Tuesday 2 December 2014

Apa hal Apanama? (updated)


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I am not sure what happened but the blog Apanama is down as I'm writing this.

It happened just about midnight.

Whenever I clicked on the link to the blog APANAMA this is what I got just now,

I hope it is not anything sinister.

Maybe just a small glitch.

Hopefully it's okay again by the time you are reading this.

A friend suggested that it's the work of the so-called "Red Bean Army" of DAP, pulling the stunt so that it would be blamed on MCMC and ultimately PM DS Najib Razak.


I hope my friend is right.

I don't really want to fight with people from our own side.

Don't really feel that it's worth it.

Just tired la.

As if people whom we fight for appreciate our efforts that much.

Well, more and more people are giving up the fight.

Read one here,



  1. Dear Annie,

    No, it is still as how you'd mentioned above.

    I suppose quite fortunately, I had managed to read his latest posting that is titled 'Siapa bangang Datuk Seri' much earlier yesterday evening.


    1. Wa tatak pikir ,itu UMNO punya keleja lea aa , biasa UMNO mnyak lembik and manyak lembab maa aa , tatak itu macam punya cepat lor rr .

      Wa ingat ,ini peluang baik kasi hantam ,kasi kacau maa aa , UMNO manyak lembik tatak itu macam cepat hor rr .

  2. It's certainly possible the work of the DAP Red Beans. Ridhuan Tee's blog which at one time was consistently and vociferously hitting the "ultra kiasu" DAP though not referring to the party by name was down-ed more than once.

    The blog continued its stand until the Red Bean kind of wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified comments and the pro-DAP comments with some reasoning ceased. For months now even the solitary bloke with the same kind of Red Bean short, 1-2 line comments has also disappeared. The comments hitting them and making fun of them there have also been relentless.

    The blog has in recent times not been moderated as often as before and is now attracting less comments.

    But the ungrateful ingrate, biadap (then DAP Vice Chairman Tengku Aziz's word), Cina Bukit pendatang, anti-Malay, anti-Islam DAP that caused the race riots of 1969, simply has to be walloped, whacked and wanked continuously.

    1. I like this one. Tit for tit. They always blamed UMNO for everything. Now we blame DAP for anything.

    2. Yes...UMNOites still in Denial.
      You Lawan Towkay You Get Shut Down Laaa
      That Simple!

  3. It's not a "Red Bean Army" actually, as Annie has even used those words in quotation marks.

    It' just a handful of blokes said to be working full-time on monthly salaries at KOMTAR 7the Floor, under the supervision of Tokong Lim's Press Secretary.

    They roam all over blogosphere and leave their 1-2 line shit comments in pro-Establishment blogs, often on hit-and-run basis, hardly coming back replying - though surely peeking to check the responses, but would leave another 1-2 line shit in the next post comments section.

    They may have the one knowledgeable in hacking even into people's email addresses, hence I like blogs that don't insist on mine be written in order to post comments.

    The advice I got against being hacked is to get out of the comments section ASAP after posting comments - by reloading the page or exiting the blog. So that they have no time in tracing/ hacking your rmail.

  4. Those who like Mathematics and things technical, the so-called business-minded, have the knack for learning methods of hacking. Those hard-headed blokes like the DAP buggers will doggedly try and try to hack into "enemy websites".

    But they are far less capable than those genuine Mathematicians recruited by the British Secret Service to decipher German military codes during World War II, as shown in TV documentaries. Those who have contributed greatly to the Allies winning the war, being able to know German military plans and capabilities and strengths in many areas and locations of the war theater.

    The DAP cyber shits do not have even a fraction of the British Secret Service code-breaking capabilities, otherwise they'd hell of a menace in this country. As such, they are merely a nuisance. Nevertheless, Annie would be well advised to be prepared on what to do in the event of being hacked, and possibly done like has apparently been done to APANAMA blog.

    Using the Robot system is one step in that direction, I suppose. That's by choice, innit, not a compulsory Google-placed device?

    Btw, I suspect Google Malaysia has been infiltrated by DAP goons or their likes. Look at the Google News Page - full of news headings of the pro-Pakatoon so-called news portals that are neither news nor portals, at times referred to as news kontols.

    1. Anybody knows any other blogs writing like Aapanama got suspended, too?

      We should make a hue and cry about it. Protest and protest if done by Najib's people. Whoever they may be.

