Monday 31 August 2015

Idiots' fratricide of the Malays

Malays can be quite bad, especially when they fight each others.

And the closer they are to each other, the worse it gets.

They fight their own brothers and sisters harder than they fight outsiders.

The current Umno fratricide is perhaps among the worst in history.

It's total war for most of them. No quarters given.

They fight each others harder than they fight DAP, PKR and Pas.

You can't even be neutral in this fight.

In fact the neutrals are the ones getting hit most.

The bullets come from both sides.

In my case, I'm getting shot up more by the anti-Najib side.

That despite me defending Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad from the start of the fighting.

I defended Dr Mahathir because he is the best statesman that we ever have and he is an elderly man. It's not right for us to kurang ajar towards him, no matter how unhappy we are with him.

At 90, Dr Mahathir  is like a father to us all.

As I pointed to veteren journalist and blogger TS Zainuddin Maidin in a past posting, those who want to label me as a paid blogger on Najib's side should check my track record throughout the fight at this posting ;

Still, the attacks continues.

Apparently, there are people among the anti-Najib side who consider anyone who doesn't attack the prime minister in person or done anything remotely helpful to him as an enemy.

You are with us or against us. That's how it works with them.

This is one of the comments from the anti-Najib side ;

Annie Mangkuk,

Lu tak payak nak nasihat Mahathir ler. Obviously, Mahathir tak pedulik pun apa lu and other prepaid bloggers macam Puki Brew, BigDog Gemuk Macam Babi, ParpuKakiTodi, TheVoice Bangkrap, TheUnspinner, meroyan macam monyek bila dia stoped by at Bersih malam tadi. And the fact that harinie Mahathir turun lagi Bersih (siap naik LRT lagi, that's my man), lu boleh tutup ler blog sundal lu nie. Lu cakap sama Najib and Rosmah GO TO HELL!!!!

The comment came at my posting where I tried to explain why Dr Mahathir decided to be present at the Bersih 4 rally.

I was concerned as so many people, including those who are fond of him can't seem to understand why he went to the rally.

They started calling him lackey of DAP, barua Cina and such.

As in the past and in future, I will try to defend Dr Mahathir. It's not much but I will try my best.

Of course I gave a bit of my opinion that Dr Mahathir should not stressed out himself too much because I'm convinced that Najib will not voluntarily step down anyway.

But obviously, that's not right for some of these self-righteous anti-Najib people.

They just want to win the fight.

For me, they don't really care what happened to Dr Mahathir.

Selfish bastards.

Well, the pro-Najib side is actually not that much better.

If you all care to read my past postings defending Dr Mahathir, then you know why I said that.

Some of them tried so hard to please their paymasters that they make a fool of themselves by sounding stupid and without manners.

And worst of all, they tend to get very arrogant.

They think just because their paymasters are in power they can behave any way they want.

Hey guys, the rakyat is watching.

You all only have two and a half years to fix things for your bosses before the next general election.

Do you all think you can do that by being arrogant towards the very people whose support you need when it's time to go to the polls again?

You think my friend in this posting

Nasib penyokong marhaen Najib

will want to once again go through the trouble of dragging her children, including the autistic one on a five-hours bus ride to give her vote to your bosses after what you all did to her family?

People remember, okay.

And when you all fall, those whom you treated unkindly due to your arrogance will show you no mercy.

Always remember that.

And pro-Najib people, some of you all have very poor manners, okay.

I want to celebrate Merdeka and you all put this kind of comment for what?

Blogger Haramjaddah Pukimak Din Tyrtle, OutSyed The Box, Kadir Jasin, Zamkata, apanama, putra merdeka, Celah Gelegar, The Sense Credibility and Accountability, Jelapang, KZO. Sungai Rapat Online.

Mulai hari ini Blogger Banggang, Bahalul, Pukimak waiima Haramjaddah nie semua BoLEH Declare Blog masing2 sebagai Blog Macai Mahathir Mudah Lupa a.k.a. Nyanyok, seterusnya letakkan diri masing-masing sebaris dengan Blog Pembangkang pro Pakatan Rakyat.

