Tuesday 4 August 2015

Khaled needs to appear rebellious for Johor's sake

A friend who is one of the rebels got a bit excited when he shared this story with me earlier today,

Umno must not keep quiet, it's time to act, says Johor MB

In a Facebook posting today, Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin said Umno cannot keep quiet if "corruption becomes a culture or trust is betrayed"
"Umno cannot keep quiet when the party no longer champions the cause of Malays but is instead used to defend a few under the name of loyalty or discipline in adhering to leaders," he wrote. 
"Umno can no longer stand by as an observer. The time has come for Umno to move forward, to be more proactive and dominant," he added.

My friend thought that the rebellion may still be alive.

I had contended earlier that DS Najib Razak and his people had crushed the rebellion by their decisive move of removing all the internal threats against his leadership last week.

Khaled, who is the Johor Menteri Besar and State Umno liasion chief does indeed sounds rebellious in that Facebook posting.

If only he had been more specific...

Still, Khaled's son, Akmal Saufi had also apparently sounded rebellious.

Here is what the young man said as per published by Apanama,

Soalan dari pemimpin muda JOHOR - Derma untuk Najib Razak

Akmal Saufi had posed several hard questions to Najib about the alleged RM2.6 billion wired into the personal account of the prime minister.

In my opinion, those questions are actually more "dangerous" than those raised by former DPM TS Muhyiddin Yassin which caused him to be removed from his government posts last week.

So, is Khaled leading a new wave of rebellion from Johor?

My answer is - NO.

First of all, I never see Khaled as being the rebellious type.

In fact, I find him to be a bit too timid.

As most of us probably know by now, Khaled has been quite overshadowed or even overwhelmed by the Sultan of Johor.

In that sense, I quite pity him.


Of late, that's how I feel about him. That's why I have not write much about him and my beloved Johor for quite a while.

I even feel that I have been a bit too hard on the guy in the past.

As to why he suddenly sounded brave - I think the guy is actually trying to be so because the sentiment on the ground among Umno members in Johor is quite bad at the moment.

Muhyiddin, who is still the Umno deputy president is a Johorean and the circumstances surrounding his removal from the DPM and Education Minister posts were rather unpleasant.

Johoreans generally don't take it too kindly when one of them, especially someone like Muhyiddin who once served them as their MB was being treated unfairly or unkindly.

Khaled understand the sentiment well and for that he has to assure Johor Umno members and supporters to remain with the party despite their unhappiness.

To do that, he has to appear sympathetic to the wishes of the party's grassroots in the state.

I think Khaled did well for that.

The unhappy party members and supporters may be appeased for the time being by the fact that there are still leaders who appear to understand their feelings and not try to force them to toe the line all the time despite their unhappiness.

After all, Johor Umno cannot afford to be split over the issues currently plaguing the party.

In the last general election in 2013, the only reason BN managed to stay in power and maintained its two third majority in the Johor state assembly was because the Malays were largely united with Umno as they have done for decades.

That's why Johor is Tiang Seri Umno.

About 83 per cent of them voted for BN.

If that percentage had dropped to a still high 70 per cent, the state would had been lost to the opposition.

What many failed to notice was that Malays actually made up just about 55 per cent of Johoreans.

The largely pro-opposition Chinese made up almost 40 per cent of the State's population.

More than 90 per cent of them voted for the opposition in the last general election. All 14 Chinese majority state constituencies in Johor were won by DAP.

That's why Umno cannot afford to have unhappy members and supporters in Johor.

A large scale boycott of the poll by such unhappy people in the next general election will definitely be disastrous.

If they switch to the opposition, then it will be even worse.

Khaled may probably be the last Umno guy as Johor MB for quite a long time.

Johor may turn out to be another Selangor.


  1. Another question,

    Should all UMNO and BN supporters must toe the line ,though it's doesn't look good if not they will be labelled as rebel and dangerous.

    Even a herds of cow's sometimes don't do so, (always follow their leader) though normally they did.

  2. Dedikasi kepada Akmal Saufi yang berakal dan berhati perut ...


  3. Annie,

    Search your closet. Can you find ghani osman's bola-bola? May be you have kept them that's why he's so quiet and timid. For that I pity him. Honest.

    You are creating stories of your own and like to slander Khaled Nordin. What did he do to you? He didn't allow you to stay longer in kediaman MB ?

    Or is it that you lost all the gardening contracts? Landscaping?

    You are getting very old and the longer you couldn't find a husband, you start to smell bad.

    1. Former Johor MB Tan Sri Abdul Ghani Othman has fully retired from politics. He doesn't hold a single post in Umno anymore. It's his right not to say anything as it is your right to say something.

      Which stories thatI I created to slander Khaled? Please be specific.

