Monday 22 December 2014

The Election (Chinese: 選戰) - updated


Do read this post by BIGCAT about



Today I just want to recommend this new Hong Kong drama serial, The Election.

It stars among others my current favorite Hong Kong actress Angelica Lee Sinjie.

By the way, she is from Alor Star.

Angelica Lee

It's the best drama serial coming out of the island for quite a while.

And the story is just the stuff for you all political junkies.

Here is a review by South China Morning Post

HKTV's political drama The Election wins the youth vote 

It's just launched, so you all try la find a way to watch it.

Seriously, it's worth it.

Umno people at the party headquarters are also recommended to watch the drama so that they may learn a thing or two about how to win an election. Learn a bit about strategy, instead of buta-buta saja like last time.

DS Najib Razak is also recommended to try watch the drama...if he has time la.

Okay, I am resting early tonight...its raining cats and dogs where I am now...sejuk beb.

Oh, almost forgot, Happy Winter Solstice for you all Chinese who celebrate the occasion.

Don't eat too much of that TangyuanIt can make you fat, okay.


  1. I bet Ah Jib Gor watches West Wing and Yes Prime Minister!

    1. Did he miss watching 'Wag the Dog" the movie?

  2. Annie, your mixed parentage puts you in a special position to bridge the Malays and the Chinese.

    The world knows which race can manage the country better (except where it concerns Islam and Malay customs); but most Chinese can accept having Malays to be the majority in government provide they govern reasonably; after all, this is a Malay majority country.

    But most Malays on your blog seem to talk about nothing but agama, bangsa, negara, pendatang, ingrate, article 153 and such. Don't they know about things beyond the just said? Malaysia start falling back (as against other member countries)
    soon after ASEAN was formed. And after so many years, we still have a people which feels so insecure about itself.

    And when someone suggested forgetting the past and moving ahead, they insisted on harping on who started it first - so the two sides continue to argue, fruitlessly.

    I too believe that you should stop the recrimination and get your blog's many, many participants to move ahead. Does it really matter who started the provocation? Why don't set the tone, and get everyone going in the right direction?

    I believe you have love for both the Malay and Chinese sides of your family.

    Do it for them.

    1. re: "And when someone suggested forgetting the past and moving ahead, they insisted on harping on who started it first - so the two sides continue to argue, fruitlessly"

      Chinese have to relearn to think, feel and act in the spirit of Tao Te Ching . . . the ancient philosophy of the ego's harmony with the universe of nature.

    2. The Malays talk on matters which are near to them.Thus,we talk on religion of Islam,our cultures,our lives and our future.Nothing wrong with that.

    3. A well-known hadith says: “Seek knowledge even as far as China.”
      It was pointed out by detractors that this was just a saying of the Prophet, not a command from God. Detractors who disagree with this particular hadith will discredit it and refuse to acknowledge it as a source of Islamic teaching. But for those hadith they subscribe to, they would not cease to highlight it repeatedly, even if they are of doubful authenticity. Surely, seeking knowledge in China does not mean Islamic knowledge specifically. During the Prophet’s period, China was also known to have deep knowledge in such fields as medicine, literature and paper, explosives and many others as well.

      Seek Knowledge in China

      {quote} "Chinese Muslim scholars articulated a stunning Islamic humanism with an Eastern stamp. They delved into their own Abrahamic faith, while mastering the non-Abrahamic traditions around them. Their ability to think within and beyond the Abrahamic box enabled them to build enduring cross-cultural bridges. Their accomplishment stands as a lesson for humanity today in its struggle to achieve a just global society that is genuinely human and truly pluralistic."

    4. 9:50

      I'm so glad that Malay people are concerned about their future. TDM had commented that Malays tend to be too preoccupied with their hereafter rather than their future on earth.

      I just watched How The University of Malaya Began as put up by 9:43.

      The British Pathe title for it was: "Malaya Varsity Brings New Hope To Far East".

      The world had high hopes for the University of Malaya - perhaps as a beacon of knowledge which contributes to peace and prosperity in the Far East.

      I hope the Malay people's vision of their future is not unlike what the world hoped of UM in 1949.

      Remember, high Chinese support saved BN in the 1999 GE, and gave BN a landslide victory in the 2003 GE. It would be instructive to study why their vote pattern changed, and how Chinese support could be recovered.

    5. Dear '23:44',

      Ermm..dah nak komen / cakap / discuss pasal apa lagi..? It IS a 'comment' section oui?

      I couldn't quite digest your statements. T'was as if you appeared apolitical.

      Yet you said yourself using phrases / words such as 'Malay majority', 'Article 153', 'ASEAN' etc.

