Sunday 21 December 2014

Moderation: Annie vs Sin Chew's deputy editor in chief

I am bored, so, I decided to analyze an article by Sin Chew Daily deputy editor in chief Lim Sue Goan.

It's about moderation.

My comments are in blue.

A tough fight


  1. Theyre talkin' bullshit ! Afterall arent with Najib or at least be moderate, see in different perspective, or best in the malays' eyes about the issues brought up by their tokongs.

    They are not honest.

  2. The Tokong Kit Siang of May 13th infamy proven today by his unflinching adoration of the Maoist revolutionary Chin Peng is now understudying with the super-capitalist PAP government but can they all clear themselves of political collusion with the Communist Party of Malaya - its guerilla terrorism and social subversion? Or are they just extremely political?


  3. Malay and the Muslim has long been Moderation moods ,infect since the Chinese and Indian came to their shores .

    If they have been critical now, I believe they cant take it no more ,the continues provocation by those who they have learn to accept and tolerate all this years , I believe, that they cant's take it anymore .

    Why this people , promote moderation , but continue with provocation .

  4. sudah lah , jangan cakap banyak la Dapigs , lu orang kalau merambus dari ini malaysia lagi aman la , tau pusing fakta sana sini , lu orang extremist macam paria punya dong xiong tak apa melayu mau jaga dia punya hak dan agama tak boleh , lepas itu tipu pula kata majoriti orang melayu sokong kamu punya moderate , memang majoriti sokong moderate tapi kami benci cina chauvanis macam Dapigs dan melayu yang jual maruah bangsa dan agama macam Anu-ar , melayu dalam Dapigs dan pemimpin PAS yang rasuah yang boleh di beli macam mat sabu . Jangan mimpi la orang melayu semua mau sokong macam U punya kaki perbodoh orang melayu . Yes U bloody bastard and you deserve it.

  5. The day Annie was body snatched by Helen Ang.


  6. No fight at all Sdr Sue Goan !
    Conservative Islam will in-sya-Allah prevail .. note it's conservative not extremists.

    The extremists? Like elsewhere in the world these are a crazy minority from both sides, and that includes that HH Archbishop that took the government to the highest courts.

    We park the extremists and we next identify the Malays that matter, and these are not the 25s.
    In response a group 33 Malaysians just quoted the US Pew Research, that 86% of Malaysian Muslims favour Syariah as offical law.
    ( and you name us extremists? )

    Religious Malay :
    Islamic values are now accepted as virtuous and have drowned whatever remains Malay values. This is structured through the ASWJ school that rules solely based on al-Quran and Hadith.
    ( Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah ).
    The actual credibility to rule flows from the Majlis Fatwa that is respected by JAKIM, the Muslim political parties and etc PERKASA despite the clownish antics of it's leaders. Even not seriously practicing Muslims support this.

    The so called 'moderates' are really apologists who have almost no Muslim support. Other races should realise that supporting them is not productive for all, and may be perceived as confrontational.

    Real dialogue on Islam :
    There is greater need for dialogue in-sya-Allah on the direction of Islam in the Malaysian mould. Both the parties that really matter (1) the Islamic authorities and (2) non-Muslim population, have too long directly avoided each other.

    Haji M Zin.
    Alor Gajah DPH.

    1. As Salam Tn. Haji,

      Concur / Agree yet again. Aptly put..



    2. Wa alaikumu Salam and we should also look forward, Yg Bhg Sdr Ghaz
      to dialogue between the Islamic authorities directly with other races, just on:

      The state Syariah Enactments and the structures and workings of Islamic institutions.

      NB, Inter-faith dialogue, should NOT be on the agenda because of the heavy baggage already piled up by the politicians.
      ( and definately no need for so called moderators?? )

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. Yes Tn. Haji,

      Such a discourse I opine humbly, was warranted the moment this subject was brought-up by the Non-Muslims.

      What better way to educate, if not illuminate the Non-Malays / Non-Muslims on the tenets of Islam vis-a-vis its structures and institutions. Fact is, such legislation or jurisprudence had been there for 'donkeys-years'.

      I'm quite certain that we all had nicely managed to Co-Exist then. Thus, what is their beef now I seriously wonder.

      For example, I cannot fathom the apprehension being leveled against the Hudud-implementation. IF, I say again IF, such is the will of the 'majority', let the principles of democracy prevail.

      I stand to be corrected of course, but how many different-ways do the Non-Muslims need to be assured that Hudud is only applicable to Muslims. (Granted, certain punishments may appear barbaric that in-turn may require 'fine-tuning'..)

