Saturday 27 December 2014

Too bad for Najib, but we can be better (updated)


Someone pointed out to me that this is what PM DS Najib Razak had been doing a day before he went to US on Sunday, Dec 21.

Najib Visits Flood Victims At SMK Gudang Rasau

The flood situation took a drastic turn for the worse just after he left.


PM DS Najib Razak is so heartless that he doesn't care about the flood victims.

Seriously, does he?

Well, that seems to be the way he is being portrayed these past few days.

Almost everybody went like - Najib is such an uncaring person that he abandoned his duties during a national catastrophe to play golf with US president Barrack Obama.


Well, if I am not mistaken, the flood had been going on for one or two weeks before he went to US.

It was relatively stable until the past three days when it drastically worsen.

I don't believe Najib would had gone to US if he knew things would turned out this badly.

For that I blame those who were supposed to brief him on such a possibility.

Anyway, as pointed out by a commenter in my previous post, Najib could not have gone to US just to play golf with Obama.

There is definitely something important he needed to discuss with Obama and I would like to believe that it's in the interest of Malaysia.

Now they are portraying him as if he is some sort of a Marcos with an evil wife Imelda played by Rosmah Mansor.

There were even stories such as how the controversial 1MDB being a money making vehicle of Rosmah and her favorite boy Jho Low.

Well, so much for Najib's effort to be a moderate liberal PM of Malaysia.

That's just too bad for him.

Anyway, does Najib even looked like Marcos or any other heartless dictator?

Well, he is coming back today.

Hopefully he has a good plan not just on how to further improve the handling of the flood but also a better strategy to defend his administration.

But of course the attacks will continue.

Okay, let me be clear here, I am not a big fan of Najib myself and I am not among the so-called bangang Umno-paid bloggers.

Anyone who has regularly been reading this blog should noticed that I criticized Najib and his administration quite regularly over matters which I feel should had been better handled.

Najib is not in any way close to being the kind of PM that I wish Malaysia have now.

But I also believe in being fair to him.

If we want to criticize him, I believe we must do so based on the way he and his administration handle things, instead of attacking his personality like what most people are doing now over the flood.

That for me is being unfair.

Well, in case you think I'm writing this because I have been bought by the Najib's media handlers, then go and check with them if they even know who I am.

Okay, one of them knows who I am, but he is definitely not paying me to defend his boss.

Anyway, I still think they are a bunch of not so smart people (or idiots, if you prefer me to  put it that way)

Having said that, based on reports that I have been monitoring, I think the handling of the flood has not been so bad thus far.

Considering the massive scale of the disaster, it's really not so bad.

Yes, there were harrowing stories of drownings and people being trapped and ran out of water, food and other essential.

But I believe the rescuers and relief workers were well prepared and are doing their best.

Before we criticized them, we must bared in mind that they were being hampered by bad weather and other unpredictable elements.

It's not as if they were unprepared or not committed to their job.

This is after all the worst flood for this country in 30 years.

Things don't always run very smoothly during such a massive disaster.

Considering that, I believe the authorities are doing relatively  good.

For that, I think the Najib's administration did well by learning from what happened in the past, particularly the surprisingly very bad flood which hit especially Kuantan and Kemaman last year.

This time the rescue and relief effort seems to be better prepared and executed.

Well, I know that in politics, anything least that's what being preached and practiced by most politicians in this country.

We, the non-politicians unfortunately tend to excuse them for that attitude.

That's the ugly truth about politics in this country.

But I believe we can be better than that.

I don't think we should for instance tolerate people who use the suffering of the flood victims to influence public sentiments in order to accomplish their political agenda.


  1. Wa manayak helan lea aa ,apa pasat itu mangsa banjir semua Bulayu lor rr . Manyak kesian maa aa .

    1. Deii.... Itu najib resign la...

    2. Is he really a son of tun razaak? Shame

  2. Most of the flood relief operations had been handled by the system that had been in place for many years. In every districts in the country, committees comprising of government departments, uniformed bodies and essential services, had been in existence and kicked off as soon as it is required. To top it up, the public had been spontaneous in giving aids, be it through NGOs, religious organisations or even individuals. These are the real forces helping the victims of the flood, not attention grabbing politicians or celebrities.

