Wednesday 19 August 2015

Save the country first

This is probably the most not nice story about Malaysia today as published by Bloomberg

UBS Warning of Worse to come 

excerpts :
The spread on the nation’s credit-default swaps widened 74 basis points in 2015 to 180 this week, a level not seen since October 2011. It’s the worst performing in Asia and almost 40 basis points more than similar-rated oil-producer Mexico, which the Swiss bank says best illustrates the malaise for Malaysia.
“The moves in CDS are telling us that the market is increasingly nervous about the central bank’s ability to manage the foreign-exchange selloff in light of its relatively light reserves position,” said Manik Narain, a London-based strategist at UBS. “Malaysia’s situation may now be more precarious.”
Bank Negara Malaysia’s foreign-exchange reserves slipped below $100 billion last month for the first time since 2010. They look “increasingly meagre” by emerging-market standards, said Narain, and compare with foreigners’ 206.8 billion ringgit ($50.6 billion) holdings of local-currency debt in July, the lowest in three years.

That's not very nice isn't it?

That's the kind of news about our country of late.

Bloomberg also has this earlier story which is also not so good about Malaysia,

But at least it has these on what we need to do and the fact that our economic woes are not all due to our own fault,
The nation has to show “a greater tolerance toward democracy, fighting corruption and a conservative monetary and fiscal policy” to restore confidence, said Christian Wildmann, a fixed-income portfolio manager at Union Investment Privatfonds GmbH in Frankfurt. Malaysia’s 10-year sovereign yield has jumped 26 basis points this month to 4.33 percent and Wildmann sees its rising to 4.7 percent by year-end.
Moody’s Investors Service is standing by its A3 rating on Malaysia with a positive outlook as Najib’s administration hasn’t reversed reforms despite the “increased political risk,” said Christian de Guzman, a vice president in Singapore. The ruling Barisan Nasional coalition lost the popular vote in May 2013, even as it kept a parliamentary majority. The next elections must be held by 2018.
Schroder Investment is among fund managers that view the probes as just one of the challenges for an economy that expanded at the slowest pace in almost two years in the second quarter.
“The domestic situation on the political side is uncertain,” said Rajeev De Mello, who oversees about $10 billion as head of Asian fixed income in Singapore. “But the other problems are the falling oil prices and commodity prices, which do impact Malaysia.”

I think we now need to be more focused on how to fix things instead of making it worse.

We also need to be more positive and constructive instead of continuously talking about how bad our country has become.

In short, we need to work more and talk less.

Only then we can restore confidence in our country.

I know, a lot of people are blaming all these on PM DS Najib Razak.

I also have my complaints about him and his people.

But, I believe that the priority now is for us to unite and save this country from more economic pains which potentially will later on bring along other kind of pains. 

Those who strongly feel the need to continue forcing Najib to step down, please do so but at least try to find a way that would not cause the country even more pains.

My personal opinion is that it's better to wait for the next general election two years from now to bring down Najib, if that's what Malaysians really want.

If that is unsuccessful, then there's the next Umno election after that.

For now, Najib will not step down no matter what.

He had proven his will to resist all attempts to force his removal from office.

I think by now, everyone should know that.

Therefore, for now, the country should be saved first.

It should not be sacrificed in order to remove Najib.

That can be done later.


  1. Dear Annie,

    The problem is, with Jib Ah Gor & his gang of merry thieves (or "derma" recipients), the problems (perceptions & confidence of outsiders, not to mention insiders, including investors, etc.) will not go away. To be fair, some of the problems are universal, BUT DEFINITELY a BIG CHUNK of the lots has to do with our boooogis prince and his consort!? Wait til next GE? You must be joking! By then the Titanic will be 2 nautical miles UNDER the sea!!


    1. Lecture for the arrogant band of human beings yang terkosong dari nilai2 kepimpinan:

  2. Annie, you can talk about economy, you can talk about politics fluently. who are you actually?

    - Hantu Siber -


  3. Kita mest pecaya pada pemimpi maa aa , itu lain-lain cekap jangan mau dengar lor rr .

    Pemimpin kata semua OK ,mesti OK lor rr , UMNO punya olang manayk pecaya ,tatak pecaya punya sutak kasi keluar .

