Tuesday 4 August 2015

Time to stop being stupid and heal the wounds

Jebat said it's all an

Endless absurdities

I agree.

Anyway, it's good to know Jebat is alright.

A lot of people were concerned when he suddenly became inactive after Raya.

They thought dia sudah kena tangkap.

I was asked about him too by my friends.

Hopefully he is not going into hibernation again.

I'm making the wish because of these excerpts from his blog posting:

This blog has been criticising Malaysian leaders since its first article. We stopped blogging for awhile because people without moral compass will never listen to reason and criticisms. They have charted their own doomed course and the direction of this country. There is nothing more to say to save them.

Well, can't force people to continue writing but if everyone decided not to write, then I think this country will be in trouble.

When the sober ones among the critics stopped to bother, then it's a sign that what had been broken could no longer be fixed.

Jebat is one of the sober ones.

As it is, they already wanted to make things hard.

The new minister said

The CMA needs to be reviewed to keep up with the times

but Malaysia Online (The Mole) found out from legal experts that

Enforcement better than amended or new laws for social media

My opinion is that, the administration of PM DS Najib Razak now needs to heal the wounds after crushing the rebellion.

If it instead makes things harder for the people, then all are truly lost.

The anger will just turn to silent hate.

Two and a half years before the next general election is not a very long time for the PM and his people to fix the negative perception people have of them, especially due to the manner of which they crushed the rebels.

They can't afford to screw it up by thinking that they can make people support them again by forcing them to do so.

Come on guys, the rebels had been crushed.

You all won....for now.

There is no need to further grind them to the ground.

After all, those rebels are from your own side.

I didn't see you all being so brutal with the opposition when they tried to topple you.

So please stop the absurdities.

The people are watching.

Now it's time to heal the wounds and win back the votes.

In fact, you all can even win back the rebels if you try.

Or is that too hard for you all to comprehend?


  1. People are expecting changes to come from inside UMNO. Well, its all proven to be false hope. It is unlikely that thy will change, corruption, nepotism, money politic, abuse of power are ingrained in their culture. Rakyat, especially the new generations will not forget them lightly. They will be get a battering comes next GE. At best they will cling to power with assistance from the lesser parties.

    1. Many don't care about the election. Hell, many decide not to even vote. Winning election or losing election has no bearing on whether or not what Najib is right.

      What we want is for Najib to go to trial.

    2. Itu pun kalau GE14 tidak di tangguh. Paham-paham sajalah. Anwar, aka Peliwat mungkin sudah keluar awal atas alasan berkelakuan baik. Sudah tentu demo besar-besaran. Najib istihar darurat. Terus postpone PRU14.

    3. wow, a spy novel story line

    4. Najid to go on trial? No chance, absolutely below zero chance. He is too powerful. But many past dictators are more powerful and more ruthless. They are all gone in disgrace. Najib's time will surely come.

  2. Event top government agencies are following the evemt closely on how their top colleague in their respective are being treat by current leader.

  3. As the General Election will only be held most probably in 2018 where it is the only opportunity to make the people's voice being heard, every Malay should now join UMNO where they can start no-confidence motion at branches' levels.

    1. try to convince Mat Sabu and his friends to join UMNO.See if you can do it

  4. You are being sensible today Annie.


  5. Apa pasat mau malah sama itu Najib lea aa , itu lunia punya olang mesti manyak baik ,pandang sama lia maa aa ,itu pasat lia olang collect itu luit kasi sama lia lor rr .

    Wa selalu lengar ea aa ,Bulayu selalu cekap itu ," rezeki jangan kasi tolak, musoh pon jangan kasi cali " , sikalang apa atak hat ?.

    Itu telima punya olang tatak salah maa aa , kasi punya olang pon tatak salah, siapa lia mau kasi itu lia punya sukak lea aa , kasi sebuk punya olang memang manyak salah lor rr.

    Wa sikalang mau cekap baik-baik ,mana tau atak olang manyak sukak , Wa lapat 2.6 million waa aa !, mesti manyak syok lor rr .

    Tapi Wa tatak hensom , lagi Cina sekolah lea aa , sedili cali sendili makan maa aa , tatak cukup siapa mau bagi lea aa .

  6. Annie, there is nothing to say anymore. Goodbye to UMNO and Barisan. We are done

  7. How to heal the wounds if you chopped off your limbs?

    1. How should Najib and his groupies heal the wounds? They are the disease that's threatening the lives of the rakyat.

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  9. Annie and her narrative about rebellion being crushed, healing the wounds etc

    We should be talking about corruption at the highest level.

    Jangan pula lepas ni, Najib retire macam tu je.

    1. Lepas retire, dapat gelaran Tun pulak. Terus tercemar kemuliaan gelaran itu.

    2. Are you kidding?Did you think he want to resign?With this mountain of issue that no previous leader of Malaysia facing personally,You can forget to think about he want to resign...Definitely you will get PM seumor hidup as long as current plywood cabinet are there. And he is too afraid to resign.

      Ini olang tiduk pun mata kasi bukak maaaaa..

  10. Those who voted Un and who believe that the non malays are the cause of the problems of the malays should be happy with Najib. He gave you'll what you'll deserve. #kekalnajib

  11. "I didn't see you all being so brutal with the opposition when they tried to topple you."

    You're right, Annie.

    Mereka berani bertindak brutal sesama Melayu saja.
    Yang pelik, Towkey Judi yang ditangkap di US pun dibela. Siap keluarkan surat rasmi kerajaan.

  12. really annie? they can never win us back.

    all of us are just waiting for the next pru.

  13. the rebels lost annie? I beg to differ, the loser is umno sebab bila najib kekal sampai PRU14 the Malays will teach umno not to take them as fools all the time.the rebels will have the last laugh.