    For Najib to be away during this time of need, for whatever reason, let alone play golf, is committing poltical suicide. I believe the decision is not his, maybe his aides or his wife.

  3. Ha Ha Ha! Heeeee!

    Perempuan Bodoh Al Bahalol!

    1. ' perempuan bodoh al bahlol'

      Ngko cakap pasal sape?..MAK ngko ker?!!...

  4. annie,

    dont u think its about time we stop putting the blame on his administration or cons or those handling the floods, his goons or even henchman.

    previous pm never had this problem. even if its true its their faults instead of him then it should his leadership issue. putting a pic of him wearing songkok isnt gonna help either. whtever hes gonna do now just gonna seem phony.

    if the handling of the floods seems good, i believe the credit should go to muhidin. hes the pm backup in msia. hes on the ground, he made the conf statement, he appear on the tv. from where i stand i like wht i see, why dont muhidin just be the pm, we wont even need to bother najib anymore.

    ive been hearing about this jho low fella. maybe we should make enough noise tht the pm paid bloggers will answer on behalf of the pm. lately thts how it is done. we make noise laud enough then they will make a statement to response. but simple saying its not true isnt gonna sufice.

    weve been fair with najib for so long now. its just we grew tired and fedup

  5. Politically incorrect

  6. Dear Annie,

    1st. Golden Rule of Leadership: 'Everything is your fault'.

    You have heard of this yes?

    Thus for willing-to and having-to shoulder such a huge burden, one/we should support him. Just don't go 'shooting your own feet' laa..

    It's just that damning-Golfing-pict. Without which, the most peeps would remark is 'Oh! PM is probably somewhere bla bla..'. How may we seriously try to pacify the common-folks of the rural-side? Surely even in the urban, it would have raised some eye-brows..

    Being a Public-figure, he is subjected to perceptions. As with any other PM, he bears the risk of being character-assassinated.

    If only there were solid rebuttal from PM's Pub. Relations team to negate or nullify the bad-press. Sigh!


  7. Extreme logging in gua musang probably partly to be blame.. itu DAP dua ekoq punya kawasan balak kat situ kan??

    1. Tok, the opportunists have been ransacking the forest for wang besar.

  8. He took 3 days to come home. Manyak jauh woo!

    1. Mungkin kali terakhir depa cuti naik private jet gomen. Kena enjoy kaw law lah. Lain kali kena naik air Asia lah.

    2. Anon 10:50, teringin nak naik jet gomen? jangan kau mimpi! esok Anwar atau LGE jadi PM, kau tak akan juga merasa naik jet gomen tu. Nanti naik bas pun kau tak ada kemampuan, naik Air Asia jauh sekali.

  9. It clearly shows His Deputy and Ministers cannot even handle the jobs delegated to them and he has to come back to handle himself.

    Maybe the PM should also call them "Bangang dan Tolol"

    Kalau kat bisnes swasta, terus kena turun pangkat, tak de bonus, pecat atau ditukar ke portfolio jaga jamban.

    1. Being a populist and an established lalang, Najib can be easily swayed by public opinion. He only decided (or someone close to him decide for him) to return when majority of his Facebook friends walloped him for preferring to golf with Obama than being with his stricken rakyat. Nothing to do about the ability of his deputies. BTW, in politics, a boss can be removed anytime, no fixed contract. Your anology with corporate world missed by miles.

    2. That's his real problem: he's running the country every which way the consultations swing, without his own intelligent deliberation on the issues. End result is more and more pretty-sounding slogans being heaped upon an already exasperated society - with no helpful solutions in sight.