      And yes, as the word 'Politician' goes, they serve their Master(s) that any hopes for a totally impartial discourse cannot quite be realized.

      Moderator(s)..Who? Say Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah..?? Do forgive my honest take that if gauging-Politically one cannot secure the support of one's constituency it is tantamount to lack-of-acceptance. In short, credibility-suspect.

      However, whilst not sounding 'extreme', I'll probably give him a second thought if he can announce his convictions where ASWJ is concerned. :-)


  7. It is a historical fact that the Malays on the whole are moderates in their way of life. Unavoidably, there are extremism here and there as expected in any society. Following the middle part (being moderate) as followers of Islam is a crucial factor why they manage to adapt, acquiesce, and survive confrontations against conquering forces such the Siamese and later on the Europeans. The intruders have no reason to exterminate the local populace unlike what happened to the Red Indians or Maoris.

    In a wider perspective we are living in a vicious world around stoked by agendas and falsities of power, greed, ideologies, imperialism, religion that lead to confusion of the purpose of humane existence but more towards nihilism. If we are ignorant and somehow we get caught in such vortex of mankind failings then gradually we will be in sucked into destructive mode to go after each others throat. It is easy to forget that there is whole gamut of interplay of human qualities - knowledge, wisdom, tolerance, understanding, give and take, discipline, patience, mutual respect, good governance, unto you your religion, and such at conscious or subconscious level to make for harmonious living.

    All communities react to extremism. It is a vicious cycle and goes full circle.

  8. Dear Annie,

    I find this writing of yours wholeheartedly inspiring. And with your salvo & volleys, the imaginary 'modern-version of Tun Fatimah' comes to mind.

    I'm NOT a pervert but weirdly, it's bordering on 'huge infatuation'. So IF you don't make it with your current 'Yours-Truly', I'm calling-dibs on you..

    And I swear I don't care if you're a Triangular-shaped, Hobbit, Halfling etc.. :-)

    Do keep up with the sensible write-ups.. Cheers!


  9. Annie, yours is a very vibrant blog, full of youthful energy. However, it seems that much of this energy is used on arguing.

    Recently in a seminar, TDM reminded that religion is not enough, that Malays should also master science, etc. But while he didn't say it, I believe he'll also like to see more Malay involvement in business. In short, become economically more productive.

    May I therefore suggest you do a series of posts which address this issue?

    When you're at it, may I also suggest that you block disruptive posts which do not contribute to that aim?

    I saw a newsreel of Iraq in the 1950's today. Here it is:

    Look at Iraq now.

    Don't you wonder what Malaysia will become in 10-20 years if we just let it drift?

    All politicians have their own agendas; it is the people who will live the consequences.

    1. Tan Sri Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, Malaysia’s longest-serving Member of Parliament, is decidedly despondent about his country.

      “I cannot recall an experience when Malaysia, after independence, was trapped in a situation similar to that we face now,” he said in a wide-ranging interview with The Edge Review 1-2 weeks ago.

      Malaysia’s troubled political landscape, where the sensitive issues of race and religion are dominating headlines and public discourse, is being weighed down by the serious deterioration in the country’s economic performance where mounting debt in the public sector and households is leaving the country very vulnerable to external shocks.

      “We have never been in this spot before.”

      On 30/10/14, when oil prices were significantly higher, he said that Malaysia’s leaders must push “new and brave ideas” to be implemented over the next decade to avoid an economic crisis that could sink the country into turmoil.

      Yes, instead of fruitless arguments, why not put this blog's 'energy' to good use?

      During the cold war, commenting on America's nuclear fueled tension with Soviet Russia, president John F Kennedy said this:

      “For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal.”

  10. reverse physchology at play
    goto start

    1. with digital recording, there's no need to "rewind". just push the 'repeat' button.

  11. Annie, ini lah yg dikatakan moderation ala cina kiasu. Mereka lah yg memulakan dahulu serangan dan provokasi Keatas orang melayu dan apabila di balas provokasi mereka ini, mereka bercakap pula tentang moderation. Cina cina ini sepatutnya bercakap mengenai moderation kepada tokong mereka lim guan eng dan bapa tokong lim kit siang. Dua ekor anjing kurap itu lah extremist yg sebenar. Tetapi Cina cina kiasu ini telah menutup mata kerana dua ekor anjing itu adalah sebangsa dgn mereka. bagi cina cina kiasu ini tidak apa jika bangsa mereka menjadi extremist tetapi menjadi satu kesalahan jika org lain membalas provokasi mereka.

