Tuesday 8 August 2017

An example of how Pakatan people screwed up

Someone suggested for me to read an anti-BN blog written by a supposedly intelligent woman named Mariam Mokhtar.

Honestly, I never read anything by her before this.

So, I gave it a try and read this latest post in the blog,

What has “bumiputeraism” done for the Malays?

It actually made me felt like going back being a full-fledged pro-BN blogger again.

Really. I was that disgusted.

I found the post to be extremely arrogant, insulting and condescending.

If I'm a BN operative, I would like to translate the article to Bahasa Malaysia and distribute it among the Malays, telling them that this is the typical attitude of anti-BN people.

That should be able to secure several hundred thousands extra votes for BN.

It's much better than whacking Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad which only have the opposite effect.

I tried checking the background of this Mariam Mokhtar but can't really find it.

But I bet she's one of those Malays who never care to learn how 70 per cent of the Bumiputera were living below the poverty line before the introduction of the New Economy Policy in the early 1970s.

Now it's almost next to zero per cent, with many these days complaining about their perceived poverty in the social media via their expensive sophisticated smartphones.

This Mariam Mokhtar probably never experienced poverty herself and never feel anything when the Malays were being generalised as stupid or lazy by others.

Her line of reasoning is actually very similar to that of many DAP people that I know.

So, it's not really off the mark to say that's the typical attitude towards Malays of many who wanted BN out.

I think it's also the very reason why many Malays would never accept the opposition, particularly DAP.

Malays as a whole would never accept arrogant, insulting or condescending people like that.

At least Najib, no matter what accusations they threw at him never treated them with such contempt.

A bit of search also revealed that I'm not alone in my opinion about the woman's writings.

I'm putting in full here a posting from what appeared to be a dormant politically neutral blog about another arrogant, insulting and condescending article by Mariam Mokhtar,

A Response to Mariam Mokhtar’s “A superior Malay … is an Arab”

So, The Heat Malaysia featured an article by (who I assume to be) guest writer Mariam Mokhtar. She’s pretty prolific, with her own website and articles/opinion pieces featured in a bunch of news portals. Go click on this link above and then come back. Done? Cools. Okay, if you were too lazy to read the whole thing, Mariam basically is writing about the modern Malay fascination with Arab culture. I’m sure you’ve seen examples of it. Lots of people are emulating the clothes, rituals, habits and speech patterns (using the Arabic names for holidays like Hari Raya, for example). There’s also a pretty heavy focus on religion in many of these cases. Mariam argues that the adoption of this culture is making Malay people intolerant and arrogant towards non-Malays and patronising towards Malays who choose not to adopt those ‘Arabic’ aspects. But here’s my problem. She does it terribly. Ms Mokhtar, if you’re reading this, know that I have no hard feelings on you personally, but your opinion piece is honestly quite horrifying to read. She starts off with an anecdote that goes: “Until the 1990s, a Malay boy would  usually reply that his ambition would be to become a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer. Today, a sea [of] change has occurred. A child social worker said, “These days, many Malay boys aspire to become ustaz. They appear to have no other ambition, or interests.”” I don’t know who this child social worker is, but they’re a horrible child social worker. I thought people in that field were supposed to encourage kids to achieve their dream? I mean, who are you to say that taking up a religious profession means a lack of ambition? She goes on and gives a list of occupations that she thinks are more ‘beneficial’ (engineers and scientists, lecturers and trade workers) and compliments those people for wanting to help their communities, as if those in a religious profession are lazy and ignorant themselves. Come on, Ms Mokhtar, I’m sure you know better than to generalize an entire group? But wait. She then writes: “Many Malays today, are intolerant and arrogant. They claim superiority over other Malaysians, but when it comes to meritocracy, they suddenly cry foul, and blame the non-Malays of denying them of their rights. […] Today, the Malays have allowed the insidious Arabisation to creep into their everyday life, and dilute their own culture. Their children are given Arabic sounding names, which are difficult to spell and are almost unpronounceable. […] Why does the Malay man not ride his camel to work, rather than terrorise other road users with his kapchai or Proton?” You have got to be kidding me, right? Calling an entire culture ‘insidious’? Making fun of their naming conventions? Using ridiculous stereotypes like ‘Arabs ride camels’? I’m sorry, which group of people are you calling out for being intolerant of other cultures again? And here is where the nail in the coffin lies, guys. She ends her piece with this stunning work of journalistic talent: “The Saudi Arabians depend on Pakistani and Bangladeshi menial labourers. We, too, depend heavily on Bangladeshi workers. If he’s not careful, the ‘superior’ Malay will be an Arab… or perhaps a Bangladeshi.” Give this woman a Pulitzer Prize, folks! I’m going to ignore the incredibly obvious question of “How is that at all relevant to this discussion?” because that would be too easy. How on Earth could you be so condescending to foreign workers? If ‘superior Malays’ are not ‘careful’, they’ll end up like Bangladeshis? How do you mean, Ms Mokhtar? Do you mean to say that they will begin to work extremely hard? Do you mean to say that they’ll be willing to travel thousands of kilometres, going through isolation in a foreign country in hope of a better life for their family? Or perhaps you wanted to say that they’d face persecution, abuses of their rights, and offensive opinion pieces put out on The Heat Malaysia treating them like the butt of a bad joke? No, Ms Mokhtar, I don’t believe you meant to say any of those things. You were just trying to make a cheap shot at the expense of one of the most marginalized communities in Malaysia, and while trying to prove how ‘intolerant and arrogant’ a certain group of people were because they adopted Arab culture, you proved that a person could be just as intolerant and arrogant and condescending without adopting it. I have friends from many different national backgrounds, I am happy to say. Some of them are from the Middle East, some of them are from Bangladesh. They vary in educational qualification and income levels, but the most important thing is that they vary at all. They’re not some homogeneous, faceless, monolithic group that it’s okay to make fun of. Your opinion piece was basically the equivalent of saying “Don’t be intolerant… because everyone knows only Arabs are intolerant! And don’t even get me started on the Bangladeshis!” I hope you realize the problem with that statement. I’m sorry, but I’d very much prefer to live in a Malaysia where we celebrate a variety of different cultures, Arab, Malay, Bangladeshi, what have you. The day when a group of ‘Arabicised’ Malay people start giving me flak for being Malaysian-Chinese, then maybe I’ll write about that, but I sure as heck won’t be putting down entire cultures and groups of people while I do.


