Wednesday 9 November 2016

Malaysians should not worry about President Trump

Was at the J W Marriott Hotel in KL this morning.

Got an invite from the US embassy to witness the presidential race there.

Quite nice of them.

Took these pictures,

Watching US election at the hotel ballroom

School students were also invited

An embassy staff marking which states went to who
Trump led the race most of the time until he was declared the winner.

Clinton actually only overtook him once that was when she won California which offers a huge 55 electoral votes.

Trump quickly overtook her again when he won the key state of Florida which has 29 electoral votes.

It was Trump all the way after that.

I left the hotel about 1pm when Trump stretched his lead to 245 against Clinton's 209.

Trump achieved the winning 270 electoral votes at about 3.30pm.

So, America has a new president - a weird one, if you ask me.

I think you all know why I said that.

In case you don't know why I said that, just google Donald Trump, okay.

Now, US is going into uncharted territory by electing someone as weird as Trump.

Guess it's just the trend to elect someone who panders to the basic instincts of self-preservation.

Racisms, gender discrimination, religious intolerance, etc don't really matter because of that.

Well, that's democracy.

Anyway, I don't think we in Malaysia should worry too much about what US will do under Donald Trump.


Because we are now a good friend of China.

Anything happens, I'm quite sure China will back us up.

They are pouring billions of ringgit into our country, and I'm quite sure they will not let Trump and his gringos come here and disturb us.

And if Trump later on doesn't allow us to go to his country, especially because of our religion, then we can go to China.

 I think it's cheaper to go to China than to go to US.

And China has more history and culture than US.

Really not so bad, okay.

Well, if China is not your cup of tea, then I suggest for you to go to Japan.

Japan nicer. All their toilets got water spout to wash your bum. Warm water some more.

But if you are really dying to have your holiday in a Mat Salleh country, I suggest Australia or New Zealand.

No need to go to US.

Cheaper and not too far away.

So, no problem, okay.

Just let the Americans and their new weird president be.

I'm sure we can laugh at them later.

Crazy people....pussy grabber for president...tah apa apa.



  1. Annie,

    The lump of pork fat (Ustazah Blobby, the Founder of Umno, Mursyidul Am of PAS, Saviour Of The Malays, Malaysiakini communist, and fat, ugly "char siew pau" chomper of the century) is celebrating Trump's victory.

    Ummmm, Trump is the most anti Muslim president in the history of the US.

    Just read this…

    Methinks Miss Piggy has confused itself, which often happens to people so change their principles every five minutes. Not very Ustazah like at all. Or maybe her extra sepet eyes are so small, she can't read any more. Or maybe the true colours are emerging, because let's not forget this pig sweated in fear when Perkasa reported her for anti Islamic articles she wrote.

    No wonder she loves the Donald.

    Anyway, the Yanks' mistakes are their own, but I pity the millions of Muslims and minorities who will suffer under this dumb orange monkey. In fact, only the rich will prosper.

    He's anything but a champion of the working man. His track record of ripping off contractors and cheating creditors is 3 decades long. His anti Muslim message may have appealed to baser instincts, but he's too fundamentally stupid to do the job (PS, the Donald did not know that Crimea had been annexed by Russia. That sounds like Putin's kind of guy.)

    1. There is absolutely no need to be excited about Trump. He is doing for the best of America unlike the majority of the leaders here. If Trump wants to ban muslims from entering the states, then he has the right to do so. It is economically good for the country too. No people going to US means no RM flowing to US. No more 1MDB. Both Mr. Lo and Mr. Aziz are things of the past. The list goes on.

    2. The Americans have had enough of the saudi sponsoring wahhabi terrorists to attack their homes.

    3. Muslims need Trump.

      In a world where every person born by a parent who professes the religion of Islam can claimed himself to be a 'Muslim', you need Trump to flush out the fake and hypocritical rats.

      Allah said in the Al Quran that when you claim yourself to be a believer He will test you on your faith.

      The corrupt ones in the Ummah unashamedly upheld the most corrupted thief amongst them to stay on as leader, and along the way would corrupt the Quranic teachings by distorting and twisting Allah's guidance so as to beautify the ugly black hearted evil thieving chieftain of theirs so that he could continue to live a lavish life with his family from stealing.

