Saturday 12 August 2017

Love songs

Woke up a bit early.

Going to my cousin's wedding in a short while.

So many weddings of people I know over the past weeks.

Mating season, I guess.

Better lah.

The past year, so many people I know died.

It was as if some sorts of deadly plague had set upon them.

Well, weddings are much better than funerals.

I wish I can have one for myself too, but I don't think I have much hope for that.

Better chance of me having a funeral, I think...hahaha.

I'm still not well.

Don't even know if I could get well.

Never mind.

Must cheer up a bit for the wedding.

Sorry, no politics today.

Actually, thinking about funerals is better than thinking about politics.

Politics is really darker and gloomier.

At funerals, at least everyone is a friend.

You don't fight at funerals. Politics seems so stupid at such moments.

Okay, need to go now.

Here's a love song to go with the wedding mood,

I sing this song whenever I think about my love life these days.

Used to sing this one back then,

Cheers and have a good weekend.


  1. Hilup mesti mau gumbila Annie , manayak tatak baik halap mau mati lor rr ,itu mati akan sampai bila samapai masa maa aa .

    Jodoh akan sampai juga lea aa ,ini hat kita tak tau bila maa aa, selagi hilup mesti mau gumbila lor rr , itu politik kalau tak buat kita gumbila mest kasi ubah saja lor rr .

    Negala n peimpinan baik kita pasti gumbila maa aa .

    1. Lufang, I second that, the part about "hidup musti mau gumbira..."

      Annie, happiness is a state of mind not a result of circumstances.

    2. State of mind is a result of cirumstances.

    3. Annie, read "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor Frankl (if you haven't). "He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how."


  2. Annie,

    Good morning.

    Re: the past year, so many people I know died.

    That, and the fact that one must talk about illnesses very often, are but the signs of old age.

    Re: you don't fight at funerals

    Except perhaps when the jabatan agama wants to seize the dead body of someone who had allegedly converted to Islam but for some reason the family conducts for it a non Islamic funeral. There might be a big fight and the non-Malay language press will come.

    Re: "Love Story" song

    That's not a song for wedding mood, I beg to differ. That song was sang when the girl died leaving the boy alone. The girl died of illness, I remember.

    On that note, I wish that you will find the love of your life soon, and be happy. Get well soon. We might not have met but I sincerely thank you for this wonderful blog where we also get the chance to read the comments of so many who care for this country and to express some ourselves.

    And you have been a great blogger who had never abused your readers / visitors, unlike so many others. Thank you indeed.

  3. Annie,

    Every now and then, I crank up the volume and put these thru the speakers :)

    "Are you better off alone" by Alice Deejay

    "Boulevarde of broken dreams" by Green Day

    Normally I don't do karaoke but, recently in Singapore, I did the Green Day song in front of several doctors and a psychologist, just for fun.

    It was interesting to watch their faces as they had been singing love songs the whole night.


  4. Fair enough for now

    Jho low

  5. Hi Annie,

    Please get out of the rut and self pity.

    You have so much in you.

    Life cannot be seen as bleak just because of love disappointments.The world out there has so much to offer you.
    Upon recovery, take a break and travel far away places to invigorate your spirits.Lack of money for your travels ? Tell us and we will do a crowd funding for you.

    I sincerely hope you will comeback to be what you used to be (the naughty,candid and mischief loaded blogger)

    Cheer up and there is no need to talk about funerals...will ya ?

    I guess if you watch and listen Ijahman Levi live (edited) @ Reggae Sun Ska 2013 on Youtube you will at least, feel better.Try hook up with a good set of headphones and you sure will feel the soul and pulse of the songs.

    Rasta Rules

  6. Love story, Romeo and Juliet are love themed songs of platonic love.

    You got to watch the movie entitled, " Last Tango in Paris". The movie discloses the hidden meaning of tangible love and happiness.

    When Jeanne puts her hands on Marlon Brando's crotch, he acclaimed, "That's your happiness and my hap-penis". In other words, "your love and happiness is my penis"

    Click on to, Gato Barbieri- Last Tango in Paris soundtrack

  7. Annie the Malay weddings of yesteryears were definitely fun-filled occasions..ada joget (amboi best nya) seeing uncles and even boys before puberty dancing with lovely ladies in tight kebayas. Now...pi jumpa pengantin, makan and then belah. Where is the fun? Ini semua pasal Pak Sheikh...betul?

    1. betul habes laaa bro...
      skrang punya wedding takde feel...

  8. The core of a wedding is the mating, and the essence of mating ought to be the loving?

  9. Anonymous @ 12 August 2017 at 21:12,

    //The core of a wedding is the mating//


    That sounds a bit behind the times, don't you think? :)

    In many cases, the mating oledi done many times before the wedding :)

    Sometimes, several matings with several different mates even!!!

    //the essence of mating ought to be the loving//

    Hmmm.. I love lust.

    That counts as loving too, doesn't it? :)


    1. A man is like a shoe.. He has to go thru many holes bfor he ties the knot...

    2. Hey Glad, I'm having serious issues with your EQ man ...

  10. Annie, peluang you cari pasangan bertambah luas..

    Orang PAS dah boleh kahwin dengan orang umno sekarang..

    Cepat dapatkan satu sebelum meteka ubah fikiran

  11. Annie,

    Talking about being invited for wedding ceremony, are you being invited to the Royal Wedding tomorrow?

    If you do, you might be sitting at the same table as Datuk Ghani. Being the ex-MB of Johor, I'm sure Johoreans would miss him a lot, nevermind the 'anti nostalgia orang lama' speech by MB Khaled in Pagoh recently.

    There's double happiness for Johore and double happiness for the Nation and double happiness for Najib.

    For Johore, the wedding and the Johoreans tumpang gembira.

    For the Nation, following Prebet Adam's TRUEST CONFESSION, the Act that was enacted through the nostalgic old man against Raja-Raja may soon be abolished so that Malaysians would live happily ever after, and the fact that Prebet Adam was so well taken care of by the UMNO Government now that he too could afford the most expensive lawyer in town to talk for him at a press conference.

    And he could even afford someone to write an autobiography, too. That shows that Malaysia is really maju.

    For Najib, what was done in 1993 could finally be corrected by none other than the PM tersohor, and without a doubt PRU14 would be a walkover for the Unsinkable.

    Truly a love story between the Rakyat of Malaysia and their Prime Minister.

  12. Anonymous @ 13 August 2017 at 15:26,

    //I'm having serious issues with your EQ//

    What issues?

    What EQ?