  1. Manyak olang sikalang tatak mau jadi Bulayu ,pikir Bulayu .

    Atak olang jadi Bulayu kalau kat khalayak lamai saja maa aa ,balik lumah lia jadi Jawa ,Bugis ,Banjar ,Boyan n macam-macam lagi lea aa , Wa pon tatak tau maa aa.

    Atak olang (nama Bulayu) mau jadi Malaysian saja maa aa ,atak juga mau Mat Sallehkan Bulayu ,itu Bulayu kasi lupa.

    Sikalang lamai Bulayu mau jadi Alap ,Wa pon tak tau lea aa ,tapi Wa pecaya Cina tetap mau hilup macam Cina , India tetap mau jadi India ,tatak mau bolih ubah lor rr .

    Wa ingat Bulayu atak manyak sakit maa aa .

    1. Lufang, to some of us, race no longer matters. How many people nowadays can claim that they are pure anything? Issue of race and ethnicities become a problem when people try to ram down other people's throat their own definition of what a specific race is.

      Race & ethnicity is no longer defined by specific religion, food, clothes or language. Race & ethnicity is only defined by your biological make-up. Culture does not equal race.

    2. I wonder how much darah raja & darah melayu left in some of our royalties.

  2. Annie, awak sangat emosional mengenangkan umno akan kalah dan tiada sesiapapun di umno yang bijak sebijak you untuk tanganinya.

    Kembalilah ke asal, pro bn dengan tulisan yang bijak, mungkin belum terlambat.

  3. This Mariam Mokhtar is just another US fighter jet during Vietnam War carpetbombing the terrain trying to hit the Vietcongs but unknowingly killing many innocent bystanders!

  4. Annie,

    You talk about Mariam Mokhtar generalizing the adoption of arabic culture of certain groups.

    First of all, Mariam Moktar is not part of Pakatan Harapan.

    Do you watch Game of Thrones?

    In order to become strong, and face a formiddable opponent, Daneris Targeryen have to combine the strength of her army with her allies which were the Tyrell, the Martells and the Greyjoy.

    Daneirs Targeryen has 3 Dragons.

    With the combine force and with 3 dragons, only then she return to face the Lanisters.

    The same here with Pakatan.

    Pakatan have 4 parties, PKR, DAP, PPBM and AMANAH.

    This four parties now formed Pakatan Harapan.

    Mariam Mokhtar do not represent Pakatan Harapan.

    Please stop generalizing.

    DAP have to abide a common manifesto in Pakatan Harapan. Currently, Pakatan stand on Malay Rights is they will preserve it.


    The issue of Arabian culture is debatable.

    The issue even being brought up by our honoroble Sultan and TMJ.

    My personal view is that it is not a big issue. There is a grey line that distinguish between Arab culture and Islamic culture.

    If it is just a matter of clothing then we have to consider the western cultures influence as well.

    Some of the things that had been brought up by Mariam Mokhtar is true. There are a lot of our Malay folks sent their children to Private Tahfiz school nowadays and these school are not properly controlled. There are issues arised that we all know about, such as abused and some of them are very serious.

    Thirdly, if you want to talk about Malay rights.

    One of the special rights (hak istimewa) of Malays is scholarship.

    Unlike zaman Tun M, now schoolarship is hard to come by. PTPTN is the new word.

    Maybe we should stop arguing something that do not exist anymore and focus on thing that do matters such as , “High Cost of Living”, “Increase of unemployment rate” and so forth. This are the things that do really matters.

    There are a lot of people that are suffering, malay and not malay nowadays due to economic reason.

    If we want to talk about fantasy, I’d say better watch the Game of Thrones.

    1. "Mariam Mokhtar do not represent Pakatan Harapan."

      heh heh......ya, annie you better change your headline lah.

      False accusation without proof. Misleading.

      Or you find her real party registration card and bocor in public like zahid komedi like to do with other people private info.


  5. MM ni ahli parti mana ye dalam Pakatan?

    1. Kena tanya zahid komedi dulu, pastu annie boleh "leak online", kan?

    2. Whois:
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      Registry Admin ID:
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      Admin State/Province: Surrey


    3. Hey Haku,

      Still not proof she Pakatan party member rite?

      Can you get her PKR/DAP/PPBM/Amanah membership number?

      Then only it's proof lah....

    4. Pakatan Harapan got branch in Surrey England ka?

      This Mariam Mokhtar, is it binti or a/p in the IC.?

      In the Blog registry not stated?

