Thursday 13 August 2015

A question of love

Tired of the political mess? Then try to enjoy this Jewish love song,


  1. Annie,

    Yeah, it is political mess alright.

    We gave them mandate to govern the country and after that, they make a mess.

    This is old Jewish Couple. Those days, there is not much temptation, no Birkin bag, Hublot watches, Swarovski jewelry etc.

    Nowadays couples have so many conflicts of interest. After 25 years, they will be worn out bickering with each other.

  2. annie....with all the conflict and the bad comments and everything....

    do you still loveeeeeeeee us......

    >james bond

  3. I'm greying and poor .... but still imagining there's a beautiful and wise woman destined to be together ..... baby i'm a want you