      Doesn't that qualify as a topic on Politics? For when last I had looked, Annie's blog definitely is unlike say 'Five Foot Traveller's. Unless you were referring to FIFA-Politics or something, I'll opine no-more.

      Word-play: If being called 'extremists', 'racial-bigots' etc. Then be prepared to be reciprocated with 'pendatang', 'ingrates' etc.

      2-or more can play.. :-)

      But seriously, nothing more than mere words.

      We learn from history (read, the past) to at least formulate AND forge a better future for ALL.

      Granted, we should NOT HARP-ON. But the main point is why-oh-why in the first place encroach (read, challenge) on issues or matters that are well-known to be uber-sensitive to the Malays / Muslims? More so as these are well stipulated in the 'law of the land' (read, CONSTITUTION).

      I stand to be corrected but owing to being stoked-upon of recent, that gave birth to the moulds of Perkasa, Isma etc.

      Although I agree with you, let's move on (, borrowing your words 'in the right direction'..) but where-away Sir / Madam?


    6. 11:22

      The Malaysia that I like to see is this: a country in which both employees and employers could find a reasonable living, where basic necessities like food, housing, medical care, and education are available to all - so that all may lead their lives with opportunity for advancement and dignity.

      It's just one paragraph; but you know it's a daunting task, even for the government. But it could lead with bite-size moves such as:

      1. Sponsor interracial cooperations which benefit both the participants and the country, particularly those which give real and rewarding (as oppose to buta gaji) jobs to young Malays. Such projects do presently exist but in small scale.

      2. From next year, have most of the subjects in Primary 1 taught in English. Invite NGOs to adopt Primary 2 and 3 classes in schools to teach them English in fun ways. There are already NGOs doing something similar.

      These 2 actions would send out very positive messages in the government's favour.

      Now about politics. You're right that we can't escape from it. But as I said, I'm apolitical - meaning that you won't find me pitching for any political party. Of course I Iike responsible and intelligent politicians who are of integrity and don't simply shoot off their mouths - like the Samad brothers, Saifuddin, Dr Dzul and Nurul (notice I didn't mention any Chinese politicians). I can accept most UMNO politicians, and I feel comfortable with the E25. The people whom I abhor include the PAS ulamas, Ridhuan Tee and Zul Noordin. I agree with Marina's take on Perkasa and Isma.

    7. You don't seem to be apolitical to me. In fact l dare say that you're bend toward the opposition. I wonder whether you really know who the malay BN politicians are, ( made it a point to write that you didn't name any Chinese names ...why ah? you're suppose to be race blind right? ) though you proudly announced you can accept most of them.

      l also detect that you're not familiar with the way of life of the majority in this country .You're not even conversant with their language ( buta gaji ? right mate ).

      See, sometimes we learn a lot reading in between the lines rather than the obvious message that the writer feeds us.

    8. 18:35
      My business wise, I'll rather have UMNO stay in power forever. And my business discussions, agreements, are all in English. Is that clear enough for you?

    9. Cool man. You're missing my point. (deliberately? ).

      You wrote as if you know the malays well and what is good for them just like the E25. But how could you? Are you living your life like most of them? Bringing home the similar pay? Guess not.

      So let's not play the ' I know what's best for you' role. The fact is Isma and perkasa , jointly , have more in common with them than you and the E25.

    10. Dear '14:17',

      Where your 1st. para is concerned, YES! Wouldn't it be sheer Utopia for all. Alas, it is next to impossible to fully acquiesce to the list that you had stated. For example, 1st. World Country (read, USA) still has its ghetto / bronx, no?

      Brunei is the closest I can imagine. And unless I'm wrong, it is NOT ruled & administered by a 'race (that) can manage the country better' that you had inadvertently implied originally above. Oh well, perhaps Brunei was a 'beastly-luck' case ya..

      For your points (1) & (2), I cannot see any other way but for one to be in Politics to effort such changes or programmes.

      As for your last para; "agree to disagree.."?! This bit-phrase of "..responsible and intelligent politicians who are of integrity..etc". Oh dear! Almost, if not all politicians (from both divides) that I've come across would have a certain degree of integrity-issue or skeletons-in-the-closet. Perhaps I've missed one or two clean-as-a-whistle that you could mention here?

      But that's politician for us isn't? When they are not kissing babies, they're stealing the babies' lollipops. Just a question of 'by how much'.


  3. Angelica Lee Sinjie.

    Here's another example Malaysians finding success in 'greater China'.

    And probably more successful than Angelica in that market is Shila Amzah.

    1. One musn't be so forgetful as to pass over our super-talented Perakian lady Michelle Yeoh. Remember this scene from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon?

    2. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is a so so movie. In fact I was bored to death watching it!