      This is real curtailment of freedom of speech.

      They should instead have been doing that to the Oppo Hippos.

      Is it possible Najib/ his people trying to placate those angered by the flip flopping on the Sedition Act?

    2. I heard they are mainly made up of spm flunk outs who work in the computer/games shops in komtar. They get paid RM5 per hour plus all the coke and kacang puteh they can eat. Age mainly 18-28.Their biggest reward is being recognised as front line cyber warriors of the LGE cult.

    3. Would anyone in Penang or nearby, or when visiting Penang, pls go check the computer/games shops in komtar if what Anon 09:28 above said is true.

      Pls tell us in the latest post's comment section of this blog.

      It's very important to be certain true or not. Knowing that, we might do the same the coming school holidays for our young but adult ones to shoot DAP back with similar incentives.

      Worth to spend some money if the above is true. If knowing the blogs they go to, better still.

  5. Now we know who are the real bangang, the man on top

  6. Mampukah Najib Mengelakkan Penurunan 2 Peratus Undi Sedangkan 60 Peratus Masalah UMNO Berpunca Daripadanya?

    "Ini kerana, mahu tidak mahu, harus disedari bahawa masalah dan persepsi negatif kepada UMNO dan kerajaan sekarang sebahagian besar berpunca daripada Najib sendiri. Beban yang ditanggung oleh UMNO dan kerajaan sekarang sekurang-kurangnya 60 peratus adalah berpunca daripada Najib dan segala kelemahan dalam dirinya."

    Read on here: http://shahbudindotcom.blogspot.com/2014/12/mampukah-najib-mengelakkan-penurunan-2.html

  7. The wordings on APANAMA's screen say "This account has been suspended".

    Not likely Red Beans doing that, issit? Is it possible Najib's people doing it? Those with the authority. Following Najib's blasting at pro-Pakatan bloggers at PAU closing?

    I support the call for Najib to be replaced.

    1. "blasting at pro-Pakatan bloggers at PAU closing? " sjhould have been

      "blasting at pro-UMNO/BN bloggers at PAU closing".

      I guess you knew the drift.

    2. Padan Muka Apanama....Bangang!

  8. Saya sudah membaca artikel Apanama, "Siapa bangang Datuk Seri"
    Satu artikel yang cukup 'class' menggambarkan kebanganganan Najib!
    Saya bercadang selepas membaca blog Annie untuk copy artikel tersebut untuk koleksi peribadi.
    Nampaknya kecewalah saya kalau artikel itu telah disekat.
    Saya berharap mana mana pembaca atau blogger yang ada salinan artikel tersebut diposkan semula di alam maya sama ada sebagai komen pembaca di mana mana blog. Atau ada blogger yang baik hati masukkan semula artikel tersebut dalam blog mereka.
    Kalau disekat, keluarkan lagi seperti yang saya cadangkan di atas. Kita lihat kegigihan kon setan Najib menjalankan tugas!
    Saya setuju sangat degan pendapat bahawa Najib dalam kerugian besar. Membayar kon seten beribu ribu ringgit tetapi artikel Apanama dan beberapa blogger lagi yang mengkritik Njib TIDAK MAMPU dijawab!
    Jalan mudah diambil dengan menyekat artikel tersebut. Makin popular lah blogger Apanama!

    1. Kalau gitu, nampak nya orang Najib yang buat keroje tuh.

      Dah terok sangat le Njib kalau gitu.

    2. Sign of a crumpling empire

    3. 09:59,

      No, sign of crumbling Najib, not empire.

      UMNO will remain intact. Stronger still if Najib replaced as President.

    4. There is little sign that Najib will be replaced anytime soon. The grapevine point to RM as the biggest stumbling block, just like the 4th floor boys during his predecessors time.

    5. RM as the biggest stumbling block? Sori, tak faham.

      Pahal pun, kena terus jeritkan kpd UMNO minta tukarkan dia.

      Rosak Melayu dan negara selagi dia masih PM

    6. Ini gurindam Raja Ali Haji pasal yang kedua belas:

      Raja mufakat dengan menteri,
      seperti kebun berpagarkan duri.

      Betul hati kepada raja,
      tanda jadi sebarang kerja.

      Hukum adil atas rakyat,
      tanda raja beroleh inayat.

      Kasihkan orang yang berilmu,
      tanda rahmat atas dirimu.

      Hormat akan orang yang pandai,
      tanda mengenal kasa dan cindai.

      Ingatkan dirinya mati,
      itulah asal berbuat bakti.

      Akhirat itu terlalu nyata,
      kepada hati yang tidak buta.

    7. Baca delay outsyedthebox....dia sempat salin article Alabama...

    8. Yaaa Obvious Boss Sudah Tutup SiBangang

  9. Oh Almighty Creator! Help us oh Lord!


  10. Is it possible voluntary suspension by APANAMA? Mebbe fed up with Najib? As a sign of protest?

    Or suspended under obligation? To an email message from the authorities? If so, aiyoyo.

  11. Is APANAMA an UMNO paid blogger?

    1. Don't think there's any UMNO paid blogger. Otherwise Annie, I and many others would also ask to be paid.

      But you paid by DAP? Tell us how you get paid so that we can use the same to get UMNO pau us..

    2. Not only DAP pay me, PAS, PKR, KITA, Gerakan also give me money. kasya woo!!

    3. You 10:35 and 10:37 below are a damn stupid Red Bean. The usual 1-2 lines nasty, caustic comments.

      So damn stupid you are as to be saying "asshole can speak".

    4. You mean red bean also can speak? Ish7x

    5. Yaa I Pun Get Paid for doing Nothing Maaaa!
      Don;t that make you envy?!

  12. Not only Apanama, a few more..

    1. You got proof? Why not produce them here? Remember, the legal definition of proof. Not the usual Oppo Hippo wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations.

      Or you speak from Anwar's assol?

    2. Assol? do you mean asshole? Only stupid and ignorant people say asshole can speak (at least on in this world)

    3. 10:37, the same bloke as 10:35 -

      Lu one of those Anonymous2 December 2014 09:28 above was talking about? Lu "spm flunk outs who work in the computer/games shops in komtar" arr?

      Lu 18 yrs old first time hear the word assol arr? Lu jangan campur olang dewasa punya blog lorr. Lanti lu kina baling tahi manyiak musuk lorr.

      Get "paid RM5 per hour plus all the coke and kacang puteh you can eat", issit? Don't eat too much kacang putih ok, lanti lu terkincit in the computer games shop and habis lu punya RM5 for cleaning it, moo.

    4. Anon11:18, your analysis is totally wrong

    5. 11:38 you not only wrong, also squinted, skewed, demented.

      Why? Why should I tell you why when you didn't tell why.

  13. Apanama is back. Take a look at his sarcastic look at our beloved bangang PM. He might not last long though.

  14. 11.18 is a fucking retard.

    1. Let him show his/her stupidity. If from PM's side, then he wont have much time left. If from Red Bean then he will be forever like that, just ignore or hit back hard.

    2. And you are a fucking bastard.

    3. Anon 12:43. This description look like you!

      "They roam all over blogosphere and leave their 1-2 line shit comments in pro-Establishment blogs, often on hit-and-run basis, hardly coming back replying - though surely peeking to check the responses, but would leave another 1-2 line shit in the next post comments section."

    4. That 12:43 comment was meant for 12:03.

      Who is now hit hard as a fucking bastard.

    5. 13:03,

      You damn stupid bloke, what you quoted is written by me. Referring to DAP Red Bean bastards like you.

    6. All retards. Sorry, should be bangang. Hahahhaha.


      President kau sudah panggil you bangang la.




    7. Eh you bangang!!


      Najib is the best la. I cannot stop laughing.
      Eh, tak mau pi tunjuk perasaan ke PM's office.
      kan dia menghina melayu semua??

      Bangang. Wave the kris at him.
      Pi tahan bangsa dan negara.
      Pi demo la.



  15. This comment from Outstyedthebox latest posting is worth sharing.

    Anonymous said...

    En. Syed,

    The Chinese from Day 1 did not support Najib. Only the Melayus wanted to give him a chance. There is something about him that we can't explain but here is just a recap.

    He ascended to premiership with a scandal. And it also involved his wife. Whether you like or not, I think the PM should be vetted for clearance from any skeletons in the closet. Why? Because a lot of his policies seems to appease the bigger powers to be. This after we had Tun Tidur.

