Saturday 19 August 2017

Another wedding and a bit on Johor MB

Was at yet another wedding reception today. Been like this for the last four weekends.

To Ahmad Arshad Said and Najwa Solehah Shamsul Bahrin,

Wishing and congratulating both of you on the special day of your lives.
May you have lifetime love, harmony and happiness.
Have a great marriage

I quite enjoyed attending the wedding.

Ate quite a bit too,

Nasi beriyani, Palembang beef, mutton curry, some fruits and chrysanthemum tea
Very sedap, but I think if I eat like that for one week straight, I would probably be dead. Too rich.

Anyway, as I was sitting quietly there eating my food, I received these wassap messages from a friend.

- Jauh MB ko lunch hari ni
- Sampai starhill
- Datang segerombolan

Apparently, Johor Menteri Besar DS Mohamed Khaled Nordin was having lunch with about 10 of his people at the Luk Yu Tea House in Bukit Bintang, KL


I guess that more or less an indication that the general election is not likely within the next two or three months.

Many are saying now that it will be in November.

That couldn't be, as Khaled seemed to still have the time to spend his weekends in KL.

If the election is so near, I don't think he would have the luxury to spend precious weekends outside Johor.

I remember his predecessor, TS Abdul Ghani Othman spending all his weekends on exhaustive tour of all the kawasan peti undi in Johor as far back as a year before the last general election in 2013.

Ghani can't do that during the week days at that time because he had the state administration to run too.

I'm quite sure Khaled would do the same too if this coming general election is already just around the corner.

He wouldn't have time to hang out with buddies at a fancy restaurant in KL during the weekends if the polls will be in November as predicted by a lot of people now....right?

Unless maybe Johor BN's election preparations are already in tip top condition that he can afford such luxuries.

Hmmmm.....I'm a bit skeptical about that.

Well....don't know lah.

Talk too much, people get angry with me pulak.

Never mind.

Okay, here's some music to cheer up your weekend,

Nice, right?

That drummer is the fantastic Kanade Sato.



  1. "I guess that more or less an indication that the general election is not likely within the next two or three months.

    Many are saying now that it will be in November."

    Wait for 2018.

    Ah Jib Kor still stealing money from public funds.

    Current total is RM850 million songlaped from GLCs.

    He needs some China kickbacks to come in, once the number hits RM2 billion he can start throwing dedak around.

    Remember that stacks of money also need to be sent to East Mal. Last PRU this was caught on camera.

  2. Annie,

    For you :)

    Skyhooks - All My Friends are Getting Married (live) -

    And that meal looks really nice.



  3. UMNO tatak perlu susah-susah maa aa ,luit lalam tangan so menang pon lalam tangan maa aa .

  4. Hye Annie,

    Dah baca berita pasal budak lajak kat kulai kena tangkap?

    Tak serik lagi?

    Haish.. Entahlah..


  5. Tun actually created wealth for the nation... for everyone. Najib has done nothing but spend our childrens future to foreigners. He is not even half the man of Tuns capability. Hopes he goes to jail soon so that we can all get back at making Malaysia great again. Under najib and his cronies it will become a pariah state.

    1. "I swear from the bottom of my heart I want to be healed. I want to be like other men, not this outcast whom nobody wants."
      - Meditations of a mappadulung

    2. I can provide UMNO macai a private plane to escape after GE14
      Malay UMNO bumiputra dapat VIP seat
      Bumiputra miskin not allowed

      Jho low

    3. "Malay UMNO bumiputra dapat VIP seat
      Bumiputra miskin not allowed"

      Melayu Umno can buy plane

      Pink diamonds


      And Wolf of Wall St finance

      Melayu miskin.....

      can makan kangkong.

      Glad you are helping to steal more money for Mappadulung, Jho.

    4. When the story of 1MDB broke out in 2012, Mahathir did not join the opposition immediately. He gave Najib the chance to earn his own plaudits.

      By 2015, it was clear that Najib and Umno had lost their moral compass. Corruption, malfeasance and abuse of power have not only consumed 1MDB but spread to Mara, Felda, and Tabung Haji.

      Had Mahathir not been the chairperson of Petronas, the tentacles of Najib and Umno would have found their way into it.