  6. As usual those Bodoh Nasional (incl annie) cant see the forest for the trees, majority of people are angry & disillusioned with Bodoh Nasional. They are not Pakatan Harapan but this GE14 they will vote Pakatan Harapan!!!

    1. Where's proof this mariam lady is a PH spokesperson?


      "Her line of reasoning is actually very similar to that of many DAP people that I know."

      Not the same thing maaaaaaa.

      If that's your basis then quote official DAP source or ask for PH view on the article.

      if I say Annie view = official BN position, also equally wrong kan.

      Simple logic.....

  7. She is entitled to her opinions just like you are yours. If u think she is wrong, than rebut her arguments with yours. Apa susah? Is M'sia becoming so intolerent now that there is only one accepted view of everything?

    1. Of course she is entitled to her opinion. But that's not the point of my post. Read carefully again with an open mind. Then ask yourself what is the impact of such an opinion among the majority of bumiputera people. Be honest about it. Thank you.

    2. Funny thing is, if you read her original article, many of the same views have been expressed by Tun Dr Mahathir.

      No leader of Malaysia has EVER done as much for the Malays as Dr M.

      But he is very honest also.

      Some people can't take it.

    3. The majority of bumiputera doesn't read english blog or news website, let alone hers. She only appeal to a selected audience, typically urban & educated. BN has lost the urban malay votes long ago and the reason has nothing to do with what she wrote.

    4. Annie, saya rasa lagi ramai yg akan terpengaruh dgn apa Chef Wan tulis dari this Mariam lady la.


    5. Miriam is a constructive criticism but annie is a character assassination (typical BN)...

  8. Relax...
    Join for BN UMNO
    30 million people must vote for UMNO because it's tremendously beneficial for myself only
    Vote for UMNO and nobody will go to jail

    Disclaimer: Oh "Nobody go to jail" mean I will not go to jail

    Jho low

    1. Yes, Jho.

      Your hippo boss and yourself can run, but you cannot hide.

      One day justice will come to you.

      Meanwhile please steal more money for your boss to bribe people for PRU14.

      You already helped him to songlap 6 billion USD via ERCL contract.

      Thank you.

    2. Re:30 million people must vote for UMNO

      i didnt know Msia has 30 million people above 21 years old!

    3. Jho Low ..you totally screwed up Miranda Kerr..she nail you good and proper..oohh jho, your one and half centimetre dick is not a dick at all..it just tumor

    4. Jho,you diam2 sudah kawtim dengan DOJ ye! Sian bos you dengan aunty Pinky..ha.ha..

    5. Anon 13:40
      My mistake assuming 30 million people are all over 21
      That small mistake makes me a trash, sampah masyarakat
      That why vote for UMNO, because of how dumbass I am for giving you inaccurate small insignificant data
      Thieves and mega scandal will go scot free while I who makes super small mistake will go and lives a pathetic lives as pathetic macai
      Nobody will go to jail forever

      Jho low

  9. "Melayu are stupid and lazy"
    I would like to see a counter argument of that.
    Spare me the Nazi proclamation or Ketuanan BS.

  10. Bumiputra has been scammed many times by felda global ventures, tabung haji and mara

    1. At the final sermon of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. just before his passing:

      "Remember, one day you will appear before ALLAH and answer your deeds. So beware! Do not stray from the path of righteousness after I am gone. All mankind is from Adam and Eve; an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor does a non-Arab have any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over a black person nor a black has any superiority over a white perdon other than in piety (taqwa) and good deeds (amal salih)."

  11. Sejak bila org pakatan tak screw up?mahathir screw Anwar.Anwar scew Mahathir.Lim Kit Siang screw Mahathir.Mahathir ingat dia screw Lim Kit Siang.Rafizi screw Azmin.semua mmg one screw loose

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Check your dubur for Jibby dedak screw, Pros Kangkang : )

    2. I screw all UMNO macai and leaders alike

      Jho low

    3. PAS sudak didedakkan dengan RM90,000,000 !!!
      Prof kangkung is screwed

      Jho low

    4. Bias prof
      All useless

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. It is becoming an almost impossible task to be convinced by BN these days. BN can huff and puff for all its wants, but for every one thing it gets right, it seems to be screwing up 5 along the way. Also, 'continuity' used as bargaining tool is grossly overated. other nations have changed, and they have survived, many for the better.

  13. I clicked on the link below and got a Trivago ad for hotel deals in Phuket (do you pronounce it as "fuket"?

    Anyway, I remember reading something like that by Mariam Mokhtar on The Heat some time back.

    However, as of December last year, The Heat.....

    I understand that Mariam Mokhtar lives and works in the UK, though I could be wrong.

    Whilst MM herself may not be a member of any Pakatan party, her views are representative of the liberal, middle-class, English-literate, western educated, largely urban-based and tech-savvy.

    The Star's Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai describes this divide within the urban constituency of Lembah Pantai very well and based upon my own obesrvations, I concur with his take on Lembah Pantai, especially on the different priorities of most folk in Kg. Kerinci and Pantai Dalam on the one hand and those folk in Bangsar.

    The Clintons called some American voters 'deplorables' and Trump won.


  14. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad menyerang PAS, mendakwa parti itu pintar menggunakan agama dengan pelbagai istilah Arab bagi menghalalkan segala aktiviti politiknya.

    Dr Mahathir berkata ketaksuban ahli PAS ialah kerana mereka diikat dengan bai’ah (sumpah taat setia) “sehingga mereka sanggup membelakangkan Islam dan Al-Quran”.

