Sunday 30 August 2015

Dr Mahathir on why he attends Bersih 4


  1. ...mahathir loves Malaysia too...



  2. Obe comments from Bujai nlog.

    AnonymousAugust 30, 2015 at 2:20 PM

    Over lunch at Nandos’ next to the hotel, one could hardly find a seat. It was packed with yellow shirts. A happy restaurant manager says “this is the best business day in a long time”. So I ask again, who says Bersih is bad for business. The hotel is fully booked. Restaurants and eateries are packed. Petty traders are also enjoying brisk business, contrary to the repeated complaint that Bersih protests have caused businesses to suffer badly.

    1. "So I ask again, who says Bersih is bad for business."

      These shop owners?

  3. His comment about Beraih dulu & we all still remember how he removed the Chief Judge...politician....sigh

  4. Alamak!

    Bersih participanta are only described as 'shallow minded' 'unpatriotic'

    While Melayu are described as bangang, bangsat, haram jadah.

    Bagus la tu.

    I love my PM.

    Never cease to amaze me with his love for his own race.


  5. Annie,
    Today I am a very sad man.....The Grand old man that I used to idolised JILAT HIS BLOODY DIRTY KAHAK....and you think he will gain support to topple Ajibgor...from the Malays,he made a great mistake and to the Chinese communiyy especially DAP ,THANK YOU ,we will wait and see GE 14,and THANK YOU to the MALAYS esp PAS FOR NOT Jadi BARUA mata sepet, except few yang tak sedar diri including you know who that should stay at home with cucus.Otak tarak ke,bising pasal Democracy,tapi apa kejadah nak guling kerajaan dengan cara yang tidak demokratik langsong......Poorah

    1. Pasal para penjenayah kolar putih pegang kuasa dan dah tak boleh didakwa. Ke kau percaya RM2.6 beliyon tu duit derma pak unta untuk pahlawan bugis lawan dap dgn puak yahudi?

  6. Annie might as well start pakai tudung. Judging by how Pak Jib will be combining with PAS to woo the rural voters. But pass this message to Pak Zahid. Guess who is going to take over your place as DPM? Hehehehe. Ingat ada chance duduk kat kerusi empuk di Putrajaya. Si Turban Mullah Holier than Thou tu dah tengah making a deal with Pak Jib. Lepas tu memekik melolong kononnya untuk Agama Bangsa Negara. Jangan berlakonlah.

    Melayu Fed Up