Friday 14 August 2015

Probable RM2.6 billion donation scenario

First, is it possible that someone is willing to donate RM2.6 billion?

The answer is YES.

Actually, even more than that.

This is a story of it,

Prince gives his entire fortune to charity 


The prince is worth $32 billion, and Forbes Magazine named him as the 34th wealthiest human on the planet, and on July 1, he announced that he's going to give away the entirety of his fortune to charity.

The prince is Prince Alwaleed bin Talal

So, who knows, maybe there is indeed a generous Arab prince who decided to give PM DS Najib Razak RM2.6 billion as a "donation".

This is probably the scenario:

"Najib, since you are such a nice and handsome man, here, I donate to you RM2,6 billion. Use the money wisely to do good," the Arab prince said when Najib visited him in Abu Dhabi sometime before the last general election in 2013.

"Uh uh....thank you your majesty, I'm so very humbly appreciate it. You are so kind and generous," said Najib. 

Najib then asked the prince,"Your majesty, may I use some of the money for Umno? My party and our BN friends need some extra cash to fight the evil Pakatan Rakyat, led by that guy from Sodom. I was told that they were getting lots of money from the Jews to fight us."

"Sure can. That's for a good cause what," the prince replied.

"But Najib, don't la spend everything for your party, use a portion of the money to help the oppressed and needy Muslims in the region around your country," he added.

"Oh, I will definitely do so your majesty. I will use the extra money to help people like the Rohingya, Muslims in southern Thailand and the Philippines as well as those very poor Muslims in Cambodia, among others.

"Thanks for giving me the money. I can't use my government's money for all that because Kit Siang and his irritating son will make all sorts of noise," said Najib.

"Good, good, good...and don't forget to give a bit of the money to your wife so that she can have extra to do her good work helping poor children with disabilities and such. I heard she's quite good at that," said the prince with a smile.

"I will definitely do so. Thanks your majesty," replied Najib.

"Okay, I'll tell my people to wire the money tomorrow. Give me your account number," said the prince.

Najib then gave his account number to the prince.

"Ah! This is good. You choose an Islamic bank to put the money," said the prince, clearly pleased.

"Oh, one more thing Najib..." the prince seems to remember something.

"Yes your majesty?" asked Najib.

"If there are some leftover from the Rm2.6 billion, I think you should buy something nice for your wife....errr, a handbag, maybe?" said the prince.

"That's very generous of you your majesty. I'll ask Rosmah if she's agreeable to your suggestion. Thank you very much," said Najib.

So, maybe that's what happened.

Well, it's just me speculating. Jangan marah ya.



  1. A remotely but definite possibility.enough with the myth.come back to planet earth.

    All the good things will come surely

  2. Annie,

    Then the story continues..........

    Year 2015

    Mr Najib, How much money?

    A lot, A lot.

    US700, times 3 plus so , Rm2.6 B.

    Why did you put the money in your account??

    Then, we rewind the recording,

    Year 2012

    Najib says in year 2012, "Setiap sumbangan yang ingin diberikan ke mana-mana parti politik ........mesti disalurkan melalui akaun rasmi parti........mengelakkan perbuatan rasuah.

  3. just had syabu or what?

  4. Annie. Do you mind asking the prince to transfer some money to my bank account? I will give the bank details later on. By the way who is going to pay for the bank charges?

  5. Annie, it is a possibility as what you imagine... but the issue is not who GIVE the money (itu pengampu-pengampu je yang buat isu). the issue is who RECEIVED the money! The PM cannot receive a RM2.6 B in his personal account and keep quiet about it!

  6. The difference between Anwar and Najib is...
    Anwar sodomized Jantan but Najib sodomized ALL of us

    1. "Has there not been over Mankind a long period of Time, when he was nothing mentionable? Verily We created Man from a drop of mingled sperm, in order to test him: So We gave him (the gifts), of Hearing and Sight. And We showed him the Way: whether he be grateful or ungrateful (by his own will). For the Rejecters we have prepared chains, yokes, and a blazing Fire.

