Monday 15 December 2014

About being a nice moderate liberal Malay

I used to consider myself as one of those moderate liberals.

That was until the Chinese tsunami of May 5 2013.

Nice moderate liberal Malays of Umno such as former Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman were wiped out at the polls on that day.

I was there on the ground as a witness of what happened.

A day after that I wrote this posting,

The end of moderation

That posting was the most read in this blog for more than a year. It is still in the top five today.

I have toned down myself since then but I still don't consider myself a moderate liberal as I used to be.

Honestly, I'm not really sure what sort of a person I am now.

I do not hate the Chinese.

It's just that I no longer believe that they appreciate nice moderate liberal Malays.

I also no longer believe that I should smile to people who spat on my face.

I think I am being stupid if I do that.

PM DS Najib Razak is the nicest of all moderate liberal Malays, and you all can see what they did to him.

It was the same with Ghani.

I don't want to end up like them.

I am not a supporter of Perkasa or Isma, but at the same time I don't want to be like all those stupid Malays who think that being moderate and liberal is being cool.

Yea, I know, some Chinese will come up to those Malays and say that they like them very much and all.

They may even offer those Malays to write columns in The Star, that backstabbing MCA's newspaper.

Some may even want to make love to those Malays.


Ask that DAP's Dyana Sofea, ok.

But, that's all there were to it.

When push comes to shove, the Chinese will not take into account those Malays' liberalness or moderateness.

I may be wrong for generalizing, but that was what happened on that fateful May 5, 2013.

In Gelang Patah, they rather voted Lim Kit Siang who had done nothing for them instead of Ghani who had served them well as Johor MB for 18 years.


Kit Siang is Chinese, Ghani is Malay. It's as simple as that.

At least that's how I concluded it.

Well, actually, I am writing this in response to Rocky's posting,

Why I welcome the Eminent 25

Sorry Rocky, with all due respect, I can't make myself to welcome them.

It's because I don't believe they were on the ground when the Chinese tsunami happened on May 5 2013.

Note: Rocky is my blogging captain. Despite my disagreement with him on this matter, I don't allow anyone to whack him in this blog.


  1. A friend from Sarawak told me that there are 60k Malay officers from West Malaysia working there, and there is now a move to send them all back to West Malaysia and have their positions taken over by Sarawakians.

    If the above were true, the ramifications are truly serious for the current federal government.

    The Eminent 25 represent the middle ground, which comprises a good %age of Malays and easily 70% of Chinese. They actually worry some Pakatan leaders as the Eminent 25 had indicated they are UMNO/BN supporters in their open letter.

    While they may not be liked by a good %age of Malays, such Malays would nevertheless still vote UMNO even if UMNO expresses agreement with the Eminent 25. It is therefore important to have the Eminent 25's support.

    Diarrhea blogging weakens BN. Remember, notable election losers who mentioned they did not need Chinese votes include Dr Mahathir in the 1969 GE.

    BN is already facing plenty of headwinds, notably the deteriorating economy. It can do without 'friendly' fire.

    Come GE, every vote counts.

    1. I fully agree with you annie. The so-called eminent Malays are liberal-minded western educated Malays. They do not represent majority of Malays thinking.I am also a liberal minded Malay and received my education in a western country, but we can be liberal without compromising our position as Malays

    2. Of greater significance is the reasoning behind the above said move.

      The perceived safe deposit may well be no more.

    3. "..60K Malay officers.." working in Sarawak? I don't have an official figures at hand.But I can assume that if that figures are "right" they may include all professions namely teachers,armies,doctors,nurses and others.

      60,000 Malay officers to be replaced? What about the Indians and Chinese officers from Semenanjung?

  2. Eminent people in what way - specific knowledge, string of titles, wealthy pensioners...? Is it self-declared or appointed? Why heavy on "moderate" not on other potent issues? What is the agenda really?

    1. these so-called eminent Malays are hedging their bet. In case Pakatan Rakyat come into power in the next GE, they will probably be rewarded for their contributions. If Pakatan Rakyat fail to grab the power, these so-called eminent Malays can still receive their pensions. They are in no lose situation

  3. to tell you the truth...some of us nation wide were already preparing another may anticipation of that tsunami... we know it was coming 1 year before Ge13....we were a part of the silent majority

  4. Think PM Najib called pro-Gov bloggers who are getting paid by BN but indulge in their "syiok sendiri" agenda to be "bangang"!

