Saturday 8 August 2015

About Tok Nan and the rebellion

Anti-Najib blogger Syed Akbar Ali wrote in his latest posting that,

Pemberontakan Dalam Parti UMNO Makin Merebak 

Not unlike me, Syed Akbar also sees those who oppose PM DS Najib Razak, including himself as "rebels".

Well, what I found to be most interesting about his posting was this part,

Surprisingly it is not Johor that is leading the charge. My sources say that Pahang UMNO has turned against the president.  Surprise ! Surprise !

First off UMNO Bentong which is the home of Adnan Yaakob the Menteri Besar invited Muhyiddin Yasin instead to officiate their Bahagian meeting.   Adnan Yaakob of course has never been a big fan of Najib.  

Three other bahagian in Pahang (which I will not name) are also going for broke. They are turning against the president. Two weeks ago Pahang folks told me about this 'wind of change' in Pahang. There is a source for this wind - which again I will not divulge. 

It's interesting for me because a few days ago, a friend who is one of the rebels told me that the fight is not yet over because Johor MB DS Mohamed Khaled Nordin had indicated that he may lead the forces arrayed against Najib.

To that I wrote,

Khaled needs to appear rebellious for Johor's sake

I basically disagree with my rebel friend. Khaled is after all just a light weight.

Now, this time I have to agree with Syed Akbar when he said Adnan (I normally call him Tok Nan) is not a big fan of Najib and the likelihood of the Pahang MB leading the charge against the Umno president is better than that of his Johor counterpart.

Adnan is known for his forthright attitude and most of the time will call a spade by its name instead of anything else, even if he may suffer from it later on.

He was the one most vocal about the practice of money politics during the Umno election in 2004. His complaints were said to be among the main reasons causing the disqualification of TS Isa Samad who initially won the number one vice-president post.

Also, back in 1993, when DS Anwar Ibrahim challenged the late Tun Ghafar Baba for the Umno deputy president post, Adnan's Bentong division was one of just two which nominated Ghafar.

He opposed Anwar back then when everyone else was clamouring to get on the bandwagon of the now number one opposition man.

Najib, as well as other top Umno leaders at that time were part of the so-called Team Wawasan led by Anwar.

Almost everyone agreed back then that those who wanted to survive in Umno must be part of Anwar's team.

Adnan was the exception few.

Somehow, Adnan and Najib were never the best of friends.

It's not that they were real enemies, but the chemistry between the two was simply not there. A former Pahang NST bureau chief told me that.

Some blamed the situation to the traditional rivalry between those who support Adnan and a faction of Pahang Umno close to Najib and the then his right hand man, the late TS Jamaluddin Jarjis.

Now, it's a very badly kept secret that Najib does wish for Adnan to be replaced by one of his own trusted people.

Adnan is after all in his late 60s.

It's a well known fact that Adnan is under an orchestrated series of attacks to force him to step down.

The mainstream media is spearheading the attacks, first over the Cameron Highland issue and now the bauxite mining controversy.

They tried to paint a not so flattering image of Adnan as an incapable MB.

But as most political observers may already knew, Adnan is very much under the protection of the Pahang Sultan.

Sultan Ahmad Shah is indeed very fond of his straight talking MB.

In fact, Adnan was supposed to leave his office last year together with former Terengganu MB DS Ahmad Said.

But of course the Sultan didn't want that to happen, thus he was spared.

Adnan is actually a simple man.

I know and like him.

He is rough round the edges but has a very kind heart.

For me, Tok Nan is a decent "kampung guy".

He doesn't even like traveling overseas.

Now, how likely will Adnan lead the rebellion?

Well, firstly, let me insist here that the rebellion is dead for now.

It has no means to end Najib's rule, at least until the next general election.

All immediate threats against Najib's rule had been neutralised last week.

The rebels can only make a lot of noises now.

Even if Adnan decides to lead the rebellion, he can't do much except making more of such noises.

Najib has in his pocket the Umno supreme council and everyone else needed for him to stay in power.

Even Adnan's main protector, the Sultan of Pahang had called for everyone to support Najib too.

There is no way Adnan will go against the wishes of the Sultan.

So, I think the likelihood of Adnan leading a rebellion against Najib is highly unlikely.

Unless, of course Adnan goes crazy and decides that he got nothing much to lose and therefore should have one last jab at Najib.

Adnan is after all almost certainly on his last lap as Pahang MB.

Everyone knows that Najib is going to drop him from his post sooner or later.

After that, Adnan is expected to fade into obscurity.

Then again, as I said, Adnan may simply goes crazy and refuses to do that.

He may thinks that if he leads the rebellion now, he will forever be remembered as trying to do something good before ending his career.

Really, he will indeed be remembered if he does that.

But of course, Adnan will be crushed as the rebellion could not possibly succeed.

Again, as I said, all the necessary tools for it is now in Najib's hand.

Well, Tok Nan should know that....


  1. At what price when the economy is going south, the Ringgit is tumbling (4.00 to the US$ or 3.00 to the Singapore $?) and foreign reserves have breached the US$100 billion level?

    There's such a thing as "fiddling while Rome burns".

    The ordinary rakyat are having a hard enough time as it is.