  10. Yes enough of the cruel wife jokes, adinda Ms Annie
    this was apparently overhead(?) at the course :

    What do golf and running the country have in common, Sir ?
    They're two things we really enjoy doing, even if we're bad at both of them ..

    G'day and Happy New Year!

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  11. Hi Annie, macam ni lah, saya rasa najib sangka menjadi Perdana Menteri ni tidak sesusah mana, upah saja consultant selesai masalah. Mungkin itu yg diberitahu oleh inner circle beliau. Sebenarnya beliau bukanlah Prime Minister material. Beliau juga bukanlah ahli politik yg bijak dan beliau juga banyak bergantung harap kepada penasihat penasihat yg juga tidak cerdik. Jadi hasilnya juga amatlah mengecewakan. Menjadi Perdana menteri Malaysia memerlukan seseorang yang boleh mengawal isterinya sendiri kerana jika sebaliknya bagaimana mahu mengawal 3 bangsa utama ini Melayu, Cina & India??? Kegilaan melayu, Kegilaan cina dan Kegilaan India tidak boleh dikawal hanya dengan bersifat gentleman! It doesn't work! Kenapa mahathir berjaya? Beliau berjaya kerana beliau bersifat Keras kepala dan boleh membaca gerak nadi rakyat. Beliau tidak teragak agak mengambil tindakan terhadap sesiapa juga yg Cuba memecahbelahkan rakyat dan mencetuskan kekacauan, Beliau juga tidak bergantung kepada consultant dan penasihat luar. Mahathir tidak perlu berhujah dengan nada tinggi atau terjerit jerit utk menyampaikan sesuatu ceramah atau message kepada rakyat, tetapi message beliau jelas. Cara Najib berceramah Amat Lucu sekali, tonasi beliau ketika berceramah cukup memualkan, beliau seperti terlalu mencuba. Anwar juga adalah seorang ahli politik yg hebat, beliau juga mempunyai kemampuan utk mengawal 3 bangsa utama yg gila ini tetapi kegemaran beliau yg keterlaluan utk berkunyit Amat menyedihkan. Jadi jika anda Sudah mempunyai satu system yg telah terbukti berkesan utk mentadbir negara ini anda patut teruskan bukan menukar hanya kerana anda ingin kelainan atau ingin menjadi sesuatu yg berbeza.

    1. Brilliant response. I agree with you. Tun M is a success story. Puan gila aje yang menidakkan dan cuba menukar sejarah.

    2. Dear 20:12,

      Rotflol! 'Kegilaan'..? I'm sure I still have my marbles.. But IF you had meant its English context-equivalent of 'mania' ..or adjudging your relaxed-intonation; then I agree. Ala 'football-MAD' nation, yes?

      Tun M was also labelled 'Recalcitrant' by then Aussie-PM Paul Keating yes? Tun M also took M'sia from being almost IMF-slaves by imposing Currency-controls. (VERY, VERY UNPOPULAR initiatives / measures back then. And I remember reading an article much later stating Soros' acknowledgement to Tun M's successful moves there..).

      Whether Tun M had his own consultants then, is quite irrelevant. The main point is HE as PM/Leader called-the-shot.

      Suffice to say all in all, 'in your face' to Tun M's alleged draconian, dictatorial or unpopulist-ways. Why the succeeding-PMs prefer otherwise is beyond me.

      Logic alone follows that, from an ex-PM who had managed at least 2 major recessions ('87 & '99) in his 22 years of stewardship; loads of his advise will carry weight and is substantiated.