      The people have lost all hope. There are uniformed gun carrying guards to protect the thieve, there are thugs and bandits with skilful martial art training to beat up anyone daring to walk in the streets to show peaceful protest, there are even uglier greedy communists willing to participate in plundering the people just so that theirs could continue to prosper.

      Trump is the last hope albeit so far away, one that had promised to uphold his country's law and we pray that he will when God Himself had kept quiet.

    4. Sdr Blie,

      However, never forget that the children of Umnoputras need to have their overseas education, penthouses, shopping and vacation where they can drink and spikking omputih while their fathers at home talk about national schools and Bahasa Melayu.

      While Sdr Riza, being a Muslim, will be highly unwelcome in USA, there is always the faithful standby of any Umno Melayu who has songlaped enough from public funds, ie 'Lundan', home of the Queen and Big Ben. The only tragedy is that DS Rosie's RM1,200 hair has become too recognizable. She can only spend SRC and ERCL funds in Shanghai or Beijing. The China government is fully approving of corruption.

      Harap maklum.

    5. Anon 00:37,

      Muslims need Trump? Absolutely true. 100 % in agreement with you. Trump should have been elected years ago. This country will benefit immensely with Trump in charge of the White House. His unique foreign policy like banning muslims from entering the states is seductively unique. No more christmas shopping in New York, mongering and holidaying in California. All these will come to an end. No more worry about the depreciation of RM against the green back. It goes on and on.

    6. Its OK to be anti Chinese but its NOT OK to be anti muslim, some people here really maha munafik!!!

    7. Han, all Chinese are not the same as certainly as not all Malays are the same...the munafik troublemakers would have us believe Wahhabi or Isis killers are the same as their Muslim victims!!!

  2. In contrary America is doing us lots of favour by electing Trump. With US shutting its doors for 4 solid years, the people here has to look elsewhere for greener pasture. China is obviously an ideal choice. Considering how friendly the Chinese now are, getting a green card there would not only
    easier but cheaper too. So SJKC, why wait?


    1. Sdr Bilu,

      Yet again, the depths of your ignorance are exposed. The SKJC products are only waiting for their ancestors to descend like a Mongol horde and colonise Malaysia completely. As The Economist magazine points out, the one million invasion of PRC into Africa is ambiguous...

      'What is tantalisingly unclear is whether the Chinese economic onslaught is the result of a methodical policy fashioned in Beijing as part of an imperialist venture to promote “Chinese values” and dominate the continent as Europeans did a century ago, or whether it has become a self-generating process fired up by individual Chinese who are simply keen to enrich themselves without the slightest intention of kowtowing to the authorities back home.'

      I apologise for the advanced omputih of Economist which is beyond your level. Suffice to say that Bandar Malaysia, which is Tanah Rizab Melayu, will soon resemble the biggest high class Petaling Street on earth. However our cucu cicit will not be able to afford it, but will be employed as cleaners. It is much the same with Danga Bay & Bandar Iskandar condos. The irony is huge.

      Harap maklum.

    2. Ha ha ha true bro

      Malays becoming poorer in own country

      unless you sell soul to Umgnok

      Sad man

    3. 1:06,

      Your comment on Danga Bay exposes your ignorant on the history of Johor. Race matters very little in this part of Peninsular. Bangsa Johor does. Anyone can own as much as Danga Bay as long as he or she is Bangsa Johor or closely affliated with it. Chiness, Malays, Indians, Sigaporean, Indonesians, et cetera are of the same standard if they have connection to Bangsa Johor, no matter how remote it may be. I suggest you go and read first before posting. Long live Bangsa Johor!

    4. Blue,
      "Anyone can own as much as Danga Bay as long as he or she is Bangsa Johor or closely affiliated with it".

      Believe me local Johoreans are lukewarm to the overpriced high density and almost "shoe-box" size condo units. Add to that is he high maintenance charges. Further, the condos itself after being built on a reclaimed land onlooks a mass span of water ( in Malay it just look like a danau).

      What worst and this is a fact, Malays above all can ill-afford to buy the condos. As Malays in Johor will say "rumah mampu lihat".

      Come to Johor and see the reality of the Malays.

    5. 9:48,

      Again your comment is clearly erroneous not to mention short sight. Bangsa Johor and Malays in Johor are two different things. The former covers anyone who's affiliated with Bangsa Johor regardless of his or her background. The fact that the expensive condos and exclusive villas are selling like hot cakes in Danga Bay proves that Bangsa Johor is striving. This is more important than the malays as far as Johor is concerned. For the second time read first the history of Johor before posting.

    6. "...expensive condos and exclusive villas are selling like hot cakes.."

      Really? Like hot cakes did you say? Who the buyers? Johoreans? The truth is it is not and in any event I am agreeable with you on one point -Malays do sell hot cakes.


    7. Sdr Bilu, 11.39

      You are completely confused, as is now standard. It is not the legal ability to purchase, but who can actually buy.

      Once you have finished your job today at the 7-star PRC massage centre in Bandar Malaysia, please check who actually owns the expensive properties in Johor:

      a) mata sepet Singapork

      b) mata sepet Malaysia

      c) mata sepet ori PRC

      d) Someone connected directly or indirectly to the songlap of funds by some Umnoputra.

      That will cover 95% of the owners.

      However, you are entitled to BR1M, which is less than the cost of one hair treatment for Kak Ros. Syukurlah.

      Harap maklum.

    8. 'However, you are entitled to BR1M, which is less than the cost of one hair treatment for Kak Ros.' Wowwww really put that in perspective!

    9. 13:16,

      Your ignorant is again manifested in your comment. For the umpteenth time, race and shape of an eye are completely irrelevant. Bangsa Johor is above everything. Got it?

    10. Sdr Bilu,

      Your Bangsa Johor unfortunately is still lagging completely behind the state of Pahang, which originated and perfected the art of racial ties in a movement called 1Songlap. The SJKC products see that the beautiful friendship between a fat Chinese boy, an even fatter Minangkabau princess, and a Bugis pirate can yield huge benefits for all. My advice to you is to learn to speak Mandarin and to say "terbulu-bulu" and "mali" in order not to get left behind in the race for money. Sadly, dedak will not have a halal certificate after the PRC invasion is complete.

      You can, in exchange, stop using BM and B. Inggeris completely, judging by your 1st sentence.

      Halap makrum.

    11. 19:52,

      You are writing from your bump instead from your head. Completely flawed. How could Bangsa Johor is behind Pahang when you had earlier commented Danga Bay alone is flourishing like Dubai in UAE? Bangsa Johor do not need to be told what to do especially from someone with corrupted mind like you. Long live Bangsa Johor!

    12. Tuan Blue,

      Bangsa Johor is indeed behind Pahang. no amount of development could surpass the number of elite businessmen and thugs decorated with datukships in Pahang.

      it's a true meritocracy in Pahang, not even Singapore can surpass.

    13. Anon 10:07,

      How could Bangsa Johor lags Pahang when the King of Johor could afford a Jet as a birthday gift to his son to start with. Have you have heard any one in Pahang buying a Jet for a birthday gift?. It tells who is leading who.

    14. 11:18

      Have you have heard any one in Pahang buying a Jet for a birthday gift?


      Have you have heard any one in Pahang buying a Jet from public funds?

      "The assets involved include penthouses, mansions, artwork, a private jet and proceeds from 'The Wolf of Wall Street' movie."

      Ha ha, you set that up too easy, kawan. Thank you so much.

      What a waste of dedak you are.

    15. Kalau tak berjudi jimat cermat dapatlah beli kapal terbang. Itupun cukup cukup bayar pendahuluan..

      Lain la di Pahang ada pusat hiburan atas gunung menarik rezeki bertimbun timbun.

      Sampai nak sentuh langit. Bila dah tinggi boleh sentuh langit tak perlulah beli kapal terbang.

      Bangsa Johor hidup sederhana, mana nak mampu berjudi, jauh sekali kalau nak sentuh langit.

    16. Kawan dah dekat separuh abad duduk jb, lahir kat jb, baru ni lah dengar benda bangsa johor ni

    17. Anon 19:42,

      Kalau ada Bangsa Malaysia, ada Tanah Melayu, ada Kontrak Sosial, ada Melayu Glokal, ada Islam Hadhari, apa salahnya Bangsa Johor?

      Nasi goreng tambah sosej satu dah jadi Nasi Goreng Amerika. Apa nak hairan sangat pada istilah Bangsa Johor?

