Saturday 20 December 2014

A good car and a marriage proposal

Everyone seems to be in the holiday mood now.

So many people in my office are taking leave.

Christmas and New Year coming.

I guess everyone also just can't wait for this year to end.

It's a very bad year for Malaysia.

Dominated by the tragedies of MH370 and MH17.

I will write more about it in the year end wrap-up later.

As for today, I actually went on a long drive up a hill with someone.

Just got back.

It was a nice but tiring trip.

The guy drove a Proton Preve.

It seemed to be handling the winding road up the hill very well.

He said the "sports mode" of the car is very good for such a drive.

Well, despite the complaints by some about the Proton car, I found the Preve to be quite good.

The guy has been driving his for more than two years but the car seems still new.

I had drove the car a bit before and decided that it is quite good.

I do remember the guy bitching a bit about it when he first bought the car but after a while he seems to love it, especially its turbo engine, superb road handling and above average safety features.

I think its not bad at all for a RM70,000 car.

Okay, back to the trip....

We started from Bangsar, head towards east and then up north before swinging west to go up the hill. That took us about two and a half hours.

Once there, we just drove around exploring the place before settling down for lunch at a quite nice restaurant.

I had smoked salmon, salad and apple juice.

He had steak, pumpkin soup and beer.

The food was quite good.

The view from the place was superb except for some cables hanging low near where we were sitting.

The weather was relatively cool and nice.

After lunch, we drove back to KL via a different route heading west.

As we drove back, the guy actually told me how much he loves me and wanted to marry me.

I just laughed.

It's not the first time he said that.

Told him it's the same deal : convert and stop the drinking and pork eating, then only I will consider.

He made a face and started talking about me being cruel to him.

I just laughed again.

Well, don't get me wrong, I am fond of the poor bastard but if he is serious then he really need to think about fulfilling my conditions.

It's not my choice anyway...and what I asked were the bare minimum.

It's not as if I asked him to buy me a bungalow or a Mercedes Benz, okay.

I am not even asking him to quit supporting DAP.

By the way, the guy is an atheist.

So, there should also not be any issue about me making him betray his religion and stuff.

I am not even asking him to change his name.

I like his Chinese name.

Well, so much for a marriage proposal.

Eh, no politics today. I am tired.

Need to rest.

Have a nice weekend guys.


p.s Don't worry about me. The guy doesn't read my blog. That's why I can share this story with you all :-)


  1. Enough of that bastard. It's me you're looking for!

  2. Why convert?

    Aye, that's the rub, isn't it?

    So, just to set the record straight...the guy has to convert to your religion if he wants to marry you?

    Doesn't say much for you thinking about how seriously he takes his faith and religion, do you?

    So much for taking the time and trouble to understand another person's point of view and personal convictions.

    No "mixed marriages" too.


  3. Are you serious about him? Do you love him (enough to spend the rest of your life with him?). If so, does he know you are serious in your minimum requirements (really good to lay them out for him)? Also, has he told you his minimum requirements, or will everything else be up to him? Hope that everything works out for you both.

  4. U forgot to ask him to sunat hihihi

    1. Huh! CHOP SUEY I dont like ah! Can bypass or not?

    2. Sunat ok! One shot whooosh! Habis. But to carve out the desired manhood shape takes a long time and a lot of pain and my atheist friend says that he is not prepared to endure such suffering even at the thought of losing his charming prospective Muslim wife

    3. What`s suffering. Circumcision nowadays is simple and efficient. I had it 20 years ago with kampong tok mudim and sitting on laid down batang pisang. Tak sakit pun just a small ant bite only. Now with modern equipment, no sweat lah.....

  5. Seriously ma'am, you'll know you're soul mates when you both begin crooning to this song with your hearts . . . . . . .


  6. Aii yaa , Annie !, eea aa ,kalau atak joloh 'that guy ' manyak untung maa aa , tapi you atak untung ,tatak untung Wa tatak tau lea aa.

    Lulu Wa manyak ingat mau kawin Bulayu lor rr ,mau jadi betut-betut itu Malaysian Malaysia , tapi Bulayu pempuan semua tatak mau Gua eaa aa , lia olang cekap , Wa Bulayu cekap pon tatak pandei ,manyak susah mau ajar itu, Islam lea aa.

    Hai yaa ! , kalau Wa pak ,tatak hantar itu Cina sekolah lulu ,Wa betut jali Malausian Malaysia sikalang .

  7. you sud ask for the bungalow & merc. and life insurance policy as well


    1. Well, if you yourself are inclined towards worldly acquisitions then you will not be Mrs. Right for the wise guy isn't it? Anyway there's none so blind as those who can't see themselves.

  8. Marriage....guys before marriage promise moon n star after marriage nothing. Stop readin tht lovey dovey novel damb crap

    1. Before marraige shit also smells nice. After marraige kentut pon bau macam bangkai kerbau. Hihihi


  9. So much for a marriage proposal ?

    Ha, ha you can stop kidding us again(!!) adinda Ms Annie
    because you still have no interest to get hitched, happy being single.

    You're more than articulate enough to attract the right one
    .. or as Muslim allows you to appoint a Rombongan Pertunangan to engage a man you're interested in, kan?

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  10. "convert and don't eat pork"_ I think he need not buy the cow, just milk it and then let it go.

  11. Annie,

    My American husband was an Atheist, a drinker and a pork eater before he met me. Because of love, he has converted to Islam, has stopped drinking and eating pork. Love conquers all and we have been happily married for over 2 decades now. If this Chinese guy really loves you, he will do all those things