    We supported Tun M, many times. Tun M knows why we stopped supporting BN. If Tun M is around, I doubt PR can stand a chance. At the end of the day, UMNO falter because of its members own doing. The ostentatious show of wealth, the land grab, the badly run economy, the outsourcing of the Government to the consultants, again aren't we exposing too much of ourselves to the foreign powers to be? McKinsey and BCG are American based companies. Yes, they appoint the best from Ivy League and top universities, but most of the time, these kids have no idea the sufferings of the poor. The lack of opportunities to move up the ladder in life. And we have policies done by these very people? It doesn't make sense. Does Singapore outsource their Government to McKinsey and BCG? Come on?

    Jokowi if he is smart, should be weary of these consulting firms that is trying to get close to his administration.

    Najib is a lame duck. His wife's massive, extravagant and unreasonable demands are stories of gossip folders amongst the Datin circle. Tun Siti Hasmah, the late Tun Endon and heck even Najib's own mother DO NOT behave like that. Know your place and know your causes. Why are the taxpayers footing the Permata program at 800 mil for next year? What are the benefits? Who benefitted for this program? And our education is in shambles, religious extremism creeping into our daily lives.

    Jangan lupa daratan la. Tolong! Every year I have been following UMNO PAUs. The Chinese bashing is a regular show. But Brother, who are your cohorts? Who cleans those money? Kalau bukan kekawan cina-cina ko tu?

    If you really want to help the Malays, stop all these sandiwara. Start with the education. Don't say we need to memartabatkan Bahasa Melayu then you send your own kids to international schools, to overseas to study. Jangan hipokrit. Same with your religion too. Don't say memperjuangkan Islam, then kuat makan rasuah. Rakyat got eyes to see okay.

    Two sets of rules one for the rakyat and one of for the ruling elite.

    I have 2 words for our ruling elites. Bodoh piang.

    Gosh I miss Tun M days.


    1. The excesses of Marie Antoinette, The many shoes of Imelda Marcos, The looting by Leila Trabelsi, the wife of Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali f Tunisia, all lead to revolutions and their ultimate downfall. Will history be repeating here?

    2. Tan (who I wonder would know the term "Bodoh piang"),
      and the bloke who copied and pasted what is purported to be "Tan's" comment into here,

      You are talking thru Anwar's or Kit Siang's assol saying "The Chinese from Day 1 did not support Najib." No need for me to explain why, because you didn't.

      Everybody has a scandal, has a baggage, stupid. Anwarul has Ajuburi and China Doll scandals, Kit Siang has Mama Foo, Tokong Lim has Rainbow scandals. You probably have a scandal of doing it to a monkey up the tree.

      Except that you are a nobody and nobody digs your shit.

    3. Don't suggest "revolution" here, 17:38.

      Remember, the Sedition Act is still on.

    4. Tan, the gang is keeping out the bright and gentleman Malays. The evil effects of Al-Juburi is all around cos he once played dirty politics in UMNO while he was DPM.

    5. 07:39,

      I agree with you. But I doubt if that is written by a genuine Tan. It could be by a Mat. If so, I dislike the masquerading. When he could comment under Anon.

      You see, my mind is hardened and often suspicious due the dastardly and bastardly nasty masquerading habits of the utra kiasu, ungrateful ingrate, Cina Bukit pendatang DAP buggers.

      I agree with many, and disagree with some, of the points in that comment. Would dwell on them in due course if Annie does not put in a new post that would eclipse this one.

  16. Senarai kesalahan yang dilakukan pemimpin, ahli Umno menurut Tun Mahathir

    Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad Bekas Presiden UMNO yang masih lagi sangat berpengaruh menulis di blog beliau chedet.cc hari ini menjelang Perhimpunan Agung UMNO 2014 [PAU2014]- Gambar The Malaysian Insider

    1. Perutusan ini ditulis kerana saya tidak dapat hadir di Mesyuarat Agong Umno kerana berada di luar negara. Tetapi kerana saya kurang sihat untuk keluar negara, saya mungkin hadir insya-ALLAH! Walaubagaimanapun saya ingin membuat kenyataan ini juga.

    2. Sebagai orang tua dan orang tua Umno pula, izinkanlah saya memberi sedikit pandangan.

    3. Semua tahu Umno sekarang tidak popular seperti Umno dahulu. Ada yang berkata Umno tidak lagi relevan.

    4. Sedikit sebanyak pandangan ini berasas. Jika Umno dikalahkan dan hilang dari muka bumi, kepimpinan dan ahli Umno tidak boleh nafi sumbangan mereka kepada kejatuhan parti yang begitu berjasa kepada Melayu dan negara Malaysia.