      Apakah bumi beranak menjadi Bumiputra?

      Apakah Islam berbangsa menjadi Melayu Islam ?

      Apakah UMNO keturunan nabi menjadi Parti Keramat?

      Bangsa Melayu kini dah masuk generasi ulul-al bab, perjuangan 'alif, ba, ta' tak terabai, akal berpaksi di kota dan desa namun akar menerjah serata dunia, pencapaiannya cemerlang gemilang dan terbilang, people first performance now!

      Apa nak hairan sangat?

    18. 13:06,

      You are sore loser. The sign is everywhere. Bangsa Johor do not use public funds unlike other bangsa. Do you know a Ferari to Bangsa Johor is like Proton to your uncles and aunties in Pahang? Completely world apart!

    19. 13:06,

      Your imagination is

      Both your fingers and imagination are running wild. For a change can you name any Bangsa Johor who'd used public funds for his or her personal interest?


  3. President Trump must make 1st a trip to China, Lil sid Ms Annie

    " The U.S. debt to China is $1.185 trillion, as of August 2016"
    ( 30% foreign ownership, US Government bonds)

    -- Sdr Kimberly Amadeo of The Balance, 0ctober 22nd 2016

    Then only te golf trip with DS Mohd Najib

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH


  4. Trump has vowed to jettison trade deals in Europe and the Pacific, review trade arrangements with China, walk back a landmark diplomatic opening to Cuba, abandon U.S. commitments under the Paris climate accord, and dramatically reverse U.S. policy towards Russia.

    Trump also has vowed to dismantle what Obama deems his most significant diplomatic achievement, the Iran nuclear agreement, which imposed limits on Tehran’s nuclear program in return for lifting punishing economic sanctions. With Republicans appearing to retain control of the Senate and the House of Representatives, according to partial election results early Wednesday, Trump will be able to count on strong support among fellow Republicans to try to renegotiate or undo the Iran deal.

    And you wonder why stock markets globally are crashing....hmmmm.


    1. President is a shrewd player and in-sya-Allah was a shrewd tycoon, Sdr ANON 19:44

      Yes stock markets the world over respond
      1) badly thats human nature, to any change
      and expected change in US policies
      2) will rebound on President Trump next announcement

      " No folks the Muslim and Latina bashing was just to win elections, we have to unite to build the nation back to our earlier greatness" or something like that ada?

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH


  6. Najib dengan segera ucap tahniah pada Trump. Siap sebut pasal nak jumpa lagi. Maybe boleh main golf. Ini semua nak bodek Trump supaya DOJ jangan charge dia nanti.

    1. Mane bulih...kan si Pokjib dah jual bontot kpd China....'cannot have two mistress'.....Pokjib dah jadi 'China doll' yop!

    2. Pokjib tu dia umpama melaburkan diri kepada Iblis dunia dan akhirat

    3. Aku rass najib paling tak senang duduk dengan kemenangan trump ini kerana terpaksa mula dari awal untuk jadi barua..sebab obama dah out dan geng geng obama dalam demokrat pun dah out..nak start balik nama busuk lagi dari taik paria ...jadi tunggu nasib hancus la jawabnya....

    4. Ya. I don't think trumo will touch DOJ. The suit will carry on.

    5. Even more likely now. Najis is in China's pocket, so why should Uncle Sam save him?


  7. Tahliah sama itu Thrump ,Wa ingat Malaysia pon mau pilih itu macam maa aa .

  8. On one side is Communist China, on the other is Muslim-hating US, in the middle is fucking Melayu.
    This could not have worked out any better.
    And the Pengurus Jaga Jamban would say anything to save face. Fucking asshole.
    This is poetic justice. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord!!!

    1. Crazy idiot! It's about lifting each other up bro.

  9. The core reason for her lost.

  10. More here:

  11. Are we treading this similar path?

  12. The Americans chose Trump over Hillary Clinton because they know Hillary is more of a 'warmonger' than Trump albeit a Democrat. Hillary is more willing than Trump to confront Putin's Russia which is dangerous for world order.

    Should Hillary take the office in January, it would be unmitigated disaster-in-the-making since Hillary is known favouring a military solution to crisis in Syria and this is extremely dangerous for world peace. If Hillary gets her way, it would put the United States on direct war path with Russia and the Americans didn't want that to happen.