    1. Hi eddy. Nice to see you here again :-) Well, in my opinion, there is no way the rebels can unseat Najib now that he had removed all potential threats.to his premiership. Whether we like it or not, Umno and BN will go into GE14 with Najib at the helm. It's as simple as that. If you have a suggestion on how Najib can be removed from office after things had turned the way it is now, please tell me so..

    2. Agree with you on this Annie...

    3. siapa kata tak boleh, kalau najib didakwa di mahkamah oleh SPRM bagaimana? rasuah dtg dalam berbagai bentuk termasuk lah 'donation"!

    4. Those stupid people are the ones that enjoy being fooled in the broad daylight. Ahmad anak Maslan said it will be very stupid to receive money and put into personal account. Najib is very stupid indeed

    5. if it's donation from sheikh unta, UMNO treesurer should have known abut it right? he kept quiet! datuk sri husni tak tau hujung pangkal, amacam? MACC hanya perlu panggil dan ambil keterangan dari beliau! boleh turun najib???? LOL

    6. jebatmustdie Yesterday at 3:43 pm

      The absurdity continues…

      7. Propaganda team bending over backwards to justify that political fund is legal and can be done through trustee accounts. Their past excuses and defence that the accounts did not exist and no money was transferred were shamelessly forgotten.

      8. Believing in their own hype they created, propaganda team began to float the trust account story, saying that Umno Constitution provides for trustee accounts. But nobody, including Deputy President of Umno did not know it existed.

      9. 5 weeks have past, lawyers still have not made any action towards WSJ.

      10. And the latest shifting of goalpost came out today whereby the account was indeed not a trustee account but actually a personal bank account, possibly contravening with Umno Constitution and MACC Act."


    7. UMNO tak ada akaun bank ke? kesian, primitifnya parti orang melayu ni, macam pas gak pakai tin milo ke selama ni simpan duit derma! LOL

    8. Umno lama ada Umno baru dah pakai trustee.

  14. Pretty predictable what is going to happen next. To clean up his image, DSN will go all 'Islamic'. Wifey will probably don on the tudung. He will con the stupid turban fella in PAS and implement HUDUD. While he continues getting more 'donations'.

    Lying is tiring. But guess he can't stop now.

    Just waiting for PRU.

    Anak kampung.

  15. Bermula dari penafian masalah kewangan 1MDB, pasal Cayman, pasal unit, pasal bank di Singapore, pastu psal Tabung Haji, pasal Jho Low, pasal duit berbillion dlm akaun peribadi AMBank, pemecatan penjawat awam yg sedang melaksanakan tugas dll...satu-satu tembelang Najib PECAH secara automatik dgn kuasa ALLAH SWT.....bau busukkk siot!!!

  16. Sekarang pun ramai pak menteri dah cakap merapu, perkara tak masuk akal keluar dari mulut mereka. Inikah petanda doa rakyat yang dizalimi mula diperkenankan Allah SWT?

  17. heals the wounds . ....beg to differ . ....luka makin parah annie...ringgit to us 3.855....please someone . ....if u r a caring malaysians...i need some donations....not 2.6b ...2.6k pun ok...

  18. Ape bukti sahih yg mengatakan duit itu adalah 'sumbangan' dan bukan 'habuan'....?? Ape bukti yg mengatakan duit RM2.6bils itu bukan datang dari aliran transaksi ciptaan 1MDB....?? Knp empunye akaun ini tidak menerangkan apa2 mengenai 'sumbangan' semasa isu ini mula dibangkitkan oleh WSJ...? Knp statement dari MACC ini pula hanya keluar sebaik sahaja selepas beberapa ahli utama Task Force 'digugurkan' dengan mengejut dan secara umum...?? Tidakkah pada fikiran kita yg berakal ini bahawa sesuatu statement(walaupun lafaz cerai) yg dibuat oleh mana2 pihak dlm keadaan 'tekanan' dikenakan ke atas mereka samada secara langsung atau tidak langsung, tidak boleh digunapakai...??

  19. Ape bukti sahih yg mengatakan duit itu adalah 'sumbangan' dan bukan 'habuan'....?? Knp empunye akaun tidak menerangkan apa2 tentang 'sumbangan' semasa isu ini mula dibangkitkan oleh WSJ....?? Ape bukti yg mengatakan duit RM2.6bils itu bukan datang dari aliran transaksi ciptaan 1MDB....?? Knp statement dari MACC ini hanya keluar sebaik sahaja selepas beberapa ahli utama Task Force 'digugurkan' secara mengejut dan umum...?? Tidakkah pada fikiran kita yg berakal ini bahawa sesuatu statement(walaupun lafaz cerai) yg dibuat oleh mana2 pihak dlm keadaan 'tekanan' dikenakan ke atas mereka samada secara langsung atau tidak langsung, tidak boleh digunapakai...?? Bukankah dalam perkembangan Task Force skrg kedudukan ahli2 keseluruhannya dlm keadaan 'tertekan' disebabkan campurtangan yg tidak sepatutnya....??

  20. hahaha..u must b joking la annie. that bastard & his morons supporters plus that ass lickers umno members will not be able to win back votes from the rakyat...sorry pru14..malaysian will vote anyone but umno bastards!

  21. what is appalling is how most of the higher ups in umno decide to back their corrupted leader.

    it is not only najib, but the rest of umno as well.


  22. The rebels better target another man, adinda Ms Annie

    The least problematic leader to lead GE-14, and credit to the PM to have thought though this matter even before bundling off the pathetic Tan Sri.

    DS Mohd Najib may win all the UMNO battles but will graciously make way for DS Dr Ahmad Z in 2017(?) Right or wrong and yes simplistic, but sadly 70%(?) public perception he stole is impossible to brush away.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH