Sunday 7 December 2014

Maybe Malaysia can win if Chinese in the team

Malaysia lost at home to Vietnam 2-1 tonight.

This is the report by NST,

Malaysia silenced by Vietnam

I watched the match on TV because someone in the house wanted to watch it.

I am not really a football fan and definitely not an expert but from what I saw, I think the Vietnamese team played better then their Malaysian opponents.

After the Malaysian goal, courtesy of an early penalty, there seem not much effort being done to improve the score.

It was the Vietnamese all the way from then.

As pointed out by the NST report, its mission impossible for the Malaysians to overturn the deficit in the return match in Hanoi.

Right after the match was heavy rain.

I hope the Malaysian supporters who turned up at the stadium by the tens of thousands got home safe and not get sick from the damp.

I admire these Malaysians who keep on supporting the national team despite all the disappointments.

Honestly, I lost interest in it quite a while ago.

Anyway, the Malaysian team comprise almost all Malay players.

There's one or two (I'm not sure) Indians as well as Sabah and Sarawak bumiputera players but no far as I noticed.

It almost look like a Singapore national football team.

I wonder why Chinese don't seem to like playing football.

I also wonder whether our football team will do better if it has a more politically-correct racial mix.

Maybe when Pakatan takes over the country they will be able to encourage more Chinese to play football and some to make it to the national team.

I am sure DAP's Lim Guan Eng knows the formulae on how to do that.


    Sports, that's where we have meritocracy.

    There is no Bumi agenda in football, just as there is none in Badminton, or Squash, or Bowling.

    Because we all know that in international competitions, no quarter will be given.

    The people who objected to Khazanah Nasional appointment of Christoph Mueller to turn around MAS don't seem to realise that in the aviation business, just like in international sport, no quarter will be given.

    Just as our athletes sometimes bring us international honour, our country has every hope that the RM6 billion recapitalisation plan will save MAS, so that she can once again fly our flag with pride.

    1. I fully agree with you.We want the best talents. be in sport, politics and in managing our country.Sad to say only in sports the selection is based on merits

  2. The decline of the national football team has been going on for many many years. The President of FAM must take responsibility for the dismal management of Harimau Malaya. They seem to be clueless yet we guys at the grassroots level see clearly the abundance of local talent that they fail to scout! And we badly need a coach from any of the top soccer nations of the world to set us right. Just look how far Japanese football has gone - during the 70's, no one here in Malaysia wanted to watch the Japanese playing. Then they had a host of illustrious coaches and now the famous Zico.

    Malaysia in her glory days had Mokhtar, Chin Aun, Choon Wah, Shukor, Santokh, the Syed brothers Isa and Ahmad etc .. . how far we have fallen (sigh)

  3. we had too many chinese in the badminton team and look what that got us. at least there one one malay victor, the malay coach of the japanase dude that beat them in thomas cup

  4. Football results are heavily influenced by illegal bookies. Just like Malaysian mainstream showbiz, where there are very few chinese performers but many behind the scene, football is being controlled by the Chinese. Only in Malaysia, a team can be champion one year and relegated the next.

  5. I think the football team no longer deserve the nation's support. Ive been comparing their performance from 5 years ago and see no improvement. no ball possession. long ball would still be lost to the opponents. they cant seem to hold the ball for 8 seconds. after all the investment and training, i dont see any outcome at all.

    my personal opinion, the coach is just a scapegoat. theyll chance coach again but the coach was never the real problem. our player just isnt good enough. We should start again with new strategy with new player and aim not as jaguh kampung around SEA but the world.

    tht aside. i dont think its the gov fault tht the chinese never get to play soccer. look around annie. at school they choose to play basketball. those who play soccer are truly minority among them. its usually the malay and indian who play soccer. i happen to be good at basketball, but in St John bkt nenas they do training during jumaat's prayer during my time. look at SRJKC, do you see football field or basketball court? much as I hate the current najib's administration, this has nothing to do with the gov policy. if there is then probably because they insist on not having just 1 school for all. but then again this is due to the demand of the chinese themselves. just like any scenario where u might want to question why there's no mixing around, the answer is almost always is because choose to be like tht themselves. they want to be among themselves. look at private sector. if possible its gonna be 100% chinese. how else do you explain the discrimination when interviewing new candidates. still remember the research done by the UM's Dr Lee Hwok Aun and Dr Muhd Abdul Khalid?

    they do not want to mix.