    Luckily, for Annie & the rest of her gang yang sewaktu dengannya, Najib is still paying them their allowances which helps in this tough economic time.
    Kalau tak suka sama Najib, suruhlah Mukhriz & Syed Mokhtar take over and cover all the fundings to your group. No point promoting right-wing fellas but they never take care of you guys financially rite. Anak bini kena makan jugak kan...

    Btw, how's your anti-Chinese business boycott doing? Anti-Singaporeans boycott also how? Just don't jeopardize our Sultan's efforts to bring in investment and development to Johor ok. Anymore rude comments from you and gang, nanti kena sumbat masuk kandang anjing semalaman baru tahu...Haha

    Gani also quietly enjoying his rich retirement in Sime Darby and MB Khaled has been running the show for nearly two years already. Yet you talking about the old joker Gani. By the way, how many of his loyal supporters he took care off once he's safely in Sime Darby? From my inside sources, he's not doing much taking care of his ex-Johor team supporters. Gani is only depending on Najib and Fed Gov agencies for back-up support.

    Again, Najib come up with the money but still got whacked by Gani's boys like "Annie". Najib angry his generosity unappreciated but as usual la the hypocrites only attack the Chinese, Indians, Christians as ungrateful but not right-wing UMNO fellas like Annie, ex-SPR Abdul Rashid etc.
    Jokers la you all... Haha

    ~ Kluang girl

    1. Hai yaa !, Kluang girl , lama tatak mali maa aa , sekali mali selupa manyak busuk jugak lea aa .

      Wa manyak Malu lor rr.

    2. Hi "lufang",
      Kenapa "lufang" ni suka mempersendakan Bahasa Melayu, bahasa ibunda kau sendiri? Takkan "lufang" takda jatidiri dan maruah sebagai orang Melayu, sampai tergamak merosakkan bahasa Melayu kita.
      Kawan Iban aku dari Serian & kawan India dari Sentul pun boleh berbahasa Melayu dengan lebih baik lagi dari engkau "lufang". Ish ish ish...

      "lufang" maybe highly-educated in English, that's why you are so ashamed of your own native language. Have some dignity and self-respect alrite. Just because you can afford an expensive overseas English education, please don't make fun of Bahasa Melayu like that. Not nice la ok!
      You have written many posts in Annie's blog before so everyone knows you can write English very well la. In 5 minutes quick check, i can already find a couple of your previous posts as example below:


      lufang3 May 2013 at 14:59
      What ever your friend argument I am quite skeptical when Chinese is concern ,we all have live long enough to understand that .
      Gani will have the chance to win ,but extra effort has to be made for every Malay will turned to vote that would be some chance at lease."

      lufang2 May 2013 at 17:47
      Hey !, that good to hear ,the lesser they are the batter that will be ,we don't want opportunist just the "cari makan type" attitude with more demanding then giving. Malaysian will be better structured society then ,where everybody will honestly taking the national pride seriously ."

      Bertaubatlah "lufang", jangan lagi mempersendakan Bahasa Melayu demi mencari publisiti murahan di blog Annie ni!
      Joker la engkau... Haha.

      ~ Kluang girl

    3. hahaha this whoever it he/she is...writes so much and lufang just shut it up by 3 sentences....

      people like lufang are the hero lah in here to counter all the shit shitters in this blog....

      lufang...whoever you are thank you for putting up comments....

    4. Keluang girl eaa aa,

      Sikalang macam-macam olang bolih buat lea aa , Wa tatak helan maa aa, tapi Wa sukak lu cekap Lu kawan ,Iban dengan Sentul punya india cakap Bulayu manyak baik maa aa.
      Wa manyak jumpa itu Bangla ,balu 3 bulan latang sutak cakap Bulayu ,macam Bulayu ,Wa manyak malu maa aa ,wa sini belanak ,tatak bolih cekap.
      Wa ingat eaa aa ,kalau itu Kelajaan ,kasi sarat ,mesti pandai Bulayu mau jadi walganegala ,Wa ingat itu Bangla manyak layak lor rr.