    Throughout her campaign for the white house, Hillary repeatedly suggesting a no-fly zone in Syria and this would mean risking a real war with Syria together with Iran and Russia. If the US were to control Syrian air space by imposing no-fly zone, the US needs to take out all air defense systems within Syria which include the Russian deployed ones and there's no way Russia will just sit there looking and doing nothing.
    This concern was once channelled by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford to the US Senate several months ago.

    1. Russia can bermaharajalela now bro

      They wanted Donald Dumb becos easy to control

    2. Di USA dedak tak laku. 50% Mentaliti rakyat Malaysia lebih rendah drp mentaliti rakyat Zimbabwe. So jangan berharaplah untuk berubah. Tabur saja dedak habis mabuk...

  13. What matters is the Palestinians can eat crow.

    1. Palestinians always left out bro


  14. Amerika got PUSSY GRABBER.........

    We got MONEY GRABBER.......

  15. Media drowning in its own floatsam: "Donald Trump's election early Wednesday as president — utterly unprecedented, utterly unexpected — caught the media flat-footed. The distance between the nation's political press corps and its people has never seemed so stark. The pundits swung and missed. The polls failed. The predictive surveys of polls, the Upshots and FiveThirtyEights, et al. with their percentage certainties, jerked violently in the precise opposite direction of their predictions as election night progressed.

    And now journalists are confronted by the prospect of a president who avidly campaigned against them and has promised retribution at a time when many of the nation's most important news organizations can least afford them.

    Let's catalog just a few of the questions facing the nation's news organizations:"

    More next ...

  16. Media drowning - For more here:

  17. Trump won outside the media:

    1. The press takes him literally, but not seriously; his supporters take him seriously, but not literally.

    2. He appeals to anyone who basically can't make it in life and needs a scapegoat la.....

    3. Anon 14:13.

      Disparaging them as such did not make Clinton a winner.

  18. On a lighter note here's a thesis on lies:

  19. It is an interesting lesson. The winner is perceived to be a bullshitter (exaggerator). The vanquished is perceived as a lier (falsifier of truth).

    1. Actually trump is a worse liar:

      This is collection 560 lies told by him.....oh plus on extra. He said Tom Brady (US football player) voted for him on the election day. Another lie.

      And why no tax retuens??? Hiding something lah...

    2. Yes, for sure. He is hiding something.

  20. Hilarious how Groveller Jibby cepat2 praise Trump. Bet he didn't expect Trump to win. That's why he pivoted to China because he thought Clinton would win and DOJ suit continues under Lynch.

    Now panic stations, especially with his axy comments about foreign intervention etc. (Subtlety kutuk US).
    Because Trump (with his microscopic world view) sees terms in black and white. I.e.Jibby u suck to China, okay....

    Interesting to see who Trump sends to Malaysia as ambassador.

    Anyway, I hope Trump really does pull US out of Middle East and stop US' s longtime closing its eyes to Saudi and UAE nonsense bcos of oil. These guys fund ISIS and all the extremist mullahs who stir up extremism in moderate Muslim nations like malaysia and Indonesia.
    These Arab nations are all tribal loyalties misusing Islam to further their cause.

    I only feel sorry for my Muslim brethren in the US as life is going to be tougher now.

    Trump's victory, to me, is basically what is called "white lash" ie orang putih found someone wiling to openly say what they all feel secretly about immigrants, non-christians and non-whites.

    This happening all over western world, eg brexit.
    The thousands of migrants, mostly economic, swamping europe is scary to citizens there because of the financial drain to support them.

    Not a good time to migrate to mat salleh country now. You can carry a Birkin but to mat salleh eyes, you're probably a migrant carrying a knock off, fattened up on cheap fast food.

    1. Racism is in the west. Racism is in the east. And racism is not only about race. Concept 'Ketuanan' berada di mana-mana. Particularly so when yang baru mula menguasai keadaan. Dan yang lama merasa ketinggalan. Reducing the disparity is the key. Education is the conduit. For Muslims we have been given so many examples. Abu Jahal was one. And not to forget Firaun. Time we recover, review and refresh our forgotten knowledge.