    Will we see more Malaysians being compelled to seek work in Singapore because of the exchange rate?

    Umno may have the luxury of introspection and navel-gazing and emoting about "bahasa, bangsa dan ugama".

    The rest of us have to eke out a living the best we can.

    1. Yeah.
      That RM5 Billion of Foreign Reserve, used by Bank Negara to shore-up the Ringgit should have been used to pay of part of 1MDB's debt.
      I think the best way to elevate the Ringgit is by getting 'Money is King' fella to resign.

  2. Annie,

    We are not like North Korea. We are a democratic country and the people ultimately decide who will be in power.

    From what I understand on how things work, the PM will is supported by the divisions chief and the divisions chief supported by the grass root. It is a pyramid structure.

    If the grass root no longer support the PM, the division chief will eventually follow the tune or otherwise will lose the position.

    Sure the timeline of PAU had changed but if the grass root makes too much noise, that it will impact the respond of the divisions chief.

    Then are leakages here and there shows that they are people high up in the government that wanted the leadership change.

    Rebellion had been eliminated, you say.? I doubt that very much

    1. The way I see it, most of the time it's an inverted pyramid.

    2. Pyramid inverted will not be stable. Center of gravity also high.

      That is why the Pharaoh did not design the pyramid inverted.

    3. Very quite now. No mutiny except for the mamaks blogger.

  3. Annie,

    We Johorean are not "Yes People". If something is very wrong that we voiced out.

    Does the things that happened recently warrant us to voiced out. I think yes. Being silent with all these injustice is wrong,

  4. Hi kak Annie, orang dulu2 lebih tajam fikiran dan fahaman mereka....
    cuba selami pantun ini

    siakap senohong gelama ikan duri
    cakap bohong kena gaya jadi menteri

    paham paham lah sendiri

    kami dah tak mau dah.....

  5. Another person label rebellion is another person freedom fighter.if dont like the program,just change the channel.

  6. Najib sudah hampir ke tahap gila. Buat benda yang tak masuk akal orabg waras. Cakap dia orang sudah tidak percaya. Sian dia. Takut lah pada doa orang yang dizalimi.

  7. Kalau hidup sekadar hidup, babi di hutan juga hidup
    Kalau kerja sekadar kerja kera juga berkerja

    Kalau manusia mahu sombong bodoh, iblis juga bodoh sombong ...
    Ingatlah biadap pasti membawa mudarat.

  8. what a bullshit! rebels crushed la, rebels finished la, no more rebels la...fuck! hanya orang gila masih terhigih2 sokong si penyamun bugis tu siang malam, kata sekejap percaya sekejap tak percaya..macam orang sasau..sudah2 la annie. lama2 ko jadi bangang macam lanun bugis tu.
    bagus ko blog benda lain2 la.

    1. dah tau bullshit engko pegi baca juga apa aku tulis apahal

    2. Pasal Pemimpin Tersohor kata "if you see false news you must counter them!"

      Blogger bangang has been attacking pemimpin tersohor in a very subtle way, conspiring with foreigner like giving information to Japanese and colluding with Singaporeans. It's understood that blogger bangang yang tak berhati perut happened to be not pure Malay blood, therefore have the tendency to be rebellious against the country.

      Blogger bangang also trying to divide president umno and his deputy prime minister, disseminating propagandist material fed to her by her Japanese contact point in Malaysia.

      Najib should be careful of this 'tomodachi'....

      Very scary spinster, who has a propensity to spin.

    3. ya lah, aku spy jepun...ikut suka hati engko lah

  9. Macam ni ke cara jawap komen , tak berhemah , dah masuk kategori bloger longkang.

  10. Tak tahulah very as berapa lama Najib terus sebagai PM, mungkin tiga hari, tiga bulan, tiga tahun atau tiga dekad lagi. Tetapi yang kita sudah nampak ialah beliau bertambah kebebalan, kesombongan, keangkuhan dan kebodohan. Sudah pasti beliau terjerumus dalam kehinaan. Jikalau UMNO terus menyokong beliau sebagai ketua, patutlah UMNO dikuburkan sekali.

    1. Che det dah banyak bagi date berhenti. Nampaknya tak jadi-jadi.

  11. So true, rebellion is not going anywhere. There are no more good men Umno.
    We non umno members just need to work hard while we endure this bala brought by balun billion guy. May Allah have mercy on us. Remember 52% malaysian has done the civic duty and 20 million plus non umno members should join the 52%.


  12. Yes, can remove UMNO after GE-14 Sdr ANON 08:38

    Majority 191 Ketua Bahagians or rather the more powerfully 40+ UMNO Supreme Council members can but will in-sya-Allah not remove DS Mohd Najib to protect their selfish interest.

    They have however alhamduli'Llah, endorsed DS Dr Ahamad Z to replace the pathetic don't know 1MDB/ nothing(?) Tan Sri.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Haji, haji

      Kubur kata mari, rumah kata pergi. Sebelum terlewat, you know what to do.


    2. Ya Pakatan dah berkubur dulu Sdr ANON 13:29
      so apparently fence-sitters not spoilt for choice come GE-14, betul?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH