Thursday 6 August 2015

Something Najib needs to be cautious about - a Japanese

Got back home at almost midnight last night.

Attended a rather fancy dinner function in down town KL.

I was actually not that keen to go, but the invitation was from a very charming Sabahan Datuk Seri.

It was simply not very polite for me to decline.

Really, the guy is charming in an elegant way and it's quite hard for anyone to say no to him.

Not all Sabahan charming men are of that Bung Mokhtar Radin variety, okay.

The crowd at the function was very international, so to speak.

Fine dining and lots of dancing.

I didn't dance. I simply don't know how.

But I did enjoy the dinner, though I really shouldn't had eaten the durian at the end of it.

I'm really getting fat.

Anyway, I bumped into a Japanese friend there and spend most of the evening talking to him.

The Datuk Seri was busy entertaining the others, so that I didn't bother to hang around with him.

Just in case you all have funny ideas, the Japanese guy, though quite handsome and charming too, is just a friend.

And no, I'm not interested in the Datuk Seri either.

They are not my "type"

My Japanese friend and me mostly talked about politics.

He was quite concerned about what is happening in the country now.

He once told me that when he first came here to work, he couldn't care less about this country but after a while had grown to be quite fond of it.

I want  to share a bit of what we talked about last night because the guy made what I think was quite an interesting observation.

Our conversation went something like this -

Japanese friend : Doesn't your PM worried that his reputation is going down the tube the way he handles the challenge to his leadership?

Me : I'm quite sure he is worried, but what choice does he's either he purged the threat or he goes down.

Japanese friend : Can't he be more subtle?

Me : The situation is beyond that now. He could try the subtle way at the start of the crisis but somehow I think he was not properly advised and it's now too late to do that, anyway.

Japanese friend: Are you sure Najib is not being sabotaged so that his reputation will be beyond repair?

Me: All the threats have more or less been neutralised. Who else are there to sabotage him?

Japanese friend : His new deputy Zahid? The guy is quite popular among Umno people. He could be the one who ordered things such as the police raid on the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) headquarters which I think makes Najib looks like a third world country dictator. Zahid could later pressure Najib to step down when he has become very unpopular.

Me : No. I don't think so. I think you have been watching too much Korean drama about palace intrigues.

Japanese friend : Hey, I could be right, you know.

Me : No all Japanese have too weird imagination, okay.

Japanese friend : all Malaysians are too nice. That's why you never expect that sorts of things.

Deep in my heart, I told myself that the guy does have a point.

But of course I refused to admit that to him because he is a foreigner.

I want to believe that my country is not all that screwed up.....that among us, we still know who are our friends and who are our opponents.

At the moment it's all rather blurry.

All we can do now is to calm down, pray and hope for things to be okay again.

I know,,,it's all very depressing and tiring....but what other choices do we have?

Okay, I'm taking a nap now...still sleepy from the lack of sleep since last night.


  1. Annie,
    Clever of you to drop hints bit by bit.
    Its like being a fortune teller or like a jig saw puzzle , all the pieces fit nicely in the end.
    Hope it is a good ending.

  2. Wouldn't Zahid need to be UMNO prez before becoming PM? Very awkward if not ....

  3. Annie,

    I have not been commenting your blog lately. I am depressed with the whole situation plus personal/family problems too. Remember what RPK wrote before of the conspiracy by the 6 Tan Sris (Ex-AG, IGP, Zeti, MACC Chief, TSMY and one more Tan Sri which I am not sure). The whole looks like it. The police might be acting independently now, but somehow giving the impression that PM is the one who ordered the arrests and questioning. The MACC is also just playing around. Granted, the lower level officers might just follow orders but it is the high rank officers that plan the whole thing. I don't know, I just don't feel right. How come the two top MACC guys are away like at this crucial time.
    You Japanese guy might be right, someone wants to make Najib looks bad. It may not be Zahid but the 6 Tan Sris. I also have not heard any word from the ex-AG. He seems quiet nowadays.

