Thursday 25 December 2014

Prayers for flood victims, rescuers and relief workers (updated 2)


This is what DPM TS Muhyiddin Yassin said today about the flood situation as reported by NST;


SUBANG JAYA: Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin today reassured the public that the country was in good hands while Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak was away.
The deputy prime minister said he would do his best to act on behalf of Najib as the country faces one of the worst floods in its history, with tens of thousands displaced.
"Don't worry, I'm in charge.
"The PM needs time to take a break... he has been working very hard so let's be fair to him as a human being," he told reporters at the Christmas celebration hosted by the Christian Federation of Malaysia here.
Muhyiddin was responding to criticism from several quarters regarding Najib's absence during the floods, which has now seen more than 90,000 people evacuated around the country.
Muhyiddin said he was keeping close contact with Najib while the prime minister was away, and providing the latest updates on the current situation.
He said the government would mobilise all available assets to help in flood rescue operations, and would call on the private sector to assist if needed.
"We may ask some private companies or other agencies not involved with the flood operations to lend their helicopters for this crisis."
"Our priority is the safety of the people, and we will do all we can to save lives even if it costs more than we expected."
He urged the public not to spread false or unsubstantiated rumours in order to avoid adding to the flood victims' distress.
"Rumours such as distress calls and so on are hard to verify which makes it difficult for us and causes people to panic.
"This is not helpful so we hope people will not be taken in by these claims spreading on social media."
Muhyiddin said he has been receiving updates every two hours from the National Security Council on the flood situation and will to continue to advise them on the mobilisation of assets and aid distribution.
Erratic weather patterns, he said, had made it difficult for rescue and aid operations to be carried out as planned, especially in heavily affected areas in Kelantan.
He said his scheduled visit to the state tomorrow may even be disrupted, depending on the weather and flood situation at Pengkalan Chepa airport.
"If that happens, I will resort to Plan B, which is to land in either Kuantan or Terengganu."
He dismissed criticism that the government had been unprepared for the crisis, saying that the extent of the floods had been unexpected.
"We face floods every year but this is looking to be the worst the country has seen in the last 30 years.
"We can prepare all we can, but some things just cannot be predicted. Some things are also out of our control... This is a natural disaster and it can be caused by many things, including climate change and soil erosion."
Despite the seriousness of the crisis, Muhyiddin said there was not yet a need to declare a state of emergency, as several criteria needed to be met.
"Unless there was a total breakdown in electricity or water supply, or if the number of evacuees rises to over hundreds of thousands, we will not declare a state of emergency."
"Even it was declared, the important thing is what we do about it... Ensuring lives are saved and that they have all the essentials they need."
Earlier, Muhyiddin wished all Malaysians a Merry Christmas on behalf of Najib and the government.
He said Christmas was a time for the country to foster peace and harmony.
"These are very challenging times.
"There is a need for us to come together and share our feelings so that we can resolve issues in the best possible manner we can."


Received this request to publish the following from a friend who is a supporter of PM DS Najib Razak.

Here it is,

There are lots of anger that PM Najib is seen playing golf with Obama in Hawaii on Christmas day and that he is not on the ground visiting the flooded east coast or in Malaysia directing flood relief efforts.

However, we have to be realistic and understand that a PM's role is not to direct flood efforts nor to wade thru flood waters to carry victims to safety.

He is better served monitoring the situation and approve allocations and allow the right emergency bodies and his ministers to do their work.

A cursory glance at his twitter and FB page also shows that he has been making frequent updates on the flooding situation:

In fact, just 4 days ago, Najib did visit flood victims at the relief center in SMK) Gudang Rasau, Pahang that was holding residents around Sungai Belat.…/2014/12/20/pm-lawat-mangsa-banjir/

It's not like he doesn't care or is not updated with the latest. But even if he was on the ground in the flooded areas, there is little he can do and it is actually counter-productive.

Being on the ground is really just a populist photo-opportunity and the publicity and hoo-hah around him could turn out to be a hindrance to relief efforts instead of a help.

Not many people get to play a round of golf on Christmas Day (being the most important festival day for Obama) with the USA presidnet to build relationships - many many more famous world leaders would never have the chance.

Remember that President Obama is the most powerful person on earth and has vast resources at his command.

Who knows? Perhaps Najib could have asked Obama to look into assisting the flood victims in the east coast either via monetary donations or via technical, medical or logistic assistance?

And this is the latest statement issued by Najib just now,

Kenyataan Media

1. Saya telah dimaklumkan bahawa keadaan banjir di beberapa negeri kini semakin teruk dengan jumlah mangsa yang dipindahkan di sesetengah kawasan meningkat dengan mendadak.

2. Saya telah berhubung dan berbincang dengan YAB Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Timbalan Perdana Menteri selaku Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Pengurusan Bencana Negara bagi mempertingkatkan lagi usaha membantu mangsa-mangsa banjir terutama di kawasan yang terjejas teruk dan berisiko tinggi. Saya telah meminta YAB Timbalan Perdana Menteri mempertingkatkan lagi operasi penghantaran bantuan berupa makanan berikutan wujudnya kesukaran untuk sampai ke  kawasan banjir tertentu.

