Saturday 15 August 2015

True journalist

I'm now monitoring the blog of Ku Seman Ku Hussein


It's now in my blogroll.

I feel that it's important to keep a close watch on this Utusan Malaysia editor because of the stance he has taken on the current political mess.

Ku Seman and several other Utusan editors had over the past week written articles questioning the handling of issues such as the RM2.6 billion loan and disbandment of the Special Task Force investigating the 1MDB controversy.

TS Zainuddin Maidin, a former Utusan boss and currently one of the rebels against PM DS Najib Razak described the stance of Ku Seman and his colleagues in Utusan as


However, I don't totally agree with Zainuddin.

I prefer to see what Ku Seman and his friends did as a brave effort by true journalists to get to the truth for the sake of the public.

They are really putting their career on the line by writing those articles.

In fact they are braver than Zainuddin and other former editors of pro-establishment newspapers who are now rebelling against Najib after they no longer have to bear the risk of losing their job.

Unlike those former editors, Ku Seman and his friends are questioning the government's conducts not because of their hatred for Najib or Rosmah but because they feel the need to correct the wrongs purely to protect the interest of the people.

I also believe that they are doing it because they want to save the current establishment which they feel is the best option that Malaysia have.

These are quotes by Ku Seman as reported by pro-opposition portal Malaysiakini:

 “I am given freedom by the management and I believe the freedom was given by Umno to criticise because Utusan is different from Harakah.

 “Harakah is an official mouthpiece (of PAS) whereas Utusan is a newspaper and it has to act like a newspaper rather than a mouthpiece,”

“As a media organisation, I think we can use our power to reprimand and question. I think the article is not defamatory, just a general article published in (Utusan’s weekend edition) Mingguan Malaysia. I don’t think it is too personal or accusatory,”

“I feel responsible to raise issues for the people. I feel that Umno has to be mature enough to be scolded and receive criticism from within and outside,”

Ku Seman and his friends in Utusan are good guys, okay.

I have met Ku Seman once.

It was about 10 years ago in London.

He appeared to me as a simple but thoughtful Malay guy.

He was also very humble.

Ku Seman just introduced himself to me as an Utusan reporter.

I don't really read Bahasa Malaysia newspapers and therefore I was not aware that he was at that time already a senior editor in the pro-Umno newspaper.

We got along very well.

We talked about work as well as personal stuff such as his kampung in Perlis  and his wife who was at that time quite sickly.

I can't remember that we talked about politics though.

He didn't strike me as one of those who rant and rave about politics all the time.

My assessment of him - Nice and intelligent guy. Quite principled.

Only later on that I found out that he is an accomplished writer with very sharp analytical mind.

Somehow, I never get around meeting him again.

Maybe one of these days.


  1. Those who has conscience clear and sane won't be supporting Najib. Those who needs money will be clinging with Najib. For them Najib is their cash cow. They'll milking till dry.... the longer Najib in power the more they will sucking the money at least till GE14.

    1. Not all the people are stupid man.

    2. Ahh.. a simple binary logic.
      If you with A then stupid.
      Else you are smart.

      Too much Bollywood movie perhaps?

    3. Yes, not all the people are stupid. Only a few stupid people left still circulating and clinging to Najib.


  2. Semua olang cekap ini Utusan selalu cekap ini Gomen babut punya lea aa ,Wa tatak tahu maa aa ,pasat Wa baca itu Nan Yang Siang Pau lor rr .

    Lagi olang cekap itu The Star manyak babut ,cekap betut punya ,Wa Cina sekolah tak tau lea aa ,tapi Wa ingat semua olang atak pro sana Pro sini maa aa , sendili mau pikir- tengok maa aa ,tatak boih pecaya semua lor rr.

    Bulayu memang banyak baca ini Utusan ,ini Wa tau lea aa , sikalang Annie cekap lia punya itu editor ,kasi betut punya laporan ,tampa atak takut-takut waa aa ! , Wa manyak lespek lor rr ,pasat sikalang manyak olang mau tulit belita atau mau cekap semua mau kila luit maa aa.

    Kalau tulit tatak betut , pecaya punya olang ,pikir pon tatak betut , apa macam mau jadu betut .

  3. Annie,

    What you believe was the motive of those 'rebellious ' utusan reporters, does not matter.

    As usual, you speculate and believe in what you want to believe, very natural for women who prefer to think through emotional feelings.

    Like those claim that 'bak kut teh' is not pork. These people exist in both BN and OPPO.

    Well, at least Zamkata is better, willing to call a spade a spade.

    And you? You have supported Jibby Pink Lips, Fatty, and even Khairy Jamaluddin (Bin Abu Bakar). Worst of all, you staunchly support gunny osmond, who made Johor suffered without any improvement and letting the JCS to rot into one of the most corrupted governments in the world, even now you still do that.

  4. Ar-Rahmanir Rahim speaks to men such as Ku Seman and friends ...

  5. Saya suka baca movie review yang beliau tulis dalam Utusan masa awal tahun 2000 dulu. Masa tu saya sekolah lagi. Saya ni kaki wayang. Sebelum pilih wayang mana nak tengok, saya baca movie review Ku Seman Ku Hussein dulu sebelum buat keputusan movie mana nak tengok. Kadang-kadang saya setuju dengan analisis beliau, kadang-kadang tidak. Yang penting tiket wayang yang saya beli worth spending. Kalau tidak menyumpah-nyumpah dalam panggung wayang pasal cerita tak best.

  6. To Lufang

    why not you write in proper Malayu. Every time I come across your comments I just skip it.

    Now, what a waste to precious ideas.

    1. i think everybody just skip when they come across the comment written by this so called lufang... his language is simply terrible.. only he understand what he kesian lah no one reads what he writes.. syok sendiri case...

    2. By the way, lufang in Chinese means "buah dada", or tetek.

      There must be deep meaning in 'his' message, just that not many people can understand.

    3. Anon 16:05 , 17:06 ,17:53,

      Jangan marah sama Gua maa aa , Cina sekolah memang itu Macam lea aa .

      Mau kasi malah sama itu UMNO maa aa ,apa pasat kasi setuju sama itu , sekolah Cina & Tamil ,apa macam mau jadi 1 Malaysia atau itu Malaysian Malaysia maa aa ,tatak bolih cekap satu bahasa lea aa.

      Wa tatak salah maa aa , Wa mau cuba mau jadi Malaysian Malaysia ,tapi tak pendei Bulayu cekap ,tapi Wa cuba lor rr .

    4. Phew! I thought i was the only one. Just skip it. Oh no he's back. My guess: dia ni bukan cina pun.
      Whatever, just skip it.

    5. Oh he is definitely not Chinese.

  7. Ku Seman tu flip flop juga..mcm ahjib & oom-no con-rats. Time will tell, just wait.