  12. Annie is indulging in flights of fantasy and avoiding the realities.

    Usual stuff for her. Par for the course, yadda yadda and all that.

    She and her ilk are past experts at denying realities. To them, it's all a conspiracy against Islam and Malay Muslims.

    It must be the mother of all inferiority complexes that she is nursing.

    No matter. It's less competition for the rest of us as we make our way in a globalised world that has little time for excuses, privileges etc.

    Do carry on, Annie. And encourage your followers to continue doing so.

    Only don't come looking for bailouts when the economy goes belly up.

    1. So says the impersonator.

    2. Anon 10:43

      At least the "impersonator" is talking sense.

      Has Annie been able to refute or rebut any of his or her comments?

      All she does in her blog is to whine about how unfair the world is, why Islam is "under attack" and how "everyone else" is to blame for the "predicament" bedeviling a particular community.

      It doesn't take a rocket scientist to able to indulge in moaning and whingeing!

    3. Yah I think every sane human being is afraid of the head chopping extremism of radical Islamism. No one is going to heaven for murder, you can be sure of that much.

    4. Tebing Tinggi.

      Nobody mention about conspiracy here , ( conspiracy only Understand by Anuar and his ilk ), the Malays/Muslim here are facing reality of being too tolerance all this years .
      It's time they should consider ,and acted on it , the mistake that has been made by their earlier generation of being acceptance and tolerance .

      P/S Is it any other names that you could used ?.

    5. Why do you ask?

      Have you registered an exclusive right to the "tebing tinggi" moniker?

      If you haven't, it's open season, baby!

      Do you mean to say that the Malay/Muslims in Malaysia are only now just waking up to "reality"?

      What have they been doing since August 1957?

      And after six PMs from Umno?

      And after "affirmative action", special rights, privileges and quotas?

      I am being a tad cynical here.

      The less fortunate amongst us have to make our way in the world without the benefit of crutches or tongkats.

      That's a fact of life. It's not seditious to say so, just in case you get any bright ideas!

    6. Tebing Tinggi,

      I think you love to do that , some of you will put on, songkok ,baju Melayu and tudong to fools around for self benefit, but people won't judge book by it's cover .

      Don't blame your fate to be in this part's of the world , just do as the Roman do if you are in Rome , but you cant have special right either .

    7. Talking sense my ass.
      All the impostor did was accuse and make up things and pretend he is right.
      Why don't you take a dose of your own advice and rebut her first on the relevant points.

    8. Anon 18:12

      I thot (apologies to A Kadir Jasin) that Tebing Tinggi made some relevant points.

      What relevant points has Annie raised apart from an annotated critique of a Sin Chew op-ed piece?

      It's Mahathir who raised the "beggars" reference.

      Didn't he do enough in his years as PM to make sure that there are no "beggars" in Malaysia?

      So how is it that no one has queried Mahathir about this?

  13. The malay/muslim liberals are just muslims who loved whatever Allah has bestowed to them in this world so much so that they are willing to interpret of Islam their own way to legitimise whatever they are doing . True muslims will try their very best to do good things, avoid prohibited stuff and other things as prescribed by the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet. They will commit sins but will never go against the words of Allah.

    The Eminent 25 may be successful in this world but they forgot that if Allah wills, they could easily be taxi drivers. Wealth, fame and position means responsibilities. They have to be very careful with what they say to the public. I pray that Allah will guide them in the correct path.

    1. Counsel from a Sufi sheikh:
      The whys and wherefores of differences and disputes among men.


    2. As Salam'kum and aa miin, Sdr Anon 07: 21
      for guidance and Rahmah Allah.

      .. Despair not of the Mercy of Allah: for Allah forgives all sins: for He is Oft-Forgiving Most Merciful.
      ( Surah az-Zumar, 39:53 )

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. Akidah orang Melayu yang betul Ahl Sunnah Wal Jamaah

  14. Of course there are nut case politicians all over.

    But what does it matter who started the provocation FIRST?

    Main thing is we are in a mess NOW.

    And because of this non stop recrimination, the country cannot go ahead and extricate itself from the (especially economic) mess it is in.

    The weakening of our exchange rate will bring inflation. From everyday groceries onwards, prices will go up. Some items will simply become no more available. The country has not experienced it yet. But if you believe Ku Li, it will in the not too distant future.

    So, do we fight for our common future of against each other?

    1. Do we fight for our common future or against each other?

      The answer should be obvious.

      Especially when we think of the poor amongst our citizens, because such a scenario will hit them most.