Ini kerana Blogger Banggang ini terlalu mendokong Mahathir Mamakkuty yang secara terang-terangan menyokong apa jua agenda CINA DAPIGS.


Kamu semua adalah Mamak Haramjaddah yg baru kenal keyboard. Selamat Maju Jaya dengan tugasan Baru Menaikkan Bangsa Cina di tanah Melayu ini.

Sesungguhnya Kamu semua lebih HINA drp Kelab Greenboc, MSO, Anak Sungai Derhaka, MSO, Ameno World, Omak Kau, Aspan Alias, Shahbuddin, Tranungkite Online, Bloglist, Blogger Pro Pakatan Rakyat walau macammana pon keadaan kedudukan Parti PAS, DAP, PKR, tapi mereka tetap mendokong dasar kepartian mereka, menulis menenangkan ahli, menguatkan saf parti.

Kecuali Blog Tranungkite yang cenderong pd PAS, Omakkau yg menuju kearah keadilan sejati, Manjung Mari tetap PAS di hati.

Blogger Banggang, tukar LOGO sokong Mahathir yang Sokong Cina, takut kalau Bisness Cina Bangkrap, takut Cina hilang kuasa ekonomi.

Blogger lain teruskan kerja, blogger pakatan kerja pakatan, blogger pro kerajaan teruskan kerja murni anda. suatu hari rakyat akan sedar, siapa Mahazalim, Mahacelaka, MahaFiraun Mahathir Mamakkutty.

You all think that kind of comment can make people support Najib, is it?

Hey pro-Najib people, the rakyat get put off by such rudeness, okay.

Use your brain la, stupid.

Sometime I really don't understand how Najib choose his people.

Most have their brain underneath their kneecaps.

Newly minted DPM DS Ahmad Zahid Hamidi appears to be having the same problem of getting numbskulls into his team.

But that's a story for another day.

Okay, I'm going to sleep again. It's my way of enjoying this Merdeka Day.


  1. Dear Annie, i have been following your blog for quite some time now. My 2 cents is just ignore those fools. Their language tells who they are, their upbringings and backgrounds. Don't get emo with their antics. Take it as a challenge, hell, take it as a compliment for they show that they read your blog. Keep on writing, as you have your own way of interpreting how things are going on even though i don't agree with some of them. It's your blog anyway. Those who don't like it, get the hell out of it.

  2. Hi annie, those postings as pro-najib or anti-najib could be of the same person and may not be from the UMNO camp pun... 'Batu api's are everywhere. Take care and happy merdeka annie.

    1. Yes Happy Merdeka, Annie! Please don't stress so much.

  3. What are you ranting about, bitch? Bloggers "paid" to defend Najib?
    Just because somebody believes in their democratically elected leader, he is deemed or assumed to be a "paid" blogger?
    Your blogging standards are gutter-level at best. I have to stoop to calling you a bitch so that you can relate.

    Who is paying you, bitch?

    1. "Democratically" elected leader? Resorting to foul language tells people how your parents raised you up.

    2. Pity you. Fat jobless fool. Your daddy didn't have time for you as a kid huh

    3. are you that one that wrote those comments....

      >james bond

    4. Keyboard warrior betul mamat ni ...

    5. Najib is "DEMOCRATICALLY" elected leader...seriously??? Please check your fact people. The Prime Minister of this country in actuality is not elected by the majority people of all races. Najib was made to be the Prime Minister not even by all the Malays. As previous PMs, he is elected and made to be the PM only by Malays in UMNO (apprx 3 mils out of 15 mils Malays nationwide). Hence, the claim that Najib was democratically elected by the cross-sections of the rakyat was utterly baseless and unfounded.