    5. Apakah kesalahan yang telah dilakukan oleh pemimpin dan ahli Umno?

    6. Pada pandangan saya, yang pertama ialah kerana menganggap Umno sebagai batu loncatan untuk perkaya diri sendiri.

    7. Umno hanya menerima ahli baru yang tidak mengancam kedudukan pemimpin yang sedia ada di semua peringkat.

    8. Cawangan tidak terima sesiapa yang berkebolehan mencabar Ketua Cawangan. Ini adalah oleh kerana ada habuan bagi Ketua Cawangan.

    9. Oleh itu yang dapat masuk Umno hanyalah orang Melayu yang kurang berbakat daripada Ketua Cawangan. Apabila Ketua Cawangan meninggal, penggantinya ialah orang yang lebih lemah daripadanya.

    10. Pengganti pun demikian. Hanya yang tidak punyai kebolehan yang lebih daripadanya sahaja yang diterima. Apabila dia kembali ke rahmatullah, yang mengganti lebih lagi lemah.

    11. Dan seterusnya. Kepimpinan di peringkat cawangan dan bahagian semakin lama semakin lemah dan tidak berupaya memimpin. Sebab itulah apabila ditanya siapa yang akan jadi Menteri Besar Selangor jika Barisan Nasional menang, tidak ada jawapan. Walhal Selangor penuh sesak dengan Melayu yang terpelajar, berbakat, sudah kaya dan tidak perlu memperalatkan Umno untuk perkaya diri sendiri. Mereka ini tidak boleh masuk Umno. Yang sedikit yang dapat masuk akan disekat kenaikan sebagai pemimpin.

    12. Budaya war lord (kepala perang) sudah meresap kedalam Umno. “Umno saya punya.” “Bahagian ini saya punya.”

    13. Kerana kecewa ada yang berbakat dan berjiwa Umno menyertai parti lain. Maka akan merosotlah Umno dan akan hilanglah parti keramat ini.

    14. Yang kedua ingin saya tekan akan pentingnya menegur pemimpin. Tunku, Tun Razak, Tun Hussein bukan sahaja ditegur bahkan dicabar. Saya diserang dan hampir kalah dalam pertandingan.

    15. Tanpa teguran pemimpin akan percaya segala yang dilakukan olehnya betul belaka. Tetapi sebenarnya ada yang dilakukan olehnya salah dan tidak baik.

    16. Saya dinasihat supaya tidak membuat teguran terbuka. Sebenarnya sudah saya tegur secara tertutup berkali-kali, terutama berkenaan masalah Bumiputera dan Umno. Tetapi tidak berkesan. Teguran secara terbuka terpaksalah dibuat.

    17. Harapan orang Melayu ialah wakil-wakil ke Perhimpunan Umno akan buat teguran terhadap beberapa perkara yang hangat dibincang ramai sekarang.

    18. Pemimpin pula perlu dengar teguran ini dan ambil berat pandangan wakil. Janganlah selalu mendengar orang tertentu yang dikeliling kita sahaja. Yang mengeliling orang yang berkuasa tidak baik bagi mereka.

    19. Orang Melayu mungkin tidak pandai seperti pakar-pakar rujuk, tetapi saya percaya orang Melayu tidak bodoh. Mereka yang membangunkan negara dari sebuah negara miskin kepada negara yang memberi banyak nikmat kepada semua.

    20. Selamat Bersidang Umno. Mudah-mudahan diberi petunjuk oleh ALLAH SWT.

    Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

  17. All these RBA being paid has never been proofed or sighted by anyone or acknowledged by any opposition leaders except some statements made by so called bloggers that nobody really knows they exists really or it is some made up grandmother stories by some demented commenters and bloggers.

    Now as for pro-BN bloggers being paid, it is clear as daylight that they exists thru the statements made by even now the President of UMNO who called them Bangang. Earlier pro-BN bloggers while fighting for a bigger Moolah have been seen accusing some bloggers of being paid and it was not prooved until these latests bangang episodes.

    The question is " How to join the paid BN bloggers which really exists" cos the Moolah is damn good I suppose until each one fights over one another to get a bigger share of the Moolah.

    If not qualified to be paid BN blogger then I suppose maybe try to find out whether there really exists this RBA and whether they pay enough to write for them against BN bloggers.