      Thus, to see Khairul Azwan identifying Mahathir as the "main enemy", or “musuh utama” is not merely an affront to all that is true and righteous, but a direct assault on all the institutions that have been built to protect Malays and Malaysians alike.

      The truth is clear. Since 2009, Najib has failed to manage the finances of Malaysia, let alone lead the country.

    5. This Ketua Pemuda wannabe said Mahathir is Malay enemy no. 1. Oh really?

      This Malay enemy no. 1 managed to turn Langkawi from sleepy fishing island village into bustling tourist destination thus providing jobs and economic opportunities for Kedahan Malay.

      There is almost zero unemployment among youth in Langkawi. Mat Salleh come in droves. Jobs are aplenty. Everyone seems can hold a job for a long time. Even a school drop outs are very well off there.

    6. Every single PM from Tunku to Najib has contributed to the development of this nation.
      Those who say Najib does not contribute anything are really blind.After all these people have never supported UMNO in their entire life.UMNO supporters who turned against Najib are now the members of party Bunga which probably now has membership of around 1000.haha

      Prof Kangkung

  6. Wedding glamour and election anxiety both get your adrenaline flowing somewhat ya ma'am?

    1. Sister, just don't ya think crooked nor let cloud ya heart, then everythin will be alright

  7. Hi Annie,

    BN has already commenced their clandestine and covert ways and means to cajole the innocent public to support them in the next polls.
    My friend's daughter secured a place to pursue her tertiary education in one of our public university just a month ago.

    As in the case of many middle income group, her parents applied for PTPTN and were successful in the application.

    Guess what happened her Surat Tawaran Wang Pendahuluan Pembiyaan (RM1500) she was directed to go to the MP's office to collect the cash.And the MP belongs to BN.

    During the collection activity, her parents were told to vote for the MP in the forthcoming elections.They were also cautioned of the repercussions if they voted otherwise.
    The shameless MP even had the cheek to pose for a selfie with the applicant.

    In 2009, my two children were granted PTPTN for their further studies in local varsities and we were directed to open a SSPN savings account in CIMB to facilitate the funding.There was no involvement of MP's or any slimy politician.

    How low can this stupid BN stoop ? Why such desperation ?

    Why must an MP get involved in the disbursement of a loan that is entirely the responsibility of the student in as far as repayment is concerned ?

    Bodoh Piang bin Bangang !!!!!

    Rasta Rules

  8. I've made up my mind which party I will vote in the next GE14.

    So it has become irrelevant to me when GE14 will take place.

    1. Same here.kami sekeluarga pengundi UMNO dan BN

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Kesian Prof Kangkung. Bodoh tiada penghujung. Luckily adik beradik dia benci dengan perangai buta hati dia ni.

    3. Anon 2114
      Awak kena kesian juga kepada many of my current and exstudents yg akan mengundi BN sbb saya mempengaruhi mereka melalui hujjah akademik.jangan jeles yer

      Prof Kangkung

    4. "...saya mempengaruhi mereka melalui hujjah akademik.jangan jeles yer".

      Pros Kangkang,

      You spread your legs where? Universiti Ini Tipu Melayu (UITM)? Ha ha ha....most likely you are an unemployed dropout making RM50 a day as BN macai.

      As for real professors, the sheer intellectual mediocrity of our unis is because so many academics are actually chosen because they are professional Umgnok lickers.

      All they can produce is dropouts like Kangkang.

      A vicious cycle.

      Prof Sawi

    5. Rakyat of selangor knows which party to vote
      And students will step out to the real world only to find out that UMNOs representation of the real world is one dimensional and therefore myopic

    6. Prof tahi anjing

    7. Tok sah le gaduh2 & guna bahasa kesat. Tunggu aje pilihanraya & buat pilihan masing2.

      Saya berpegang pada kata2 Einstein, "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result".