  4. Hai Annie ,
    Bagi saya tak ada yang blurr , semakin hari semakin jelas , biar saya bagi pendapat sama ada U all terima atau pihak Najib naik angin satu badan itu bukan saya punya hal cuma ini satu pendapat , saya rasa cerita donation atau derma adalah mengarut , Apa yang berlaku sebenarnya memang benar wang RM 2.6 billion pada 2013 dimasukkan dalam akaun Ambank Najib ini tak dinafi oleh najib malah diakuai oleh kuncu kuncu nya cuma sekarang mereka kata derma , saya kata tidak kerana apa yang saya rasa wang ini dimasukkan kedalam Akaun Najib kerana untuk menjaga keselamatan wang ini kerana sebelum PRU 13 najib kuatir akan keputusan PRU tersebut mana tau kalau BN tewas 1MDB milik menteri kewangan akan dikawal pembangkang jadi untuk elak wang terlepas tangan demi berjaga jaga wang itu dimasukkan dalam akaun dia kerana kalau BN tewas masa itu dia boleh cabut lari dengan wang tersebut , mana mungkin derma dari penyokong umno seperi KJ bodoh cakap wang ini sah datang dari beberapa lokasi seperti cayman island kemudian dieropah kemudian singapore lepas tu masuk Ambank KL mana ada pnyokong umno buat macam ini punya transaksi gila ka apa ka.

    Jadi tak ada langsung niat pergerakan wang ini untuk bantu umno dalam pilihan raya PRU 13 , jadi apabila BN menang maka Najib yakin kembali sebab pengurusan 1MDB masih kawalan beliau jadi wang ini dikeluarkan semula dan akaun di tutup ,mudah kan .Macam cerita satera dulu tu la yang menjadi mesteri ,banyak orang kata pasal apa bom terus mangsa sampai berkecai tak ada langsung rupa orang , kesian , senang saja mungkin mangsa sedang membawa kandungan yang akan membawa bala dimasa hadapan kalau kandungan itu buat tuntutan harta dan waris nanti . Jadi apa U mau buat "Musnahkan sama sekali DNA nya" bro perbuatan ini senang saja pada orang yang hati bukan insan . Jangan ambil pot ini cuma cerita satera tak dituju pada sesiapa dan jauh sekali nak menghasut kerana semua dah maklum dan bijaksana jangan ambil serius boleh delete kalau tak minat tak ada hal pun .

    1. teori yang saudara kemukakan itu mudah aja kita check kebenarannya. Setiap akau mesti ada rekod wang keluar dan masuk. Kalau duit RM2.6 billion itu dikeluarkan sebelum PRU13, itu bermakna duit tu digunakan utk PRU.Kalau duti itu dikeluarkan kesemuanya sebelum PR13 ini bermakna Najib went all out to win that election.If some of the money remained in the account way after the GE13, it means that Najib hedges his bet

  5. ko bikin malu rakyat Malaysia saja..ada ati lagi mo defend penyangak wang antarabangsat tu?

  6. 1. Who gained by exposing videos of Muhyiddin?
    2. Who persuaded Nor Jazlan?.
    3. Who betrayed Permuda on Singapore hudloom in Johor.
    4. Who accused TDM of cronysm and ..... when he was exposed gaining by TDM?

    1. Abang din sacked for plotting NC vote.

  7. Ahmad Mazlan confirm Najib itu "BODOH" statement Amd Mzln...." Najib takkan sebodoh itu untuk deposit 2.6 billion dlm account peribadi sendiri" orang bodoh aje yang buat gltu..."SPRM confirm 2.6b deposit kedlm acct Najib...hehehe


  8. re,Japanese friend : Are you sure is Najib not being sabotage .

    He may have the point there , but we see Najib is looking more on his political circle and opponent .
    Much to everybody knowledge ,Najib is surrounding himself with number of consultant especially the foreign one . How very sure he is, that this consultant does not leak, secret government information to the foreign media.

    He got to check his backside first ,before pointing his finger to others .

  9. What did the Rogue Warlord say to the Ronin (lordless) Samurai?

    He said: "Come on, cash is king, and you can have a lot of it if you call me Lord."

    Ronins answered: "We'd rather hara-kiri than serve the Slave of money."

    Rogue warlord: "You will reject billions of Ringgit?"

    Ronins: "The ringgit and you are fast tumbling down!"

  10. He he he .... what's funnier sight than a handsome sushi man talking Malaysian politics?
    Answer: A really getting fat nyonya hot on wasabe talking back at him .... hahaha

  11. That theory is currently being talked about among the Umno grassroots.