      As to the Righteous, they shall drink of a Cup (of Heavenly Drink) mixed with Kafur - A Fountain where the Devotees of God do drink, making it flow in unstinted abundance. They fulfill (their) vows, and they fear a Day (of Judgement) whose evil flies far and wide. And they feed, for the love of God, the indigent, the orphan, and the captive, (saying),"We feed you for the sake of God alone: no reward do we desire from you, nor thanks. We only fear a Day of distressful Wrath from the side of our Lord. But God will deliver them from the evil of that Day, and will shed over them a Light of Beauty and Heavenly Bliss."

      (Quran, ch. 76: Mankind)

  7. Hai annie,
    Annie mula sekali saya nak penjelasan ,kalau dah betul si arab tah apa apa ada beri derma kenapa dari awal najib membisu apa bila isu RM2.6 billion ini mula muncul dulu , bila ditanya kenapa najib penipu jawab 'saya tak guna wang untuk pribadi" kenapa tak jawab ini derma dari tok arab ye le! ya le! bagi untuk guna pilihan raya ,kenapa biar menteri menteri dan kuncu kuncu yang berimankan jawatan/kedudukan dan kebendaan beri jawapan dengan jawapan penipuan yang macam macam , mula mula tiada wang dalam akaun ,kemudian fitnah , kemudian satu yang bodoh kalau masuk akaun sendiri ,kemudian fitnah yahudi kemudian maklumat palsu justo , akhir sekali najib mengaku masuk akaun sendiri tapi dah jadi wang derma pula ,apa ni wal hal soalan rakyat pada mulanya adakah wang masuk akaun najib itu saja yang lain rakyat tak mahu dengar faham tak.

    Macam ni la annie , bagi tahu Najib dan menteri manteri serta kuncu kuncu nya yang beriman dengan kedudukan/jawatan dan kebendaan , cukup lah jangan nak kelengtong bodah lah , 1MDB buat JV dengan petrosaudi pada 2009 dulu pun sudah menunjukkan sesuatu yang curiga ,malah tok arab yang konon taukey petrosaudi tu pun serta mereka mereka terlibat dalam aktiviti perniagaan berkenaan pun menunjukkan individu mencurigakan bukan lah prince dari kerajaan sah saudi arabia sepeti diatas . Walhal cara najib terima derma RM2.6 billion tu pun banyak curiganya , mula 2013 masuk akaun najib kemudian keluar hilang tak kemana ,sampai MT umno tak tahu ,TPM tak tahu , kebinet tahu semua tak tahu , apa ini dapat derma pun najib nak sulit ka pendek kata nampak jelas macam nak sapu .

    1. Che det dapat derma pun MKT tak tahu. Dia simpan dengan nominee sampai sekarang tak tahu. Mungkin separuh dah lesap.

    2. 2206...ya ke mangkuk...abih tu g la siasat mangkuk...kan tun da kata cek la smua akaun dia mangkuk....mangkuk

  8. Very entertaining, Annie, very entertaining!
    You just made my day.

  9. Me too had that sort of theory, about a fortnight ago but yours Annie, is quite hilarous, though almost same as mind. I had posted it on The Scribe then.

    I'm not trying to defend Najib and his debt-ridden 1MDB. He must resign nonetheless due to his spendthrift attitude with the country's coffer and his penchant of using dubious middlemen to negotiate on behalf of the gomen's businesses.
    If Najib had use gomen officials, we would not have to waste hundreds of million to pay Razak Baginda dan Fei Low.

    Nonetheless, claims that RM2.6 Billion deposited into Najib's account was a donation, sounds quite logic though. That might also be the reason why Najib and his wife made many trips to the Middle-east. Maybe the rich Muslim Arabs have known DAP's Evangelist agenda all along and that's the reason why they collectively or as an individual, donated that USD700 million into Najib's account. These rich Arabs might be worried of the prospect that a man, tainted with despicable sexual orientation and a lapdog of the foreign-funded-opposition, being made PM of the only remaining peaceful Muslim country in the world.
    After-all, they already knew that the opposition in Malaysia was funded by NED, NGOs associated with Evangelical groups and of-course, the US Government. They knew from experience, the effects of foreign interference among their Arab-Spring brethren which resulted in anarchy an civil strife. In Ukraine too, it is a fact that the US and the West funded the opposition which brought down the legitimate government through street violence. Even China was not spared with these barbaric interference as we have seen in Hong Kong. Russia too had similar experience but they managed to curb the violence once they enacted FARA (Foreign Agent Registration Act), same as the American had had in-place since 1967.