    8. Very mature opinion 1137

      Prof Kangkung

    9. You never mess with public money and treat it as if it is yours

      Einstein words will never works against someone like najib and his hooligan macai

    10. Any one who thinks Najib is better is still sleeping and dreaming, because he came very close of destroying the country with the rampant corruptions and scandals of missing billions from the tax payers money.
      It just goes to show how low the umno party has sunk over the years.
      Everyday it just getting worse as this man has no clue of what he is doing

    11. The only ppl that still vote for BN will be:-

      Death ppl
      Geng Songkok Tinggi
      BN member family member

    12. boo..hambar la komen2 macai ni...mcm bodo jer suka gst,minyak naik apakebabi semua tu

  9. Money is like sh*t. Pile up in one place, it stinks as hell. If you spread it around, you can grow things.

    1. Hehehe ... no wisdom as deep as from men who recognize shit for what it is.

  10. "Datang segerombolan"

    Meaning of Kleptocracy = Ruled by Thieves.

    In Malay: Diperintah oleh segerombolan pencuri.

    Buat malu Bangsa, Agama & Negara. Orang-Agama, baik Kerajaan atau dalam PAS sama saja, dua-kali-lima. Penyamun pun mereka sokong.

    Mungkin sebab itu ramai anak-anak Melayu yang banyak membaca laporan dan berita dari 'luar'... selepas membandingkan dengan apa yang diperolehi dari media pro-UMNO/BN... mereka menjadi malu jika dikaitkan dengan Bangsa dan Agama orang-Melayu. Oleh itu mereka beralih ke atheism.

  11. HE had long retired as prime minister long before youth in Langkawi even knew who he was.

    But to those The Malaysian Insight spoke to, Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s influence among Langkawi youth below the age of 30 is still very strong.

    They may not know him personally or were around when he was prime minister, but many have learnt about the 92-year-old’s contributions from history books and stories told by their parents.

    And they are impressed.
    University student Farah, 21, is one of them.

    “I have read a lot about Dr Mahathir’s achievements in history books.

    “Many of my friends still have high respect for Dr Mahathir even though we were all young back when he was prime minister.

    “If Dr Mahathir contests here in the next election, I believe that he will get a lot of support,” she told The Malaysian Insight.

    She also pointed out to the development brought to Langkawi by Dr Mahathir, who is now chairman of the opposition coalition.

    Langkawi was given duty-free status in 1987, when Dr Mahathir was prime minister. Dr Mahathir had also served as a doctor in Langkawi after graduating from the University of Malaya in Singapore.

    The single parliamentary and two state assembly seats in Langkawi are currently held by Umno and have never fallen to the opposition.

    On the current federal government, Farah, who is working part-time during her semester break, admitted she was “disturbed”.

    “There are many stories that I have heard about 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB), the wasteful expenditures and many other issues,” she said without elaborating.

    Another staunch Dr Mahathir supporter, who only wants to be know as Ima, 26, said her friends joined Dr Mahathir’s new party, Bersatu, simply because he was leading it.

    She said Dr Mahathir’s contributions were not only remembered by the older generation but also by youth who had seen how Malaysia was transformed into a more developed country during his tenure.

    “I can’t accept that people had thrown shoes and chairs at Dr Mahathir. If they don’t agree with what he is saying, than at least have some respect for him,” she said referring to the fracas at the “Nothing To Hide 2.0” forum last week.

    Ima said elderly family members told her Langkawi was just a fishing village before Dr Mahathir developed the area.

  12. BN Khaled & his macais are enjoying while it last as GE14 will be a total annihilation for BN and annie too should be enjoying before BN doomsday come wink wink wink

  13. Kita rakyat Malaysia nampak apa yang terjadi memang amat mengedihkan jika ini la ketamakan seseorang yang telah diamanahkan walaupun bukan pilihan rakyat tapi pahit tetap kena telan

  14. I'm getting desperate and when will UMNO declare state of emergency
    At this rate, my holiday plan will be ruined by these negativity

    Jho low

    1. Dr M says...

      1. We seem to have entered into a new phase in the effort of Najib’s supporters to ensure there would be no opposition to his continued premiership of this nation.

      2. During the “Nothing to Hide 2.0” forum a group of young people stopped the forum by acts of violence. Immediately UMNO leaders who were not present claimed that the thugs were members of ARMADA, the organisers of the forum.

      3. If they were, why should they riot when it was clear that the forum was not going in Najib’s favour. They rioted when their questions did not elicit answers in his favour either. Clearly they rioted to stop the forum, to protect Najib.

      4. Since they were obviously pro-Najib and were trying unsuccessfully to embarrass me, they just cannot be from the party I lead i.e. Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia, and its youth wing, the Armada.