    3. It's a lyrical movie with meanings that may escape an audience which hungers for fast-paced entertainment.

  4. 23:44

    Stops patronising. Thank you.

    1. 23.44 is a red beaner.

    2. Really? Why do you say this? is it because he/she has a different point of view? that's the trouble nowadays, let's just label each other all kinds of things rather than look at the issues being discussed.

  5. See how the University of Malaya began.

    In 1949, representatives from 26 of the world's top universities - including Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Yale - were there for its official opening. Also present were the Sultans as well as heads of the British government in Malaya and heads of foreign missions.

    Dr Mahathir and Dr Siti Hasmah studied there at King Edward VI Medical College.

    In 1959, the university was divided into two autonomous campuses, one in Singapore and the other in Kuala Lumpur. In 1961, the governments of Malaysia and Singapore passed the legislation to make the university a national university. As a result of such desire, on 1 January 1962 the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur was permanently located on a 309 hectare land and remained with the name. However, the campus in Singapore became the University of Singapore (today the National University of Singapore).

    1. A truly remarkable lady: Dr. Sharifah Mazlina of UitM, Solo South Pole Adventurer at 39 years of age (2004)

      "HiDup PerlU ADa TujuAn..
      TujuAn Itu Perlu AdA ArahNya..
      ArAh Itu PerlU ADa PENunJukNya..
      PeNunJuk Itu Perlu TePat Utk Menuju RaHmaT ALLAH SWT"
      -- Sharifah Mazlina

    2. So what, just like the mat rempitso who parachuted down on the north pole, she didn't break any ground. Let's be proud of something of substance, like finding cure for dengue or HIV.

    3. Sharifah Mazlina

      Gutsy Lady!

    4. Yo 14:13! one perosn's great feat inspires other minds and hearts in ways unknown. Why belittle others if you yourself have nothing to show?

    5. It's not belittling. time for us to be real and give praise where it matter, not for hollow victories to attention seekers.. Some years ago we proudly claimed the flag draped around Angkasapuri as "the biggest Malaysian flag in thye world".

    6. Nicol David's 8th World squash title is something that we should be very proud of, but the attention she gets was way fewer than the losing Tigers.

    7. 16:11, I agree with you the giant flag thingy may be a cheap thrill for hollow thrillseekers but to belittle Dr. Mazlina's Antarctic sojourn as a hollow victory tells me volumes about your values. She spent trekking, pulling and sailing her sledge 22 days and nights in the frozen icescape alone! Would you live in an ice skating rink just for 7 days?

    8. She can spend her whole life pulling sledges Artartica for all I care, but she had contributed nothing much to the betterment of our society. The volunteers who helped the soup kitchen in Bukit Bintang deserved more.

    9. I detect an Anon commentator above who is definitely a Chinese DAP. He/She thinks less of a Malay success eg Dr Mazlina's but highly gives appreciation to non-Malays achievements ie Nicol David's and Michele Yeoh's. BTW, who the fuck is Nicol David? Oh I forgot. She is that ugly woman from Penang who plays what again?

    10. When you measure achievement on the global scale, it does not matter whether it is chinese, malay, indian or whatever. The malay who sailed with Magellan around the world was a global achievement. The chinese who travel to australia to become laundryman wasn't. .

    11. Dr Mazlina's greatest achievement was to successfully soliciting money from corporations and government to fund her trips.

    12. 22:40, hahaha you're beyond sour grapes, and it appears you're no sportsman either. Why don't you exert yourself towards something worthwhile in your life instead of running down the attainments of others?

  6. A while back, Annie rightly commented that the pro-PR media goes quiet when BN is attacking itself. I think that this works in reverse too. When Annie talks about food, Chedet is more interested in Russia and other notables haven't posted anything in days I feel confident that PR is about to chew off one it's its own feet.

  7. Right on Chinese nowadays too egoistic. They think trhey are better than anyone, anything.

    "The world knows which race can manage the country better"? Is that so? Like the massage parlours, the China-Vietnamese-Thai Dolls? Like cheating traders? There's a long list of what the Chinese race can do better.

    I just hope you can hear what my Chinese daughter-in-law (from Shanghai) has to say about Malaysian Chinese! Sheeesh!

    Bloody racist Anon 23:44. Reflective of what you people really are!

    1. Setuju . Mereka fikir mereka bagus. Kena sebiji kat batang hidung mereka seperti anonymous 10.54 terus keluar mencarut. Showing their true colours. Hahaha...


    2. ayah ! eaa aa,

      Cina manyak kuat keleja ,apa keleja pon tatak hat punya ,apa-apa pon bolih maa aa .
      Kasi lasuah , tipu sana tipu sisni ,itu tatak salah punya maa aa ,penting itu luit masti lebih masuk semua tatak hat punya.