    Bekas presiden Umno selama 2 dekad itu mengulangi sengketa awal Umno dan PAS, di mana pemimpin PAS didakwa mengkafirkan pemimpin Umno pada pilihan raya umum 1959.

    “Ramai orang Melayu terpengaruh dengan dakwaan ini sehingga ada yang mengkafir ibubapa mereka, dan ada yang berkahwin semula kerana perkahwinan mereka sebelum menjadi ahli PAS tidak sah dan anak mereka menjadi anak haram.
    “Tetapi PAS hanya menang 13 kerusi Parlimen tahun 1959 dari 104 yang dipertandingkan. Walaubagaimanapun PAS tawan Kelantan dan Terengganu,” tulis Dr Mahathir.

    Sekarang PAS akan bertanding kononnya untuk melawan Umno, tetapi sebenarnya untuk memberi kemenangan kepada Umno. Samada dedak terlibat atau tidak aallahu a’lam.

    “Terpulanglah kepada ahli PAS samada mengikut ajaran Islam atau terus membai’ah dan taksub kepada parti dan pemimpinnya yang berjuang untuk nafsu di dunia.”

  15. that's the strategy isn't it, attribute and associate all negative comments about race and religion to the opposition esp the dap to scare the day lights out of the simple folks, umno politics 101, sadly it works all the time

    1. Mana ada strategy, it's only a natural law
      Survival of the fittest
      And don't go salahkan najib dengan EC
      We won super fair and square, without bangla, without illegal immigrant, without felda, without vote counting, without money politics, local lives us

      Jho low

    2. Correction

      Local* loves us
      Ok darling? Let me party for a bit

      Jho low

  16. Dumnos should whack back with the 'grandeur' of dumnoputeraism...that's why 70% bumiputeras are still living below the poverty line!!! 'Thank you dumnos' sigh

  17. Annie,

    //I found the post to be extremely arrogant, insulting and condescending.//

    I guess that could be said of Mariam Mokhtar's style of writing but I found it more to be in an angry accusatory style.

    But much of what she says is quite true.

    The term "bumiputera" has been abused and has caused deep divisions to a nation.

    I personally know of bumiputeras who can easily afford to send their children overseas for education, but choose to use a Petronas scholarship instead.

    Of cos, during the semester breaks, they would use their own money to fly to London, Europe, US, Australia, etc, instead of meeting up in Malaysia, but that is their money so it's up to them where they want to go for holidays, right?

    //Now it's almost next to zero per cent,//

    That is probably more the case with Semananjung.

    If so, why are we still seeing massive resources being diverted towards Semananjung "bumiputeras"?

    But you are right, it is only "almost zero percent" in some segments of the demographic.

    That may explain why I saw a genuine bumiputra, to wit, an Orang Asli, near my kampung, dressed in rags and riding a rusty bicycle. He is unlikely to post comments anywhere as I don't think he could afford a smartphone.

    Also, many bumiputeras in Sabah and Sarawak do not seem to have the same wealth as bumiputeras in Semananjung - Taib Mahmud excepted :)

    It gets even worse when one goes deeper into the remote regions of Sarawak.

    Annie, the truth is that only some bumiputeras have benefited.

    And some bumiputeras have benefited more than other bumiputeras.

    And yet other bumiputeras, a very small tiny number, have benefited fabulously beyond all imagination.

    The wealth of the nation has simply not been shared out equally, even amongst the bumiputeras, never mind the non-bumiputeras!

    Maybe I am wrong to suggest that we should ensure that we be fair with the wealth of the nation.

    It is, after all, one of those nice-to-have things which is often considered silly.

    But it was one of the original premise which enable the 70% of bumiputeras you quoted above, to be given special privileges.

    To this very day, those special privileges are still being given even though you have said that almost next to zero per cent live below the poverty line.

    Anyway, I am beginning to babble over subject matter which no Malaysian is unaware of.

    I doubt if my babbling would make a difference in how anybody here on your blog votes.


    1. Hye gladiator,

      Have you listen to the story of Tun Jugah, slippers and the aeroplane?


    2. Very true indeed Gladiator!

      Your babbling and others included... really does not make any difference whom i should vote.Because in these bolehland we still have been given the choice to choose...Wright?

      ....and this world is not a fair place to live anyway!... Wright?

      ....or have you find any?

      The Equalizer

  18. Facts are facts. No need to get angry about it. Worse still if you are in denial mode.

  19. Annie. Good governance benefits all. Mariam Mokhtar can write whatever. I don't have to waste my time reading it. And getting angry about it. Not worth it. For all we know she is a he. On payroll. To make its target look deplorable.

  20. Apa special privilge nya bumiputera ni dapat hari ni melainkan one is an umnoputra. This umnoputra grade memang enjoy a lot of previlges tak pernah puas. Unfortunately vast majority of the actual bumiputera dapat BRIM aje.

    Mariam Mokhtar ni tulis macam sakai DAP (Red Bean Army). Tapi today RBA ni dah baik sikit kot. Apa Marian ni tulis tu ada jugak betul nya. But how she put it memang menyakitkan hati that she goddamn generalize the entire Malay population as having to hang on to the "entitled" privilege. Ini tak betul. Setengah daripada orang Melayu yang tinggal di bandar-bandar semakin kuat bekerja tak bukan jenis yang meminta-minta melainkan mereka ni umnoputra. Dan kita lihat orang muda Melayu pun ramai cuba mencebur diri dalam perniagaan. Kejayaan tak datang bergolek. Kena usaha. They begin to pick up the trend. Eh.. Daim pun failed many time before he became successful la.

