Tuesday 18 August 2015

My top ten love stories (updated)


I forgot these two movies when I did the list yesterday.

They should be in the middle of the list.

The Age of Innocence (1993)

This movie made me realised for the first time that I like love stories.

In the Mood for Love (2000)

Maggie and Tony in this movie remind me of my Ma and Pa.


I don't feel like writing about politics today.

Really tired of it.

Today I just want to have some fun posting about movies for a change.

So, those among you all who are hardcore political junkies shouldn't read beyond this line, okay.

Well, my favorite movies are mostly love stories.

The following are my top ten love stories at the movies,

10. Romeo and Juliet (1968)

Simply the best Romeo and Juliet movie ever made.

9. Love Story (1970)

Probably the best American love story ever made.

8. Cyrano de Bergerac (1990)

Beautifully done and appropriately French.

7. Breakfast at Tiffany (1961)

It's not exactly a love story but there's Audrey Hepburn and bits about love.

6. Tous les Matins du Monde (1991)

Probably the most painful love story ever made into a movie.

5. Lust Caution (2007)

Best adaptation of a tragic love story from a book.

4. Notting Hill (1999)

I like simplistic romantic comedy too, and Notting Hill is my favorite of the genre.

3. July Rhapsody (2002)

A different kind of love story. Anita Mui's last movie.

2. Love Letter (1995)

A most poignant love story.

1. Blue (2001)

Trailer not available on Youtube. But you can find the full movie there. It reminds me of my first love....but I'm not a lesbian, okay.


  1. My favourite love story is "Painted Skin" and am waiting for "Bie Wen" (Don't Ask) which is yet-to-be made but I like the stellar cast.

  2. annie my dear... how many times have you been falling in love?...which one of the ten movies above describes your love relationship? ... and can i be your new partner in your next love story?

    1. Three times. Number three. No.

    2. You ni pun... Takkan lau Annie nak cakap yes. What would the readers think about her if she'd answered yes. Try your luck lah, show who you really are and email her. But but, first, you kena watch that movie number 3 and be romantic as hell. Hehehe...

  3. Should try love actually....british kind of luv

  4. Annie,
    Dissappointed that 'When Harry met Sally' didn't make it to your top 10 list.
    Notting Hill was so predictable like any Hindi film!


  5. Sebut pasat cinta , Wa punya badan boih jadi assam lea aa .
    Wa manyak takut becinta , pasat oang cekap eaa aa , kalau becinta ahh itu mata bolih jadi rabun , hidong tatak bau , and itu telinga boih jadi pekak lor rr .

    Wa manyak takut maa aa itu macam , nanti buluk punya hat lia nampak baik , itu taik manyak busuk pon lia kata wangi , apa buluk olang cakap pon jadi tatak pecaya lor rr .

    Manyak susah itu macam maa aa ,selupa tatak hidup lea aa.

    Wa mau tungu itu Malaysia punya, itu love story maa aa ,tapi sikalang lia olang belum bikin flim lagi lea aa .

  6. Annie,

    We have seen memorable stories in English, Hindi, Korean, Mandarain, etc.

    I haven't seen anything memorable originate from here.

    I heard there are a lot of restriction by Finas, not about the love scenes but film makers cannot touch subject of this and that.....

    This made film makers difficult to make good film.

    Or is it because we are lacking in creativity?

    Am I touching politics here?

    Just curious that's all.

  7. "Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."
    - The Chinese Sage Lao Tzu

    Strength to do what is right, and the courage to sacrifice oneself for the sake of others.

  8. watch the (7 psychopath)....it is a love story...but, the other kind of a love story and not a guy liking a girl or the girl there liking a guy here kind of a love story.

    >james bond

  9. Annie, watch Fly Me to Polaris... and In the Mood For Love

  10. One of my all-time favourites is the 1939 American epic-historical-romance film adapted from Margaret Mitchell's Pulitzer-winning 1936 novel "Gone With The Wind " starring Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh.

    Trailer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mM8iNarcRc

    1. I'm sticking with Casablanca, thank you very much.

  11. You should watch EMMANUALLE (1973), classic French love story. See how they made it.

  12. I suppose every lover loves to make it with the beloved .....


  13. Cyrano de Bergerac!!!

  14. of course u r not lesbian annie...but u are a bisexual

    that is tastier than just a lesbian

    i think u are a bisexual annie...u have done it with a girl and a boy dan maybe into threesome and u u cannot make up ur mind what to be

    at least anwar has a gut

  15. I cried so hard watching An Affair To remember....

  16. try watching the latest n romantic giler movie annie....it's called Annie loves Eri....