    1. Let us also remember that we've been having a lot of religious controversies in the last few decades which unfortunately manifests in the education system. It just wasnt like that during the Mokhtar Dahari generation.

    2. I beg to disagree. cant have everything blame on the education. its the upbringing too. in fact it is especially the upbringing. especially the parents and most definitely the society. When we talk about respecting each whos best to teach the kids ? if we cant so much respects others what can be expected from our kids?

      A lot of misunderstanding or refuse to embrace the reality of Malaysia and how the this country has come to be must be due to the lack understanding of the perlembagaan and Malayisa's history. tht, we can blame on the education.

  6. Let professionals run FAM.

    It's an obvious solution to the sorry state of Malaysian football and its management, but many choose to ignore (or have to ignore).

    Royals stay out of FAM and state FAs.

    1. What to do kalau dia dah thick-skinned? Cannot feel for the sufferings of others.

    2. Er, not just Royals but politicians too. Politicians should just concentrate on politics, they talk cock too much. Seriously, you think people like Annuar Musa and Shahidan Kassim are better at kicking a ball compared to TM of Johor and TM of Pahang? Don't just single out the Royals.


  7. Soccer, like many other big time sports, is not just a sport but mega -buck industry. The stupid one becomes the player, lured by a few who make it big. For everyone millionaire footballer there are hundreds trying to make ends meet. The smarter one don't play but control the players.

    The Malays and Indians here, being not so smart, plays. The politicians and the royalty, not much smarter but previleged, run the game and profit from it. The Chinese, a bit smarter but daring run the bookies that control both the players and the administrator.

    The smartest of the lot are the foreign clubs, who hyphyped their not so brilliant football to such a dizzy height that the Malays, Indian and Chinese passionately follow it and buy their merchandise.

    Simple, isn't it.

    1. that's one of the reason why the current chinese generation don't play the real football...if you want to involve your self in any kind of must have the passion to do it.

      but judging from your's like the passion of the chinese is only on the money..not the game it just manifest the chinese obsession with money life appreciation or love of the game or anything else accept making're a better human if making a lot of money..typical chinese mind passion about sport..passion lose or still love the game for the sake of it.

      oh by the way one of my chinese buddies who happen love to play this game say that one of the factor the current chinese generation don't play football is because they will turn their skin darker and that will make them look like a malay..another racial mindset..darker skin are considered ugly and unattractive by many chinese...beside no chinese want to look like the stupid malay.

    2. True, Chinese lives to gather money and spend it on their worldly pursuit, be it makan, sex or gamble.

  8. When in doubt, follow the bookies!


    The innocents think that got home ground advantage, Malaysia sure to win, lah.

    So, they bet on Malaysia to win. Bet heavily too.

    The bookies are happy, they "makan" all those bets.

    The smarty-pants are those who bet on Vietnam to win, on a scoreline of 2-1 and for Vietnam to win by a 1 goal margin.

    The beautiful game, is it?

    1. That's the reason why online betting is legalized in European football leagues. Once it is made legal, the betting agencies will pay taxes to the government and it becomes easier to monitor because everybody knows the odds of an outcome to a certain game. If the odds suddenly shifts quickly within a short period of time, the authorities can query this irregularity and launch an investigation of suspected match fixing.

      The problem over here is when betting becomes illegal, the underground illicit bookie market sets the odds and pays off players and match officials to skew the odds to their favour, going against the odds paid by the bettors. It is hard for the authorities to monitor because we don't know the odds in the first place!

      It's hard for me to support legalized gambling due to moral reasons, but if any of you have any ideas on how to stop this international scourge feel free to throw it in.

    2. catch them bookies and make them play russian roulette?