      Wa manyak malu lea aa ,tapi Wa tatak salah , Wa pak salah, tatak antar itu Kebangasaan Sekolah hor rr !.

    5. Aiyo Anon 5;25,
      Your IP address is the same as this "lufang" la.
      Next time no need to hide and use another identity to make posting to support your own comments... Haha
      Pathetic la you UMNO fella...
      Thanks for the morning entertainment.

      ~ Kluang girl

  5. Fuck anyone who sucks up to the eminent 25 pondans and their arselicking ilk.

    The central tenet of this country was and has always been moderation. Essentially it involved a careful calibration of the central ground to manage contestation from both extremes. Indeed it is an ergonomic mechanism designed to respond dynamically in any given politically charged contexts. Simply put, lurch to the right or the left, the center will calibrate itself to hold firm and the extremist, be they religious, racial or liberal will come to heel. Mahathir was a master strategist in playing the game and keeping things more or less on even keel. The bastard after him sleeplusted for a cunt instead of effective governance and plunged the country into an ungovernable mess.

    That moderation can be roughly framed as Malaysia's version of consensual politics. It may not make everyone happy but it kept the peace and kept prosperity going. Now "the center cannot hold" to paraphrase Yeats, and all hell has broken loose. As for that now invisible, indecisive center the less said the better.

    Little do the the pondan 25 and their fuckhead apologists realize that they are by default playing unwittingly into the hands of the hardliners on the far right. How? Each time these bastards spout their liberal spiel that Malay/Muslim should be “more accommodating and less abrasive” it plays into the hands of the hardliners and Allah forbid, soon to emerge Turban lollipops. In fact, the actions of the 25 drives these postcards on the edge types to embrace an increasingly intrasigent stance which is perfectly understandable, driven as it is by valid concerns about eroding rights, deliberate slurs on belief systems, cultural institutions etc. It is their way of saying “see these apologists Malays have given too much face to the other sides bastards, so much so it is time to make a stand as our very existence is under siege” And with no center to reel in both sides of the divide, Dante's Inferno awaits.

    What's worse would be the inevitable entrance of hardline turban lollies into the equation. You know the type that goes by the simple heuristics the algorithm of which runs something like this “only the violent assertion of an extreme, misguided, ultra puritan demonic version of Islam would restore sociopolitical balance and existential security”. Cue IS and its related cuckoos. It is already rumbling in the ongoing ideological battle in PAS, and all it needs is extremists from other sides to join in if the turban lollies in PAS decide to issue call. Hudud is the shadow-play towards that end.

    The 25 shitheads and their fuckhead apologists are not heeding the signs. Their stance is inadvertently or otherwise fanning the notion that Muslims are being oversensitive and reacting irrationally (their words) to liberal jibes. But they fail to realise that these liberal jibes have had a corrosive effect on moderate Muslims as well. Increasingly moderate Muslims wanting to maintain a secular, functional democracy based on the 1957 constitution and the principles of the Social Contract are being emplaced in an uncomfortable position of either “ abdicate the middle ground and be with us or you are a liberal left macai”.

    Consensual or even coalitional politics is virtually dead as both sides sharpen their daggers.The liberal idiots and their fan club are not ushering in a progressive society as they are arrogantly assuming they are doing. Rather through their antics they are working hand in glove with their extremist enemies to destroy democracy.

  6. Bastards like the 25 and their dickmilking apologists are exacerbating the situation by their lopsided criticism of one side only. Moderate Malays long weaned on a tradition of tolerance, give and take whilst upholding a unique secular framework premised on valorised Islamic and universal ideals underpinned by a consensually agreed 1957 constitution, are a dying breed as evident by the increased marginalisation of such sane voices.

    Malaysians were never mentally prepared for civil discourse. All the hoopla of ushering in new politics post 2004 is just that, hoopla. The reality is that the Malaysian polity doesn’t have an understanding of what constitutes rational engagement, of reasoned dialogue within given political contexts simply because they are neither philosophically immersed, ideologically sensitized nor epistemologically grounded on the mechanics and dynamics such discourses entail.

