Sunday 14 December 2014

Wassap war on 1MDB

Received a Wassap message from someone who is not so fond of the BN government last night.

It was a pro-Pakatan Malaysiakini report quoting senior journalist blogger Kadir Jasin criticizing the controversial 1MDB programme.

Obviously she had received the message from someone else as the story went viral via the Wassap network.

Then early this morning, I received another Wassap message on 1MDB. It was from a friend who is an Umno supporter, who is to be more precise, a supporter of PM DS Najib Razak.

1MDB is now extensively used by critiques of the PM to undermine him.

I am a bit tired and muddle headed at the moment to try to analyze the claims of both sides.

For that, I leave it for you all to decide.

The only observation I want to make here is that defenders of the BN government seem to be far less sophisticated in the psychological battle as the pro-Pakatan side utilize their potent cyberwar machinery such as Malaysiakini  to spread information to undermine the BN government.

I have repeatedly wrote about this : Umno and its BN allies have no real cyberwar strategy at all to counter those of Pakatan's.

Anyway, this is the one against 1MDB : 

1MDB got loan extension from Bank Negara'

12:46PM Dec 13, 2014

The controversial state investment body 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) had sought an extension period for its non-performing loans (NPL) from Bank Negara, veteran newsman A Kadir Jasin claimed today in a blog posting, quoting "sources".

Kadir claimed that Bank Negara governor Zeti Aktar Aziz had in a recent meeting allegedly agreed to the request despite being unhappy with 1MDB's large borrowings, as not doing so could seriously impact the banking system.

"If it (the extension) was not given, there would have been a massive default and Tier 1 banks that extended the loans would have to make huge provisions," Kadir wrote.

"This could lead to the downgrading of the local banking system."

Kadir also claimed that some "very harsh words" were traded during the meeting between 1MDB top officials and Bank Negara.

Non-performing loans are loans that are in default or are close to being in default.

1MDB had so far accrued a RM49 billion debt against RM51.4 billion in assets.

'Dr M grilled 1MDB top guns'

In that same meeting, Kadir claimed 1MDB chairperson Lodin Wok Kamaruddin had offered to step down.

"One source said at the meeting with Bank Negara, Lodin had offered to resign immediately. But that is not the concern of Bank Negara," Kadir said.

"Lodin was appointed by the Prime Minister (Najib Abdul Razak). If it is true that he offered to resign, he should tell that to Najib," he added.

He said that 1MDB sought to extend the NPL period from three to six months, and its ability to keep the extended period will depend on whether it “can or will” bring home the RM7 billion it had controversially parked in a Cayman Islands fund.

Kadir also said that in a recent meeting, former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad (right), who had openly criticised 1MDB, had "grilled" top 1MDB officials.

"Sources said Dr Mahathir grilled the 1MDB team on the company’s modus operandi," he said.

"The source said Dr Mahathir feels obliged to take up the matter with 1MDB and to speak openly on the subject because many parties had come to see him to inform him about the goings-on in the company," he added.

Malaysiakini has contacted 1MDB over the claims and is awaiting their response.

And this is the one in defense of 1MDB :

(Ini satu maklumat penting ttg 1MDB)

1MDB lapor keputusan penuh tahunan diaudit untuk 12 bulan berakhir 31 March 2014

1MDB mengumumkan keputusan penuh tahunan untuk12 bulan berakhir 31 Mac 2014, satu lagi tahun yang produktif untuk kumpulan di mana ia memperoleh beberapa aset tenaga dan hartanah berkualiti tinggi untuk portfolionya yang semakin berkembang.    

Kumpulan mencatatkan kerugian berjumlah RM665.3 juta untuk tahun kewangan ini, sebahagian besarnya berpunca daripada kos pembiayaan yang lebih tinggi berjumlah RM2.4 billion, berbanding RM1.6 billion pada tahun kewangan sebelumnya, sebagai sebahagian daripada strategi untuk mengembangkan pangkalan asetnya.  Nilai pangkalan aset kumpulan meningkat kepada RM51.4 billion, berbanding RM44.6 billion pada tahun kewangan sebelumnya, dengan jumlah pinjaman meningkat daripada RM36.2 billion kepada RM41.9 billion.  Jumlah keseluruhan pendapatan meningkat 64% daripada RM2.6 billion kepada RM4.3 billion, mencerminkan kualiti portfolio aset-asetnya yang sedang dibangunkan dan kekukuhan penjanaan pendapatan.  