  4. Anne chill out babe..I posted this also in Helen's blog..


  5. I got the Sam comment but deleted it. It's a cut and paste job.

  6. Mahathir ada Dr Siti Hasmah. Najib ada Rosmah. Mana ada Mahathir disitu ada Hasmah. Dimana ada Najib....mana perginya Rosmah. Kalau Najib dipenjarakan agak2nya Rosmah tunggu tak...

    1. Mestilah tunggu .... tidur sebantal punya sayang. Apa punya soalan la ..

  7. What a nice "merdeka" explanation...Jujur sejujur-jujur u annie.

  8. Dont be stressed out too much la Annie. All level headed people understand your position perfectly. Its the taksub membabi buta kind of people (from both side of the political divide and the pro tun and pro najib factions - mind you) yang merapu tak tentu hala ni. Najib is a liability to Umno and BN, go he must but lets do it in a civilised manner.

  9. I really appreciate your stand, Annie.

    Although I'm a staunch supporter of Dr.M, I've never in anyway use foul language against Najib and those who supported him. Of-course I had use words such as haramjadah, bangang and of-late, bangsat, since I construed those words to have ceased being offensive after Najib popularized them.

    Anyway, you should have not indiscriminately believed what an Anonymous spewed in the comment section. They might be impostors trying to paint a bad image of Dr.M or Najib's supporters. Who knows, they could be RBAs trying to widen the rift in UMNO.

    I think that's where you got this idea, "They fight their own brothers and sisters harder than they fight outsiders."

    Remember I once wrote about 'Vinnan', an impostor trying to pit the Malays against Indians during GE13? And this 'Vinnan' wrote Laja instead of Raja, to anger the Malays into retaliating blindly against the Indians and vice-versa. Just imagine an Indian having difficulties pronouncing the consonant, R.

  10. Annie always allows people to comment freely (unless it's seditious or involves Helen Ang), so hardly a biased blog. I can't see UMNO resolving its civil war before the next election as it's winner take all in the minds of both sides. This is true to a level, but the beaten side (let's assume its anti-Najib since he holds all the cards), can sit quietly and play a guerrilla warfare against the winners and sabotage the next election. Johor might be an example where BN might get badly clouted in the next GE. Remember that to unseat the PM doesn't require BN to lose the GE, only a decrease in seats for UMNO is required. Just the same, the DAP and PAS split won't be healed either. This will hurt both in mixed race electorates but PKR will be hurt the worst as it will have to choose between the two or get attacked by both. BN could help its chances by allowing GHB to register faster as PAS might to very well in the next GE if it is seen to be clean. All in all, more than enough fighting without having to wallop Kak Annie.

  11. Annie, Annie, Annie,

    As you may recall, my family has been in politics since about 1947(?) and back in 1951(?), my father and his friend went to KL to see Tan Cheng Lok to ask his permission to start a branch of MCA in our kampung.

    Why do you think I am voting Pakatan in PRU14?

    I have been an establishment man all my life and I am sick and tired of the morons who are in power.

    Maybe if I get rid of them, all their macais will also go with them. It will be an enforced purge.

    Pakatan can then do what they like for a couple of terms, and then I will get rid of Pakatan and put BN back in.

    Pakatan will then get rid of their morons and macais and clean up their act.

    Than I will put Pakatan back in, so that UMNO/BN can get rid of the morons and macais who missed the first round of bloodletting, and so forth and so forth.

    It is the only way I know to deal with morons - hit them where it hurts - at the ballot box.

    There are enough of UMNO/BN supporters who feel that there are UMNO/BN politicians who must go and there are enough Pakatan supporters who feel that there are Pakatan politicians who must go.

    The sooner we, the rakyat, gang up on those politicians the better for us.

    It requires a new way of thinking for many Malaysians because they are conditioned to hate anybody from "the other side" but I assure you that this method has been time-tested in many overseas countries with great results and benefits for their citizens.

    Forget the racial profiling and the hatred they are fostering amongst us. We know it is to divide us.

    We, the rakyat, are many - they, the politicians, are few.