3. Saya diberitahu antara punca utama usaha memindahkan mangsa-mangsa banjir dan penghantaran barang makanan agak sukar dilakukan di sesetengah  tempat adalah disebabkan paras air yang sangat tinggi, arus deras yang merbahaya untuk kenderaan dan bot penyelamat di samping ada pusat pemindahan yang turut ditenggelami air.

4. Saya juga diberitahu, usaha penghantaran bantuan menerusi helikopter  terganggu berikutan cuaca buruk yang menyukarkan penerbangan dilakukan. Terdapat juga di kawasan tertentu helikopter tidak dapat mendarat untuk menurunkan bantuan berikutan tiada lokasi sesuai berhampiran pusat pemindahan.

5. Saya percaya dan yakin pasukan penyelamat kita yang terdiri daripada pelbagai agensi kerajaan dan anggota sukarelawan sedang bertungkus lumus untuk memberikan bantuan yang terbaik termasuk mencari ikhtiar untuk sampai juga ke lokasi pemindahan yang sukar bagi menyalurkan segala bantuan yang ada.

6. Apapun kerajaan akan memastikan agar segala usaha dilakukan bagi membantu semua mangsa menghadapi banjir yang begitu mencabar pada tahun ini.

Dato' Sri Mohd Najib
25 Disember 2015 


The flood situation seems to be worsening with the number of evacuated victims getting closer to 100,000 all over the country.

This is via NST SMS alert just now:

NST 25/12 Flood in 5 states showed no signs of letting up, displacing 90,250 people in what is seen as biggest number of flood evacuees in history.

The worst hit is Kelantan.

KB this morning -picture courtesy of a journalist friend.
Fortunately, the authorities seem to have learn something from the big flood which took residents of Kuantan and Kemaman by surprise last year.

They were better prepared this time.

The response to emergencies may not be perfect but seems to be better than during last year's flood.

The situation in Kelantan, though very bad, seems still manageable with rescuers and relief workers doing their best for the victims.

They were however hampered by very bad weather causing some rescue efforts and delivery of relief supplies to be delayed.

Other than messages sent by flood victims, I have also monitored the exchanges between the rescue and relief workers and could feel that they are trying their best with all sincerity to assist the flood victims.

This is a message by a pilot of an air force helicopter to his friends via wassap which was shared with me yesterday by his journalist friend,

"Kawan2 di tudm dah cuba rescue d area manik urai ari ni...tapi cuaca very bad from kelantan and from penang,,,tomorrow first flt depa try masuk lagi...doa yg terbaik...malam ni usaha utk hantar makanan bagi yg terperangkap di area k.lipis...semoga d permudah"

Let's pray for the safety of those affected by the flood and all involved in the rescue and relief efforts.

Those who could afford it, please lend a hand to help.

On my part I will try to do what I can at the place where I am now.

By the way, I don't think anyone should try to exploit the situation like this,

Kelantan floods divine impetus for hudud rollout, claims Nik Aziz's son

It's just not right, okay.


  1. While 100K++ rakyat marhain suffer, gib ah gor played golf with wonder they didn't declare emergency...nanti kantoi...the quality of leader that we have....

  2. Let's play golf, if possible with the most powerful man on earth. This will make the flood relief operations easier or this most powerful person on earth can stop the flooding.

  3. During the last major flood, Pak Lah went on holiday in Perth. Now Najib decide to golop in Hawaii. Perhaps they saw what's coming.

  4. You must be a top blogger for PM's office to use your blog to issue statement.

  5. half of the kelantanese voters hate najib and half of them did not vote for najib. some of them go all out of the way to disapprove BN. when flood hits them, they are complaining about najib's present and the way he handled flood. even if najib sitting next to them, nothing much we can do. are they saying najib must go to each flood areas sit down and eat with them, cried and therefore flood will be uplift and people are happy chirping happily away?

    1. Dear 16:24

      This is a Natural Disaster-issue. It transcends political-affiliation.

      Lantak pi la about 'mishandling of food or disaster-relief aid' criticism (IF there were any substantiated allegations in the first place..)

      I agree that he needs-not be present at every flood-center, hugs-kisses-pacifying the victims etc.

      It's the adverse-impression of being seen elsewhere having at least, a nice time that will not go down well with surely, a portion of the victims.


    2. if you talk about the adverse effect, affecting some people's mind, then there is nothing much any of us could do. Media in general is playing politics when floods comes in. so, each of us has to choose whether najib playing golf or present in some affected flood areas will raise the spirit of flood victims. i chose not to believe what is he doing or where he would and have been. i chose to help victims in which ever way i could. to hell with politicians, and to hell for those people playing politics at times of need.

      anon - above - you.

    3. Start worrying people! Cos with his 1MDB fiasco here comes the TPPA to serve the American multinational corporation chiefs

  6. Adoiii..! Not good..not good... The Malay saying equivalent is 'tak kena tempat' or 'tak manis nampak gitu'..

    The disaster-relief aid required & provided goes without saying.

    "Not many people get to play a round of golf on Christmas Day (being the most important festival day for Obama) with the USA presidnet"..La dida..