    Therefore these wealthy Arabs might have been convinced that without their assistance, Malaysia with its multi-racial/faith composition, could face total destruction. After-all, with a peaceful Malaysia, they could earn something in return, most probably through 1MDB, legally or otherwise.
    Surely these rich Arabs would not want to see the country of Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, a statesman most revered in the Arab world, go to the dogs.

    1. If that is the case, why hide it? Why deny it in the first place? Why nobody, except rosmah, know about it?

      Duit masuk akaun peribadi, guna sampai habis, tutup akaun. Kalau WSJ tak exposed, sapa pun tak tau. PM jenis apa ni?

    2. Kalau tahu pun taapa kerana duit dah habis belanja.


  10. Annie,

    Wa manayak sukak itu celita , mungkin atak betut ,mungkin atak salah ,manyak susah mau cekap lea aa .

    Apa past lulu-lulu Lu tatak celita maa aa , Wa ingat eaa kalau lulu lagi Lu sutak celita ,mungkin sikalang tatak banyak kechoh maa aa , pasti pecaya punya lor rr.

    Sikalang sutak hot maa aa ,itu Mahyudin pon sutak kena keluar ,itu Ghani Patail pon sutah kasi belenti ,manyak susah lea aa.

    Apa macam ?.

  11. Annie,

    I have Arabs friends in Saudis and Kuwait. They cannot tell a difference between a Chinese and a Malay.'

    They got so many issues, Shia, Sunni, Wahabi, Palestine, etc. They have enough in their minds and problems.

    The idea that Arabs donating RM2.6B to us , like what Tun Dr. M stated in his blog is bullshit.

    1. UIA pun Arab derma. Itu apa chicken feed ke atau bullshit juga.

    2. Ya ke uia arab derma mangkuk??? Cuba bg bukti sikit mangkuk....

  12. Anne, this is the other side of Alwaleed's so-called philanthropy ......

  13. It will be nice to see the real you in newspaper tomorrow. You will also be on tv3.

  14. Can't help lol reading your article annie. Lost faith in Najib? Come home to kluang and i 'belanja' makan di kluang railway.
    Former stk boy.

  15. if najib did use the money for the benefit of rakyat n country the people who condemn n spread the fitnah on him will have a lot to face up to.

    1. Kalau aku kaya. Orang kata kalau pakai buah Kalau, semua benda jadi.

      Kena siasat lah betul - betul. Ni habiskan duit kerajaan buat macam - macam nak mempertahankan diri. Apa yang susah sangat masuk TV 4 jam selesaikan kalau tak bersalah.

  16. kalau betoi utk umno, itemised la segala kegunaan duit tu, mesti ada balen, mesti kena audit, kan duit parti.
    yg pelik, duit masuk tu dh pon kluar blk kenape yek?
    lu pikir la sndri.

  17. Duit dah belanja untuk Umno sebelum pilihanraya,


  18. Malaysia's reserves comparable to the US, adinda Ms Annie
    and many countries with much bigger import spending than us.
    Our economic fundamentals are also stronger.

    OK, here are the foreign exchange reserves of selected countries:
    ( US$, IMF figures for June 2015 )

    Malaysia, $105 trillion in reserves
    Indonesia, $108 trillion
    Thailand $160 trillion

    US, $120 trillion
    China, $3,771 trillion

    The US government is the one that has never stopped borrowing, with the bulk of Chinese reserves being loans to the US!

    Q: OK the good economists here may like to explain,
    why is The Yuan being allowed to devalue vs The $?

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Your trillion is actually "BILLION". Ref:

  19. The above scenario was actually played out but the report was immediately taken down the same day.