Pangkalan aset berkualiti tinggi ini disokong oleh wang tunai yang kukuh dan simpanan yang sepadan berjumlah RM16.7 billion, dengan perniagaan berada pada kedudukan yang baik untuk membiayai perbelanjaan modal yang besar bagi 12 – 24 bulan akan datang, dan menyediakan ruang yang luas untuk mencapai keperluan pembiayaan masa depan.  Fokus utama untuk perbelanjaan modal dalam tahun kewangan berikutnya termasuk projek yang diperoleh oleh anak syarikat tenaga kami dan pembangunan berterusan TRX, yang merupakan hub kewangan pertama Kuala Lumpur, oleh anak syarikat hartanah kami.  

Sejak penghujung tahun kewangan pada Mac 2014, 1MDB telah menebus sejumlah lebih RM4 billion daripada pelaburan kami dalam Syarikat Portfolio Berasingan (Segregated Portfolio Companies) yang berdaftar di Cayman Islands, dengan bakinya dijangkakan untuk diperolehi sepenuhnya pada November 2014. Dividen sebanyak RM435 juta daripada pelaburan ini juga telah diperolehi selepas tahun kewangan berakhir Mac 2014 dan akan dimasukkan ke dalam akaun tahun kewangan seterusnya berakhir Mac 2015.

Pengarah Urusan dan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Mohd Hazem Abd Rahman berkata:

 “Kami mengekalkan fokus kami kepada mengembangkan pangkalan aset syarikat dan kapasiti pelaburan. Ini telah dipacu oleh perbelanjaan modal yang besar dalam jangka pendek, yang menyebabkan kerugian yang telah dijangka untuk tahunan kewangan ini disebabkan kenaikan jumlah pinjaman.  Walau bagaimanapun kami yakin bahawa aset-aset berkualiti tinggi dan projek yang telah diperolehi akan memacu perniagaan kami ke hadapan serta memastikan pertumbuhan dalam jangka masa panjang.


  1. Itu laporan rojak yang menjejaskan mental manusia! Akauntan pun jadi bingung. Hanya Si Bangang dengan kumpulan kroninya dapat faham maksud laporan macam ini. Biarlah diorang faham yang koceknya dah berkembang giler.

  2. Are the PM&FLOM on a Magic Carpet Ride?

  3. It's not difficult for UMNO to regain the support of the Chinese.

    Chinese know that Malays comprise 65% of the total population; so it's reasonable to expect that Malays will always be in the majority in government.

    Thus, as long as those who run the government are open minded, reasonable and capable, the Chinese will give them overwhelming support.

    Recently, a group of 25 Eminent Malays wrote an open letter that concerned Islamic Law in this country. It immediately attracted brickbats from Perkasa and Isma. However, after a spirited retort from members of the 25, Perkasa and Isma seemed silenced.

    The widely different intellectual capacities of the 2 parties were clear to all.

    Indeed, If UMNO were made up of people like members of the 25, it will quickly become a highly acceptable political party again. Egs of present UMNO members whom I think fit the mould are: Ku Li, Saifuddin, Shahrir Abd Samad and Ghani Othman.

    I believe an UMNO of this quality will even attract high quality Malay opposition members eg AK47, Rafizi and Khalid Abd Samad.

    Here's an interview of former ambassador Datuk Noor Farida Ariffin, one of the 25 Eminent Malays:

    1. With continues provocation on the Muslim and Malay , 'latest , LGE call that non Malay can used the word Allah as it's didn't apply on them', I don't think the 25 so called Malays group, knows where they stand .
      They are just Malays who has lost their roots and footings .