    2. ISIS loves Trump:

      ISIS hails Donald Trump victory claiming billionaire 'fool' will destroy America HIMSELF allowing jihadis to seize power

      Islamic State jihadis have hailed the victory of Donald Trump while claiming the billionaire "fool" will ruin America himself allowing terror groups to take control of the country.

      The Republican was branded a "donkey" by militants who warned his election is "an indication of the end of the American empire".

      One ISIS jihadi said: "What we want is their country be delivered to a donkey like Trump who will destroy it.

      It comes hours after group al-Qaeda said the billionaire’s White House win will give extremists across the Middle East a common enemy – sparking fears of a major attack on US soil.

    3. "The Republican was branded a "donkey" by militants who warned his election is "an indication of the end of the American empire"."

      There's none so assinine as tyrants who murder and rape in the name of God and religion.

    4. Well ISIS, al-Qaeda murder and kill in the name of religion.

    5. Trump is good for China.

      He will stay outta Asia and let the Chinese own us all. Not his problem rite? Oh Oh

  21. China's happy:

    Delury, the author of Wealth and Power: China’s Long March to the Twenty-First Century, said Beijing had been gearing up for a Clinton victory and therefore “bracing for a harder edge to China policy”.

    “So there may be some relief that they don’t have to deal with a formidable foreign policy leader in Hillary Clinton. There is probably some hope that despite his anti-China rhetoric, Trump is an amateur at foreign policy. Trump is an isolationist so the Chinese are going to see that as an opportunity to keep strengthening their position and their role in the region.”

    Delury said Trump was also likely to ditch the highly contentious Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) which under Obama had been “a centrepiece of an American resurgence of its role in Asia”.

    “That’s good for China ... That is definitely a tilt towards the Sinocentric order for Asia,” he said.

  22. The decider. They don't talk. They are the listeners. They are the anonymous. The loser shall be he or she that underestimates them. The silent majority:

  23. Watching the pain of transition. Some light moments for the world.

  24. Annie,

    You said that 'Malaysians' should not worry about President Trump.

    Trump said that they wanted to replace a 'failed and corrupt' establishment, who, together with the financial and media corporations that exist for only one reason, TO PROTECT AND ENRICH ITSELF.

    For that reason alone, Malaysians need not worry about President Trump. But you should, because you are part of the corrupt media establishments in Malaysia that had failed her people, with lies and distorted facts which were propagated just so that the corrupt thieves could stay on to plunder the people.

    Trump said that for the corrupt and failed establishment trillions of dollars are at stake, and he suggested to jail Hillary Clinton for her secret deals with those financial corporations. When trillions of dollars are at stake, anything can happen. The smearing campaign against Trump would only continue and be more intense, it would not subside.

    Just like those who thought they could change anything through their lies, such as rpk and your blogging captain for instance, they must be wondering why people are not at all amused by 'news' that they would have thought to be 'explosive'?

    Those are the people that should worry. Not Malaysians.

    1. "Just like those who thought they could change anything through their lies, such as rpk and your blogging captain for instance, they must be wondering why people are not at all amused by 'news' that they would have thought to be 'explosive'?"

      Because rpk and blogging captain are both credibility-free bullshitters who change camp every 5 min?

    2. Anon 13.08
      The truth is the truth,both are talented.
      Sad to say,they are hallucinating in childrens' world of magic dragon and magic wand.
      Thinking,their magic wand can change colour black to white.
      Both are in their own world
      Balance the odds,all things must come to pasts,then what?
      Life goes on


  25. More lessons learned. For the Americans politic really is broken. Between the one that is despised. And the other that is merely hated.

    More here:

  26. Phulamak!

    The MCA has been lauded for its efforts in pushing for the healthy and stable development of ties between Malaysia and China.

    Party vice president Datuk Hou Kok Chung (pic) said the Communist Party of China's (CPC) International Department of the Central Committee had sent MCA a congratulatory letter for its role in the matter.

    "MCA has played an important role in the arena of Malaysian politics, economy and social development, and contributed to promoting the country's development, safeguarding the rights of Chinese and maintaining a harmonious society," said the letter, which was read out by Hou at MCA's 63rd annual general meeting here on Saturday.

    The CPC added that it placed importance on the friendly relationship with the party and was keen to deepen cooperation and exchange, he said.

    Four members from the CPC Central Committee's International Department will be at the MCA AGM on Sunday.