Sunday 13 August 2017

Pas-Umno cooperation and possible GE14 scenario

After reading this Bernama story yesterday, I was convinced that there will be a real political cooperation between Umno and Pas for the coming general election,

Pas practices mature, constructive politics  - Najib


The prime minister, who is on a one-day visit to Kelantan, said because of Pas’ maturity in politics, the party had become a constructive opposition party.
“We oppose (one another), but in certain matters that bring good and benefit for the people, we can cooperate,” he said.
Most significantly, Najib said all that at an Umno function in Pas-governed Kelantan and in the presence of Kelantan Umno chief DS Mustapa Mohamed.

I think it's sort of a signal to Tok Pa and Kelantan Umno people that it's okay for them to let Pas keep the state as it has now become a good opposition party, and friendly to BN.

In return, perhaps they may probably have a Pas-Umno coalition Kelantan government after the next general election.

The same set-up seems possible in other states too, particularly in the outright Malay majority states of Kedah, Terengganu, Pahang and Perlis.

They may have an arrangement where Pas lead in Kelantan and Kedah while Umno lead in Terengganu, Pahang and Perlis.

If Umno and its BN allies prevail in the other states, Pas elected representatives may also be included in the state administration there even though the party may not be joining the ruling coalition.

BN may also expect support from Pas MPs in the parliament even if they are sitting in the opposition side of the hall.

In return, Pas may get the support of Umno MPs every time it proposes some "Islamic laws".

There may even be ministers appointed from among the Pas MPs at that point.

It's actually a good arrangement for both Umno and Pas.

It secures at least the five outright Malay majority states for Umno in the bigger picture, while Pas may get to lead Kedah in addition to its Kelantan now.

Yes, Kedah may then also have syariah public whippings too like in Kelantan soon. 

Pakatan's Malay parties of Pribumi and Amanah which were expected to contest in those states may not likely stand much of a chance against a combined Pas and Umno arrangement.

Okay, maybe Pribumi and Amanah can put up a bit of a fight in Kedah but I don't think the Dr Mahathir factor is enough for them to defeat a combined Umno and Pas in the state.

Kedahans that I know told me that they will only vote either BN or Pas. They seemed allergic to other than those two parties. It's brand loyalty, I guess.

With that, Umno can therefore concentrates its energy and resources in the other states where Pas knows that it would not be able to do much due to its lack of non-Malay support.

There are Penang, Perak, Selangor, Federal Territories, Negeri Sembilan, Malacca, Johor, Sarawak and Sabah.

BN will probably not put up too much of a fight in Penang, Selangor and Federal Territories. The anti-BN sentiment on the ground there is probably very bad, that they would not want to waste too much effort and resources.

Meanwhile, Sarawak is already in the bag.

Sabah too. Probably Shafie Apdal's Warisan may manage a decent showing but I doubt it will be able to do more than just winning a few electoral seats.

So the only real fight will be in Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Malacca and Johor. They are going to be the key states of GE14.

BN is likely to put more efforts there than elsewhere.

I believe Pakatan planners knew this and will do likewise.

Their chances are the best in Perak and Johor where the racial composition and level of political awareness are similar to that of Selangor.

Pakatan chances in Perak should be for now at about 50/50. and in Johor about 40/60.

Even if they can't wrest those states, Pakatan may likely be able to get extra parliament seats there.

I think Negeri Sembilan and Malacca are at slightly lesser risks for BN compared to in Perak and Johor.

Still, BN does have the over all advantage at this stage.

Worst case scenario for BN is that it loses in Penang, Perak, Selangor, Federal Territories, Negeri Sembilan, Malacca and Johor but still wins (with the help of Pas) in Perlis, Kedah, Pahang, Terengganu, Kelantan, Sarawak and Sabah. That's 7-7.

But a more realistic scenario is that, BN is just likely only going to lose in Penang, Selangor, Federal Territories and maybe Perak.

Despite some of my friends in Johor saying my home state will likely fall to Pakatan, I still think BN will prevail there. It may lose some more parliament and state seats but I just can't believe that it can become another Selangor.

To a lesser extent, I feel the same about Negeri Sembilan and Malacca.

Combined with Pas MPs, I also think BN will still control parliament even though without the two third majority after GE14. It should basically be about the same as now.

Again, bear in mind that my calculations include the likelihood of Umno-Pas coalition state governments in Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Kedah and Perlis.

Okay, at the moment, that's how I think it will be for GE14 and its outcome.


  1. i believe those who celik politik already saw this coming miles ahead.

    pas is dedicated in splitting the vote, or join BN whichever is beneficial to BN

    they should really stop talking about islam if they are willing to collude with thiefs and criminals.

    1. "....they should really stop talking about islam if they are willing to collude with thiefs and criminals."

      Very well said.

      Actually PAS morals level same as UMNO.

      Cannot go lower than that.


    2. Kalau sudah nasib ,apa bolih buat maa aa ,kasi redha saja maa aa .

      Ada kuasa punya ,apa cala pon mau kasi kekal itu kuasa maa aa ,lakyat apa lapat ? , hilup tetap mau kasi terus maa aa .

      Untung sabut timbul maa aa ,untung batu tengelam maa aa .

      Wa ingat jadi batu ,lagi baik maa aa ,sutak tengelam ,tatak banyak hal lagi lea aa.

  2. If I were PAS, I will never ever get close to MO1. Like ever. Everything touched upon by him turned into ugly ogres. Just look at those who have strucked a deal with him. They are fast losing credibility and all stink to high heaven!..

    AG, IGP, Speaker, Head of PAC, Second finance minister, Companies CEOs, Banks, Governor, Senior government officials all lost credibility in order to exonerate him of the missing billions. They habitually force to tell lies to cover him up.

    It's kinda normal for public officials sometimes to tell white lies in through out the course of their career while carrying out their duties, but to tell lies and fake stories almost every day, every time they open up their mouth is something they are not used to. It just against their nature. They didn't like what they're doing. Deep down inside..

    Joe Ghani no longer can hold his head high while answering Q about missing billions. He knew he spoke nonsence but couldn't help it. He's force to look at his shoes all the time. That Husni chap before him had had enough and call it quit. After sometimes, it didn't quite suit his religious upbringing..

    1. Husni message to MO1:

      "I Know What You Did Last Summer"....

      and he walked out.

      The rest of the KBU too addicted to MO1's stolen dedak.

      Some on lah......look at Mat Maslan 3.85.

      Happy to get RM2 million cheque from AmBank Dedak Account, stolen from 1MDB.

      What job can Mat Maslan do in the real world?

      Cannot be a Maybank clerk, but if he is a good corrupt pet, he can be Minister in Bolehland.

    2. NONE of our Ministers can be qualified as a Maybank clerk.

      Jibby wants:

      "LOYAL but not SMART."

      He also likes bangang bloggers.

  3. Annie,

    Lets go first to look at the scenario in Johor.

    PAS has never been a thing for Johorean. They have only won Muar, the home of Muhyidin.

    So we can conclude that PAS effect in Johor will be minimal.

    Kedah, the home town of Tun M. He will be a big motivation in Kedah folks. I think it will be a fierce fight in Kedah. Most of the folks I talk to , Kedah will be under Bersatu of PH.

    PAS will be dominant in Eastern Malaya, Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang. I think this three states will be something to look at for the “PAS” factor.

    We all know that PAS is working together with BN. However, it should be hush, hush and not open. PAS members have been programmed for decades that BN is the enemy. Hadi Awang will not be able to undo that.

    PAS have already announced that they will not be working officially with BN.

    Therefore, in the election, there will definately be 3 cornered fight between PH, PAS and BN.