    1. betul...betul....betul...

    2. Dear Glady.

      If that's the case, why the hell did they wants Anwar aka Sodomite to be released during Bersih 4? UMNO have rejected those crooks and yet PR embraced then into their fold. Pray tell why?
      DAP even funded Mat Sabu's GHB, without asking him what happened to Tabung Memali when he was with PAS.

      Please don't act innocent or naive. You think changing gomen is like changing underwear? Yes BN do practice gerrymandering to benefit the Malays and bumiputras in Sabah and Sarawak. What make you think DAP led Gomen would not do the same for the sake of Chinese's interest?

      Once BN falls, you think it;s easy to regain back power from those heavily foreign funded opposition, especially DAP and PKR?


    3. Wa manyak sayang itu Uncle Lim , tapi Wa manyak lespek sama itu Tun M , maa aa .

      Wa manyak ingat Tun M ,sangat tetap lia punya pendilian lea aa , tapi lia latang lekat itu belisih punya tempat Wa manyak bingung maa aa .

    4. RD, which part of stupid are you? How can a minority of the population dictate the majority? The Malays will always be the decider. But not necessarily UmNo Malays. Get that into your stupid fucking head.

    5. You son of a bitch, Anon 12:51.

      I guess you're same kind with that kurang-ajar Bershit 4 supporters who stomped on Hadi's edited picture with Najib. I don't care if you stomp on Najib's, anyway.
      Who impregnated your fucking brain that the minority cannot dictate the majority? Kit Siang and his son? Have you heard of the word 'proxy' where Money is King?
      If Najib could propagate allegiance through bribery, what make you think Kit Siang and his son could not? Is that not the reason why DAP is funding Mat Sabu's GHB aka hijacked Party Amanah Rakyat?

      Maybe Mat Sabu is very ignorant about those rich foreigners and from which country, that are funding DAP's political campaign. If he had also known who're funding that MatSalleh owned Sarawak Report, Mat Sabu would have come to his sense and feel ashamed of himself. Maybe, those long years in PBAPP, made him blind. It seems, everything boils down to MONEY, for Mat Sabu. That's what happen to those who have no other skills and abilities to earn a living except 'maki-hamun' for the sake of religion.
      Just wait when this frog's Tabung Memali is being exposed by angry PAS people.

      I'm glad that Bershit 4 have 'open the eyes and hearts' of PAS and its supporters. At-least they now realized that UMNO are far more sincere then DAP. Even when UMNO was once damned infidel, their supporters had never stomp Hadi 's edited image.

      Now, go get your shit-hole jammed by your idol, during meal breaks in Sg.Buloh.

    6. Rd, firstly, go fuck your self. Inbred waste of space that you are. The country belongs to Malaysians - not one political party. And careful with your insinuations of corruption. Don't be a fucking pompous ass if you can't back your facts up asshole.

  12. Pity Siti Hasmah.

    She couldn't see well and uttered People Power thinking the Malays around her are everywhere.

    Shouldn't have brought that frail old lady

    1. On 2nd day they brought the born loser zaid instead.

  13. Bersedialah untuk menobatkan PAS sebagai peneraju negara pada PRU 14

    1. How come Najib's PMO asatizah did not tell him that his many recent actions against his DPM and the Attorney General have breached the principles of syariah that Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. taught to the Muslims.

  14. Did she say malay power? Or is it you who are being blinded by racial hatred, that wisdom and rationality is not within your head anymore.I am a malay and that does't make me any higher or better than anybody else. I am really embarrassed by her will, to go with her old husband to the rally and stand by him. Majority of right minded malay know that Najib is a liability to umno and the country. Unless you prefer to be laughed at until your deathbed, go on support him and his wife, and his bunch of clowns who keeps lying everyday. Its a real insult to our intelligence, that even kampung people make fun of their statements.

