Thursday 18 December 2014


There is so much talk about terrorists these days.

All of these bad guys being touted as terrorists are of the Muslim variety.

Then there are all kind of reports about racists and extremists in this country too.

Again, all of these bad guys being touted as racists and extremists are of the Muslim variety.

Perkasa, Isma etc.

I guess that if I read The Star everyday, I will believe that these local racists and extremists will soon graduate to become terrorists too.

But of course if they change side and become part of the Pakatan gang they will become the good guys Pas, even though they want to implement hudud and other such stuff.

By the way, in case you all don't realize, most of the locals who became the so called Islamic terrorists are mostly Pas people.


Nik Adli, the son of Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, the mursyidul am of Pas used to be the head of Kumpulan Mujahideen Malaysia.

He was detained under ISA right after the 9-11 incident along with his followers who are all Pas people. Otherwise he will either be on the run or dead. Now, he teaches at a religious school in Kelantan.

Some Pas members had reportedly been killed recently while fighting for the murderous ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

I have yet to know of Perkasa or Isma members turning into terrorists.

Well, never mind.

The Star will make sure that you all will not notice that.

Pas is part of Pakatan, so they are better than Perkasa and Isma, okay.

Well, here is an 18-minute video of some terrorists in action. This is real life action, okay.


  1. Amazing. People have died, and all lil Annie can think of is how to please her masters with another spin. No wonder you're all known as bangang. The lot of you. I know getting some sense of intelligence is probably beyond you, but try and have decency?

    1. If you want to accuse me of spinning, please point out how and at which point of my posting that I did that? Which part of my posting is not based on facts of truth? Don't be such a fucking piece of DAP cybertrooper pig shit, okay.

    2. Annie, your whole fucking piece was a spin. Don't try to fucking worm out of it you brainless dumno bitch.

    3. Yea and if your freaking Memali and Al-Mauna Islamist rebellions had torn up and divided all the good Malay people into seventy three groups, then you holier-than-thou groupies alone would be the saved ones, right!? Havent you lost your mind and heart while growing up?

    4. These idiots can tolerate Muslims killing Muslims but they got problem if non Muslim criticizing the corruptions of UMNO

    5. Anon 11:04

      Amazing too ,people like you are concern about the Muslim being killed by IS , but you are not concern about the Pelistenian being slaughter by the Jews .

      Anon 13:45,

      Muslim are prohibited from taking another life ,otherwise non of your kinds are around hear , and they believe in their God "Allah" teaching and they have never intended to have any other names for it .

    6. Tebing tinggi

      What the fuck are u on about? Is that a threat of violence? Well, why don't you go fuck yourself?

    7. tebing, too bad the Muslim terrorists are not on the same page with you about this.

    8. Anon 17:49 ,

      re,What the fuck are u on about ?,

      Typical ,of your kind's ,that shows how you been brought up .
      You are worst then the terrorists yourself, trying terrorizing people minds defending what your master believe , instigating issue of religion for political play.
      Your kind's is very much exposed .

    9. Wow! Annie has been whacked left right top bottom by the chinkies and DAPigs!

  2. You mean the star is a 3-bintang one continuing the propaganda? Business is good. Why not? Kill many birds with one star.


    1. Bloody neocon evangelists coupled with zionist tyranny make wars like playing Monopoly. Those fighting on the ground are disposable collateral pawns.

  4. Ibrahim Libya, Al Maunah, KMM, and now IS.
    Those people have no love for the BN government.

    Trying to implicate and tie Perkasa and ISMA with those kind of extremists is the kind of spin The Star is doing right now. Let's not forget their CEO is also going to be in court battle with Perkasa too.

    1. What is the TALIBANI not capable of doing?
      Kill schoolchildren ..... nooooo wayyyy! Asshole islamists!

    2. PERKASA is promoting burning bible is not an extremist act. ISMA is threatening the non Muslim with another 513 is not an extremist act.

    3. Obviously because Perkasa and ISMA are muslims, they're as bad as taliban as well?
      Is that the motive of you mentioning them taliban massacring kids in Pakistan?

      You're doing the exact spinning that I say the Star is doing.

      How is Perkasa promoting burning bible?How convenient of you to forget mentioning the Allah issue involved with specific kind of bible, done by provocators with nothing better to do than bait people with issues, same with ISMA, and then latch on to their hasty reactions, spin it all day every day, while pretending that the opposition has nothing to do with it.

      Totally sneaky people, you all.

    4. Anon 13:46 and 13:21

      People like you and your kinds of dear leader ,does actually helping in the birth of Perkasa and Isma helping promoting it .
      There's no Perkasa or Isma ways back before 2008 GE.