    So awfully sorry but does that suggest being with POTUS (or elsewhere for that matter..) supersedes the symbolic need to be around in your own citizens hour-of-need.

    I won't expect Leaders to 'sinsing lengan-baju' but for Heaven's sake please be around la kot.. Sejuk la sikit hati rakyat..Macam mana nak 'sanjung & puji Pemimpin' lagu ni..?

    Well I guess our PM really feels he still has a good image in the eyes of the public.

    And this bit: "Remember that President Obama is the most powerful person on earth and has vast resources at his command."

    Appalling, ghastly, meluat etc. MOST Powerful?? What, economic might? Military might?


    1. Obviously as far as gib ah gor is concerned, there are more pressing issues to discuss with obama than lending moral support to rakyat marhain in Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Perak, Perlis and now Kedah....I wonder what could those be? Perhaps latest news on MH370? New findings to implicate Russians on MH17? Or maybe, what the Fed could do buffer the RM fall? Whatever....his priorities better be in the interest of the country la and not just for the sake of his political survival....

      Dhahran Sea

  7. Dear Annie,
    Yang you ckp tu bukan supporter tapi pembodek aka macai najib..saya sbg rakyat biasa berpendapat umpan dah kena makan..nampaknya dah kena cucuk hidung dgn u.s..sbb tu tun m menyinga..majority atas pgr mcm saya ni tunggu bila pas nak kluar pakatan..

    1. Kalau yang bukan mengaku ulamak itu mentafsir kemurkaan Tuhan membanjiri manusia atas sebab diorang tak laksana hudud mungkinlah kita dapat terima. Akan tetapi ini kenyataan anak Nik Aziz itu yang mengecewakan ! Besar kemungkinan Tuhan marah dia sebab ada orang PAS pergi ke Iraq berjuang kemungkaran dengan Islamic State, membunuh dan berzina atas nama Isle!

  8. Politics is all about perception. Tons of explanations may never undone a wrong perception. The perception that Najib plays while the citizens suffer may linger for a while.

  9. "The PM needs time to take a break..."

    Fine, yes, certainly understandable. No-one's a robot. But so it's actually a case of PM having a choice ya.. Couldn't reschedule could we..?

    "..he has been working very hard so let's be fair to him as a human being,"

    Incumbent upon any straightforward Leader to be at least 2.5times hardworking than the next man/woman in-the-street.

    All-in-all, still kinda looks like 'shooting-at-own-feet'.

    My next vote will be with DPM Muhyiddin, with hopes that his level of 'sensitivity / segan' is tad better if not sharper.

  10. hi annie , najib ini nak minta tolong US ka atau dia dah jadi Barua US , Saya memang TAK RAGU KALAU isu MAS MH 370 \ 17 di ujudkan oleh US untuk kepentingan mereka kerana Malaysia ada pemimpin macam najib yang nampak sangat rela bodek US dengan pergi main golf di hawaii semata-mata nak ambil hati Presiden US walaupun masa ini malaysia ada banyak masalah . PM hanya mentakbir negara dengan guna tweeter , lebih baik berundur. Serah pada orang lain buat masa ini bukan PR kerana menguntungkan puak rasis Dapigs , parti melayu bersama mereka hanya boneka yang boleh dibayar yang rela gadai maruah dan agama.

  11. no matter how realistic we can be, playing golf with mr obama of whom recently critiicized as to not deserved the nobel peace prize.

    not coming back to the country while the flood is said to be the worst in 30 years just seems to be wrong. I think he could just catch the next flight back home. he dont have to be in the water carrying victims, but the presents would mean something. heck even looking and listening at muhidin at the press conf lifted some kind of hope. at least morally.

    of couse being a PM isnt gonna be easy. to run the whole nation it takes a lot. but unlike previous pms he relied heavily on his precious consultants. so if najib thinks the job is too much, he is most welcome to step down.

  12. Bak kata anak, kelantan skali ni banjir teruk sbb Allah nak bershkan dari segala mcm maksiat yg mana mamat kelantan ramai terlibat. Terdiam paknya skejap...

  13. Sorry Annie, to repost this here since it's still waiting to be approved by The Unspinner:

    Ya Allah...

    How bangang can one be? No wonder he calls you guys with that word! Of course anybody with a sane rational mind wouldn't expect the PM to wade through the flood water. His presence back home during this difficult moment, as the Chief in Command would be most comforting and would at least shown how sensitive and caring he is to their sufferings.

    Playing golf thousand of miles away in a sunny weather when so many are struggling with uncertainties and even death, this is how you guys want to spin this?

    Cukup-cukup lah. I don't know how you guys could go to sleep at night without a sense of guilt at all.

    Still haven't learned anything yet from Pak Lah's time and the flood in Johor back then?

    1. Unspinner is totok Najib's asslicker. Don't expect it to be published.

  14. even obama postpone his visit to msia the other day due to his job over there. why cant najib do the same?

    hes just too bend on pleasing those who we really are pissed off at. i wonder why?

  15. Tht is his style. Yep after this obama will assure tht US will help. Workin while golfin. With these kind of disaster a help in term financial will definitly a great help