    Maybe RBA pay better than BN for all you know. Tak kan only coke and kacang putih.

    Or maybe it's all FOC created by BN bloggers themselves to ensure they themselves continue receiving the Moolah and suddenly the President BN start to wise up to such dirty tactics of greed.

    Who knows? It is possible isn't it?

    1. “Anonymous2 December 2014 14:19,

      Did you attend he PAU or watched and heard the proceedings live?

      Here's the tke of one who did on the context of the utterance of the words
      Siapa bayar mereka semua? Ni bangang!”

      The chap called it "the little snide jibe made in a humourous tone .. that poor Farhana girl, who is still a student in Russia funded by the Government."

      Do tell us if the context is different.

    2. “Anonymous2 December 2014 14:19,

      That "the RBA being paid has never been proofed or sighted by anyone or acknowledged by any opposition leaders" is conclusive that they are not? Lu sikola mana?

      ".. nobody really knows they exists really or it is some made up grandmother stories by some demented commenters and bloggers"? Lu sikola mana? Lulu luluk mana? Lalam gua ka?

  18. Did Najib not tell, that BN had funded BN friendly bloggers and they have turned traitors to him BN and UMNO. Did anyone know that BN/UMNO was funding BN friendly bloggers ? Tidak kan. Just like PERKASA, only later did the government acknowledge that PERKASA got some funding for its 'outsourced' work. So, rather than blaming Red Bean or Green Bean or whatever Jelly Bean, it is the work of Najib's counter-reaction cyber troupers shutting down those sites which supported him but is now nasty to him. Najib's goose is well cooked. Surprising the Christmas turkey is still clucking.

    1. Can you quote the exact words he used?

      And mebbe point to 1-2 that may have been funded, and why you think so?

      I know you don't have the facts but just give the arguments as to why, so that we can assess the reliability of what you said.

    2. Bangang.
      The president has spoken.
      No more tea time for you.


  19. Anonymous2 December 2014 14:19,

    "Now as for pro-BN bloggers being paid, it is clear as daylight that they exists thru the statements made by even now the President of UMNO who called them Bangang."

    That the UMNO President said “Siapa bayar mereka semua? Ni bangang!” means the pro-BN bloggers are paid? Lu sikola mana? Tatak ingat possible that he was saying it in a light hearted manner referring to Farhana, the student delegate speaker who is on a scholarship i.e paid by the Government to study in Russia?

    Saying "Earlier pro-BN bloggers while fighting for a bigger Moolah have been seen accusing some bloggers of being paid .." without stating who and where was the fighting, you are the usual DAP Red Bean making "wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations, eh? Except you don't allege in just 1-2 lines but in many paragraphs, giving me the opportunity to shit you much more than the 2-liner blokes.

  20. You pretend not to know or deny the RBA existence by twisting and spinning what Najib said at the PAU that you might not have listened or observed the context in the relevant part of the proceedings.

    You even try to glorify it as RBA or so-called Red Bean Army when it was only a handful of full-time salaried blokes whose purpose was just to abuse, create a nuisance, make wild, unsubstantiated allegations in 1-2 line comments in as many pro-BN blogs as possible.

    You conveniently avoid mentioning others' comment that they work at 7th Floor Komtar under Tokong Lim's Press Secretary.

    And you try to confuse readers by playing on the comment regarding the RM5 per day failed SPM young punks in the "computer games shops in Komtar" also provided with coke and kacang putih.

    Even adding the word "only" to the "coke and kacang putih." Master of deception, twisting and propaganda-ising, aren't you? Lu sikola Komtar 7th Floor arr?

  21. Anonymous2 December 2014 13:52,
    Anonymous2 December 2014 14:03,
    Anonymous2 December 2014 14:19,

    I think you are one and the same person, the first 2 comments are copy and paste, the 3rd one your own concoction.

    I have no real problem with the first 2 although you put them here clearly with the intention of demeaning UMNO and the Malays.

    But your 3rd one is full of shit. And shitted you have been. In full.

    1. Whoever you are, you are wrong again. You need more experience. Belajar lagi ya!

    2. Mister you are wrong,
      Or Miss,

      Give up la, sounding so stupid just saying you re wrong, no proof, no fact, no argument.

      Sounding so budak kicik.