  12. Malam tadi dalam news TV3 Najib ada memberi alasan kenapa beliau bermain golf dengan obama. Beliau mengatakan bahawa adalah mustahil untuk beliau membatalkan acara bermain golf bersama obama kerana ia telah lama dirancang. Itu adalah jawapan yg amat bodoh sekali keluar dari mulut seorang perdana menteri. Wahai Najib Razak anda adalah perdana menteri sebuah negara merdeka, rakyat dinegara anda sedang mengalami malapetaka yg dashyat. Saya tidak percaya yang anda tidak mampu untuk membatalkan pertemuan dgn obama dipadang golf. Saya percaya obama juga faham jika anda terpaksa membatalkanya kerana rakyat anda sedang dalam malapetaka. Jadi jawapan anda semalam adalah tidak masuk akal. Anda dilihat lebih mengutamakan obama dari rakyat anda yg sedang menderita. Obama tidak boleh mengundi utk anda tetapi anda dilihat teruja utk bersama beliau daripada utk bersama rakyat. Wahai najib, anda sepatutnya perlu mengambil hati rakyat bukannya mengambil hati obama. Sedarlah wahai najib bahawasanya rakyat tidak bodoh.

  13. Annie,

    You have totally lost the Plot...

    What you do not see which the Rest of the Rakyat sees (which says a lot about you) is that THE BUCK STOPS AT NAJIB's DESK.

    As long he does not realise this, that will be how long this country will be Run on AUTOPILOT.

  14. The problems are;

    I have no love for golf but I am a person who would not discriminate against golf either.

    Recently, many desperate bloggers posted articles about Najib and Obama having their golf rendezvous in Hawaii while the floods have just begun.

    Yang anihnya, tak pasal pasal Najib kena balun lagi! Gila betul Si Tukang Balun ni, sampai terjadi begitu sekali! terikut-ikut sangat perasaan bongkak kot.

    Nampaknya kepala Melayu, kucing mati dan babi mampus pun nak salahkan Najib! Diminta bertenang tapi tidak dihiraukan.

    Tak faham-faham ke! rencana Malaysian Insider tidak ngerti "Musabah" Pak!... ketika berhadapan dengan bencana alam yang tidak direka dan diduga.

    Sepatutnya kita boleh bersabar dan minta Najib balik dengan segera dari percutian.

    Dah balik pun Najib, kena balun lagi? Najib kena awas kerana bersalah besar jikalau naik kapal terbang kerajaan. Najib tidak layak kerana ia hanya selaku Pedana Menteri saja, bukan pemimpin Negara. Kapal terbang itu bukan milik datuk moyang dia, itu milik dan harta rakyat. Katanya haram pulak Pak!

    Jesteru itu, kalau PM ada urusan luar negara, PM kena naik kapal terbang komersil dan dimaklumkan bayar sendiri. PM dinasihatkan naik kapal laut atau hitchhike lebih baik.

    Najib dah balik, sudahlah tu! ada masih lagi yang tidak puas hati. Najib di Indianapolis, apa sebab Najib disana pulak? Kenapa tak umumkan kepada rakyat? rakyat nak tahu juga! Kalau begitu, Najib nak kencing dan bersetubuh pun kena beri tahu rakyat Pak!

    Pengharapan disambut kebencian daripada kepala rakyat kepada Najib terlampau tinggi. Nak tahu juga! Kepala mana yang digunapakai Pak?

    Kononnya rakyat sangat berbesar hati dapat sekiranya Najib turun padang bersama mereka. Moral rakyat akan meningkat tinggi apabila Najib berganding bahu bersama. Ini mungkin bermakna kepimpinan Najib masih diperlukan, masih dihormati dan dikehendaki sebagai pemimpin negara kot! Tapi kepala Melayu balun tetap balun,

    Sesudah itu, Najib akan bersama pasukan penyelamat dan rakyat Islam berbangsa Melayu, bersama mengurus keselamatan mangsa banjir dari bencana yang tidak direka. Tak habis Pak! balun lagi.

    Sebaik-baiknya kita bersama harap semoga bencana ini tidak memakan nyawa. Harta benda mangsa agar dapat semua diselamatkan.

    Itu pun tak puas hati lagi, seluruh jentera kerajaan BN bersama rakyat prihatin telah diarahkan membantu mangsa banjir yang telah melebihi angkaan 100 ribu.