    So we have Pakatan with 4 parties, PAS and BN.

    Pakatan had finally managed to combine their forces into one.

    I think generally, it is going to a balance fight. Good for us the rakyat.

  4. Annie,

    Nice work there.

    Yes, there is a possibility that such a scenario could be played out in GE14.

    I don't believe I have enough political knowledge to rebut what you are saying because I am only a kampung boy playing kampung politics - I know my limits. :)

    What I can say though is that Najib's very public courting of PAS continues regardless of what PAS has said about contesting in BN-held seats.

    I can assure you that PAS supporters love the attention they are getting from Najib.

    It is the kind of respect PAS supporters crave.

    PAS people love to be respected and kowtowed to - honestly, they do. Naturally, they don't have to return the respect, of cos.

    I think that such attention make PAS supporters feel that PAS is an equal to UMNO - the most powerful political party in Malaysia.

    Finally, PAS believes it has a real chance to taste real power.

    OK, maybe it is only in some power-sharing arrangement but for PAS, it is almost like the real thing :)

    So, really, your article above can be summed up in the following words.

    A vote for PAS is a vote for UMNO.


  5. Zero sum gain as east msians & non muslims BN will revolt against this pas alliance...

    1. Of course....actually East Mal is only one that counts. Non-Malay Pen voters already gone from MIC MCA Gelakan.

      Adenan Satem had the Bugis pirate by the teloq, Abang Jo should squeeze till "scrambled eggs".

  6. "Again, bear in mind that my calculations include the likelihood of Umno-Pas coalition state governments in Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Kedah and Perlis."

    I see you haven't wrote the likelihood of BN's component Parties, especially in Sabah & Sarawak, objecting UMNO's secret dealings with PAS behind their back, then deems UMNO as unworthy and decided to lompat to Harapan.
    They're adamantly against RUU 355, you know.

    What if DoJ commence Criminal suit against Reza Aziz, with Jho Low as prime witness... before Christmas... and irrefutable evidence were bared in court, almost on daily basis, before the mandatory dissolution of Parliament in August 2018?

    Hence... for the sake of Islam... some politicians in PAS and their supporters might not want to have anything to do with the crook.

  7. "In return, Pas may get the support of Umno MPs every time it proposes some "Islamic laws".

    HA HA HA HA.....

    Ven HAdi must be feeling embarrassed by the whole RU355 wayang.

    How many times can you table and postpone, table and postpone, table and postpone, table and postpone.....

    People are not stupid lah.

    Abusing religion for politics.

    But Hadi is quite an ego maniac.

    His pride was hurt when the people of Terengganu kicked him out after just one term.

    So he sold his soul to the Pink-Lipped Devil.

    May Allah have mercy on him for consorting with a proven thief.

    1. I think PAS grassroots smarter than PAS leaders.

      They are not fooled by Jib Kor.


    "SHAH ALAM: Pakatan Harapan chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad was not injured in the commotion that broke out during the Nothing to Hide 2.0 forum today.

    PPBM Youth exco member Mohd Ashraf Mustaqim said he was sure of this as he was the last person to shake the former prime minister’s hands before the latter left the venue.

    “I apologised to Tun, but he said it’s okay. ‘This is a struggle for our country,’ he told me,” Ashraf told a press conference here.

    PPBM Youth chief Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman confirmed this.

    He said the commotion seemed like a systematic plan to sabotage the forum, which ended in chaos when fiery projectiles with a chemical odour were hurled as Mahathir was fielding a question from the audience."

    I'm sure these are Jamal Jamban's boys.

    Attack a 92 year old man instead of debating. That's the level that Umgnok have sunk down to.

    Withour Dr M the Malays would be almost nothing. What gratitude.

    1. Can you see the irony?

      Pas practices mature, constructive politics - Najib

      So his idea of mature, constructive politics is to hide from debate and pay samseng to attack an old man.

      Classy, anak Tun Razak nie.

    2. Declare state emergency
      Why wait someore?

      Jho low

    3. First they demonized Tun M almost every night via TV3. Then the IRB raided his 3 sons' companies. Yesterday was the icing of the cake, an attempt to hurt him physically. After this probably there will be an attempt on his life.

      They must have been thought Tun M will be cowed and intimidated from such act. To tell you the truth, far from it. It will only harden Tun M resolve in his fight to remove cancer/tumor which has plague Malaysia for the past year. He's not the one that can be intimidated by thuggish behaviour.

      Mahathir is not the one to turn around and say I quit. He's the kind of guy that once he starts doing something, he will see it off until the finishing line. He's not the kind of politician/statesman who'd die in his deathbed but the kind of guy who will die fighting in frontline in the battlefield.

      If you have got the same spirit, please come and join us.

    4. "Mahathir is not the one to turn around and say I quit. He's the kind of guy that once he starts doing something, he will see it off until the finishing line. He's not the kind of politician/statesman who'd die in his deathbed but the kind of guy who will die fighting in frontline in the battlefield. "

      Yes well said.

      But Bugis pirate can only whimper and hide behind that XXXXXXL size kebaya of the badak air.

      Bacul betul.

    5. Yesterday's unprovoked attack against a 92-year-old man, who was speaking at Bersatu's "Nothing to Hide 2.0" event, did more harm to the instigators than it did to Bersatu and Pakatan Harapan.

      The nonagenarian is the former prime minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad. The reason he was targeted is no coincidence. He was deliberately singled out because he still commands a loyal following amongst many Malaysians, in particular, the Malays.

      The more he speaks, the more Umno-Baru die-hard supporters may "see the light". So, of course, he has to be silenced.

      The more Mahathir reaches out to ordinary Malaysians, the more the extremists will be put under pressure. Their motto is probably, "Stop Mahathir, reinstate the status quo of fear."

      The most revealing aspect of the attack is that it has reaffirmed our suspicions, that someone, or some people, are afraid of Mahathir.

      Regardless of his divisive character, many Malays still consider Mahathir to be a champion and a father-figure. He helped lift them out of poverty, gave them a confidence that they did not have under the British, and most importantly, he gave them an "identity" and a physical presence.

      He also placed Malaysia on the world map.

      This is Najib's fear and his shame.

      He knows he is a failure, a thief, and a disgrace to the name of Tun Razak.

    6. Inilah kebangaan orang orang VVIP dan jamban tongkol, pencapaian HERO HERO MELAYU mereka. Rempit, peragut, perogol, penagih dan digantung sekolah. Siapa yang merosakkan mereka. Tak lain tak bukan UMNO sendiri dengan idealogi perkauman dan permainan agama sempit mereka untuk anak2 melayu jadi bodoh oleh itu mereka dapat berkuasa selama lamanya. Tapi semua ini di persalahkan DAP dan cina malaysia. Tetapi sayang kepada cina china MO1 dan umno tersungkur di kaki mereka. Saya tabik spring kepada negara CHINA. Mereka(MO1 dan UMNO) ini seperti meludah ke langit jatuh ke muka sendiri.
      Berita baik saya berbangga jadi orang CINA(memang saya makan babi, tetapi seharam babi, babi tak pernah makan duit rakyat)
      Berita buruk kita semua tak kira lapisan bangsa akan menanggung HUTANG dari anak cucu sampai ke cicit punya cicit, mulai hari ini.
      Sedar lah sahabat MELAYU yang rasional negara kamu sendiri telah di jual oleh PAHLAWAN TAK BERTELUR BUGIS di depan mata anda semua.
      Tepikan semua perasaan perkauman yang dimainkan oleh umno demi masa depan rakyat MALAYSIA semua tanpa kira bangsa.
      Marilah kita berganding bahu mengembalikan zaman kegemilangan MALAYSIA.