    Now vast majority of the Malays live in rural Malaysia. When we say rural, ada orang bandar yang dah tak ada kampung ni (agak nya macam Mariam Mokhtar ni la) pandang orang kampung ni jijik. Nak kena dibantu tongkat aje. Sebenarnya dia orang ni pun tak suka meminta-minta. Ini tebiat (tak suka meminta-minta) orang Melayu in general sebelum didewanbahasakan istilah bumiputera ni. Tukang-tukang karut politik di Malaysia ni yang suka menyelam sambil minum air. Diceritakan ini diceritakan itu nak bagi orang Melayu di kampung-kampung syok. Orang Melayu ni kalau pembesar datang masuk kampung, berdedai-dedai sambut. Resmi Melayu ni. Tak boleh buat apa dah.

    Anyway, the rural Malays are so accustomed to their way of rural life and their aspirations are vastly different from those in the cities and suburbs. One cannot see them both as the same. Di sini la the divide continues. Umno knows this ! And PKR, DAP, Amanah begin to reliaze this is where they have failed before. So when the man who has been instrumental to the divide come to them, they make him lead. This man knows the Malays in the cities and in the country very very well. He may not be as popular in the cities but he sure as hell is well received in the country (luarbandar la). His presence alone counts. He may not be Tun Razak but he made his mark.

    Biarkan la Mariam Mokhtar yang bunyi macam Melayu murtad ni. Dia cakap macam orang bandar jijik dengan orang kampung. Kita tak perlu orang Melayu macam ni. Life is all all about economic success. There is more to life than that.

    Ni lain issue;
    Zahid ni bodoh piang apa ni ?
    Di Malaysia ni huge population of Malays cannot call themselves pure Malays anymore. We talk about this in private and in casual conversation, bukan bila merasmi mesyuarat cawangan dan bahagian. Sesuatu benda atau perkara bila dah nak jahanam tu, dia ada tanda-tanda. Naib Presiden umno tu cakapkan bekas Presiden Umno (Baru) yang paling berjaya. Belum nampak lagi betapa dah macam kera kena belacan umno ni ?

    1. Saya rasa TS Zam bagi tajuk paling win untuk drama Zahid ni "Pementasan semula drama kasih sayang najib Zahid..."

      Separately, as pointed out above, tak perlu baca column Mariam Mokhtar, baca komen menteri Umno dalam main stream media dah cukup memualkan. Here's another example:


    2. Bumiputra only benefit me myself
      Malay people get peanuts
      Jangan kecam saya hashtag

      Jho low

    3. Pros Kangkang is your No.1 supporter, Jho.

      Make sure the Malays are kept in mental bondage, you can stay rich!

    4. 8.8.17:21:46 said "Mariam Mokhtar ni tulis macam sakai DAP (Red Bean Army)."

      You are articulate but certainly inaccurate. I don't know about Mariam Mokhtar. But I certainly know my Orang Asli brethren. If Mariam Mokhtar is the issue, why drag Orang Asli into the mud. Labelling Orang Asli as Sakai is deplorable. This is too common among so called Melayu pandai yang tak pandai menjaga maruah bangsa. An insult to others is greater insult to self. I am Melayu. But I have no issues with China India Orang Asli Arabs Indonesians etc. I have issues with individuals yang tak amanah dalam menjalankan tanggungjawab. Tak amanah dalam perkataan dan perbuatan. Feeling pandai tidak bermakna benar pandai. Thank you.

  21. Let me tell you guys how Lim Kit Siang and the DAP really screwed up.

    They bet on the wrong horse when they supported the so-called 'professional group' (Mat Sabu was one of them.haha) in the tussle for leadership in Pas.That was a major screw up.
    Don't underrate these 'stupid Malays'

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Yes prof, I do agree, Mat Sabu memualkan. However, I feel the same (mual) towards Bung Mokhtar (Felcra chairman), Puad Zakarshi (pengarah Jasa), Zahrain Mohamed (duta ke Indon), Ku Nan (FT minister) & a few others.

    2. There's a lot of overprivillige parasite in UMNO
      These are the same people who sell bumiputra land to China

    3. Pros Kangkang,

      You must be very happy that PAS (Pelacur Armno Setia) can halal-kan 1MDB kan?

      The comfort of knowing you are not the only dedak parasite.


      Prof Sawi

    4. Let me ask you something anon 1132

      Are all the BR1M recepients UMNO members?jgn jadi mcm nik aziz.bukak aja mulut bau taik

      Prof Kangkung

    5. Prof Kankung:
      "Let me ask you something anon 1132..." ; and your point is???

      BR1M hanyalah memulangkan balik cukai GST yg dibayar oleh golongan berpendapatan rendah. Bukannya banyak mana pun, itupun penyokong BN nak bangga sgt?

      Agak2 imbuhan pengerusi Felcra berapa yea? Ada tak sejuta lebih macam pengerusi Felda/FGV dulu. Gaji & imbuhan duta pulak berapa yea? Saya rasa lebih 500k setahun ni.

      Ikut logic prof, kita kena redha duit tax kita membiayai org2 kuat Umno ni kerana mereka yg paling layak antara yg layak.

    6. Following prof prostitute logic
      All country can go to hell
      Starts with malaysia

    7. Selling malay land and then give peanuts brim to malay

      What a good deal

      Jho low

    8. Pros Kangkang,

      My counter to you:

      Are all the people who received the stolen money via AmBank signed cheques from 1MDB mainly Umno dedak eaters?