  22. It does not matter who post or where is the source of the posting, let's just go through the facts or the arguments and if it's worth spending time on it, go and make comments, otherwise let the issue ends there.

    1. Who says so? You say so? But what I say is better than what you say.

      And I say

      1. The "facts" and arguments have been commented on. In full. You didn't see above, ha?

      2. Who posts is relevant if 3 posts done by the same person and the intention is suspect.

      3. Why let the issue end there, not resolved or contra views cannot be put out? Tokong Lim democratic shit arr?

      4. Why can't you argue further? Run out of arguments ha? Duuuh.

    2. So, you must be one of those UMNO-paid bangang bloggers mentioned by our PM. After being publicly reprimanded now you and your friends have to get down on your ten fingers, working hard to chase RBA away from pro-UMNO blogs?

      No more makan gaji buta eh, Good luck buddy!

  23. I thought this is Blog for Annie musical as I made at http://dramaelementary.blogspot.com

  24. Anonymous2 December 2014 13:52

    comment from Outstyedthebox -

    The Chinese from Day 1 did not support Najib

    without any substantiation or explanation is simply nonsense. Even with Chinese tsunami, many Chinese did vote for Najib/BN. No doubt, greatly reduced numbers.

    Even in UMNO, the sentiments for him at first were quite OK. When his Dasar Baru Ekonomi came out, placing DEB "on the back burner", those sentiments started to wane. After PRU13, there already was talk of him being contested, growing when nearing the last UMNO party elections.

    He at first did not give any post at all to the UMNO Youth leader "foot in the mouth Khairy" since the bloke won the Pemuda contest; unprecedented, yet not much grumbling was heard in UMNO. When he got desperate re the party elections, he gave a Minister's post to Khairy, and a glorified title of Adviser on Women Affairs in PM's Dept to the already tagged Lembu in Kondo Shahrizat, Wanita UMNO leader.

    Those two went all over the county, campaigning support for Najib in the party elections. Najib won not contested but a lot of grumbling began in UMNO. Exploited by the Chinese whose support for Najib became thinner. Very thin.

    But to say no support for Najib since Day 1 is nonsense.

    1. Now Najib must get MCA and Gerakan to get the support back, MCA to get many more seats than the 7 that they now have that may not justify the 2 Ministers posts they currently hold.

      If no indications he is doing that. instead appearing still lulled by the Ah Jib Gor ruse the Chinese gave him but gave him the Chinese tsunami at PRU13, then UMNO must surely replace him. In fact, UMNO must now actively set afoot moves to get him replaced.

  25. Anonymous2 December 2014 13:52,

    I agree that "If Tun M is around, I doubt PR can stand a chance. At the end of the day, UMNO falter because of its members own doing."

    But Najib's lack of action on the "wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations" against UMNO, the Malays and the Establishment, the hate, hate and hate campaign by the anti-Malay and anti-Islam DAP, the defamatory and seditious statements by the Pakatoons, the twisting, spinning and slanting of information by the pro-Pakatoon so-called news portals added to the Chinese tsunami effect.

    Najib not only discarded the ISA, he even decided to throw away the Sedition Act, now made to eat his own words and displeased both the Malays and the non-Malays.

    Here are his own words when refusing to "do a Singapore" on the news portals that are neither news nor portals -

    No Licensing of News Portals - Najib
    KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia will not emulate Singapore's move requiring blogs and news portals to be licensed, but will instead opt for self-regulatory measures that make it necessary for blog and website owners to reveal their identities, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

    1. Even members' wives' doings. Rosmah.

      Imagine how much shit and spits they threw on Rosmah. Either Najib's liberalism or plain fear of the wife, no action by Najib. Simply let her continue to do what she wants. Rosmah knows so many of Najib's secrets, butut tak?
      Squeeze his bal.s lah.

      Never before a PM's wife behaving like Rosmah. She certainly helps in his downfall. Hope it'll be soon. By PRU14, too late. UMNO would also fall if he is still President by that time.

  26. Yes, the outsourcing of the Government to the consultants .. exposing too much of ourselves to the foreign powers .." The Civil Service is traditionally conservative, appears to be lethargic on liberalization, until Najib had to set up PEMANDU and appoint all sorts of foreign consultants to push his ideas across.

    You see, Najib's ideas about liberalism that he picked up while in school and at the university in UK have developed into wanting to rush to developed nation status for the country. His rush is maybe due to uncertainty on how long he can be in power.