  9. I beg to differ with your analysis.

    Pas game plan is not too difficult to read.Pas want to be the kingmaker in case both BN and Pakatan get almost equal number of seats.Assuming Pas get a significant number of seats,Pas will use that as a lever to negotiate with which side that can offer them a better deal.
    UMNO game plan is to divide and rule.Through 3-corner fights UMNO is expected to perform better.
    DAP game plan is to use PKR and Tun Mahathir as proxies to rule Malaysia.
    PKR and Bersatu game plan is to make sure Anwar (for PKR) and (Mahathir for Bersatu) to be the next PM of Malaysia.
    IMHO UMNO will win this political game as UMNO has the advantage of being the incumbent.

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Pros Kangkang,

      Your game plan is to jilat the hippo's rear end until stolen diamonds from 1MDB emerge and fill your hands.

      As addicted to your second-hand dedak crumbs as you are, you should vote for PAS. Then you can pray five times a day and still be a hypocrite.

      Prof Sawi

  10. My only wish for GE14 is Najib to lose is Pekan Parliamentary seat, so that the country can be saved, and Tun M can retire in peace and quiet.

    1. Amiiiiiin...

      Prof Sawi


    2. Najib kalah ,di Pekan , Wow !!!!!!!!, itu macam Wa manyak suka lor rr .

    3. Najib practically asked for it

  11. There's no GE14 because darurat
    Sebab saya pukul seekor nyamuk
    That is GE14 scenario

    Jho low

    1. Yes, Jho.

      Good planning.

      You still have to help your boss to songlap our money after GE14 cancelled.

  12. Anonymous @ 14 August 2017 at 02:18,

    //Abang Jo should squeeze till "scrambled eggs"//

    I wouldn't count on it.

    I am told that Abang Johari is seen as a racist by many native Sarawakians.


  13. Annuar Musa's v. sad attempt to deflect:

    "Annuar also questioned the purpose of holding another event when the first of such gathering also resulted in problem, referring to the unrelated “Nothing to Hide” forum in 2015 that was inevitably cancelled."

    The first forum in 2015, Jibby Pinklips al-Songlap was too scared to come so he sent Ali Tinju to disrupt.

    It was very funny.

    Ali just started yelling a sound like khinzir having orgasm at the doorway (?) then a policeman declared the event cancelled after Tun mentioned Jho Low.

    Now Umno less money so they have to hire students to buat kecoh.

    Economy not good.

    But a 92-y.o. man still braver than a pink-lipped Bugis pondan.

    This is Malaysia...ha ha!

    1. "The first forum in 2015, Jibby Pinklips al-Songlap was too scared to come...."

      I'm afraid you're somewhat mistaken. The first Nothing2Hide forum was mooted and organized by Najib & UMNO/BN themselves. Therefore, it was Najib who's suppose to answer all questions. But finally, when there's news that Dr.M will be attending to ask about 1MDB & Jho Low, Najib got cold-feet, hence chicken-out.

      Dr.M took-over the stage, including the packed hall which are booked by UMNO-Najib. Just as he started to speak, a Police Officer came and stopped Dr.M from taking advantage of Najib's cowardice.
      Later, the IGP blamed 'security' for Najib's absenteeism... from his own forum.

    2. Folks, this is the end of it all.
      They are losing control of themselves.
      They are getting desperate.
      They do not know what to do.

      Until a few months back, things were sort of going sideways. Even I was getting worrried. Then suddenly they fired that Felda CEO and everything blew up again.

      Then it has been one thing after another. The US DOJ filed the 'THIRD' case? Then now they have initiated criminal investigations.

      Then that pendatang haram Jawa really embarrassed them about that fake IC name. (The theory is that the pendatang haram Jawa could be working against MO1, he has his own agenda.)

      Now this ruckus in Shah Alam.

      The longer they postpone the elections, the worse it is getting for them.

      They just do not know what to do.