    1. Sorry, my post is for anonymous 14.39 who belittled Siti Hasmah above.

    2. You're right, Anon 15:18.

      Tun Dr.M and his wife have successfully hijacked DAP's Bershit 4, to UMNO's advantage in bringing-down Najib. Thank You Lim Kit Siang and Son.
      And now PAS people are very-very angry with DAP's supporters and demanded an apology, forthwith. Better for the Malays unity.

  15. Annie, aku suka la tengok iklan merdeka maxis 2015. True story wei! Ada jiwa la TVC tu. annie kalau kau ada masa kau cuba check it out

  16. Request to share my post "PM Najib Donation to Help BN Against DAP Funded by Jews"
    Let me say on record 1. I agree with Helen Ang that the DAP is widely supported by Christians. 2. There were times, even now, there is a suspicion that the Star does support the DAP but it is an MCA controlled medium. 3. I am a very staunch supporter and admirer of Tun MM.

    1. I agree with Denvor John, and also RD.

      Helen Ang says that DAP supported by Christians. Abd. Aziz Kapwawi said that DAP supported by the Jews and some says that DAP support communism.

      That is 3 in 1. Although this is utterly impossible (3 in 1) and there is no corruption scandal in Penang, I think we cannot trust DAP.

      Only UMNO which had proven to be a clean government and truly and sincerely govern the country with a good track record.

      The proof is that so many bangladeshi had migrated to our country. According to the media, 1.5Million will becoming to our country.

      We should continue to trust the BN to govern the country.

      Even the Arabs have acknowledge the BN Government and donated
      RM 2600 million transferred to the PM account.

      However, in my opinion, pro BN blogger should communicate with each other and just stick to the DAP supported by Evangelist story, rather then the jews and communism, as this create confusion and doubts from the stupid readers.

  17. Annie,

    Najib himself has said several times that he values loyalty more than intelligence, that's why la the quality of Umno leaders and Ministers is going down the drain.

    No wonder UMNO has difficulty in attracting young intelligent supporters. They cannot tolerate being questioned, cannot listen to criticism and don't know how to hold a critical discussion without resorting to rhetoric.

    Mungkin ada betulnya, UMNO tidak akan sedar sehingga ia kehilangan kuasa.

  18. There is life out there..and life isn't about who stays in power or who wants the power. What happens these past several days may wake the country. We have not seen this. We have not had a peaceful last 3 Bersih. Jebat is right. The absent of violence is an achievement. The absent of many Melayu pun dapat dijangka. Long weekend..balik kampung la atau pi jalan jalan la (like you). Orang Melayu ni banyak memerhati. Orang yang bahasa nya kasar ni dah disalah didik. Tidak ada di dalam mana mana ucapan perdana perdana menteri Malaysia terdahulu perkataan kurang enak telinga dengar. Bahasa mencerminkan watak. Pembangkang memang dah biasa berbahasa demikian. Biarlah kedua dua mereka yang menyokong dan anti najib ni guna segala diction yang kebanyakan kita nak setakat tahu maksudnya saja. Lama lama dia orang akan penat juga.

    Dr.Mahathir ni memang pejuang bangsa. Dan dia akan berjuang sampai dia tak larat. Dia memang tak kena erti gagal. Lim Kit Siang pun sama. Perjuangan DAP memang dah nak mati dah sebelum Pakatan. Kalau tak pasal dihidupkan Parti Keadilan Nasional, the born again Chtistians pun tak berminat dengan DAP. They find a formula and DAP capitlize it. They have seen some success and they want absolute success. This they are too blind to see that it cannot happen for them. On the hand, penyokong Najib ni pun samdol samdol yang dah buta hati tak boleh nampak apa apa kebatilan pemerintah. Jadi majority rakyat Malaysia are neither. We all are well minded peace loving people of the land. What we want is what we have enjoyed in the past to continue. Now Malaysia is like Tongkang diPecah kan and this looks like the tongkang memang dah tak boleh nak belayar dengan selamat sebab tekong apply ilmu songsang.

