Monday 1 December 2014

Anger is not good

I don't like being angry.

It tires me.

I have a fever the whole of yesterday.

Still recovering.

Maybe myself being angry caused my body temperature to be abnormal.

Anger is never a good thing.

Oh, and I am also missing someone....

No politics.

Not today....

You all try to enjoy this song instead ya.

Okay. I need to rest


  1. No politics no fun. I'll write just 1-2 bits, then good night Annie.

    Your body temperature went up maybe because you tried to control your anger temperature.

    Let it go, Annie. It's natural to be angry. You only control it to avoid shouting obscenities at the fat bloke at UMNO HQ.

    Or stopping the car on the highway and spitting on the windscreen of the 60 year old bugger who was photographed doing it to a woman driver and got jailed recently.

    1. “Do not be people without minds of your own, saying that if others treat you well you will treat them well, and that if they wrong you, you will also wrong them. Instead, accustom yourselves to doing good when people do good, but not to do evil when they do evil.”
      -- Prophet Muhammad (s) [At-Tirmidhi]

  2. Aaaaah, Annie said no politics .. for her, not necessarily for us.

    Will write about politics unless she scolds us like Najib did at the PAU against bloggers hitting him. And if she does that, we'll boycott her. For a few hours.

    And I promise not to be angry. Just go sullen mood.

  3. I can't get over the scolding of pro-UMNO/BN bloggers by Najib at the PAU.

    Najib must really be desperate. Instead of hitting the nasty and caustic slurs, hate, hate and hate spewing by the DAP Red Beans, the wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations of the the so-called news portals that are neither news nor portals (been referred to as news kontols), all the time, year in and year out from one GE to another, he chose to slam those very people who have been trying to save UMNO, protect the rights and promote the interests of the Malays.

    Sure, in doing so, they cannot protect and promote him. Because he has been the one damaging the rights and the interests of the Malays by such things as wanting to remove the Sedition Act that protects the sensitive Articles of the Constitution, containing those very rights and interests of the Malays.

    No doubt he has announced the decision to retain the Sedition Act and enhance it. Still, he has to go. The very policy he embarked on is not in the interest of the Malays. His Dasar Baru Ekonomi first draft muted the NEP, the final draft placed the NEP "at the back burner". His rushing to developed nation status, sans mention of the NEP, is at the expense of the rights and the interests of the Malays.

    Nobody has convincingly explained why the need to rush beyond achieving it within the time frame envisaged by Tun Dr Mahathir. Nobody has quoted reliable figures on the projected votes or number of seats for PRU14. But rushing to developed nation status that sure will benefit greatly the economically advanced Chinese, and especially by sidelining the NEP, is a big NO NO. And so he has to go. Let's keep on campaigning for him to go by withdrawing like Tun Dol did.

    1. DAP don't hate.

      They just spew out what's natural in them.


      Worse than hate.

    2. Najib is not desperate.

      He just momentarily lost his sanity.

      Blaming pro-UMNO bloggers who have been trying to defend UMNO and the Malay rights and interests.

      Sure he got more calls for him to be replaced.

    3. Has someone actually proved that the Red beans exist?

  4. Can somebody enlighten us on how they, or any "expert analyst", determine the figures on votes secured by parties or races in any election, or how they project/ forecast votes to be secured in the coming PRU14?

    I doubt if the EC tallies them such. They'd record just the number of votes per candidate for each constituency contested. Ok, there were the representatives of each party present during vote counting, but does each party diligently have their reps record the votes secured by all the candidates at each and every polling station and submit them to their HQ? Yes, the EC announces the number of votes secured by each candidate for each constituency, but not by the polling boxes. There must be hundreds of boxes all over the country.

    Can any one knowing so tell us in some detail and in a convincing manner that the political parties do that detail recording of results of all the polling boxes. I wonder if the EC will give access to all the ballot papers at the end of every election. That'll invite crooks to tamper even the already-counted votes and claim all sorts. Anwar Al Juburi may go all over the places demonstrating again.

  5. 2 of my short coments disappeared after pressing the Publish button.

    Good nite, Annie.

  6. Kalau, '....... I am also missing someone....', bererti Annie merindui that Chinese man, lupakan sahaja lah Annie. Jangan menghabiskan hayat kita mengingati orang yang tidak sudi! It's not worth it!

    Carilah yang lain sebagai pengganti!

    Mungkin ini juga petunjuk kasihnya Allah swt terhadap Annie. DiberiNYA pelbagai halangan untuk menjayakan hubungan ini.

    Kalau Annie masih juga mengabaikan petunjuk ini bererti Annie menampah kedukaan hidup di dunia malah mungkin juga di Akhirat!

    Saya juga bimbang kalau satu hari nanti Allah swt menunaikan permintaan mu dan ternyata itu bukan pilihan yang terbaik buat Annie.

    Bawalah diri untuk lebih condong kepada jalan yang lebih diredhaiNYA!