    3. Anon 2014.

      It's more polite if you'd gave credit to OutSyed The Box.

  14. RD,

    //you haven't wrote the likelihood of BN's component Parties, especially in Sabah & Sarawak, objecting UMNO's secret dealings with PAS behind their back,//

    This is how I see Sabah and Sarawak.

    Sabah will probably lose a few more seats (5 max?) to Warisan, but UMNO will retain Sabah comfortably.

    Sarawak will be solidly BN in GE14.

    Pakatan will make little headway in Sarawak because both Sarawak DAP and Sarawak PKR will be too busy "killing" each other to worry about BN or GE14.

    The deep interior of Sarawak is virtually impenetrable by anybody except BN.

    So, as far as Sabah and Sarawak are concerned, I believe there will be little change.

    Also, if I am not mistaken there are about 5-10 (?) new seats created in Sabah and Sarawak which are biased towards BN.

    The newly created seats in Sabah and Sarawak should offset any losses by BN there.

    Not sure of those new seats will come into play for GE14 though.


  15. When you take the pendatang out of the equations, the monkeys will still fight amongst each other.
    Not that much different from the camels in middle east.

  16. Co-operation for what?

    Only 15% if the voters are into the Mumbo Jumbo of the Religious politics of UMNO and PAS . These 2 are fighting for what is left at the bottom of the barrel . The 15% voters who have been brainwashed into believing the God will provide for them , even not lifting a finger and here God to them is UMNO and PAS

    The balance 85% are the realistic and who want this country to be run by leaders who have their rakyat well being in their hearts

    1. It is going to be very sad come GE14 election results as the amount of candidates who lose their election deposits are coming from BN and PAS . What a shame for grand parties like these to end up as pariahs

      BN can use EC to do Gerrymandering and shifting voters to create Malay dominated seats but the ironic of all is that the Malay voters who are going to punish BN and PAS for their transgressions on their life and religion which the Malays are proud to keep it private and also the shambles the country is in where Malay rights is more a shame and liability. Cost of living have hit most are the Malays who cannot even afford ikan bilis , kampung or sekar fish , weekly chicken or twice monthly beef or mutton

      The rational Malays prefer worldly goods like food for a start that promises of afterlife

  17. I think this whole UMNO Jamal Jamban plan to disrupt really BACKFIRE on Umgnok.....

    .....Now Puad Zakar make things worse.

    Saying Tun Dr M was embarrassed.

    No lah.....

    Only nama Umgnok jadi busuk lah.

    Padan muka ko.....

  18. Just sell the Malaysian land to foreigner china
    Increase the property price 2 or 5 times higher until the local Malaysian cannot afford it

    And give rm50 to 17year old student
    That should be enough to buy food for 60years

    Jho low

  19. Jamal jamban can kiss my ass
    Umgok don't hide behind Jamal

  20. The problem with the UMNO members is that they love to talk rubbish.
    They love to see themselves look stupid.
    They love to be ridiculed by the rakyat.

  21. There's another article from mariam about annie beloved dumno biadap culture, like last time why not annie put this article on her blog & whack back mariam wink wink wink zzzz

  22. kepala penyamun..tamak haloba..habis semua di jual nya...gadai itu ini..jual ini itu..cagar macam2 aset...nak timbus hutang gali hutang baru..yang jadi mangsa rakyat..!!zaman tun m jadi perdana menteri dulu mana ada semua terjadi..korg ada dengar ke zaman tun m gadai itu ini..?jual ini itu..?zaman tun m dulu takdok kilang2 tutup banyok seperti yang berlaku sekarang ini..rakyat juga tak teruk dengan kos sara hidup yang terlalu tinggi seperti sekarang ini..kehidupan rakyat pun tun m tak pernah sentuh..tun m tak beri tekanan hidup pada rakyat pun..hambo dulu duduk di zaman tun m semasa tun m jadi perdana mentari hambo tau lah..lo ni tengok lah sampai china pun boleh bertapak di negara kita..bermakna segala cukai gst yang rakyat bayar separuh bayar ke china,beli spender coli pun kena gst..mampoh gini arrr...tokseh hidup doh hokkk~olohhhhhh...nate berok sungguh,