    2. A moderate UMNO leading a BN in which the smaller parties are treated with respect will render Pakatan irrelevant.

      Times have changed. To stay in power, UMNO must evolved, as will BN. Moderation as exemplified by the 25 will win the critical middle ground votes for BN. Even though some here find them abhorrent, who else would they vote for but UMNO? In the next GE, every vote counts.

      The aim is to win the WAR, not the little skirmishes.

    3. ISMA wrote a letter in relation to the M25 touching on the difference between Liberals and Moderates and how they effect Islam. The article was a very intelligent piece of writing. If you only hear about ISMA while reading Malaysia Kini or Malaysian Insider you will think that ISMA are just a bunch of bumbling old fools, which I guess is how these news portals want to portray them.

    4. Why do you say that tebing tinggi? Who are you to say they have lost their way? They probably say the same about people like you.

  4. AK47 was UMNO lah woi. He jumped to DAP because that CHinese party was desperate for Melayus. And UMNO is better off without hm.
    Tara otak punya olang


  5. There is already a police report adinda Ms Annie.

    For PDRM it must be safety 1st, to immediately hide the accountants :

    1. Tan Sri Ismee Ismail CIMA, CEO.
    2. Sdr Azmi Tahir CA, CFO.

    Sad things have happened to key witnesses historically in bank and corporate investigations ..

    Haji M Zin.
    Alor Gajah DPH.

  6. What Perkasa and Isma said about the 25:

    Those who disagree with the 25 Malay former top civil servants’ open letter on Monday should pen a counter argument, not spout vitriol, Global Movement of Moderates chief executive officer Saifuddin Abdullah said.

    The open letter, which among others urges Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to show leadership against festering intolerance, has faced harsh criticism from right wing groups Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) and Perkasa.

    "There is no need to be like Isma who said the former civil servants are expired and should just go to mosques. This is not the Islamic way to disagree with others.

    "There is also no need to be like Perkasa who asked what their contribution is to Malays. They have served the country and its people," Saifuddin said in a Facebook posting.

    1. Hmmmm...this guy can't seem to get his Temerloh kampong on his side and yet someone dare suggest that UMNO should comprise like him...Wei...There are already enough Chinese in DAP, MCA and Dong Zhong and others to take care of the Chinese interest. But sadly for the MAlays,many in UMNO are so anxious to please the Chinese that they forgot it was the Malays who voted them in.

    2. Hayya, susa mau ikut unker lim, son & co. punya argument la...we have enuf chinese "perkasa-isma-equivalent groups" la, dong zong, zong dong, bersih, negara-ku, etc., so WHY CAN'T MALAYS HAVE Perkasa, Isma, etc.? Hayya, one-sided la you chinese evangelist bikin semua bole, melayu talak kasi bole lor, hayya, mana mau ada demokrasi? unker lim, son & dynasty mau bagi mati dulu la lor...

      Dhahran Sea

    3. Ini Gurindam pasal yang ketujuh dari Raja Ali Haji:

      Apabila banyak berkata-kata,
      di situlah jalan masuk dusta.

      Apabila banyak berlebih-lebihan suka,
      itulah tanda hampir duka.

      Apabila kita kurang siasat,
      itulah tanda pekerjaan hendak sesat.

      Apabila anak tidak dilatih,
      jika besar bapanya letih.

      Apabila banyak mencela orang,
      itulah tanda dirinya kurang.

      Apabila orang yang banyak tidur,
      sia-sia sahajalah umur.

      Apabila mendengar akan khabar,
      menerimanya itu hendaklah sabar.

      Apabila mendengar akan aduan,
      membicarakannya itu hendaklah cemburuan.

      Apabila perkataan yang lemah-lembut,
      lekaslah segala orang mengikut.

      Apabila perkataan yang amat kasar,
      lekaslah orang sekalian gusar.

      Apabila pekerjaan yang amat benar,
      tidak boleh orang berbuat onar.

  7. Some in Pakatan already feel that this group of 25 may undermine Pakatan's position as an alternative to BN.

    Here is an eg from Malaysiakini:

    "TAG: I can only say that the Group of 25 is merely blowing hot air. I am a moderate Malay and have long abhorred the direction the country is going under the BN government.