    Worse, they have little inkling on the demarcations invisibly imposed by socio-cultural or religious norms (even selfstyled liberals are prone to contradict themselves when faced with the limits as this simple case shows: – so much for liberalism hahahaha , a case of what I suggest is good for you is not good for me). A vernacular education system helps little in that regard as it nurtures and fattens ghetto mentalities and prejudices. So does the relegation of English to the fringe as English is the means by which the discursive frames of secular democracy is better elucidated due it being the language that is appropriate for such elucidation (the “cognitive” role of English in this regard is widely acknowledged) The net effect of these lacks is the creation of silo mentalities and the nurturing of race superiority and dominance inclinations. Add to that, ignorance, apathy, and a rabid fear of integration and assimilation, and you have a trapped audience amenable to manipulation by fuckheads, political sluts and conmen parlaying alien norms and value systems to gullible idiots.

    The situation in Malaysia today is a direct threat to that tolerance precisely because Malays are fed up of being backed endlessly up a cul de sac till they have no room to manouvre. In a way we are reenacting the swinging 60s (hahahaha) which culminated ever so tragically. Those who think I am stretching history should just read up how liberal left extremism yoked with increasing economic inequality was the dominant theme of that contributed to the ultimate combustion. Throw in all the mini outbursts that littered the decade from Kalong Ningkan 1964, Natrah Herzog 1964, Secession 1965, Hartal 1967 and you have a teleological flux towards the conflagration of 1969. Think about that…folks…

  7. Part 3

    The Malays have had a long tradition of acceptance and accommodation, of live and let live. It is a historically grounded fact evident from their receptivity of rulers of different origins, replete in their cultural practices and manifested in their religious tolerance. Truly, the Malay is one of the pioneers of a global outlook and that is every bit attributable to another facet of the Malay psyche. Essentially, the collective Malay psyche is modulated by an inbuilt mechanism of absorbing, assuaging and suppressing psychological hurt, it’s a sublimation tool that ensured their survival through the pain of colonization and repression, the very same tool that underpins their famed tolerance. But that tool epitomized in the spiritual “sabar” or the emotional “pendam” and “makan hati” (in fact, Malay proverbs are littered with sayings related to “hati” : jaga hati being one of many highlighting the Malay premium on balancing reason and emotion) has its limits for from Madagascar to New Zealand and Hawaii, explosive outbursts of such pent up emotions is the historical norm and that accounts for the appearance of the peculiarly Malay work amuck in the English vocabulary. For in the end, when maruah is at stake, there is no other option….

    The 25 would do well to analyze whether other traditions in Malaysia share similar outlooks. They would be hard pressed to find any and once that is apparent, they would realize the folly of their antics in berating the Malays for everything and understand why the blame lies if not more, at least, equally elsewhere . And the same goes for their spineless, cock suckling apologists everywhere.

    1. I have to say, IMO, you have an insight and a way of putting it to words, put those 25 to shame, probably. Most definitely puts the BN cyber machinery to shame. I enjoyed reading it, too bad for the vulgar profanities. If your words are true, for a lot of others, as well as it is for me, then those 25 while trying to impose their high ground on others, unwittingly show themselves as lacking in wisdom and understanding of Malay politics. So much for their eminence.

      No matter what intentions they really have, what they only did was screw us further, hahahaha

      Your mentioned historical examples also made me realize that I am ignorant of much of the history. Wonder if I'm alone in that, or part of some clueless majority. At very least I need to remedy that on my end.

  8. Please tell us what a moderate liberal Malay means to you personally.

    I'm not sure if there's a generally agreed meaning that everyone goes by out there, or everyone has a different meaning for themselves for some reason, but seems to me like some people (you know who)think it has a super positive connotation and decide to hijack the label for themselves while calling their opponents something else, like extremists for example. Personally, I doubt the truth of what they say.

    I try very much to educate myself by looking up terms and concepts when people throw them around, but then I realize, are these people really using these terms the way they are generally agreed in the books, or do they have a different meaning in mind when they use it?It's almost like a lot of people have different frames of reference when they talk about the same thing.

    You know what's the bad thing?It doesn't matter. I totally agree with you. It's all about race. The Chinese will vote DAP in droves just because DAP, no matter how they protest, is a racist Chinese supremacist party.
    Some people accuse how racist and extremist Perkasa is, but DAP, Chinese own Perkasa have been in Malaysia's politics for decades. Their provocations led to May 13, but they never took any responsibility, blaming the ones they aggravated instead. And yet this party gets almost all the Chinese votes past 2 elections.