    Selamat menyambut Hari Merdeka ke 58.
    Kita memang harus Sehati Sejiwa.
    Tapi dalam keadaan hari ini, kuncu kuncu tekong pun dah jadi pelampau.. siapa nak fengar ayat dia orang lagi. Jadi dia orang kena beepekik la..tebiat manusia. Dia orang ni belajar dengan Pakatan. Sekarang dah katam. Sebab tu bising terpekik terlolong macam nampak polong.

  19. That's right Annie, someone who keeps drumming his rubbish attitude towards other people will soon find their relationships have converted to garbage and ill-will.

  20. Daripada Saidina Khalid bin Al-Walid RA berkata:
    “Telah datang seorang Arab Baduwi kepada Rasulullah SAW dan dia menyatakan tujuannya:

    Dia berkata:
    “Bagaimana pula aku mahu menjadi semulia-mulia manusia,”

    Lalu baginda menjawab:
    “Jangan mengesyaki sesuatu perkara pada orang lain.”

    Referring to the above hadith, My thoughts are caught with double bind.

    Our beloved Tun walked along with the protesters of Bersih 4. The action taken by DAP's domination, so-called street demonstration was an inception of pretentious excursion to Putrajaya.

    I thought it was improper and unbecoming of Tun to take that action. Somehow he had crossed the thin border line for what he had attested.

    On the other hand, a former Prime Minister/ president of Malay in Umno for 22 years and once a progressive Malaysian leader, it is his privileged and freedom to exercise his rights and expression, as a citizen, which is guaranteed by the constitution.

    The irony is, I'am in love with this man and he has been stimulating my faculty. Despite the blame fasten upon his action, his performed deed and animation, he is still my mentor, I suppose.

    However, the revival of anak-anak Melayu dilemma:

    Tun diibaratkan sebagai "garam". Jikalau tiadanya secukup-cukup garam dalam masakkan, makanan itu tidak sedap rasa dimakan. Malangnya, garam itu telah dibubuh banyak dalam makanan dan sudah hilang rasa sedapnya. Janganlah pula dibubuh terlampau banyak sampai makanan itu tidak boleh dimakan lagi.

    Lepas itu Tun sudah ludah kelangit dan sudah jatuh dimukanya sendiri. Sekarang ludahnya sudah bertepik didahi, harap janganlah dibiarkan sampai ludah itu berulat pula.

    1. Kenapa tun diibaratkan sebagai garam..adakah menjadi adab orang melayu mengangkat orang tua yg banyak berjasa sebagai garam. Hina sungguhnya perumpamaan itu. Pada saya orang tua seperti tun adalah ibarat permata yang bersinar...letakkan dia pada tempatnya baru nampak sinarnya..jangan dicampak kelongkang atau kelimbah..permata tetap permata..pasti ada yang memunggutnya. Dan kita yang mencampak permata tersebut akan dikenang sebagai bodoh, tidak tahu menilai, tidak tahu menghargai dan sempit akal fikiran.

    2. Stop fucking people with your bullshit bloody Hadith! Muslims gone backwards after Hadith was introduced!

    3. Hello. Kalau Tun diibaratkan meludah ke langit dan jatuh ke muka dan sebagainya seperti dakwaan anda. Macam mana dengan DSN dan puak-puaknya?

      1. Duit derma RM2.6 bil tak isytihar. Masuk akaun senyap2. Bila dibongkar, suruh macai malah sang lebai pun cakap mengarut. Kemudian MACC baru cakap derma. Siapa yang meludah ni?

      2. 1MDB. Saya tak nak mulakan topik ini tapi apa benda yang diorang buat? Ambik pinjaman bertimbun2. Tak boleh selesai. Kalau org Melayu biasa berniaga cam ni, nescaya kereta dan rumah dah digadai oleh pihak Bank! Akhirnya jual tanah yg murah diberi kerajaan kepadanya. Siapa yang mengadaikan Tanah Rezab Melayu? Siapa? SIAPA?