      Ini lasuah kalau kasi hapus , manyak susah lor rr ,apa macam cali makan ?.

      Jangan malah Cina lea aa ,memang itu macam punya maa aa ,itu pasat China sana eaa aa ,lasuah punya, lia kasi tembak lor rr .

      Wa atak ingat Bulayu keleja kuat pon bolih senang juga lea aa , tatak kasi lasuak ,tatak tipu tatak apa punya ,tapi manyak lambat sikit eaa aa , tatak apa punya .

  8. Where got Tao Te Ching now? You all evangelistas oledy. No more ancestor worhip; no more respecting your elders. No more everything Confucian. Now dancing wildly in churches lor!

    1. You go figure it out man .... is this gyrating girlie your regular inhabitant of heaven OR showing the craving unwary to hellfire? None so blind as a Chinese who ignores his ancient wisdom.

    2. The Chinese want to be Mat Saleh. That's why we call them 'banana' and some Indians too have the same mentality and we call them 'mangosteens'. Yellow /brown/black outside but white inside.

  9. 10:34
    Please la dey. Malay tak ada penipu ka? There's no Malay prostitute in Malaysia? You wanna bet?
    Stop acting holy.
    Malay preach to the world that they are not racist.
    I have met plenty of Ultra in my life. And most of them are cowards la.
    When they have strength in numbers, they act like gangster.
    But when you pull out your guns (metaphorically speaking) they run away like fucking chibais.
    So go fuck yourself.

    1. Mana ada lagi malay prostitute? Kalau ada show me where?

    2. Anon 10:54 is a prostitute who is prostituting himself/herself in Annie's blog. Lu tak malu ke mahu jual your cibai to orang Melayu? But the Malays are not interested in tasting your unwashed cibai except some Malays like Mat Sabu and Dyana Sofya who loves teeny weeny unwashed uncut Chinese dicks.

  10. 10:54
    Please la show all of us how the Chinkies fuck themselves. You must know how to do it, must have enjoyed it so you're proposing other people do it too ya?

    Metaphorically speaking pula. Yang dok gunakan senjata api tu, bom la, siapa? Berani dengan senjata saja, cakap berapi2 komen dalam blog. Betul la DNA RBA!


    "BEIJING: CHINA has given its commitment to provide teachers and experts in Mandarin and Mathematics for national schools in Malaysia.

    Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said with the help from China, Malaysia could expedite its plan to encourage more students to master a third language and Mathematics starting next year.

    On economic cooperation, China had agreed to increase bilateral trade with Malaysia to US$160 billion (RM528 billion) in 2017. China will also increase its investments in Malaysia, especially through its state-owned enterprises.

    China is Malaysia’s largest trading partner with a total volume of US$110 billion last year. Foreign direct investment from China had increased from US$646 million in 2012 to US$922 million last year."


    18:03 and your scumbag friends: Tell that to Mooheedeeeen,

    Tak malu ka??


  12. What is there to be ashamed of ? The agreement is beneficial to both parties , it seems.

    Unlike you racists , we are not selfish and egocentric. We put our country and the future generation first.

  13. From OSTB:

    (Folks, including blogger bangang ..err maaf ya blogger UMNO, Perkasa friends etc - right now the only properly functioing education system in the country are in the Chinese schools and in the International schools that teach UK 'O' Levels, 'A' Levels, Baccalaureate etc. Please do not ask for the Chinese schools and International schools to be shut down. Nanti semua jadi dunggu.)

    Pi sekolah mana?
    National school? Bangang.

  14. Another truism from OSTB.... itu lu punya mamak cakap ok? Jadi OSTB pun racist ka? Nabe, yat pan cheong fun, Sor hai.

    " People like ISMA who constantly have sex and women on their mind think that half the human race must stop existing just to avoid men and women from mixing. The world will come to an end if men and women were to work together at the workplace.

    Well it has not. In the modern countries like China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Europe and the Americas womens' rights, welfare and well being are better taken care of than in any Islamic country.

    And quite predictably, inspite of doing so much to segregate men and women from the workplace, rape and sexual violence against women is still rampant in the Islamic countries. Maybe even worse than the non Islamic countries. Sometimes no different from the animal species. So how do you explain that.

    And can someone explain why despite Chinese women dressing "normally" (skirts, pants, shorts etc) we rarely if ever hear of sumbang mahram cases among the Chinese? "

    Which one of you chibais is from ISMA?


  15. Pity you. Is that all you can do? Copy paste from another blog? A Muslim is blog some more. Is it so empty up there that you can't form any kind of opinion and has to rely on others? ( sigh) and they say the malays need tongkat! Haha...