      Are the people who screwed Felda and TH and stole from KWAP mainly Umno dedak eaters?

      Prof Sawi

  22. Siapa kata tak jelita?


  23. So what is Mariam Mokhtar relationship with Pakatan Harapan?

    Is she a member of Pakatan Harapan party?

    I think we need to clearly define things here.

    Again, refer to the topic title,

    What is the relationship between Pakatan Harapan and Mariam Mokhtar.

    We need to argue or debate something that is really meaningful rather false accusation here and there. Just like the issue of Tun M IC, without any proof whatsoever.

  24. By listening to 1MBD chief Arul Kanda Kandasamy, PAS has seemingly given the country’s sovereign wealth fund a clean bill of health. But what about four issues that remain unresolved?

    1. Why does 1MDB keep missing its payments to IPIC?

    2. Why does 1MDB not initiate legal actions to recover the seized properties in US?

    3. Why does 1MDB not initiate legal actions to recover the monies paid to the fake Aabar BVI (British Virgin Islands)?

    4. Why did 1MDB parcel out Bandar Malaysia to the Ministry of Finance when this was the jewel of its crown?

  25. Anonymous @ 8 August 2017 at 22:04,

    //Have you listen to the story of Tun Jugah, slippers and the aeroplane?//

    Post a link.

    I have heard there were many insulting jokes being made about Jugah anak Barieng (he couldn't read nor write, you know), so let's see what kind of joviality you may offer about him and we can all have a laugh, shall we? :)

    Apai was one of our TRUE bumiputeras, not a pendatang who became a bumiputera by virtue of some ill-defined fuzzy paragraph in some nondescript publication by a half-arsed wannabe tertiary institution.



    1. Hye Gladiator,

      Yup, couldnt agree more with you. A TRUE STATESMEN indeed.


  26. The Equalizer,

    //...or have you find any?//

    Find any what?


  27. TQ,

    //couldnt agree more with you.//

    So, you gotta link about Tun Jugah, slippers and the aeroplane?

    Or you wanna tell me in your own words? :)

    OK, please tell me the story of Tun Jugah, slippers and the aeroplane :)


    1. Hye Gladiator,

      Owh, the story that i listen is Tun Jugah open his slippers upon embarking the airplane. And when the plane landed HE looks for his slippers. HE is just practicing manners. And i dont find it funny.

      Sorry. No links. :)


  28. Annie, you say that you have not heard nor read posts by MM. Gosh you must be one big ignoramous! What do you read? Let me rephrase that...do you even read!
    MM is a Perak lass...well educated. Annie kalau u nak debat dia...sure kalah beb.

    1. Yes, I never read or know her previously. I read books mostly. Well educated? Actually, I'm well educated too. I got a law degree. Still I can be quite a bitch, right? And I'm not much into debates. They are just ego trips. Thank you.

    2. MM used to write weekly in the Star paper years back. Got roots in Trengganu ...... I like reading her views .......

  29. What kind of a nation have we become? MACC trying to intimidate lawyers to protect their questionable ways of operation, ignoring the obvious big guns but going after the minions. Isn't MACC's very action, fully corrupt?

    1. Certainly corrupt and corrupting...like the devilish pee em

  30. Annie,

    You said : Melayu kampung would never accept DAP.

    Well, Melayu as a whole was not able to accept Komunis Malaya, but now they are taking their land titles looking for Communists from the Mainland, birthplace of Partai Komunis Malaya.

    You know, they used to bring their land titles to the Cina Singapura, calling them tokeh and sambut them with the legendary Malay Hospitality.

    It's not that hard to fight the war of perception in the Malay heartland, you know. All one needs is to find a way to communicate with them and bingo.

    How much does one Melayu hate another Melayu ? It's not that difficult to find out, you know. You just need to create some competition amongst the two be it for business or for position or for some government projects and the bomohs would be very busy with their business, helping them to kill each other that is.

    So the DAP government just need to award some project to some Melayu practice favouritism with one group against the other, and there will be fights amongst the two groups of Melayu, not joining hands to fight DAP, you know?

    How long was the empayar Melaka ? 100 years? After that how long was semenanjung, in fact the entire nusantara, under foreign occupation? Four hundred years?

    How long will UMNO protect the so-called ketuanan Melayu with the kind of pemimpin that it has now? Bangsa Melayu letak harapan pada siapa? Shahidan Kasim? Tengku Adnan Bin Tengku Mansor? Zahid bin Hamidi? KJ10Q? Mappadulung? Mattimung? Karaeng? Sandrobone?

    I remember many Melayu worked in the government of Japanese Malaya during Japanese occupation. Some even in the military too (under the Emperor Hirohito, of course). Takde hal lah, Annie.

  31. Anonymous @ 9 August 2017 at 18:52,

    //Melayu as a whole was not able to accept Komunis Malaya//

    Actually, that is not really true.

    I recall reading somewhere that there were many Malays in the Malayan Communist Party, back in the 1940s, and in very senior positions as well.

    But at some point in the struggle for power and for some reason (can't remember), the Malays left the jungles and the Malayan Communist Party virtually collapsed - no support mah.

    The majority of the Chinese did not really support the Communist (eg apparently in our village, only 5 or 6 out of 500+ families supported the Communists).

    Those who did support the Communists were clever enough to stay undercover in the towns, etc to get supplies and intel.

    Yes, Chin Peng and quite a few of his Malay commanders continued to fight but over time, even the Malay commanders, except one or two, left and only the hardcore Chinese remained.