  9. Malaysian sports is alhamduli'Llah fairly colour blind adinda Ms Annie.

    The Chinese make decent coaches, like Sdr Tan Cheng Hoe in Kedah !
    ( and one recent other before )

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  10. I behold football as a national sport because it is an organized establishment. It is shared by considerable numbers of players and supported by large columns of spectators and fans. Football is business and no doubt about it.

    "Sukan Rakyat" as it designates. followed through by selection of players follow through with an overview of color-blindness without regard to or knowledge of racial characteristics.

    Unfortunately or fortunately the Chinese Malaysian communities seem to have no interest (why? only their Tokkongs know) in this "National" sport. What it means, racial polarization has taken precedence, after Independent, over the dream for Malaysian identity so-called 1 Malaysia.

    Our Tiger squad had played well. A goal scored was not a flub. They were always in the move determined to make the different for victory. A spectrum of Malay players reflect togetherness in the best team players. Tahniah.

    1. Some soccer players die-hard still play on . . . mari mari pakcik kampung kite!

    2. To each his or her own, lah.

      If Malaysian Chinese are not that interested in football as a sport and in professional football as a career, so what?

      Aren't there other sports that they can take up, become good at and even aspire to don national colors?

      Badminton, squash, tennis, basketball, table tennis, swimming, diving, gymnastics.... there's so many to choose from.

      Why make a big deal about the racial composition of football teams in Malaysia, at state and national level?

      It's because politicians and bigots interfere in sports, that's why!

    3. Taman Tasik hor rr,

      Lain olang salah lagi eerr !. Cina manyak betut .

  11. All the people posting on your blog have short attention spans.

    Like you made a big hoohah about what's happening in Johor.

    Several people weighed in with comments.

    To what end? A deafening silence from the "movers and shakers" in the state.

    The commentators have moved on to the "next big thing".

    See - short attention spans.

    Except for Ms Helen who keeps banging away about "Yahudi Yeohs", the "Jstar" and other issues that have exercised her mightily.

    No one could describe her as having a short attention span.

    Except maybe on the subject of ISIS/IS.

  12. Chinese almost exclusively send their children to Chinese schools. This is as result of bigots perpetual campaign against anything Malay and Islam. Since there is practically no football pitch in chinese schools, there is little wonder that there's no chinese in Malaysian football team.

    On the opposite end to this phenomenon, in the field of trade and commerce where chinese dominates, we may soon see little or no Malay participation as the case for the chinese in our football team.

  13. "I am sure DAP's Lim Guan Eng knows the formulae on how to do that."

    HAHAHAHAHAHA....good joke Annie.

  14. just another day of chinese bashing....
    And you wonder why we fucking hate you...

    and Annie is just a self hating bitch because she is fat and ugly, and half Chinese.

    1. oo nang tah football eh tai chee, ler kaow peh kaow boo chong see me ah?! ler seow ting tong cucu chin peng!

    2. If you are Chinese, please note my comment directed at 21:43, as it applies to you too.

    3. Forgive me Annie,

      Anon 21:22, you know, asshole! people like you really get into our nerves.

      Do you know that you have been dirtying our lawns. You have poisoned the species of our unfenced flower gardens.

      You walk into our dinning room smoking opium without our invitation and help yourself to sit on our prayer mats. You sneak into our kitchen drink our mineral water to quench your thirst, then you steal our nasi lemak. Then again you people bulldoze into our prayer rooms with your shoes on.

      We are obliged to tolerate this shit has long since. Now, you people are trying to get into our bedrooms. Hey you shithead! No fucking way, assholes!

      However, we are still kind enough by asking you to fuck off because of your chauvinistic pig behaviors. In a politely way, we are chasing you out from our homes, to get back to where you belong, where? to your new concrete villages. All that we have left are just a little care and love for you people. We do not want you people to be in the situation between the devil and deep blue sea.

      Don't you know our bashing to people like you is just a tip of an iceberg. You must know these, we now hate you people more than you hate yourselves. We also hate you because you make us to learn to hate you.

      A day without bashing you people is like a day without sunshine to us. We cannot sleep without bashing people like you everyday. We enjoy and have lots of fun bashing you people. Now, we are already accustomed to bashing and want to go forward to nail you people to the cross while you are having the pleasure to start fucking your own ducks.

