Wednesday 26 August 2015

In defence of the super cute Bersih Girl

I don't really get it why this girl's photo

has become

A Controversy

I think people need to lighten up a bit.

She's super cute, okay.

Her picture is probably the best image which had ever come out of all the Bersih nonsense.

Just imagine once the water cannon starts spraying on her at the rally....

Of course the FRU guys should not apply too much pressure on the water and instead of chemicals, use plain water or some sorts of foam.

Then even the malicious foreign Press and opposition portals will find it difficult to spin an evil tale on how our government treats the protesters.

Okay, maybe some of you all are thinking it's so unIslamic or immoral etc, but seriously, I think we shouldn't be all too serious about our politics.

Maybe we would not be in this much of a mess as now if we don't take our politics too seriously.

Anyway, the girl's picture is definitely better than this picture, okay,


  1. I bet you have a tattoo like she does, Annie ....

  2. Her boobs are undersized and her navel is in the wrong place ....

    1. Never mind the neval located or flat chested, masih boleh pakai bersih!


    2. Lia punya pusat manyak sexy maa aa .

    3. Are you plastic n constructive surgeon or just a

  3. Is bed-ridden al-Juburi gasping and gaping for the rears of handsome young men? After the ecstasy always comes a prolonged hangover kan? Never mind lor, the missus can fan him some air and relieve him mah ... boohoohoo


  4. Wa manyak sukak itu gambar lor rr , manyak belisih maa aa . Mesti manyak olang lagi mali ,kalau itu semua Ahmoi pakai itu macam maa aa .

    Wa telingat itu China Doll ,selalu polis kasi tangkap dalam itu 999 maa aa .

  5. Hi Annie,

    I think this time a lot of people will go to the Bersih because many people don't believe the RM2,600 Million story.

    It is simply too much for donation and furthermore it goes to a private account.

    Who want to believe?

  6. FRU should employ Bersih girl and others like her - better for crowd control.

  7. which ever one... i sokong

  8. target audience pembangkang - orang muda ........ target audience umno, orang melayu kampung ....... dua dua main politik ....... biarkan labu terjun ....

    dua dua tak salah.