    5. Habib Syed Ali Al-Jifri: Jihad is not Terrorist Actions!

  5. What Annie said is true. I totally agree with her.

    1. Without holiness, Islam is just the lava of the mind’s fearfulness. Beware! To die for Islam is easier than to live for it.

  6. It is an epic events of distress surfacing among the Muslims. The numbers of apprenticeship are increasing day by day. It means, further reflection of Muslim psyche is certainly under pressured.

    Muslim sensitivity and sensibility being rooted out by the chauvinist's obtuseness since their presence. The fact that Islam is a belief in faith of righteousness and enlightenment has been purposely made unnoticed and subtly discriminated. Thus free of insinuation by their insulting remarks.

    To the Muslims, peace is the medium we want to be and preserved. We have obtained it by the meaning and norms of our Islamic tolerance and acceptance.

    Therefore, terrorism is an alien connotation to Muslim but has been noted by its exposure "in branding" the Muslim. At times, it can't hardly shallow by the 99.9 % among more than 1 billion Muslim populace.

    Though to retaliate is the right thing to do (an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth) but by consensus the majority Muslims are refrained of doing so. By virtue violence is not part of our Islamic teachings. But to some Muslims their patience are running out.

    It is an obligation for an appeal, to leave the Muslim alone by virtue that Islam preaches peace and harmony but perceived in vain.

    However, chaos to bloodshed could be in the making when coercing to our tranquility and serenity being felt of contempt. As a result, there be more number of militant cells appeared in association with the international "Islamic State" with politically ambiguous reasons.

    In reality, there are numbers of volunteers from Malaysia who join the Islamic State. It is scary. A showing of Muslim/Malay psyche is in depression with anxiety displayed by their action to be suicide fighters and bombers has derived from being distress cum more radicle Muslims. What it means here, Muslims are also capable of aggression for selves defense.

    It could be a tip of an iceberg. For sure, there are potential breedings to volunteer in their silence for a 'cause'. Who have been the cause of such anxiety?

    To those non Muslims and the corrupted minded Muslims (especially the Eminent 25) is a proclamation of ignorance. Their centre stage is to actually steer at loggerheads between the "supremacy" of the constitution being stipulated that by norms, "Islam is the religion of the Federation". It is then translated and structured in the Islamic courts of law.

    Their presence for constitutional diplomacy is goofy. A mark for further depression to the Muslim/Malay psyche. The Eminent 25 are lack of selves-worth in doubt being trapped in their inferiority complex to overcompensate.

    1. Did you write this in BM and use Google Translate?

      Let me translate using your words based on my observations:
      There is a high percentage of Muslims who have an inferiority complex and are lacking in self-worth who lash out disproportionately in retaliation for perceived insults against Islam. They justify their aggression as defending the honour of their faith.

      Those who retaliate with an extreme level of aggression are defined as terrorists.


  7. Read chedet ( Palestin ), who are the real terrorists . Then you know The Star and the All bad guys...

  8. DApigs tak serang PAS sebagai golongan extrimists sebab ni saja golongan melayu otak bodoh yang boleh diguna sebagai alat untuk main belakang melayu islam , perkasa dan isma tak boleh sebab , sentiasa tak setuju dengan agenda Dapigs untuk lupuskan kuasa melayu islam dan islam tidak lagi menjadi agama resmi negara ini . Fuck off you Dapigs bustard...!!!

  9. Err, Annie...from what script are you reading or whose playbook are you following?

    Are you of a like mind with Kak Helen that "Yahudi Yeoh" evangelistas are a clear and present danger and an imminent threat in Malaysia as opposed to much of the rest of the world who perceive the threats and danger to come from those who espouse a distorted vision of Islam?

    I have yet to see you or Kak Helen explicitly and unequivocally condemn the recent incident in Sydney, the massacre of innocent children at a school in Pakistan and the atrocities perpetrated by ISIS/ISIL in the Middle East.

    Are you doing double standards here?

    Or do you think that "Yahudi Yeoh evangelistas" are easier targets to bash and demonise?

    It must be galling to realise that you have hunt for scapegoats in order to cover up your own failings and shortcomings.

    So, be up front, Annie. What exactly do you stand for?

    Do you believe that "liberalism", "moderation" and "pluralism" are haram and verboten concepts that denigrate the primacy of a certain religion?

    Why be coy about it, unless you are trying to play to both sides of the gallery?

  10. Hey Guys, why do we see

    Tebing Tinggi and tebing tinggi appearing on the same page?