      3. GST. Elok saya ingatkan, ekonomi sekarang buruk. Lepas ni berapa yang menganggur? Tambah beban GST. Apabenda pun mahal. Kamu dapat suapan Kak Ros jangan merapu banyak. Pelabur2 lari sebab PM pun tak jujur. Orang lain ingat Malaysian rata2 pun tak jujur.

      Malas nak ulas lagi. Tapi kalau Pihak Tun menganjur demo undurlah Najib, saudara mara pun saya angkut sekali berdemo.

    4. Anonymou at 17:18,
      Please be advised. I prefer you to use your adjective wisely describing a particular quality of Hadith.

    5. Tun Dr. Mahathir memaafkan mereka yang mengkafirkan dia

    6. Anon 17:47
      "Macam mana dengan DSN dan puak-puaknya?" Jawapan saya, " lebih teruk! sama juga tapi dua kali lima dah jadi dua puluh"

      Dia ni (Najib) angkat bakul sendiri dan meninggi diri sambil bertepuk dada berkata aku ni bijak, pandai, cerdik, adil, jujur, waras, siuman, sederhana, suai manfaat, berkecuali, patriotik, suka bergaul, sumpah disana-sini dan bertoleransi, rupa-rupanya Melayu ni sebenar-benarnya bodoh, dungu, tolol dan bebal.

      Melayu ini, sepandai-pandainya dan sebodoh-bodohnya tidak sedar bahawa ia telah mengeji, maruah bangsa dia diaibkan dan dihukum sebelum diperiksa terlebih dulu. Ia mengatakan bahawa Melayu Islam itu terbangsat. Tabiat, "ludah ke langit kena muka sendiri"

      Sedih dan sayangnya masyarakat Melayu! "Sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga". Sekian lama, kita telah dirasuk dan dipukau dengan sesuatu gejala penyakit jiwa yang amat serius. Ditambah dan diamput dengan kata-kata yang kita ni bangsat pulak. Sungguh pedih untuk kita terima dan susah hendak kita menelan!!

      Serba salah dibuatnya, kita sebagai bangsa Melayu totok terus dalam menghadapi dilema, sepatah kata pepatah Melayu, "Ditelan mati mak, diluah mati bapak" Tak pasal-pasal kerana dia.

      Dalam masa yang sama, dia mendayausahakan bahawa juangan Melayu itu,"untung sabut timbul untung batu tenggelam".

    7. Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) said: “The best Jihad is to say a word of truth to a tyrannical ruler” . . . “A Muslim is a brother of another Muslim, so he should not oppress him, neither should he hand him over to an oppressor.” (narrated by al-Bukhari)

    8. Anon 16:58....when you want to mention certain Hadith, make sure you extract the full version of that particular Hadith. Kalau pun nak defend Najib, jangan suka hangpa je main tampal hadis sekerat sana sini....bikin busuk nama islam saja...!!!

    9. Saya setuju dengan Mr SaintHood.

      Elok kita berhenti gunakan Hadith sebagai penguat hujah. Oleh kerana Hikayat Ulama kuno inilah, umat Islam berbunuhan sesama sendiri, seperti di Negara Padang Pasir.

      Lebih afdal guna ayat-ayat Al-Quran.
      Saya bukan anti-hadith, tapi anti-berbunuhan-sesama-sendiri. Kalau ada sesiapa yang masih mahu gunakan hadith, silakan. Saya tiada bantahan atau berkecil hati.

    10. Anon 17:47
      "Hello. Kalau Tun diibaratkan meludah ke langit dan jatuh ke muka dan sebagainya seperti dakwaan anda. Macam mana dengan DSN dan puak-puaknya?" .....Kalau dalam BI...'shitting in your own backyard'... kalau BM,DSN dan puak-puaknya simply...' buat taik'..