    The is a video somewhere of an interview with a Malay pakcik who was in the Malayan Communist Party and although he was probably 70 or 80, he still held very socialist views.

    If I can still find the link I will post it here - I saw it about 4(?) years ago.

    //I remember many Melayu worked in the government of Japanese Malaya during Japanese occupation.//

    Hmmm, now that you've mentioned it, I suppose there would have had been many Malays who willingly worked with the Japanese.

    I do know that all the sultans willingly worked with the Japanese.

    I mean, for the sultans, what's the difference, right? Ruled by the Japanese, ruled by the British, same same lah.

    But I guess there is not very much we will find in the history books about this.

    I wonder why? :)


  32. Who says money is king? Now the Chinese is King. So Perkasa please kowtow to the Chinese. Even Najib is bowing to the Chinese now. Just follow the leader. OK ?

    Jho low

  33. Gladiator,

    Re: sultans willingly worked with the Japanese

    There was this famous picture of sultans with General Tomoyuki Yamashita, taken after the fall of semenanjung. Perhaps that's the reason why apart from fighting against Chinese communists, there's no other movie to showcase the heroic fighting like the movie Regiment Melayu and Bukit Kepong.

    Battles of Tanduo, for instance, should be made a movie but for reason known only to the bumiputra movie directors the battles are not their priority. Such movie could have been made with all bumiputra actors, you know.

    Jho low,

    You see, some Melayu such as those from mappadulung clan are proud of their origin as lanun aka pirates. But these people who seldom read and have no respect for history do not understand that in history the most feared pirate king who ruled all pirates of nusantara was a Chinese from Guangdong. All Melayu pirates were working for him and called him Raja.

    And today, the mappadulung clan still must be f..ked by a fat Chinese called jho low (hey that's you).

    therefore if you want to call the Chinese 'king' no one will stop you.

  34. Dear Annie, I wish to retract and cancel the earlier comment just posted regarding jho low a Chinese p.g which is inappropriate and therefore please do not post the same. Thank you.

    1. Sorry. I'm not sure which one is your inappropriate comment. Please be careful next time. Thank you.

    2. Thank you Annie.

      It's true one needs to be very careful, the climate of fear thickens by the seconds.

  35. Anonymous @ 10 August 2017 at 00:19,

    //there's no other movie to showcase the heroic fighting like the movie Regiment Melayu and Bukit Kepong.//

    Please lah, movies are NOT a substitute for history, OK? :)

    Movies are for entertainment, not education.

    Documentaries are something else. They tread the line between entertainment and education.

    A good documentary can educate, if well-researched and well-presented.

    For example, David Attenborough makes good documentaries, Brian Cox makes good documentaries, because it is like attending a seminar or a lecture but more enjoyable cos you don't have to take notes.

    I don't think I would watch a movie like "The Malay Regiment" but I would certainly watch a good documentary on "The Malay Regiment".

    Needless to say, I feel that a good documentary is a lot harder to make than a good movie but that is probably because I am biased.


  36. Morning guys.
    Feel like writing after my Subuh prayer.
    Another major screw up by Pakatan people is when Rafizi came up with his Kajang Move.It turned out Raifizi is a moron.
    No need to say what Kajang Move is since the readers of this blog are politically aware.
    Actually Kajang Move was the straw that broke the camel's back.Pas is the camel.DAP and PKR had been riding Pas' back before Pas realized that they were taken advantage of by PKR and DAp.
    PKR and DAP underestimated Pas' political savvy.
    Now Pas want to be independent and I am sure in the next GE Pas will be mauled by UMNO.
    PAS is not that smart anyway

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Pros Kangkang,

      Your wisdom is not worth sharing whether after Subuh, Zohor, Asar, Maghrib, Isyak or Asar.

      The only major screw up is you, whose nafsu for dedak and gomen hand-outs makes Jho Low, hippo and Riza and the Bugis pirate laugh while they take money from your pocket and leave you with crumbs. Then you thank them for crumbs.

      Weak-minded fools like you never cease to be victims.

      Prof Sawi

    2. Prof... You're correct about PAS, not being smart. That's the hallmark of religious peoples, anyway. More so, when they're Politicians at the same time and therefore exposes religion to be manipulated or exploited for worldly gains. That's where 'UMNO kapir', Haram undi UMNO/BN... etc, comes into play.

      Another example; A a few years back, Melaka's Chief Minister made a dumb suggestion, that SPM drop-outs be groomed as Ustaz or Ustazah. To me, that would certainly increase the pool of dumber populace. Maybe it's UMNO's brilliant idea...i.e, when the demography is infested with the dumber, more easy for them to hold on to power & wealth.

      Anyway, I don't think PAS would be 'mauled' by UMNO either. But for sure, they will be the camel's back for UMNO to ride on, just in case there's a hung Parliament or, when there's no clear majority for BN to form the government.

      How I wish we are bestowed with stern and definitive leaders like Oliver Cromwell or maybe Kemal Atatürk, who successfully discarded Religion, out of Politics. Of-course in our own mould as the Monarchy is already the head of Islam.

    3. Morning guys
      I just have completed my subuh prayer and solat hajat
      I feel like increaseing price of car fuel by 50cent more
      I have no power but I kawtim with najib

      Jho low

  37. Prof Kangkung,

    Chinese cannot cheat the malays, because by default the malays thought that Chinese are kaki penipu.

    Only malays can con the malays successfully.