  23. Annie,

    “Percayalah, kita menentang UMNO bukan kerana nama dia UMNO. Kita menentang Barisan Nasional (BN) bukan kerana nama dia BN. Kita menentang dia kerana dia menegakkan perlembagaan penjajah, mengekalkan peraturan kafir.”

    “Oleh kerana itulah kita berjuang melawan mereka. Percayalah saudara-saudara, perjuangan kita adalah jihad, ucapan kita adalah jihad, derma kita adalah jihad dan kerana itulah kita berjuang dengan puak-puak ini. Kalau kita mati kerana berlawan ini, mati kita adalah mati syahid, mati kita adalah mati Islam.”

    “Kita tidak payah masuk Yahudi, kita tidak payah masuk Kristian, kita tidak payah masuk Hindu, kita tidak payah masuk Budha tetapi kita akan menjadi kafir dengan mengatakan politik suku (asing) agama suku.”

    That's the famous AMANAT HADI, resulted in the strange phenomena such as 'sembahyang dua imam' etc..

    According to record, there's a fatwa, too, that declared some 'hukum' towards the AMANAT Hadi'. The fatwa should still be valid.

    Then came the law of TAHALUF SIYASI, to the credit of Hadi, too.

    And now we see enthusiastic Malay youths with such energy and passion doing constructive activities at NOTHING TO HIDE 2 forum. Someone was going through a RAPE TRIAL and yet his love for the RELIGION, RACE, AND NATION had moved him to do extraordinary thing at the forum. These are the so-called GENERASI ULUL AL-BAB, MELAYU GLOKAL that will be the hope of this country's future.

    No joke. This country has progressed a long way, but the struggle is not finished yet they say.

    The NAJIB-HADI cooperation will bring this country to a new height for sure. Most importantly, the UMMAH OF MALAYSIA need these two.

    At least two more terms, the Rakyat must give to Najib and Hadi. We need them to do some more to the UMMAH OF MALAYSIA.

    1. It's not ummah of malaysia but ummah of diamond and lavish party

  24. Pembangkang comments are full of anger but nothing in the form of constructive critiscms.Name calling will bring you guys to nowhere.Pas had been been doing name calling for so many years.Look where they end up.
    The people want something that they can touch like BR1M.something that benefits them like MRT.
    Bolehlah jadi anjing menyalak bukit tapi bukit tak runtuh.
    BN will win hands down.I am very sure of it.

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Pros Kangkang,

      Only a confirmed dedak slurper like you, (being a T20 Melayu but bottom 20% IQ), can come up with pathetic excuses like that.

      WE - WE, the rakyat - paid for MRT and BR1M, it's not a gift. Don't be stupid please. And we are paying double for ECRL to cover the theft from 1MDB. If you want extra dedak, please go jilat the hippo's rear end.

      Like I said, you should vote for PAS. Then you can pray five times a day and still be a massive hypocrite like you are.

      PS: Maybe Umno youths can learn at University Kangkung? You can teach young rapist school dropouts to throw slippers at elders.

      Sounds roughly your standard, kan?

      Prof Sawi

    2. Pembangkang memang suka menyalak
      Dasar anjing
      Aku cuma suruh najib jual tanah melayu sahaja
      Sikit je untung, gst sepatutnya kena naik 50%
      Kerajaan tak boros betul tak en kangkung

      Jho low

    3. There's no such thing as najib gift to rakyat
      Understand that fucker! Kangkung wanker!

    4. Nanti BN menang you all nak keep on barking ke?

      Prof Kangkung

    5. I said there's no such thing as najib gift to rakyat
      Do you understand that kangkung wanker?

    6. Malu lah sikit nak membela penyamun 1MDB...

  25. Annie,

    Bagi saya, kalau parti melayu dengan parti melayu hendak buat kerjasama politik memang tak tahan lama terutamanya sekali PAS.