    I want change and my only hope is Pakatan Rakyat helming the country. Is there another option other than Pakatan?

    Unless the Group of 25 make public their political stand and use their influence to get people to vote Pakatan into power, their public statement whilst giving temporary comfort, does nothing to change the equation."

  8. WHen DR M speak , just be smart person to reply in an acceptable manner but Ah Gib Gor ailed, he just leave it to his cohorot wh tell him he on the right path. Malaysian are no longer dumbp or banggang as than to DR M Era what we are here today is because of him even if you don't like him.


  9. Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan:
    We Muslims are guided by fatwas, Sdr Anon 12: 53 and Sdr Anon 13: 16
    that is sole based on al-Quran and Hadith with only some exceptions.

    JAKIM and also PERKASA/ ISMA may make some more controversial interpretations but would not survive without following the fatwas.

    Prominent Jahil s?
    Who are The 25? Anyone prominent Muslim intellect ??

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  10. You should at least stand up for Najib and 1MDB. Shisssh looks like I will have to take over the media angle from Ahmad Maslan's boys .

  11. The problem with the pondan 25 is like all good pondans they love to lick cunts, suck cocks, tongue arses rather than say the obvious in a balanced, rational way. And that stems from having lived a spineless, witless, apologetic existence whose only motivation was to gain acceptance as enlightened, liberal oh so contemporary erudite faggots. And all things Malay or Islam be damned if they impede that selfish motive.

    Pray, which side started the game first with their gutter sewage-laden jibes against the Malays, Islam and their cultural institutions. Did any Malay ever start the kerfuffle with a racist jibe? Who started questioning 153 that was agreed upon by all in 1957 and reaffirmed over 11 previous polls.Ibrahim Ali?

    Who are Namewee or Alvin, circumcised songkok or kopiah wearing Melayus. Who wants to appropriate Allah for their heathen, cross wearing, hippie worshipping, three in one schizoid creator garbage? Simply put, Who started the game when none was started in the first place? Seen or heard any Malay demanding caves be dynamited, processions be banned or Mass be prohibited.?

    Come on answer me, 25 pondans and your ilk? I am prepared to engage you for whatever its worth! But I daresay you would be tonguetied for verily you have nothing whatsoever to respond with. This country was ambling along nicely until some stupid bustard decided to open Pandora"'s box in 2004 with his socalled liberal take and lo behold out from the gutter, emerged the slimepoops, sewagescum, shitworms and pondscum. And having no brains to handle the consequence, that effing bustard sleepwalked himself into retirement and left us the effing mess as his abiding legacy.

    The Malays have been arsefucked, passed, dissed for so long since that there is only so much some can take. Everything sacred and sacrosanct to their weltanschung has been raped and defiled so much so that they have reached an existential cul de sac, it's either they draw a line or be crossed out of the equation. So it's not right if they respond, eh fucking 25. Why dint you write the same treatise to Luther King and his fellow blacks? Or even to the folks of Ferguson?or even Mandela?

    But if you are a god damned arsefucked, cunt licking, dickmilking sons and daughters of bitch whores whose only raison d etre is to win cheap applause from your pimps and panderers, of course taking biased cheapskate potshots at your own kind would be your cup of cum . After all, doing that shamelessly with your cloying, apologetic tone is part of your DNA, so what's new?

    And more so when like all good pondans who are forever in knots about their sexuality, you lot too must be forever in knots about your identity. So don't come introducing yourselves as some eminent personalities when you are nothing more than a bunch of worthless hypocritical slimepoops, douchebags and shitheads who having wanked the system are now doing a double take to diss your own kind to assuage some fucking identity torn guilt conscience . Simply put, either be balanced in your condemnation or stuff your indignant angst up your unwashed arseholes. We Malays have had enough of hoighty tonight snobs and scums preaching stoicism from some effing imaginary pulpit. You have no right to lord it over us given your doubledealing triple weasling rotten core.

    What a bunch of pretentious, poseuring pukimaks

    1. Can't resist saying well done, mate.

    2. I feel like screaming as much. Thanks !

      I alwaya hated the liberals. We are not the one whi started it how come we are the only one paying the price. Liberals can go f*** themselves.