    2. Anonymous5 August 2015 at 02:10,

      Annie, just like anyone of us, is entitled to analysing the situation in Johore, as she seems fit, in as much as her intellect, knowledge and exposure allows her to, and indeed she has.
      You should read it, use your own analytical skills, provide your own analysis, and or rebut Annie, ON WHAT SHE WROTE, why the need to get personal, and say this:

      "You are creating stories of your own and like to slander Khaled Nordin. What did he do to you? He didn't allow you to stay longer in kediaman MB ?

      Or is it that you lost all the gardening contracts? Landscaping?

      You are getting very old and the longer you couldn't find a husband, you start to smell bad"

      Are you intending to propose to her? Does it bother you so much that she is unmarried? Must be, for that is one of the first things that occurred to you. Come on, be a little more matured.

      I myself disagree with what she said, but, that is her right to see things as she wants to, and if I, or anybody else for that matter disagrees with it, then rebut, give your point of view/s.

      I personally, though I disagree with Anne on her analysis, preferred not to respond, because she just commented, she did not cure, swear and condemn. Bloggers do that, offer their views, comments, and write, and it is not wrong to their expect readers to be civilised and rebut with sense and intelligence.
      if you don't like her analysis, don't read her blog, it is as simple as that.
      You probably have someone in your horde of relatives who are unmarried and may have a crush on that person, and she may rebuked you, and now you have a grudge on all spinsters.

      I do not not agree with Annie on this, but, I do not feel strongly enough on the topic to comment.

  4. Annie,
    I am Johorean staying in Selangor for half of my life. My siblings, (I have 10 siblings in the family) all reside in JB and whenever I went back to JB and talked, most of them were in favor of Khaled than the previous MB you look up so high. Now the situation is worse. All my siblings don't trust the BN leaders. I can imagine the Johor spirit now even you sometimes mentioned in your blogs of the Johor royalty, who are overshadowing in fact most of the politicians in Johor. Johoreans love their Sultan even more now and most of the will follow the advise of the ruler.

    And I love the Johor royalty too.

    1. The Johor royalty with their lavish lifestyle.

    2. Big Money!!!!

  5. UMNO and their politics.

    1. PR and their politic of 'Agree to Disagree'. At-last PAS was split in 2, to the delight of DAP.

  6. Anie, I am a johor guy and as timid as Khaled and Ghani but like Khaled I can`t take anymore with the UMNO and Ah Jib Gor`s derma of RM2.6 billion. It is just pure corruption beyond imagination.

    Orang orang bukan bumiputra lain kata Melayu memang mudah pada korupsi dan Ah Jib Gor top them up!!.

  7. Ada orang tu dia nampak yang tertuduh salah 100% pun masih nak sanjung2 penjenayah itu. Najib Tuh Nazak tu memang penjenayah dalam terang dan nyata...masih nak sanjung2 lagi ke? Crushed his rebels my ass! apa yang membuat saya sedikit tenang adalah kerana Najib Tuh Nazak tu akan mati juga seperti manusia yang lainnya...saya percaya Tuhan, dia akan dapat pembalasan yang setimpal bila ia mati kelak. Untuk masa ini biarlah ia bergembira dengan labu2 nya bersama clown2 sekelilingnya...yang otak letak dalam lobang jbr...

  8. Apa lagi Annie yang kamu tulis pasal rebellious dan penjilat jubor najib ,Topik sungguh jelas , isu sungguh jelas ,akta pengcegahan rasuah Malaysia sungguh jelas yang Derma dibawah kategori dan kedudukan Najib adalah di istilah suapan dan Annie apa itu suapan , itu adalah Rasuah , jadi sekarang kita kena sedarkan pembaca bahawa ,"Najib Hoi mana lu mau lari aaa.." sudah terlibat rasuah pasal tu SPRM diseluruh malaysia sekarang sembayang hajat tolak amalan rasuah kerana mereka sedar apa berlaku sekarang , Bila L/kpl polis di beri hadiah /derma $50/= rasuah , Najib tarima RM 2.8 billion Derma apa punya jadah ini , Tak malu ka annie dunia lihat kita ini tak ada beza dari segi mentaliti dimana rakyat relax boleh tulis dan cakap hal lain dan pemimpin lagak macam presiden kuasa dunia terima rasuah ,tak malu ka . Nampak harga Negara Malaysia ini macam RM 2.6 Billion ka Annie , lagi sekali annie I nak tanya U , : "APA YOU TAK RASA MALU KA ANNIE ' . Oh dear what a shit happening to my country .

  9. Khaled MB Johor kita mesti sokong.....mmg perlu jadi pemberontak untuk pastikan kemenangan UMNO. Kalau ikut Ah Cheat Kor mmg ke parit la kita. Tapi UMNO hanya mampu menangani tsunami Melayu je, utk tsunami Cina di PRU14 tak tau boleh tagak ke tidak? Apa apa pun keutamaan yg pasti bukan Najib sbg PM utk PRU14....

