Sunday 23 August 2015


We always wish we are strong and noble, but we are not, most of the time.

(Note: Just enjoy the song, okay. I'm not feeling well to write.)


  1. Annie, selalu sangat tak sihat?.. you pregnant ker?

  2. Une Jeune Fillette (A Young Girl)

    Une jenue fillette
    De noble cœur,
    Plaisante et joliette
    De grand' valeur,

    Outre son gré
    on l'a rendu' nonnette
    Cela point ne luy haicte
    Don vit en grand' douleur.

    *Can anybody help translate this please?

  3. Drop dead lah..


  4. It's really broke my heart ,to learn that you always felt sick . Take it's easy Annie , the Najib factor must have worn you .

  5. Lies, deception & a PR disaster

    By Charles Santiago

    When we lie, we eventually get caught. And that’s because we flip flop on our fake stories.

    It’s worse when a group of people, who do not know head or tail of a story, try outwitting each other with lies.

    UMNO men win the honours for one too many lies just to make the Prime Minister, Najib Razak, look innocent of the 1Malaysia Development Berhad scandal.

    A whopping RM42 billion has simply vanished from the state-owned sovereign fund, the brainchild of Najib.

    He is yet to say what has happened to the cash. Najib has also not come up with a plausible story for the RM2.6 billion, which found its way into the premier’s personal bank account.

    But his comrades have. And the stories are rather colorful.

    Deputy Transport Minister, Abdul Aziz Kaprawi, said that the RM2.6 billion was to stop a DAP- Jewish plot.

    New Deputy Prime Minister, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, says that middle east donors gave the money to ensure Malaysia stays Sunni.

    He even vouched to have met the donors and that the money was forked out to commend Malaysia’s efforts in fighting militant group, ISIS.

    Initially those who jumped on the “Support Najib” bandwagon alluded to the fact that the money was transferred for party use and that’s it’s perfectly ok for it to land in Najib’s account.

    Then they said the RM2.6 billion was used for the last general election, where Najib’s power was hanging on a slim thread.

    A recent Sarawak Report story said a huge chunk of the money was sent to Singapore after the polls.

    Another exposé by the whistleblower website detailed Najib’s extravagant shopping spree.

    One thing is certain- Najib’s goons in UMNO can’t get the story straight.

    The problem is that when people lie, they can never get their stories straight.

    Charles Santiago is the MP for Klang.


  6. How can we be strong and noble when we are masturbating out of boredom?

    Yet we witness our leaders are masturbating among themselves before our eyes. Une Jeune Fillette, the Young Girl saw it too.

    By the way, in the mist of this masturbation, we are applauded to continue masturbating until we dry up. But the king of masturbators does not want to stop masturbating. So the story goes;

    "I am not going to step down, cash is king, you know who I am....I am the king!...I am the king! want to know, what king?....I am the FUCKED UP KING".

    1. So for what good is the Queen? Since the King is doing it himself? At the end of the night, these two bogey Royals screw up the whole country!