melayu nak sedar?

  6. Share price falling from 4.50 to 1.50 not factual enough annie?

    Like seriously?

    1. Please read carefully. The posting is not about share prices but about the tactic of using lies to run down FGV. Those who hate FGV should stick with playing up the share issue instead of coming up with all the other nonsense. As I wrote, it put off people from supporting you all.

  7. Senior Management of FGV is trying to hide a bomb within their trading division..A Bg Fiasco is now brewing,wth Huge Losses on shpments to India n China n Bangladesh..!!!

  8. Who is lying annie???....i think you are the one who seems to not understand the whole situation....right from the start...

  9. Annie. Tak payah tulis fgv lagi. You tak tahu apa2 tentang fgv. Sila baca.the edge hari ini. Ggv dah teruk akibat pengurysan yang boros. Itu sebab rugi.