  11. AFP, Reuters report: "Boko Haram 'abducts 185 Nigerian villagers'" (Singapore Straits Times, December 19).

    Quote: "Boko Haram has kidnapped at least 185 people, including women and children, from a Nigerian village, carting the victims away on trucks towards Sambisa Forest, a notorious rebel stronghold, two local officials and a vigilante leader said yesterday....

    "The five-year-old campaign for an Islamic state by Boko Haram, whose name means "Western education is sinful", has become the biggest menace to the security of Africa's biggest economy and top oil producer...

    "Thousands of people have been killed and hundreds abducted, raising questions about the ability of security forces to protect civilians......

    "Boko Haram has increasingly used kidnappings to boost its supply of child fighters, porters and young women who have been reportedly used as sex slaves...."

    Let's see - "Western education is sinful", thousands of people killed and hundreds abducted, child fighters, sex slaves - all ascribed to Boko Haram.

    Who are the terrorists, eh?

    Of course, all these reports never see the light of day in Annie's or Helen's blogs.

    Selective myopia?

    1. Mr Mubashar Tauqir Shah, Press Counsellor, Pakistan High Commission in Singapore, wrote a letter to the TODAY paper in Singapore. The paper published the letter (with the heading "Pakistan has sacrificed greatly in war against terror") today, 20 December (

      Excerpts from this letter:

      "Pakistan has lost more than 50,000 civilians, including 6,000 security personnel, in the fight against terrorism during the past decade. The country has lost US$103 billion (S$135 billion), the direct and indirect costs of terrorism incidents.

      "After successful military operations against terrorists in Swat Valley and South Waziristan Agency, the Pakistan Army has now launched Operation Zarb-e-Azb and Operation Khyber 1 in North Waziristan Agency and Khyber Agency, respectively.

      "These operations have been admired globally, as the Pakistan Army has broken the back of the militants and successfully eliminated terrorist hideouts.

      "The operations are directed against all militants; as a result, around 4,000 terrorists have been killed.

      "With every passing day, Pakistan's sacrifices are multiplying.

      "The horrendous attacks by militants that killed 145 people, including 132 children, in the school in Peshawar speak volumes about how we have shown indomitable will to fight and eliminate terrorists..."

      That's the true face of terrorism in this day and age, the perpetrators of which have taken one of the great religions of the world and twisted into a hideous travesty of hatred against "kafirs" and "unbelievers".

      Will Annie and Helen comment on this phenomenon in their respective blogs?

      Or will they continue their practice of whacking the "Yahudi Yeoh-type evangelistas, while ignoring the perpetrators of true evil and religious cleansing?

      I guess there are none so blind as who will not see...

    2. Plaza Pelangi, don't be so ignorant. Who started to intimidate who? DAP manage to get a few more seats by hoodwinking PKR and PAS, then jadi sombong. What if they become the Federal government?

      I can foresee nothing but unrest if they get into power.

  12. Anon 15:19

    I am not being ignorant. Just stating the facts bases on published news reports.

    It's a fact that all the incidents of terrorism have been, and are being, perpetrated by the fanatic adherents of a certain faith.

    Do you dispute this? Can you refute it?

    I don't see the "Yahudi Yeoh evangelistas" anywhere in the terrorist narrative, based on reported incidents. Do you?

    Unlike, say, blogger Helen, who sees "Yahudi Yeoh evangelistas" as an unmitigated evil.

    Or the local chapter of Hizbut Tahrir who are calling for an Islamic caliphate in Malaysia and the banning of Christmas celebrations in public (according to a report in the Malay Mail).

    Who are the terrorists here?

    1. Who are the terrorists here?

      I know a few; one LKS who instigated the May 13.

    2. Hmm.....I am thinking more like those guys who went off to fight for IS/ISIS.

      Or the bomb makers who imparted their skills to terrorists in Indonesia and the Philippines. Who have been identified by Malaysian, Indonesian and Philippine authorities.

      Why don't you come out in public and state that LKS has done what you claim he has done and let the chips fall where they may?

    3. See, all quiet on the Eastern front!

      All this Mahathir talk waste of time, lah.

      Push comes to shove, if the US says "jump" or China says "jump", Malaysia can only ask "how high?"

      All these Isma and Perkasa people are "jaguh kampung" only. Pit them against the real Samsengs out there and watch these worthies buat diam-diam.

      Because, like bullies everywhere, they know who they can push around and who they cannot afford to take on or tangle with.

      Ditto for the Borg mindset in some of the mainstream media!