    Sepatutnya kita sama-sama berharap keadaan boleh dapat terurus dan dikendalikan sebaik-baiknya agar ia pulih seperti biasa. Ini tidak! balun dan balun Pak. Pelik kepala Melayu sekarang!

    Sekurang-kurangnya kita mampu berdoa dan menderma setakat yang mampu. Tapi menkirtik untuk membalun tak habis2 dihadapan komputer. Doa agar mereka ini bermusabah dan diberi petunjuk.

    1. Kalau hang nak defend Najib, kemukakanlah fakta-fakta mengenai apa yang dia buat dalam memikul tanggungjaan sebagai PM. Jentera kerajaan bagi menangani banjir dah ada bertahun-tahun, Najib ada ke atak ada, jentera tetap akan berjalan. Yang orang marah ialah Najib tinggalkan rakyat yang menghadapi bencana, hang faham ke tak? Kalau Najib berhenti dari jadi PM, habislah cerita kutuk mengutuk ini. Bagi giliran orang lain pulak.

    2. Fakta-fakta apa ni! Najib tak tinggalkan (lari) dari bencana banjir. Dia sudah balik.

      Pokoknya, yang kau hidup bukan dalam fakta-fakta lagi tapi lebih daripada itu, kerajaan Melayu Umno/BN membina struktur-struktur supaya kau hidup berfaktakan tidak melarat, itu kau tak nampak;

      Gajah depan mata kau tak nampak! Apa yang Najib dan kerajaan BN buat selama ini kau tak nampak. Namun, seekor kuman di negeri Cina dapat dilihat tetapi gajah bertenggek di batang hidung tiada sedar. Yang kau nampak adalah keburukan dan bertindak ikut sedap mulut.

      Sudah Melayu berfaktakan miskin, fakta-fakta pandangan Melayu pun lebih miskin sudah menjadi bebal.

    3. Kalau orang tak kutuk dia dalam media sosial, sudah tentu dia masih bergolop di US

    4. Menteri pun sama. Boss panggil balik baru nak pendekkan cuti. Mungkin satu minggu lagi baru boleh balik. Tunggu air surut kot?

  15. Anon 23:38

    Saya faham perasaan anda terhadap Najib dan saya juga menghormati pandangan anda terhadap beliau. Itu juga adalah hak anda sebagai rakyat utk menyatakan pandangan anda secara bebas

    Dari gaya penulisan anda saya boleh rumuskan bahawa anda seorang yang amat bersimpati terhadap Najib. Tetapi saudara, bersimpati sahaja tidak akan dapat memenangkan Najib, UMNO/BN pada PRU akan datang

    Suka juga saya maklumkan kepada saudara bahawasanya apabila seseorang itu menghentam Najib tidak semestinya beliau adalah seorang anti melayu, anti umno dan tidak semestinya juga mereka adalah penyokong pakatan pembangkang. kadang kadang bila orang menegur adalah kerana mereka ingin melihat perubahan yang lebih baik terhadap kepimpinan beliau.

    Saudari Annie sendiri pernah menulis beberapa rencana menghentam pemimpin tertinggi umno Johor, Saya amat yakin bahawa beliau melakukannya diatas rasa kasih beliau terhadap umno dan negeri johor itu sendiri. bukanlah kerana beliau anti umno atau orang melayu. beliau melakukanya kerana beliau ingin melihat kepada perubahan kepimpinan yg lebih baik, telus dan berhemah.

    Harapan saya kepada saudara ialah agar saudara dapat melihat teguran teguran yg dibuat terhadap Najib dengan positif dan dengan hati terbuka. kita tidak boleh terlalu bersimpati atau terlalu kasihankan beliau kerana beliau adalah Perdana Menteri kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia, jika beliau tidak dapat mentadbir dan menguruskan negara dengan baik kesannya adalah kepada rakyat secara total.

    Janganlah kita terlalu menyokong atau menyanjungi seseorang pemimpin itu secara membabi buta kerana kelak ia boleh membawa kepada kehancuran.