    PAS buat kerjasama politik dengan UMNO gagal.

    PAS buat kerjasama pilitik dengan Semangat 46, gagal.

    PAS buat kerjasama politik dengan Pakatan, gagal.

    Sebenarnya kalau ada parti bukan melayu dalam Pakatan rakyat, seperti DAP, itu lagi bagus dan menyebabkan Pakatan lebih stabil.

    Kalau BN pun sama, BN tahan begitu lama kerana dapat bekerjasama dengan MCA dan MIC dan parti sarawak.

    Kalau Parti melayu bergabung dengan parti melayu dalam BN, memang tak akan tahan lama.

    Saya tak nampak sekarang ini PAS hendak masuk BN. Kalau setakat kerjasama, i help you, you help me, itu boleh jadi.

  26. Najib bisnesman yg paling hebat sehingga sgup menjual negara.. PM PALING BODOH DI DUNIA

    1. Dahulu:
      *Balik Tong San*

      *Bagi Tong San!*

      Syabas diucapkan pada kerajaan yg memerintah!

      1. *MALACCA GATEWAY* - China

      2. *JOHOR ISKANDAR DEV* -China

      3. *FOREST CITY* -China

      4. *CAREY ISLAND*-China

      5. *EAST COST RAIL LINK*-China

      6. *BANDAR MALAYSIA*-China

      7. *HIGH SPEED RAIL HSR*-China

      8. *IMPRESSION MALACCA*- China

      9. *EDRA ENERGY*- China

      10. *SUTERA HARBOR KK*-China

      11. *BIRDS NESTS*-China

      12. *DURIANS*-China

      13. *TOURISM*-China

      14. *AQUACULTURE* -China

      15. *PALM OIL* -China

      16. *NAVAL PATROL BOAT* -China

      17. *FELDA FGV* -China


      19. *PROTON*- China

      20. *SHELL*-China



      23. *KEDAH RUBBER CITY*-China

      24. *NAVY NAVAL 50 VESSELS GRADE*-China

      25. *ROYAL MULU SWAK*-China


      27. *ALOR GAJAH POWER PLANT*-China

      Thank U to our *BELOVED PM*

      *~ I love Msia ~
      Melancap wang rakyat malaysia

    2. Lu tulis manyak boloh, Celita olang tolol macam makan tahi lembu.

  27. Bukan macai tapi binatang hanjing peliharaan pemimpin2 BN UMNO yg dia dan keluarganya di beri mkn dedak taik utk terus setia pd tuan nya

  28. Nazir go to hell, he is a scammer and swindler

  29. Declare state of emergency if opposition people steal rm10
    But don't declare state of emergency if UMNO steal rm10billion

  30. This stupid minister support the violence. You can see who do it. Even minister support and encourage them, what a government is malaysia,

  31. Don't bite the hands of the rakyat who feeds you with their taxes.

    Your loyalty is with the rakyat, your families and other Malaysian families who pays GST and numerous other taxes.

    The goverment of the day are the custodian of those taxes, jangan terpengaruh dengan
    kerajaan yang putar alam....'lembu punya susu, sapi dapat nama'.

  32. najib dia dapat duit lari dan beli rumah dinegara lain, rakyat jadi penduduk palestin meratap ditanah air sendiri apabila negara kita diperintah olih org lain, baru dari situ beru rakyat melayu baru sedar dari angan angan kosong.

  33. Jho low penyagak, ketua polis pun tahi

  34. Tanpa pencacai UMNO yang bodoh saya tak akan berada di sini
    Thank you kepada yang bodoh itu

    Jho low