    So enough talk about Malays, the Malays didn't vote Perkasa into winning any states like Penang, where are the moderate and liberal Chinese?

  9. Unfortunately, because of their humanity the Malay Muslim government pardoned every one of the CPM Maoist insurgents and magnanimously bestowed Malaysian citizenship upon them. We really don't know how many out there still have convictions like Kit Siang and his comrades who are still very fond of the terrorist Chin Peng.

  10. After the GE 13 i am not d liberal malay anymore thanks to d tsunami . almost all chinese vote dap n to ensure d malay bumi majority to lose. Thanks God almighty eyd ubah slogan last minute nearby d voting area did change me to vote d BN. D voters majority in d mornin consists of faces tht they wil win tht made me change n am sure some others
    voters did d same.

  11. The Chinese have also been colonized and taken advantaged of. They were basically slaves building train tracks in USA. In more modern times, the Chinese were put into European sweatshops like in Spain. But today the community is doing fine in USA and Spain. As many have pointed out, the Chinese who came to South East Asia were of the low class type. But today in SEA they do quite al-right have elevated their station in life. In essence, despite having a history of many things to wail about, its not difficult for Chinese to remove the shackles of colonization, persecution, and discrimination. Is it more difficult for others like Africans, non-oil Mid Easterners, and some South East Asians?
    In M'sia, what exactly is holding the Malays back? What is the link between Chinese schools and lack of Malay success? Many of you have already commented that many drop outs are from Chinese schools, so isn't that great? That means there are more stupid Chinese for you to take advantage of. I am absolutely unable to understand how public beheading, amputations, and roving squads of moral police will make anybody's life better.

  12. So many grandmother story. Blah blah blah.
    All can be reduced to this: this country and all its riches are mine. You touch it I will kill all you cinabengs.

    Go fuck yourselves.

    It's a funny thing. Melayu fight with Melayu, but the problem is blamed on cinabengs. Don't know what kind of fucked up logic is that.

    I always say, take the cinabengs out of the picture, the Melayu fucktard will kill each other.

    Annie, by the way, is just a self-hating half bred bitch. Who appointed her as the moral judge?? Cunt!!

    1. Careful what you say. The words will come back to you one day.

    2. Tak payah bagi masuklah jenis samseng ini, Puan!

    3. Anon 9:39, are you on drugs? Don't forget to take your medicines!

    4. Anon 9:39, oh how I would like to hold you down and bubbled fart you on your pretty face.

  13. I don't know much about these 25 but from news write-up, they are mainly civil servants, many with foreign service experience, not actually the material to talk about bangsa and agama.

    As usual, top civil servants shuts their mouth while they enjoy all the perks and adulation commensurate with their position. It is only when they lost all those that they become concientious citizen.

    My take is don't bother about them, not worth the price of a glass of teh tarik at roadside stall.

    Someone wrote somewhere that they should spend more time in masjid, repenting. I totally agree with that.

    1. If this blog has thumb up emoji, I'll post it here a million times. What a brilliant comment..


  14. Are there really Malay Muslim moderates, adinda Ms Annie?

    Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah (ASWJ) teachings with fatwas/ rulings closely following al-Quran and Hadith now forms the core Malay values. Unfortunately other races are often biased and not bother to check on the core Islamic values.

    As long as they follow ASWJ, then JAKIM and PERKASA for all their different positions, have majority support.

    The noisy moderates/ claimed reformists(?) are really apologists who have almost no Muslim support and so will not deliver anything. Other races should realise that supporting them is not productive for all, and may be perceived as confrontational.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. As Salam Tuan Haji,

      Agree & concur. For sure I'm no angel either. But I humbly opine to always, always revert to fundamentals of ASWJ in its pure and unadulterated form. Islam is a way of life that transcends centuries and generation.


    2. Agree with you Tuan Hj.

  15. Datuk Maalub - one of the eminent Malays.

    "Dengan erat, saya menggenggam laras senjata SMG yang kehabisan peluru itu lalu melepaskan satu pukulan ke tengkok Commander Fam Tze Heong. Oleh sebab hayunan saya yang begitu kuat dan tepat megenai sasaranya, maka Commander Fam Tze Heong rebah ke tanah dan senjata SMG yang saya pegang juga lucut dari genggaman saya lalu terpelanting ke dalam semak. Saya terus menerpa kearah Comander Fam Tze Heong sambil dengan pantas memulas tengkoknya beberapa kali. Kemudian secepat kilat saya mengeluarkan pisau yang berada di pinggang serta terus membenamkan hujung mata pisau saya hingga kehulunya ke dada Commander Fam Tze Heong dengan dua tikaman."

