Monday 29 December 2014

Wings of Dr Mahathir and Najib clipped today

I was doing my stuff somewhere near Kemaman, Terengganu earlier today when I heard that former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was to visit flood evacuees in the area.

For me it was simply fantastic. The 90-year-old statesman still care to make the trip to the flood hit area despite his age.

If I ever reached 90 years old, which I doubt very much, I will probably be only lying in bed and be fed by tubes.

I had decided that I must see the handsome old man.

So, I drove to the flood relief centre at Sekolah Agama AlFallah in Kemaman town where Dr Mahathir was scheduled to visit about 3pm.

Unfortunately, the officials there said Dr Mahathir's visit had to be cancelled as his helicopter could not take off from Kuala Lumpur due to bad weather.

I know the officials were telling the truth as it was raining heavily in Kemaman the whole day.

Still, I was impressed by Dr Mahathir's attempt to be with the flood victims.

It's too bad that the weather didn't permit him to fly to Kemaman. His presence would had definitely lift the spirit of the victims.

The bad weather also grounded the helicopter of PM DS Najib Razak who was scheduled to visit flood victims in Perak today.

Najib however seemed determine to do his rounds when he instead travelled to the affected areas in the state via road.

A friend who followed his convoy told me that at one of his stops where he had to take a boat ride to check on the affected area, Najib was drenched wet by the rain and had to change his clothes.

By the time he reached the last relief centre near Kuala Kangsar where he was supposed to visit, Najib looked very drained, said my friend.

By the way, my friend is not one of Najib's people. So, I was confident that she didn't try to juice up the story.

Honestly, I am a bit disappointed that some people are still harping on the accusation that Najib is not caring enough for the flood victims.

He is indeed trying his best.

Two days ago he visited the worst hit Kelantan.

Yesterday he was all over Pahang.

Today he was on an exhaustive land trip to many parts of Perak.

Tomorrow he is flying back to visit flood victims in interior Kelantan.

I expect him to continue the visits until the situation improves.

What many people may not notice was that Najib is in his 60s and the efforts he put in now is by no way a small feat.

Meanwhile, the bad weather today did not deter one guy from flying.

DPM TS Muhyiddin Yassin is the only VVIP that I know whose helicopter managed to take off from KL to flood hit areas.

Muhyiddin's helicopter landed in Dungun, Terengganu in the morning.

He visited several relief centers amidst rising water in the district.

Quite commendable of the guy who is in his late 60s.

Muhyiddin has also been on a grueling schedule the past days to be with flood victims in the worst affected areas.

I would like to record my appreciation here for the three leaders, Dr Mahathir, Najib and Muhyiddin for their efforts.



  1. Arseholes helping out flood relief using fingers on keyboard.

    Good work Annie.Kampong Air Putih and Geliga used to be my port for Nasi Dagang, Nasi Minyak and Sata during heydays of building petrochem plant in Kertih and Offshore.

    Mat Bonk

    1. Yo Retard, u motherfucking moron take it easy ok. that's not how you talk to a girl. pussy ass bastard.

    2. Makan cili ke, bhai ?
      Melenting semacam aje..
      Annie relak aje...dah biasa
      Dia pun kadang-kadang cakap macam tu jugak..

    3. Dear Anon 23:54. Aku ingat kau tak baca habis komen Mat Bonk. In which part did he run down a nice cute girl such as Annie? He's actually referring to previous commentators who used to troll Annie's blog. He is full of prise of Annie endeavours in the aast coast. Reading comprehension always a good thing.

  2. regardless, i still want najib to resign for many other various reasons. being hardworking alone isnt gonna cut it to be a pm.

    i dont think tun will ever stop, for as long as he is not bedridden. cant help to think about some other politician who after stealing all those money had a nice retirement somewhere in or outside of malaysia.

    btw i think u guys misunderstood anon 22.57. or was it just me?

    im wondering if theres anyway we can deal with the flood once and for all and not deal with this every year. like holand or amsterdam (dont know which) their land is actually below sea level. cant we imitate the same technology? maybe we dont have the money..but kelantan has many millionaires.

    my prayers for the flood victims. and thanks to all three statesmen and all the unsung heroes/ heroins

    1. His multi-billion RM 1MDB fiasco will flood the future of Malaysia with debts like a great flood one wave after another.

    2. The federal government and the state government MUST find ways irrespective of cost to STOP or at least mitigate the flood issue like Holland and USA (Mississippi River ) We face this every year some very extreme while some are not BUT it cost millions,so let us get it done once and for all. It is no point visiting and pacifying the people as it happens all the time and every time.

    3. Agree with Anon 11.59 but maybe the answer for Malaysia is more rainforest left as rainforest rather than logged or farmed? The USA and Holland both did a lot of man made construction but do we need this and is it affordable? I respect the PM a lot for meeting the people affected.

  3. I think u'll live to 93 Annie; with lots of grandchildren. But I dont think u'll b marrying that Chinese guy though.

  4. Where is the first lady of Malaysia?

    1. good question. too dangerous for her to be around.

  5. Well said Annie. You deserved to be acknowledged for your absolute honesty, etc. to me having walked through the power of corridor, I can safely opined that all the leaders are excellent leaders, who have contributed to the rapid development of this nation and country in their own ways under different situation.

  6. No need to make 'heroes' out of a publicity visitation, this is any politician's job.

    They acted reluctantly after seeing people resent at their incapability.

    The results still the same despite all the shows: economy in bad shapes, rakyat suffering of increasing high cost of living, etc too many to mention.

  7. 1. Ada orang yang memberitahu kepada Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak yang saya telah memburukkan pemerintahannya.

    2. Saya tidak akan menyangkal kerana saya telah berkali-kali menegur dasar-dasar Kerajaan sekarang.

    3. Saya menegur kerana saya berpendapat pemimpin yang tidak ditegur akan percaya segala-gala yang dilakukan oleh mereka baik-baik belaka. Hanya apabila ditegur sahaja barulah pemimpin akan sedar akan kesalahan dan mungkin akan memperbetulkannya.

    4. Izinkan saya mencerita cerita dongeng berkenaan seorang raja Inggeris. Ia dikelilingi dengan ramai dato-dato yang mendakwa dia adalah seorang raja yang amat berkuasa keatas segala-galanya. Demikian pasang-surut air di laut pun akan patuh kepada perintahnya.

    5 Alkesah, maka pada satu hari raja menitah untuk meletakkan takhtanya di pantai menghadapi laut.

    6. Air sedang pasang dan raja bertanya kepada dato-datonya apakah baginda boleh hentikan air pasang supaya tidak basahkan kakinya.

    7. Jawab mereka, “Ya, Tuanku. Air tidak akan sampai kaki Tuanku.”

    8. Maka raja pun menitah supaya air laut itu tidak naik lagi.

    9. Tetapi air laut itu terus pasang dan kena pada kaki baginda. Maka baginda pun murka kepada dato-datonya.
    Demikianlah sikap dato-dato kerana ingin menyenangkan hati raja mereka.

    All content Copyright of Tun Dr Mahathir

  8. Hi Annie, I am 53 going 54...sudah tak larat nak jalan...Salute to Tun M!