  10. I do not aware about this Clare Rewcastle or Sarawak Report....not until the 1MDB issues have been brought up by our beloved TDM. Since then I've followed all the reports from her blog and so far one thing that I've clearly noticed, whatever issues she brought up regarding on the 1MDB or even DS Najib previously have now been proven as Beyond Reasonable Doubt....one by one!! Hence, till to date she has earned our (malaysian people) trust for all her reports. Trust by it's very nature cannot be given; it can only be earned!!

    As what the beloved Johorean TSMY mentioned in his last speech at the Cheras UMNO, some people said that this foreign media have produced false accusation and so on....but what is actually the truth?? Can someone enlighten the people of Malaysia with clear evidence in order to convince us not to believe Clare Rewcastle or even other foreign media?? From my humble opinion, DS Najib and his cabinet MUST counter all the accusations with hard evidences...not just by a simple statements here and there from his 'confuse' apple polishing ministers!!



  11. RE: Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin said Umno cannot keep quiet if "corruption becomes a culture or trust is betrayed". "Umno cannot keep quiet when the party no longer champions the cause of Malays but is instead used to defend a few under the name of loyalty or discipline in adhering to leaders," he wrote.

    Barang siapa tiada memegang agama,
    sekali-kali tiada boleh dibilangkan nama.

    Barang siapa mengenal dunia,
    tahulah ia barang yang terpedaya.

    Barang siapa mengenal akhirat,
    tahulah ia dunia mudarat.

    Hati kerajaan di dalam tubuh,
    jikalau zalim segala anggota pun roboh.

    Barang siapa yang sudah besar,
    janganlah kelakuannya membuat kasar.

    Di mana tahu salah diri,
    jika tidak orang lain yang berperi.

    Barang siapa khianat akan dirinya,
    apalagi kepada lainnya.

    Kepada dirinya ia aniaya,
    orang itu jangan engkau percaya.

  12. Slm kekawan...THERE IS NO DONATION!!! What kinda donation needs 3 layers of companies to get it to the recipient?

    It was done through swift transfer. Why was it not transfered directly to the recipient? From wsj info, the money transfered was even deducted before it was transfered to him (25m to 22m).

    Doesnt make sense...all bull shit

  13. The special task force investigating 1MDB is no longer needed, as advised by the newly-appointed attorney-general Mohamad Apandi Ali....so how now that the task force has been disbanded, especially after asking us to be patient & wait for its report? So Annie do you still trust Pahlawan Bugis & your sympathetic puaka?

  14. MACC deputy director Mustafar Ali & special operations division director Bahri Mohamad Zain, have lamented that police have intentionally disrupted its investigation into SRC International, & Bahri sweared that he will find out who higher up gave the order. So Annie, who do you think that could have given that order?

    1. Anon 08:49,

      It's looks now the government agencies are fighting each other to keep the dear leader in power .
      Just like Anuar supporters , it's seem no body would believe ,what ever bad of his doing . What I see hear is a self destruction ,which will bring along the party that place him and probably the nation as well.

    2. Kick out from SPRM already. Now becomes a mouse no more tiger.

  15. UMNO tak ada akaun bank rupanya! LOL, macam PAS gak simpan duit selama ni pakai masuk tin milo. :)

  16. Apa cerita Justo yang nak jual maklumat untuk jatuhkan kerajaan Malaysia, tutup buku sudah? LOL

  17. http://dinturtle.blogspot.co.uk/2015/08/kes-derma-rm26-bil-najib-rakyat.html

    Bila SPRM nak pi tahan DS Najib? :)

  18. Joke of the day from my teksi driver.

    Who is the Donor for Najib's RM2.9 billion?

    Persatuan Orang-Orang Miskin Malaysia.

  19. When will this blogger have a #SaveMACC campaign? Not fair that only issues with racial politics get played up, but when Chinese DAP supports Malay led MACC, this blogger is keeping quiet.

    Alah, let all these people be ruled by Jho Low. Chapak u love Melayu PTUIIH!

  20. I am a Johorean by blood, descended from an old family in Muar, and distantly related to the current MB.

    You spoke of Ghani Othman as if he did something for Johore. Let me tell you, under him, Johor stagnated. He's a bit like Tun Hussein Onn, a typical civil servant. Not to mention he was also defeated by Lim Kit Siang.

    Maybe Khaled is timid. (What people don't know is he was a classmate of the current sultan, and a friend of his) And it's true, the palace always hold the real influence in Johore. But at least I could see something being done in Johore right now. Under Ghani Othman, there was nothing worth mentioning really.

    I don't know what Johoreans feel about Khaled. But I have a good impression of him. I don't know any other Johorean politicians who have my respect other than Muhyiddin. The other Johorean politicians (just look at the cabinet) are all arse kissers. Shameful really, because as Johoreans we are taught to be independant and frank.

    I hope Zeti, for better or for worse, still remember that she's a Johorean. I've had enough of this PM pretender from Pahang who is a lesser son than a great sire.