    1. Ini dialog dari filem Yusof Haslam ke?

  16. Ibrahim Ali Must be Your Hero Then.....

  17. Awaiting the Eminent 25 from the Chinese community to speak up against anti-Malay/Muslim comments from extremists and bigots.

    Or don't they exist? Bigotry and racism apparently flows only one-way in Malaysia.

  18. Kit Siang is Chinese, Ghani is Malay and that proven DAP is Racial party for The chinese eventhough thay have malays, indians members tapi boleh kira dengan Jari . This also proof UMNO is not racist as they field Ghani in Majority Chinese. Unfortunately UMNO is on the defensive why I dont know kena tanya Ah Gib Gor sebab dia dah pakai cheong sam.

  19. I think a lot of people share your thinking too Annie. I for one do not wish to make enemy of the Chinese people of Malaya. I think they have their usefulness. For one thing, if you want to do house renovation, Chinese contractors are most definitely better than Malay contractors. Rarely you hear Chinese contractors run off without finishing the job but you will hear a lot of horror stories of Malay (and Indon) contractors.

    Having said that, I also do not trust the Chinese people of Malaya. For one thing, all their praises should be taken with a pinch of salt. They will praise you in English and Malay but their true feelings will only be expressed in their mother tongue (which you don't understand). So stupid of Malays to take them at face value.

    I also do not trust their patriotism. I always wonder if Singapore or China or Taiwan attack Malaysia, who the Chinese people of Malaya will support? I have no doubt whatsoever that the Malays will fight to their last breath to protect Malaysia but the Chinese? Hemm... Hopefully we will not have test my question for real..

    1. I thought that China is already making "waves" (pun intended) in the South China Sea?

      What's Malaysia doing about it?

      The Philippines has more balls, it seems. But, then, they have the support of the Seventh Fleet.

      Whereas in Malaysia, from Mahathir onwards, everyone wants to make nice with China!

    2. they want this country to be the Chinese extended backyard. And our PM is still giving more and more to them. They will take it and still frown that they have nothing

    3. 15:26

      To answer your question, take US ambassador to Malaysia Joseph Yun.

      If war breaks out between China and the US, whose side do you think he'll be on?

    4. 15:26 and 7:40:

      Of course he'll side the US.

      There have been many instances of Chinese Americans taking the side of their adopted country against China.

      During World War 2, many German Americans fought against Germany. Most Japanese Americans could not because they were not trusted and were interned.

  20. Latest update : The Eminent 25 has now been reduced to 24:-

    Liberal 25 Tidak Jujur Dengan Objektif Asal, Seorang Tan Sri Mahu Menarik Balik Sokongan

    1. Haiya, ini Tan Sri sudah chicken lah!

    2. "Haiya, ini Tan Sri sudah chicken lah!"

      Bukan sudah chicken tapi sudah sedar diri kena tipu bulat-bulat di siang hari oleh Melayu-Melayu liberal yang sudah lupa diri.

    3. There is one Tan Sri who play golf with chinese and indians and wear short pants too. How can this TS be talking about Islam.

  21. Eminent !
    Melayu ni lawak la..
    Melayu liberal ada..
    Melayu eminent ada..
    Melayu towering ada..
    Masalahnya, orang besar yg Melayu kebanyakan pilih untuk tak pandang mereka pun lepas dipilih.
    Dilema Melayu Masakini

  22. Melayu have voted in non-Melayu reps in the previous elections even though the areas were Melayu majority...

    1. so now don't do it anymore

    2. Malays should know what they need to do next...

  23. If you back the wrong horse in UMNO, BN or during an election, sulking forever does not help.

    The problem with some losing elections is that they come out with nice words only during elections but most of the other times, they appear as non-existant voters.

    As the general electorate gets wiser by the day, the old days of hoodwinking voters with sweet words or promises or worse still using vitrolic imaginary fear syndrome to subjugate the voters into voting for them is long gone.