    2. Of course it matters.
      Why don't the ones who started it stop and we see what happens next?

      The economic troubles are global. The opposition never stop hyping it up.
      I don't think they care, even better for them to bring down the government with. It's not the first time. You expect us to believe those people are fighting for our future?

  15. Yes. It does matter who starts it first. Worse still they are not stopping and accusing and blaming others for their dirty work. To every action there is a reaction. To expect the opposite borders naivety and just plain stupid.

  16. 10:48, 10:25

    Agreed, plain stupid. Deserve what's coming.

  17. If Malays haven't been moderate, all Chinese and Indians have home back to their countries lah.
    Hope vernacular school is revoked so that they would feel what the Malays are feeling now .


  18. "Back up 'Malays now beggars' claims, Kit Siang tells Mahathir" (agencies).

    So, the "Sifu" has challenged the "Dalang".

    Will the "Dalang" pick up the gauntlet?

    It will be interesting to see how he justifies his claims, seeing as how Malaysia has had 6 Umno Prime Ministers since Merdeka?

    But the "Dalang" and his apologists don't care.

    To them, it's everyone else's fault except theirs.

    It's excuses after excuses....

    1. Anon 13:18,

      Haii....Yaa, itu boloh punya "Sifu" lea aa, itu Mahathir cekap itu Bulayu atak 60% ,apa pasat mau manyak lendah maa aa ,mau mintak undi lali Cina lor rr.

      Itu , Mahathir cekap ,Bulayu mesti jadi satu ,tatak pechah lea aa, 60% mesti bolih lajdi kelajaan lea aa .
      Hai..Yaa Wa , Cina sekolah pon atak paham apa lia cekap , manyak malu ley yy .
      Itu uncle Kit ,Wa manyak sukak , tapi tunjok boloh Wa manyak malu lea aa.

    2. Lufang, I don't know what race you are but please stop butchering the Malay language.

    3. Lufang is a retard it seems.

  19. We the citizens must know what has happened to the tens of billion ringgit in the ill-conceived 1MDB project. This must first be clarified by those responsible for managing it. We can't move forward in the dark!

  20. Kit Siang a sifu ...really? He is never a sifu but a hypocrite of the highest degree. What is his achievement so far as compared to Tun's? To acknowledge him as one says a lot about you people and how your minds work.

    1. Well, what has the Tun accomplished?

      Apart from claiming that the Malays in Malaysia are still "beggars" 56 years after indepence and after six Prime Ministers from Umno?

      Oh, yah - make that both "beggars" and "beholden to the other races".

      Maybe it's flight of fantasy or a descent from cloud cuckoo land to harsh global realities.

      And that the existence of a Petronas is no guarantee of sound government finances.

      Yes, the Tun has achieved a "lot".

      Sez you.

      Perhaps you would like to compare him with Lee Kuan Yew?

      Singapore where it is today and Malaysia where it is today.

      So, tell us again - exactly how do our minds work?

      How does your's, by the way?

    2. Only 'blind' people cannot see the achievements of the good Tun. Or maybe it must be hurting too much ( ouch!) to say the truth- A Malay man able to speak up for his agama , bangsa dan negara.

    3. 15:33

      Most here think in warped speed.

      A different dimension from you la!

    4. In Malaysia, government is Malay controlled, so Chinese do not have so many opportunities to demo their ability.

      It's better to compare their performance in business.

      It's generally known that Halim Saad, Tajuddin Ramli, Ananda Krishna, Vincent Tan and YTL were all government blue eye boys.

      We don't hear much of Halim and Tajuddin now, but the other three are now heavy weight billionaires who have all expanded their businesses beyond Malaysian shores and doing the country proud.

    5. I thought you people said there is no Malay , Chinese and Indian but Malaysians. How come NOW we are comparing between the races here and high lighting Malay-controlled government?

    6. 19:46

      Pakatan supporters want a Malaysian Malaysia.

      UMNO Malays note their special position in the constitution, as a result of which.....hey guys, please help me explain.....I've forgotten the exact reason.....?

  21. I wish kadir jassin, that outsidebox syed & zamkata can think like you. All same mcm this LIm guy. I guess malaysian journalists are all the same. main tembak saja. Agreed with PM....dia orang betul2 bangang

  22. My Indonesian friend, who is a devout Muslim (he has performed the Umrah and posts daily reflections on the Qur'an on his Facebook page) has no hang ups wishing his Christian friends "Merry Christmas".

    He is secure in his faith, as his Christian friends are in theirs.

    1. Yes, and in Indonesia, they have 6 "official" faiths/religions, one of which is Islam.

      Yay for Pancasila!

  23. What a load of hog wash. Takut Najib potong your gaji isit?