    Is there a need for ECRL? well the east coast people knows better. But for the next twenty years the government of Malaysia must ensure sufficient export to PRC to pay the debt to China.

    That's the significance of payment through EXIM BANK.

    This is one example of how BN government screwed up the future of this country.

    And do not keep repeating that BN will win big. If it does, the only loser is you.

  38. Dear DS Najib Razak Prime Minister of Malaysia.

    I want you to know and realise that many of your friends and former loyalists in UMNO are losing trust and respect in your leadership to lead this BN government until PRU14.

    Like many of my friends and contemporaries, including former Malaysian Ambassadors as well as retired former Ambassadors and High Commissioners from many countries have posted interesting but damaging articles about you, your family and your political partners in crime. It's already public information and nothing to hide.

    As a friend of many decades and with my former official interactions with you, some of your Cabinet Ministers as well as retired notable senior government officers, I feel necessary to post this letter on my timeline for public information as it's with political interest. I have no political or other ill intention to discredit you, though we are not on equal terms in politics and more so we are now confronted by different political views and opinions.

    Having said that, I have never sought any favours from you and neither from Tun Hussein, Tun Mahathir or Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as I remain a loyal and respectable retired Malaysian Diplomat. I believe that I have served the nation and country well, when I was awarded A.M.N. a distinguished Federal Award from the Agong on my retirement from government in November 1998. Thank you and I am proud of this personal recognition from the government.

    In a nutshell, it's not about myself though I may have a passion for politics of this beloved country.

    However, today I am saddened that under your administration, the nation and country is slowly losing respect from our fellow citizens and from the international community. I believe you are doing well since you took over the coveted PM chair in Putrajaya, but unfortunately your integrity is now being questioned not only by your political opponents led by Tun Mahathir in Pakatan Harapan.

    Most of your friends have already dumped UMNO and join PPBM, PKR, Amanah and DAP too. It's not they don't like you and your performance as PM but as I have pointed out earlier your credibility has been questioned.

    In a nutshell, unless you clarify your personal involvement in the hot issue of 1MDB and other related fishy investments and the cash deposit of RM2.6 billion or more in your personal account, you are being condemned not only in Malaysia but also a number of countries including US, Australia, France and UK. Obviously your integrity has been badly tainted and you need to redeem yourself.

    Sir, I am 74 years old and have been in politics since the early 1960s before you were born. I remember helping Tun Hussein in the political platform in GE 1978 through my secondment to PMO (P&C) from Wisma Putra on my return from Pakistan.

    Needless to say, I am now embarrassed to be in UMNO and most of my friends previously holding party positions have resigned from the party due to your political crisis and the rampant corruption by your Cabinet Ministers and senior government officers.

    I believe MACC is doing a good job but double standards as no corrupted Ministers have been arrested. The people are slowly loosing faith and confidence in MACC for their double standards and persecution.

    Sir, the pressure is for you to resign immediately without recourse and let whoever is your successor to continue administering this government until the next general election expected to be called not later than mid 2018.

    Dato' Mustapha Ong
    No. Ahli UMNO: 01059465
    Former Deputy Chairman (2006-2009)
    Veteran UMNO Federal Territory (WP)
    Kuala Lumpur.

    1. BN UMNO will will GE14
      What say you?

      Jho low

    2. You better hope so, Fei Chai.

      Steal some more lah.

  39. Hi Annie,

    I want to ask your opinion about the woman minister who stated that the girl who married the rapist is doing fine.

    A few months back, a minister, an MP man says something positive about a victim marries the rapist.

    How much of a total screw up can this be?

    This is minister and members of parliment from BN, yes. Unlike Mariam Mokhtar, who do not have any link to Pakatan

    What say you? A matter of screw up.

    Can we say this a minor screw up, a major screw up and or a gigantic screw up.?

    1. I think the minister and MP from BN were stupid for saying that. Mariam Mokhtar is as non-Pakatan as Bersih movement shouting Ubah! Ubah! Ubah! is non-Pakatan. Thank you.

    2. So anyone who points out breaches of law and that the govt is highly corrupt is "Pakatan"?

      Ye ke?


      Bar Council is Pakatan.

      Mustapha Kamil (ex-NST) is Pakatan.

      US DOJ is Pakatan.

      Swiss A-G is Pakatan.

      Singapore govt is Pakatan.

      French is Pakatan.

      Sultan Nazrin is Pakatan.

      TS Abu Kassim & former MACC officers are Pakatan.

      Zeti is Pakatan.

      Ahmad Husni is Pakatan.

      Close to 100 international newspapers work for Pakatan.



  40. Jangan kasi opposition tanya banyak sangat dalam parliament
    Susahlah saya nanti

    Jho low

    1. BN should C4 jho low, he is better dead than alive but billions donation will be gone LOL

  41. Annie,

    Better you write on BN MANIFESTO FAIL.......

    Barisan Nasional (BN) has only managed to build less than 2 per cent of the 500,000 affordable houses under the PR1MA scheme that had been promised in 2013.

    In a written reply in Parliament to Bayan Baru MP Sim Tze Tzin, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim said that up until June 2017, 8,475 units of PR1MA houses have been completed, while the keys of 934 units have been handed to owners.

    This, Sim pointed out, was well below the amount in the ruling coalition’s 2013 election manifesto

    announced in April 2013 that had pledged 500,000 PR1MA houses would be completed in the "next five years".

    "It is with this promise that BN won the vote of the youth," the Bayan Baru MP said.


    Selangor done FAR MORE low cost housing for rakyat.