    DAP pon manyak pecaya sama pemimpin , PKR pon itu macam ,itu apa pemimpin buat ,itu lia punya hat .

    PAS tatak pecaya punya sendili keluar lea aa ,cali lain punya pemimpin lor rr.

    Kalau jadi hat ,sedili-sendili jaga lor rr ,tatak luit punya olang tatak manyak bolih pilih lea aa . Pagi atak makan ,tengah hali atak makan ,malam sikit-sikit makan sutak OK lor rr , hidup tetap mau hidup maa aa .

    1. Nang Bu Ti Nang, Khoi Buti Khoi.

    2. I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the way you write in Malay. Please don't butcher the language.

    3. Ren pu' Xe Ren, Qui pu' Xe Qui.

      Same meaning in Mandarin.

      How's that?

      Dont know how to write in pin yin

  4. Let me spread the whole buffet for you:

    Save the country and be unite. Then successfully the ship sails through. Najib claims credit and half past six men go worship Najib. The papers spin Najib is hero. PRU or UMNO election he comes unscatched. All problem gone. All will be forgotten and next round of stupid bad management happens. The circle continues.

    Okay what if like this:

    Cut down all cancerous branch. Get new leaves and then go united. Bring out all new talented guys and embedded new way of working together with better ideas and new spirit. The ship sails through. The new guys hailed hero paper spins new heroes in town. People will be more alert and no repeat of stupid bad management. Vicious cycle never happen again.

    What say you?

  5. Everyone? Selamatkan negara? How to manage 30 juta "kita".

    Kenapa susah sangat "satu" orang itu berundur untuk selamatkan 30 juta.

    Untuk tunggu pilihanraya, negara masa itu sudah berkemungkinan tidak dapat dikawal, huru hara, darurat,.no pilihanraya !!!

    Masa tu annie, apa u nak tukar...
    Dapat tukar seluar dalam pun kira dah untung...


  6. Najib has to go. No compromise. Banyak orang bagi pendapat. Macam tu lah macam nil lah. Chief Lanun acting macam Gaddafi khayal. If you got to go you got to go.

    Jangan percaya sangat bankers ni. Perasan je lebih. They don't know. Selalu bercakap after event.

    Market will normalise. That what markets do. EWM, Malaysian ETF today is at 10.22 off their lows of 10.03 yesterday. So, there is hope. This does not mean Najib is not guilty of incompetence though.

    Sentiment sekarang kata Malaysia dah tak boleh ambil loan dah. Bagus juga. Kalau tak entah apa lagi Chief Lanun nak buat.

  7. Yeah right, Annie. Najib & Co had a good party and you are asking us to pick up the broken bottles. Have you gone from syabu to heroin or something. Try ganja, it will clear your fuzzy head a little bit.

  8. Ini semua salah Mamak Tua, he chose 2 successors, one was bad the other one turned out to be even worse.

    1. How could Tun know Anwar was a "Juburi"? Or that Najib is a "Jemuan"? But there's something negative about Malay political culture its true: they reject the intelligent and proper men .... and love to promote those sweet-talking balls carriers.

    2. Hoi anon 5.10 am . Bangun pagi sebelum suboh dah buat comment minta kena maki. Kalau anon 9.15 maki spiking london, untuk kau ni haa...
      Kepala bu ..mak kau punya pu...

    3. Are you steroid or shrimp paste mamak.

  9. for Tai Gor Jib and his Cha Bor Ros

    Needing each other

  10. Hi Annie,
    You know where is the balance of 2.6 Billion? Such large sum donated? You got UMNO member can check UMNO account? is it there or not? Thanks.

    Concern Citizen

  11. Mamak kuti penghancur negara.

    1. Fuck you and your motherfucking family!!!!!

    2. TopFatCat Rocky posted a feelgood b.s by Morgan Stanley @ 3.30pm and you come out with this at 22.24pm .
      Way to go Lady . You are one top notch journo.