      5. UMNO leaders may deny these hooligans are from UMNO, but the fact remains that they are supporters of Najib, who is the President of UMNO.

      6. The police is of course free to question the organisers. But the IGP should not use threatening language against them – language that imply the organisers are guilty of not complying with police conditions. If the police have suspicions that the organisers are involved in wrongdoings, they can be called in for questioning.

      7. The police must hear their side of the story. The riots were fully captured on video. The rioters’ faces will help to identify who the rioters were and what they did.

      8. It looks like more thuggery is in store for Malaysians. We now get a report that Hindraf leader Waythamoorthy, has been assaulted and threatened by a knife wielding thug for not supporting the Government.

      9. This is Najib’s Malaysia. People are no longer safe and secure. I am now a threat to the nation. So look back over three decades and resurrect the crimes that can be blamed on me. If this fails to achieve the objective to demonise me, then we will be seeing more violence.

  15. Declare state of emergency
    Opposition have gone too far
    Oil prices go up and you says it's najib fault?
    How on earth it's all najib fault?!
    Najib has no control whatsoever for oil prices!!
    You thinks he what? Some God ah? Gimme a break!

    Jho low

    1. Jho Low pls pray hard that MO1 & its Bodoh Nasional win GE14 so you can party hollywood & romance the stars again with 1MDB 2.0 (or 0.2 according to ikan bakar bodoh)...

    2. Hutang 1mdb... hutang felda dan hutang2 lain... Semua kena jelaskan juga... Sampai masa team yb nanti jd pm menteri 2 nak bg subsidi minyak lg... nak kekalkan brim... nak hapuskan gst... nak pendidikan percuma sampai ipt... perubatan percuma... toll dihapuskan... nak naikkan royalti minyak pd sabah sarawak terengganu kelantan... Nak naikkan nilai duit... nak naikkan pendapatan rakyat... Logik sungguh... Hebat.

  16. Annie,

    You thought that, as PRU14 is approaching, you are worried that khaled nordin is not doing enough to make sure that BN will win the election.

    That, bullshits all the claim of NEUTRALITY of this blog.

    Anyway, I would appeal to all who loves this country to vote for BN, for as long as Najib still leads them.

    You should see how Annie being proBN would attack their own MB. This is atypical of the so-called Unity.

    This country's political ideology is nothing but racial. UMNO exists purely for racial dominance.

    If BN doesn't win, there might be disturbances. That is because of the fear of losing racial dominance.

    If BN wins, then you can expect A HAPPILY EVER AFTER unity. They will uphold Perpaduan Ummah, they will love and protect each other like brothers until the last man still standing.

    And as a dessert you can have HADI AWANG led Islamic way of thinking to dominate the country . This, the effect will be slower but will be even more certain to bring the nation to greater heights.

    You need HADI AWANG to be the mainstream Islamic school of thought in Malaysia. It will be like coca cola for the diabetics.

    And the fact that finally UMNO and PKR will fight side by side... Anyone who would live to see that as a reality, will proclaim the greatness of Almighty.

    So, please for all the goodness to be installed for these people, vote for BN, VOTE FOR NAJIB, VOTE FOR HADI AWANG.

    1. Aduhai, menyinggung hati ku sungguh! Best sarcastic!

    2. And, like it was said in the movie Rejimen Melayu, the struggle is for the future generations.

      What is there for another five years, or even ten? As they said, UMNO too fought for a long time for their political dominance.

      The wise and educated ones amongst them have no say. They are being intimidated. The majority of them were made fools and scared to lose political dominance. So the path is slow but certain, a path to the hereafter.

      Like the so-called illuminati and new world order, you know it, but you cannot do anything about it.

      The path is their own choosing. Voting for BN will make it easier to go down that path that has been chosen.

      As for Tun M, it is a shame as he is such a statesman, and he has many supporters. A BN win will ensure that the two factions having sweet reunion. The persecution MUST CONTINUE, the witch hunt, too, must continue.

      And last but not least, the good governance of Najib regime, and the corporate governance of GLC such as TH, FELDA, PETRONAS and the likes, must continue. These can only happen if you vote for BN.


  17. Mana 2.6billion wahai macai bangsat?