    Maaf kalau perkataan saya menyinggung perasaan Annie. Sebagai golongan yang telah lanjut umur, saya merasakan berdosa untuk tidak memberi pendapat ini. Terpulanglh sama ada diterima atau sebaliknya!

    1. Carilah yang lain sebagai pengganti! -

      Ada antara kita dah offer jadi penggati.

      Tapi dia tak peduli.

      Haaaiii, dah nasib, tak di layani.

  7. Well, for the sake of those of us who could only enjoy the tune and not much more ...

  8. Yo Annie, u asyik sakit je... Pi buat full medikal checkup kat hospitallah. Mana tau u ada penyakit yg kronik atau sirius? Cepat dapat tau, cepat makan obatnya, cepat baik. Ni asyik dengar you komplen asyik saket je, boringla!

    1. Dia nak kita punya simpati lah. Nak kita luahkn rasa sayang kita kpd dia lah. Bagi cahance lah kat dia.

      Except I've been terribly hardened by the bloody Red Beans. Not sure how many ounces of simpati yang ada lagi. Celaka Red Beans.

      But setuju, you should go for a full medical check up, my dear.

    2. Memanglah dia nak raih simpati. Baik simpati dari dia jadi manja mengada. Tapi kalau selalu sangat pon, dia boleh buat org menyampah. Apapun I setuju dgn 2 rakan diatas, baik annie pergi periksa kesihatan utk kebaikan. Live long, live healthy.

  9. Maybe you should mix around more with people like the evengelists who spew love love love more than those around you who only spew hate hate hate.

    They do not fall sick easily.

    Spewing hate against others will eat up the body and soul.

    It's proven scientifically that those who live the longest are those who are those who neither harbour greed nor hate nor lust cos somehow the body finally will try to eject such toxins in the mind and heart and when it remains, the body falls sick.

    You always reap what you sow.

    1. Hahaha, didn't you read that Evangelist Church leader (Petaling Jaya, if I remember accurately) announcing to the mass media that he was going to New York to meet his bofreng, then fly to California to get marred to him there?

      That's love of a dangerous kind in this country. The law says sodomy crime is not restricted to Muslims only, I think. After all, the Christian Catholics also don't allow sodomy.

      Sex against the course of nature. Why wanna do that the LBGT blokes, I simply don't understand.

      They also say sex is good exercise. But assol sex may lead to AIDS and death. I don't want to predict when he would but his death politically might come if and when he gets 10-15 years in prison for Sodomy II. Can't imagine the frustration of the majority in this country if he is let go free - even PAS people abhor sodomy.

      The safest prescription for long life is to avoid DAP. They have been full of hate, anti-Malay and anti-Islam since party formation, even causing the race riots of 1969. Even Karpal Singh is dead. Maybe not due to heart attack but a lot of hate in him. Yes, he sowed.

    2. Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) advised:
      "If something troubles your conscience, give up the thing."

      (Sunan at-Tirmidhi, hadith 8)

    3. Mankind is never free from love and hate. But judging from the number of wars in the history of mankind, there had been more hate than love.

      There was a time the blokes said make love and not war. Referring to Vietnam War. But they were making love all over the places, even on the grounds in Hyde Park in London and Central Park in New York. Then got into war with the authorities.

      But in Malaysia, incessant hate spewing and a different kind of war. That which requires the Sedition Act to continue. Thank God it does.

      Now, those clapping their hands on the prospect of the Act repealed and their Sedition charges thrown out will be grinning bitterly and full of hate. Including in the pony tail of that university lecturer.

  10. People say not good to keep feelings bottled up inside. Build up blood pressure. So, let go lah.

    I know some ways to let go. But you guys may not want to hear my ways. So, chow.

  11. Write whatever you like, annie. Its a way to let away ur anger. Its a way to implant ur expressions. Then, what a big relief ! Refresh.

    Please remember, dont hurt others. If youre chinese, indians, malays or other races, respect each other. Do not follow "that" human devils or satan that never please with the existence of the good ones, except their own kind and genes or breeds of infidels...

    Jangan jadi "bangang" ok ?

    1. ".. dont hurt others .. Do not follow "that" human devils or satan .."

      Like the DAP blokes.

      Annie is Ok in her writings, I assure you. DAP is not, even in their Tokong. Biadap, said the DAP Vice President Tengku Aziz, as he stormed out of the party.

      This country will be a lot peaceful and harmonious without the DAP blokes. Much worse than "bangang", they bikin this country tonggang langgang, lintang pukang, like when they were in the tongkang.

  12. Kenapa harus marah?..
    PAU UMNO lebih banyak lawak dan pelawzk dari kebiasaan sebelum ini.

  13. Sorry Annie if my comment will hurt yr feelings. You are always sick. You better do a checkup. Not saying you have AIDS, but AIDS sufferers aren't able to defend their body. Immunity is low. They get sick very easily. Pls see doctor.