    The other races in Malaysia have much to learn from their Chinese counterparts in being wiser with their votes.

    Which is more important?

    Good clean leaders governing the nation or Champions of race, religion and party?

  24. I used to be a nice person towards my fellow citizen but ever since the last GE I noticed that one race is very peculiar in action. As the economy grows they tend to be greedy and now wants everything to be under them. It is not a question greedy anymore but overall control. They think they can govern better. The Chinese irrespective of of which party they will support DAP (being precise) why??? because they think this is the time they can wrestle the control since the Malays are divided into 3 groups. They have succeeded in doing that with the assistance of Annuar Ibrahim and some PAS members who are inclined to the other side. Some of us feel that why not try to support the other side. To some of us , we cannot trust because since independence the Chinese has changed from being liberal and tolerance into being possessive I.e. I want to keep and eat it at the same time. LKY has said I can manage the Singapore Chinese and until today they are discipline lot. WHY and HOW he does it!!! by being strict and regimented. Why can't we do it in Malaysia? because our government like to postpone actions and continue to postpone its action. We have laws and regulation passed by Parliament and yet we keep postponing the actions. Fro example the immigrants when they are caught they are legalise and allowed working in the country. The employer should be heavily penalise with fine as well jail term while the immigrants themselves should be give 2 strokes as a reminder. That's what Singapore did to illegal immigrants. This will deter them from coming in illegally. I have not seen any NGOs in Singapore protesting it under human rights. In Malaysia the government is scared of whipping the asses of the immigrants. This is my country and we have laws to follow. But when this happens the Chinese tycoons who are involved in this illegal workers will jump at the politician who can assist them to get away with it and by God the politician give all sorts of excuses to justify the whitening of the illegal immigrants. This is happening in the country now. There is no respect now for politicians irrespective if you are government or oppositions.

    1. Reality Check on materialistic Singapore. Looking beyond Cash, Credit Card, Car, Condo, Career . . . what's inside of you?


    2. We are with you. In addition to that, "Malaysian Democracy" is dead but racial divisional democracy come unfavorable to the minority racial group is well and alive.

      The minority holds value chain of useful economic activities structured in favoring to their economic well being and survival. It has resulted in enormous wealth gap between the racial high brow and the lower brow of the society.

      The Government never view the capitalist system deliberately as a totality. Government intervention is necessary to call for equilibrium in the microeconomic landscape of racial economic of compartalization.

      This affirmative action policy and other privileges are unfavorable to the conservative-economic racial group. They hate it. Worse still, they could not do anything as long as this Malay Umno leads the political power to govern.

      What next .............?

  25. "In Gelang Patah, they rather voted Lim Kit Siang who had done nothing for them instead of Ghani who had served them well as Johor MB for 18 years.


    Kit Siang is Chinese, Ghani is Malay. It's as simple as that."

    Annie, I'm surprised at your inability to see the Realpolitik of the event:

    It was more BN vs Pakatan rather than Ghani vs Lim KS.

    If it had been Liow TL vs AK47, AK47 would have won.

    Ghani had been sent there to be slaughtered.

    As it is, the future of Malaysia may be irreversible: we look like heading into a huge mess before things can get better from the significantly lower base.

    I honestly believe that many Malays are shocked to be informed that musical instruments like the guitar, piano,violin etc, are haram!

    1. Yeah, like they voted for Dyana in Teluk Intan, right?Totally won.

      Who's the one unable to see here, really?

    2. 11:01

      An Analysis of The 2014 Teluk Intan By-Election by DAP's Ong Kian Ming

      As expected, the Teluk Intan by-elections was a very closely fought affair. In the end, the turnout of 67% was not sufficient for the DAP to maintain this seat, losing by a razor thin majority of 238 votes. In fact, before the results of the last polling station was returned to the DAP operations centre, our candidate, Dyana Sofya, was still ahead by 25 votes. Unfortunately, the last polling station, Sungai Bugis, also happened to be an Umno stronghold which we lost by a majority of 263 votes.

      The Chinese support for DAP decreased by 15% from 85% in GE2013 to 70% in this by-election which was the most pessimistic projection. This was somewhat surprising given the positive response that the campaign was receiving from the Chinese voters including the mammoth ceramah on the final day of the campaign.