    Visions of his name entering the history books as the man responsible for that must have occupied his mind. Never mind the economic, educational and other inequalities among the various communities, no matter that the race riots of 1969 being rooted in those inequalities. And irrespective of the NEP that he thinks can be covered by BRIM, IMDB and whatever cash handouts he'd embark before the next general elections.

    His politics is simple, actually. Just give the rich the opportunities to make more money and he'll get back the Chinese votes, give the Malays those he did before PRU13 so that they'll continue giving at least the 88 seats he got at PRU13. Presto, he'll win again.

    But now he knows that even UMNO rose against him. The fact that at least 170 out of 191 UMNO Bahagians defied his wish to discard the Sedition Act, and even the Pemuda and Wanita UMNO jumped on the bandwagon, Najib is probably stunned.

    And more is in store for him. As the whackings against him is relentless. Tun Dol tired out and was also elbowed out by the UMNO Supreme Council, and resigned after the 2009 PAU. The fact that almost all the bahagian and so many on the Supreme Council defied him on the Sedition Act issue suggests that they may have had enough of Najib and the elbowing him out is in progress after the recent PAU.

    1. History would not be kind to him if he does not protect the rights and promote the interests of the Malays that UMNO was sworn to do at party formation 65 years ago.

      Tun Dol will always be remembered as the "flip flopping, auto-piloting and sleepy" PM. Najib has flip flopped big time on the Sedition Act. Not auto-piloting but foreign consultants-piloted.

      Sleepy? Ask Rosmah.

  27. Hahaha you people fighting about bloggers...GE14 is about who gets to influence voters on Twitter...and I have seen DAP actively courting the Tweetfamous...

  28. Final comment for the fler calling himself Tan, above -

    Sandiwaras happen at all parties' general meetings. Pukul kompang, beat the gongs, whack the drums, wave the keris, in order to seek, shore up or gain additional support. Even in non-party-election assemblies.

    Most of the problems in UMNO that led to fiery speeches, punching air and all kinds of gesticulations have been due to Najib. He did not do what the bulk of UMNO members want or expect him to do. Huge amount of time and energy wasted on the Sedition Act issue.

    It sometimes crosses one's mind that he might have planned the announcement to discard the Sedition Act, then U-turn the decision, in order to distract UMNO delegates from moving, and the Assembly making a resolution to replace him.

    But his cousin had done his job in ensuring them picking up the points in the Deputy President's speech and reacting accordingly. Who said having and promoting a cousin to Vice President the party is not helpful? Nevertheless, Najib has to go, cousin or no cousin.

    But "memartabatkan Bahasa Melayu" is a must, otherwise you are seen as not respecting the Constitution Article 152. Sending their kids to international schools maybe only a few. You can't even state a ball park number, let alone an abacus one.

    In fact, as far as bahasa is concerned, their calls for a Single Stream Education is right. There are three streams now. Ridiculous. No long term unity can be achieved as long as that goes on.

    Merge the vernacular schools with the Sekolah Kebangsaan. Easy. Just instruct them to use BM as the medium of instruction and use the same syllabus as the SK. Ensure Mandarin and Tamil can be learnt as Elective Subjects in the schools.

    Re-train the teachers, then place them and the support staff in same service as those in the SKs. Then negotiate the assets - land, buildings, equipment etc. Nobody has to lose anything. Except those anti-national buggers like Dong Zong fake PhD Yap Tien Sin who talked about "multi-nations within a nation" nonsense. Even British PM, German Chancellor and other EU leaders have long said, "Multi-culturalism is dead."

  29. All of the Above are Bangangs...
    Bangangs sounds batter than Sodomy....

  30. Dear Annie,

    The bangang hahahaha kind of comments are tiring lah.

    Absolutely no value, not worth allowing in even for the sake of freedom of expression.

    No substance, no other intention apart from irritation and provocation.

    Dissent may be allowed but nuisance should not.

    It may even lower the quality of your blog if such is continued to be allowed in.

    Of course it's your blog and we have our comments. Trust we could accomodate each other's wishes.

    Have a good day, my dear.

  31. Suddenly so many keyboard warriors come out from the jungle.
    Boss sudah marah baru mau kerja ka.

    1. BN = Bangang Noo

    2. Where is that UMNO-paid bangang? Elaun sudah kena potong ka?

  32. Good bye Annie.