    3. Dear Anon 20:37,

      Less the blunt gender-confused labeling and the profanities, I agree with your arguments about these so-called '25-prominents'.

      Detectable and understandably too, was that bit of melancholy in your writing i.e aside from anger, there seems a trace of frustration.

      I opine humbly that it seems our Malay-DNA of sopan-santun, bertolak-ansur etc has been taken for granted right to the brim. For donkeys-years, we had all co-existed very nicely until about 8-10 years ago.

      Whilst Islam, in the steps of our Prophet Muhammad pbuh, advocates more on forgiving; it also any Muslim's alternative right to choose to respond. In short, YES, sabar tu ada tahap nyer.


    4. This must be the warrior person surfacing again after a long quiescent period. Notice the trademark verbiage and the de rigeur profanities.

      But it matters little because bigger people than he and his coterie have got this thing done and dusted. Signed, sealed and delivered, if you will.

      The sense of betrayal must be palpable and the blows to the psyche must be traumatic indeed. Imagine being relegated to the sidelines while greater powers slice and dice the region, while one is forced to look on in incoherent rage.

      Come to think of it, that is what motivates the losers in IS, ISIS or any of their permutations.

      So, go on and caterwaul for all you are worth. Shriek to the high heavens how you have been defamed, maligned and taken advantage of. Threaten dire consequences to all and sundry.

      Sure, whatever floats your boat.

      The rest of the world will just yawn and go about its business.

      It must be mortifying to be so thoroughly disregarded and dismissed!

    5. Hey, Ghaz 12:49

      Whatever happened to "Dharma", which according to a post in another blog, has been practised by the
      Muslims for ages?

      They got it wrong?

    6. The ranting lunatic does sound bitter and frustrated. Whilst I may agree with some of what he or she said I don't agree with the trash talk. No class at all.

    7. oh bloody no grey matter between the ears stupid nincompoop whore of the gomen who the chap cheng dirty rotten filthy stinking malays that drag the cow head across the temples ? and after 50 years of NEP wahtever P the majority malays still live in hardcore poor, whilst 10% elite kids and childrens sent to europe, us and london switzerland orang putih to lick their cock and lick their cunts.

    8. Comments which will not be published:
      1. Overly seditious
      2. Overly obscene
      3. Overly stupid and out of topic
      4. Overly malicious to innocent people

      YOU WHORE OF THE VALLEY ? Dont know how to screen this ??? IDIOT

  12. You can't repay a loan of RM500,000, you have a problem.
    You can't repay a loan of RM 1 billion, the bank has a problem.
    You can't repay a loan of RM 50 billion, the country has a problem.

  13. Sitting on the sideline watching Melayu retards fighting with each other.

    Chomping on my popcorn.

  14. Tiap halangan syaitan akan di tembuskan oleh hati yang murni dan akhlak yang lurus
    "lu ubarriu nafsi, inna nafsan la amaraatu bis suui illa maa rahima rabbi"


  15. We have both Islamist and Christian extremists from PR sowing hatred with God's words. Just look at both Hannah Yeoh and Hadi Awang.

    Their stupidity is being matched by their counterparts in UMNO.

    What happened to UMNO? It was a voice of moderation.

    I see a way out of this. Keep the people occupied with nation building. Only that it will not happen under the present premiership.

    1. The greed and envy virus invaded their insides. . . Syaitan dah janji akan memperkosa anak cucu Adam. Perangilah laknatullah dalam dadamu berhabis-habisan!

  16. We hve majority bumi malays but some end up in tjung rambutan jails, rehabitation centre, mak n bapak ayam kaki tipu kali songlap terorisrlt n all ya tk guna so wat left. And bunch so call undergraduate actin like they sgt pandai wastin time demo here n there. Nx time juz award study loan to only those yg nk study. Yep these are d majorities wt no quality. N d minorities r observin n tkin ipportunity to insult n btu api. Example one of it kluang girl....n yg sewaktu dgnnye.