      The Indian support for DAP decreased by 10% from 62% in GE2013 to 52% in this by-election, again the most pessimistic projection.

      If there was a silver lining to this campaign, it would be the slight increase in Malay support of 3% from 25% in GE2013 to 28% in this by-election. In 6 Malay majority polling stations, the DAP experienced small increases in the overall support ranging from 0.7% to 3.4%, an encouraging sign given that we w

      See more at:

    3. DAP put in a Malay crony of Kit Siang and lost the 7000 majority they had previously.
      BN retained almost the same number of votes.

      Anybody could see Pakatan voters simply punished Pakatan that time by not voting Dyana. Thousands of them.

      Wonder why?
      Is it because the fact that her mother was in Perkasa was exposed?

  26. Porn Watchers: Kuala Trengganu and Kota Baru came in 1st and 3rd among all Malaysian locations!

    And these are PAS states!

    The Star reported today that statistics by online adult video company Pornhub revealed that Internet users in Kuala Terengganu spent an average of 12 minutes and 58 seconds looking at or searching for visual pornography.

    Internet users in Kuala Lumpur were the second highest (12:29 minutes), followed by Kota Baru and Miri (both at 12:27 minutes).

    - See more at:

    1. Isn't Terengganu under UMNO?

  27. Are you Overdosed on Your Cough Medicine!!
    Nak Jadi Blogger Bangang Najib Ke?!

  28. Annie, have you forgotten it was the Chinese which saved Dr Mahathir in 1999 smpai Kit Siang and Karpal also lost. In 2004, there was an overwhelming support for Pak Lah by the Chinese for Pak Lah. In fact, in Johor the Chinese in each election until 2013 voted BN and MCA. Ghani Othman political career just like Ali Rustam was killed by UMNO members themselves. You should have seen Ghani Othman's election campaign. Hardly any UMNO members were working the ground for him. He was virtually in a headless and clueless campaign. In fact, the only person who campaigned for Ghani Othman was Dr Mahathir. By the way, I am a PPP AJK negeri.

  29. E25 Again!

    Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Din has rejoined the group of 25 prominent Malays asking for a rational dialogue on Islam, barely 24 hours after withdrawing his support.

    See more at:

  30. New SPM subject? Wonder who will be the teachers?

    Stressing on the importance of entrepreneurship, Deputy Finance Minister Ahmad Maslan lamented on the difference between Malay and Chinese children.

    In view of this, he suggested that the government shorten the teaching time allocated for geography in secondary schools and include a subject called "entrepreneurship".

    Ahmad said he had put forth his suggestion to Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin (left) and the response was positive.

    He said that it was an effort to create more entrepreneurs, especially among the bumiputera, and this would help Malaysia become a high-income nation.

  31. In a contest of UMNO vs PAS, if UMNO were represented by someone like Nazri and PAS represented by someone of the ulama faction who talk like Nik Aziz's son, who do you think Chinese would vote?

    Non-Muslims are entitled to events that they do not consider to be wrong, such as the Miss Tourism International event in Langkawi today, Tourism and Culture Minister Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz told PAS.

    While reminding that it is BN and not PAS that is in power, Nazri said the government would continue to support such events.

    “I think PAS should remember that in this country, there are about 40 to 45 percent non-Muslims who are also the rightful citizens of this country and entitled to all these events.

    “We must also ensure that the rights of the 45 percent non-Muslims are given respect. What is not haram to them, I think we should do,” he told reporters today.

  32. Annie, do you know what is a Dhimmi, and what are the restrictions put on Dhimmis in an Islamic state?

    Your comments will really be interesting due to your mixed parentage.

    1. Yes, better still do an entire post on Dhimmis.

  33. Anon 09:06 - a ‘dhimmi’ is a protected person. As a person protected by the state in safety and security you are not allowed to rebel and commit mischief. This also applies to the ‘believer’. A ‘dhimmi’ living in a protected district has to pay the ’jizyah’ which is a form of tax. The ‘believer’ living in the state has to pay the ‘zakat’ which is also a form of tax. ‘Zakat’ is not a voluntary tax as many would like to think. It is collected and meant for distribution. The state cannot run without taxes and maintain safety, security, improve its infrastructure and pay its officials.