      Remedy and antidote! Just leave us alone and shut up! fuck up chauvinist pigs!

    4. Anon 02:21. Apa lu cakap ni?

    5. Anon 02:21 must have lost out big time in the workplace!

      Maybe he/she interviewed for jobs with several MNCs but was unsuccessful - lack of skills, education, English?

      So you take out your angst by bashing others.

      That's ok. No worries.

      We are used to it. We just move on, study hard and try to make the best use of whatever God-given talents we have.

      Maybe that's why the MNCs love

    6. anon 8.16,

      haha merit ? right2 of course thts why the study done by UM shows no discrimination when choosing candidates even though we all share same quality same english proficiency (and not minglish) and sometimes even better qualifications.

      we all know wht we know. we all malaysians. who u trying to fool?

    7. Anon 8:16, you have no idea what "bashing therapy" can do to your eccentric and queer mind. Yes, study hard and while you are studying, keep your concious attended by your "hidden brain".

    8. Anon 12:07


      We all know where UK ranks, in the region and internationally.

      Maybe that's why MNCs prefer grads from NUS, NTU and SMU over those from, let's say, UK, USM, UTM, UiTM etc.

      Seems to me that their command of English is just fine.

      Shall we do a poll of the MNCs in Malaysia and ask them who they prefer to recruit?

      Hey, we can even get Miti to fund the study!

      Shall we put, Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft etc to the test?


    let the Malay pigs get slaughtered in Vietnam.

    1. they fail to see that this is national agenda, team is representing malaysia not malay.

      tht is why i dont trust people like this with our country. just like when imf hit indonesia, those who quick to claim they are all malaysian too will turn tail and run to singapore when anything bad hits malaysia. malaysia will be better of having army and police consist of malay and indians. the cauvinist can get the hell out, out with mca and go apply new UK passport. lets hope this time theyll grant u the citizenship so tht they wont have to beg and come back to msia.

    2. I'm Chinese and I find you disgusting.

      People like you only dare make such comments under the cloak of anonymity.

      I'm no Helen Ang type; but I surely have no objection to having the act of such utterances be made into a jailable offence, as it would definitely improve race relations.

    3. '......I surely have no objection to having the act of such utterances be made into a jailable offence,......'

      He,he,he maka penuhlah jail jail di Malaysia dihuni oleh Cinabeng biaDAP dan Christian Evanglista dan bukannya Helan Ang atau pun Annie!

  16. Maybe kena start program Bolasepak 1 Malaysia

    1. Hey bro. better don't involve football with Ah Jib Gor 1Malaysia thingy until he reveal to us his billion 1MDB thingy. Slogans don't work on the field - only real men can play.

    2. Dear Anon 21.48,

      Maybe we should just emulate or adopt per se Germany's football system. And I mean from Top-Down.


    3. Ghaz, how about giving this Brazilian swing an audition also?

  17. Ethnic chinese soccer teams from China, Taiwan and Singapore never make it big at the world stage. The chinese league is now floundering. May be soccer is not in their DNA, only some racket sports.

    1. Dear Anon 22.55,

      I can't quite agree. Ethnicity or genetics is NOT the root of the problem or a major hindrance. Else, how do we explain say minnows Bosnia-Herzegovina making an impact in the last World Cup.

      In other sports such as Snooker, we have seen the likes of Marco Fu and Deng taking-on (& walloping even! :-) ) the Non-Asian.

      Being a sports person I had always observed this much in any 'round-ball' based sport. That a sound up-to-date technique and fantastic system along with its ancillary is fundamental. Coupled that with selfless passion, sheer dedication and the highest commitment and discipline.

      Hence to my mind, Sports-Academies remains very important.

      I'm quite certain these qualities or criteria is already there. A case of 'more is needed' I imagine.

      Alas again, as in any ball-game, CONSISTENCY is the word and the most difficult trait to sustain.


  18. Like MH370 can be found if Chinese were in charge of armed forces?


  20. I am a chinese and I play football. I hate badminton, basketball and all kind of sports. My idol is Neymar. Here in Penang I play football every day.