  21. An aide to the wifey pulak yg berbunyi?

  22. Annie...dulu ada satu bala besar nama anwar. dah simpan sungai buluh, hilang masalah. lepas tu muncul pulak bala lagi besar, nama boogeesman, takkan nak biarkan saja. sejarah telah membuktikan, kita kena buat sesuatu sehingga dia diturunkan. kalu nak simpan juga, lagi bagus. tapi yang penting, dia mesti diturunkan.

    1. Saya setuju.
      Peliwat tu, bala paling besar buat UMNO dan kita berjaya mengatasinya, walaupun ambil masa 18 tahun, sehingga budak 5 tahun pun sudah tahu bahaya diliwat oleh lelaki dewasa atau orang tua-bangka.
      Sekarang kita ada bala berskala besar juga, tetapi kali ini lebih serious kerana ia menghakis rasa-hormat bukan-Melayu terhadap credibility bangsa dan Agama.
      Setakat kes liwat, bangsa dan Agama lain sudah terbiasa kerana ia juga berlaku dalam institusi Kuil dan Gereja.

  23. Thanks to the stupidity of the pro Najib blogger listing out all the anti Najib bloggers. I did not know there were that many. Now I can add them for my reading pleasure. True Annie, these chaps probably have an IQ of a dodo bird divided by 2.6 to the power of 1 billion.

  24. well at least you publish the comments. your mentor rocky didnt even publish mine, and i didnt even mention a single vulgar or offensive word :)

    1. Rocky is the leading pro-Najib blogger. I'm not at all surprise if he is paid in six or seven figure

    2. Well. At least Rocky is against demonizing Tun Dr.M.

      Why the need to be jealous, whatever figure anyone gets? Nobody seems to care what pro-Pakatan bloggers gets and who pays them.

      At least BN bloggers allows dissenting views. Almost all of them.
      Dato A Kadir Jasin even published comment from a positively identified RBAs, masquerading as well known Arabic Ulamak, spelt in Malay .

      While Din Merican had blocked me, almost 2 years, now. And all comments that I made was very polite and humble, where possible. Thanks to Pakatan's version of Freedom to speak.
      Hannah Yeoh too.

      And that is why I never trust them to govern Malaysia.

  25. It should not be about politics. Pro Najib or anti Najib.

    You should frame the issue differently. Do you think what Najib did is not stealing? What Najib did is not blatant enough for you?

  26. Does Malaysians deserve freedom of speech when they cannot stay rational and stop being emotional?

  27. Saya kurang faham mengapa menteri2 UMNO mesti komen pasal Tun M turun Padang utk Bersih. Tak salah ingatan saya, uMNo juga yg kata Tun M tak relevant lagi. Dia kan non-descript. Apa Tun M nak buat biarkan je la.

    1. Sebab dia macam kemaruk. Lemaruk apa tak tahu lah.

  28. Hi Annie,
    Problem with Malaysia is not racist, Chinese fight Malay, Malay fight Malay, Secular fight Islam, Jew fight ISIS or whatever. The problem is THIS matter who you are supporter Ah Jib Gor kah, Tun M kah, Hadi kah, Dapig kah.....the problem is still BELOW....This below is KEPALA of the problem in this country...

    "Malaysia is facing a major corruption crisis," it said in its press release today. – September 1, 2015. - See more at:

  29. Ada yang soalkan Tun M pergi Bersih.

    Pandangan saya, soal samada Najib adalah baik atau tidak sebagai PM sudah tidak lagi menjadi satu perbahasan bagi ramai orang.

    Ramai yang tidak setuju untuk Najib terus untuk menjadi PM.

    Tun M mengatakan saluran kebanyakkannya sudah tertutup, oleh itu dia pun "join" sama dengan Bersih.

    Tidak salah kalau kita gunakan fikiran yang waras, kerana sekiranya Najib turun maka sudah tentu BN lebih baik dalam pilihanraya,

  30. Hello Annie,
    Klasik P.Ramlee....Kepala Bapak Kau Mana? Regarding the recent case pijak memijak....we should pijak the right kepala bapak.