  12. Annie,

    All the nationalistic babbling is pointless.

    Changing the government a few times is the fastest, easiest and most efficient way to get rid of useless politicians. This is how smart countries do it.

    Rejecting UMNO/BN at the ballot box will cause massive pruning of deadwood in UMNO/BN.

    How did you think Pakatan has become strong? Simple. By being rejected at the ballot box and pruning deadwood each time.

    Anybody who tells you that the Chinese will hijack the Government is most likely to be a 100% UMNO stooge trying to cling onto corrupt and illegitimate power.

    There is no way for the Chinese to hijack the Government - there is simply not enough of them - full stop.

    As my friend rightly told me, the Government of Malaysia will not change unless the Malays themselves want to change the Government.


    1. Ramai mmelayu dah perasan benda ni. The moment umno buka mulut main lagu ni diorang akan gelak.

      Cina tipu melayu konon. UMNO tipu melayu lagi teruk.

    2. Anon 20:02,

      When Cina tipu Melayu, it is because Cina are babi who are ungrateful to their Melayu tuans.

      When UMNO tipu Melayu, it is called "perjuangan".

      If you are a fair person, you will need to consider this - we do not know yet whether Pakatan will tipu the rakyat yet.

      So far, Selangor and Penang seem to be doing well but we are beginning to see signs of arrogance and cockiness from Lim Guan Eng and Azmin Ali.

      The recent move by Azmin to create DEIG puzzles me somewhat but I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt - for the time being.

      I will expect full transparency of governance and of administration for DEIG or I will be voting for UMNO/BN in Selangor and for Pakatan in Putrajaya in PRU14.

      Yes, I will split my state and federal votes.

      It's my choice and I do as I please with it.

      BTW, there are strong pro and cons for splitting my vote but I am not here to discuss them.


  13. What about, sacrifice Jibby to save the country?

  14. Told you so but you chose to be remained in the World of Oz...

  15. How was Tun suppose to know that his successors, mind you, not just 2 but 3 actually, were scrupulous thieving scoundrels who were like wolves in a sheep's skin.

    1. Agreed. Tun isn't nujum pak belalang. He has no special power to know about a person's real character. He is a normal human being after all. But if only he didnt insist on DS Najib instead of TSMY maybe M'sia and M'sians would not be suffering too much. Next time before selecting a leader, have to check their entourage too especially the spouse..

    2. Aiya all from the same boat lah , nothing special.

  16. Errata for earlier message:

    The IMF numbers are in $ billion reserves.
    (Malayia's 105 billion, and China's 3.7+ trillion)

    Hj M Zin, A Gajah DPH

  17. Nobody wants to unite under Najib since he is the problem. His mismanagement of our money is unforgiveable. He is making Malaysia the laughing stock of the world with his third world tyrant behaviour. Never before the misuse of power is so obvious. Shame on you Najib!

  18. Hi Annie,
    Now idea is mooted to form unity government between Opposition and BN. The main core is to remove the problematic scandal ridden Najib so proper investigation can be done on him and restore the confidence back to our beloved national institutions. What do you think, I think is fair the PM is also coming from BN (Muhyiddin, Razeleigh) since they are the largest block but with members also from Pakatan joining the team to form inside the new care taking government. This will be a temporary, to restore back confidence, economy and in next election, we will be in a fair fight again. I think this idea is good...we have to bring back and put the government in proper. Put what is right back to this current upside down government

    Beloved Malaysian

    1. PM kita memang dah tak ada feeling langsung. Apa orang cakap, ekonomi nak hancur, rakyat kesusahan, semua tak di peduli. Agaknya dia sudah bertukar menjadi syaitan jelmaan .

  19. I doubt you know what you're talking about. Let's stop making things bad by stop blaming Najib and work towards saving the country? You do realise that we're in the mess we are in because of him, right. How do you expect to repair a house without first removing the great big tree that has fallen right across the middle of the living room? Hello. Elephant in the room.

    1. Worse than that: the Elephant believes he is God and dishes out Cash like a King to His devotees .... may True God on High protect and save us from this abomination!