Monday, 29 December 2014

In flooded area and pondering how to make things better

I'm now in a flood hit area.

Decided to help out a bit.

It's the usual end year finishing off leave days period, so I thought I better took mine and spend it by doing what little I can in this place where I am now.

Last year I tried to do the same during the flood but with not very good results.

Instead of helping people, I got sick.

Here is one of the posts at that time,

Flood stories from Kuantan

Will try to do better this time.

Anyway, almost all major roads to the East Coast were cut off two days ago.

I managed to get a ride with some crazy guys in their Ford Ranger, a 4x4 vehicle yesterday.

My car can't pass through the roads where I was going as the route was inundated by the flood.

Against police's advice, these crazy guys I was with decided to try our luck passing the roads which were cut off by water at four points.

Honestly I wish we had not tried it as I was scared but since I was hitching a ride with them, I just kept quiet when they decided to try the stunt.

It was really scary when the engine went dead at one point when we were crossing a section of the inundated road.

Fortunately the current of the thigh-high water was not so fast and the engine managed to be restarted for us to complete the crossing.

It was about that time that we heard on radio about the

AirAsia Indonesia flight QZ8501 to Singapore missing

Our prayers for those onboard and their loved ones.

It seems that our country's ill fortune this year keeps piling up till this last few days in December.

Looking at the devastation wrecked by the flood and pondering over the missing AirAsia flight, I wondered what should we do to bring back good vibes for this country so that we can avoid all these disasters from happening again.

I think that for my part, I must try to be a better Malaysian and do more to improve as a Muslim.

Maybe I should do more to help others and stop my bad habit of cursing around so much when talking to people.

I may even stop from keep changing the color of my hair and wearing my nose stud or even dress more modestly.

Ya, I will try to do anything that I can if it could improve things.

Well, here is some pictures that I took as myself and those crazy guys crossed the inundated roads yesterday,

Before crossing a submerged bridge 
Crossing a flooded road at a badly hit village

An ambulance waiting at the end of one of the flooded roads in case of emergencies


  1. Dear Annie,

    ('Nose stud'?! Ooo-de-lolly! Kat lidah ada dak..? *Blink! Blink!*)

    Ditto indeed. Prayers for the safety of all above the missing Air Asia flight.

    Change-for-better ought to come from within. Let no one influence you to do so til then.

    That bit about Islam, to my understanding no such thing. Lest we ter-forget Qada' & Qadar. For IF, Allah swt wills-it, the best of us will still be tested. What we can only try to do is to ensure that we proceed / conduct anything & everything in a JUST manner.

    Going by geographical-location and topography, we cannot stop this 'yearly ritual'. We can only mitigate it. Despite the ample data obtained, such measure is clearly still lacking. But that seems to be touching political-elements ya..


  2. Bravo Annie and the Loonies! Pls tell us what happens next with the rescue. Have mercy on us all oh Lord!

    1. This is for all the lonely people out there in the cold and damp .....

  3. I can see your reflection in the picture. :)

    1. Can only see the red anorak in the side mirror but not the face.

    2. Annie
      While still in your endeavour,listen to the following songs
      (1)Hitching A Ride by Vanity Fairs
      (2)Where Were You When I Needed You by The Grass Roots



  4. Alhamduli'llah for us that are safe adinda Ms Annie
    and really great for those who're saving our own lives.

    Worikh Kelate:
    We won't be joining you heroes, only sending $000s each to my wife's cousins to buy sundries and morer needed for restoring their house and property in KB.

    This is close to Sunnah SAW, to care first for immediate kins and it is effective. It fits their needs, sent quick and reaches the target people.

    Who knows, when we are next in dire need? Our d'ua of the best in-sya-Allah for those affected, officials on duty and volunteers !

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  5. Being a better Muslim by removing nose stud, hair color and less cursing? Hahaha. And then cover up head to toe or grow a long beard? Or you could, carry on doing what you are, taking your annual leave and using it to help those who need help. A God who can't see past some hair dye Ito a person's heart is a pretty useless deity. Have more faith in Him.

    1. or even better join dap..then the cina and india will praise you..and say if there is more malay like you bla..bla..bla..bullshit

    2. Dear 15:09,

      '..useless deity'..?

      You see, it is this sort of derogatory remarks such as yours that riles up the blood of any 'patient or moderate' Muslim.

      But clearly from your lack of conviction or according-respect, you must have gone missing when your God was handing-out brains.


    3. Ghaz, seriously, why don't you fuck off back to dumno ? It's obvius as Sun as to what you are. A clueless asshole. Or are you Helen fucking ang in disguise?

    4. Dear '20:56',

      Seriously, as profanities is your only 'ability', thank you very much for making my point of your absent-brains.. Cheers!



    5. We should be sensitive of the signs from above Anons, Sdr Ghaz
      of the resentment to long Malay rule and increasing Islamic domination.
      Maybe a sister just married a Muslim?

      Diversity :
      Diversity is a pain and also high potential. OK we have high regards for others culture, especially Chinese business integrity and entrepreneurship.

      We must still make diversity work for Malaysia in the global marketplace. Until we have a choice of genuine Malay businesses, our children will work with/ are still needed by the Towkays and Hindu tycoons.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    6. Well done Ghaz!

  6. Respect your a true reporter.Go where the action is.
    Good luck and hope you are safe.

    1. Thanks. But I am not a reporter and I am not brave.

  7. Actually, you r not suppose to crank or start the engine if it stopped running in water.

    Such action may cause back pressure to get water into exaust pipe and the combustion chamber.

    Lucky break.

    Mat Bonk