Friday 4 August 2017

Don't be so annoying

Someone asked me yesterday what's the difference between Pakatan people and BN people.

My answer - more or less the same.

Most on both sides are annoying.


Just read the comments section of this blog if you don't believe me.

Just the other day I told a friend who is with Pribumi that I'm irritated with many of the people on his side the same way I'm irritated with many of the Umno people.

What is it with that obsession of wanting to put Najib in jail is all about anyway?

Are we to be like some third world countries which enjoy jailing leaders they don't like anymore?

Are we going to be like Peru, for instance.

Are we going to be a lynch mob if there is a change of government?

For someone like me, it just shows that they are no different than the BN people they accused as being tyrants.

And that even before they got power.

Why can't they talk more about healing the nation and reconciliation?

Talk about proper justice, cannot ka?

Simply simply want to throw people in jail.


They sound the same as those Umno people who talk about "either you are with us or against us".

Just imagine the chaos if people like that got into power.

Some of them are in fact creepier than the creepiest Umno people.


I think this is why some people got fed up with politics in this country now.

The alternative doesn't seems very appealing.

That is if they pause and think la.

Seriously. They are more or less the same, right?

Okay, that's my morning thoughts for the day after reading again comments at my last post.

Just need to let it out.

Eh, can you all write less annoying comments in this blog, please?

Here, an energetic morning music video to go with that request;


  1. Yep that's right keep up that attitude
    That behaviour is beneficial for me
    That mindset itself can be monetised by me
    That complacency is my weapon

    Jho low

  2. Desperados annie + BN macais have to resort to pot calling the kettle black LOL

  3. I think thats the point. Make everyone annoyed so people dont go out voting.

  4. We should not be distracted by all the noise generated by BN cyber troopers.
    Stay focused on the GE.
    BN is scared shitless seeing Rafizi raising RM1.5 mil in 10 days.
    It's not about the money raised, it's about your average joe on the street putting money where their mouths are.
    Donating money which could have been used for daily expenses. This reflects a sentiment that no pollsters can deny.

    So, stay focused on the GE.
    Only if we win can we extract justice.

    1. Donating money which could have been used for daily expenses.

      The 15 billion (and rising) that the Hippo, Jho, Jibby and Riza stole from us can feed a lot of orphans, build schools, and more.

    2. Jangan fokus GE...
      Rilek cukup....
      Tak payah nak Poyo...
      Kubur masing-masing...
      Gst pun masing masing...
      Except me...

      Oi do you have gst money? I want to go to a lavish party... apa? Nak ikut? Tak boleh!!!
      Orang felda tak boleh ikut!!!
      Tak reti nak bersyukur!!! Bangsat!!!

      Tahu tak orang zaman mesopotamia belajar kat gua batu temple tau... zaman canggih malaysia nie education no1, efficient... sampai funding for education pun kena slashed...
      Fuh... that how powerful we are...

      Jho low

  5. So are you saying let the crooks get away with their crimes

    1. I'm saying - Don't be so annoying. Thank you


  6. Re: 'Why can't they talk more about healing the nation and reconciliation? Talk about proper justice, cannot ka?'

    Positive thoughts can only begin to turn your life around; you have foremost to face your own demons first, to get your life moving away from the hell hole.

    At the very least mappadulung, do not demonize the lives of other innocent human beings!

  7. KUALA LUMPUR: Two factors could turn the tide against the ruling government in the next general election: Dr Mahathir Mohamad leading the opposition and the 1MDB scandal.

    This is the assessment of Global Risk Insights, a world-leading publication for political risk news and analysis, which was founded at the London School of Economics.

    Saying the next general election is significant because of the return of Dr Mahathir to active politics and the 1MDB scandal which continues to dog Prime Minister Najib Razak, it concludes that these two factors may be able to lead the opposition to an unprecedented victory.

    Noting that the ruling coalition, the Barisan Nasional, has never lost an election and that Malaysia’s top post features an unbroken line of prime ministers from Umno, it says their continued control is no longer so certain.

    The Barisan Nasional has gradually lost vote share over the past several elections.

    In 2004, the BN won 63.8% of the vote and in 2008, this figure slipped to 51.4%. In the following general election, in 2013, the BN only won 47.4% of the popular vote.

    However, it maintained control of parliament, largely due to the way in which electoral boundaries are drawn.

    If no gerrymandering, BN is already out.

    The EC macai are cheating the people.

    1. EC itu kawan saya lorrr

      Jho low

  8. "What is it with that obsession of wanting to put Najib in jail is all about anyway?

    Are we to be like some third world countries which enjoy jailing leaders they don't like anymore?"

    Actually, no.

    Judicial proceedings are based on forensic evidence, not "like / don't like".

    There is such evidence in 7 countries, that Najib stole massive amounts of money from our public funds.

    If Najib wants to clear his name, there are well over 200 newspapers globally that have named him or Rosmah as connected with !MDB thefts.

    He could have sued the WSJ "next Tuesday".

    Then the WSJ will subpoena the DOJ, who will name MO1 in open court and show forensic evidence.

    Same with any court in any of the 7 countries, but he cannot buy off judges there.

    Crime or no crime?

    I am quite annoyed that Rosmah stole more than 27 million of our money to buy a pink diamond.

    That is annoying.

    Thieves should face justice.

    1. Charge now lah. Talk only la u.

    2. Now thats one pink diamond on a fat cow ... 😉

    3. Ala... no need change la...
      I love malaysia... aman...
      peaceful for my business

      Jho low

  9. What is so annoying about demanding the crooks and thieves are brought to justice

    1. Annoying people always thought that they were not annoying. Think about it. Thank you.

  10. A crime has been commited in 1mdb that involves thr prime minister. Billions have been lost. At tge same time corruption is now the norm in our system. We are moving backwards. Cost of living has increased, standard of living reduced. These are why most rakyat are angry. We need change.

  11. annie,

    im suprise u asked and i wonder wht is your stand on corruption. just let them be ? i think that a decent person would at least hate the corruption that has been going on. certainly overthrowing najib and kicking out his goons is the least of what we can do. is corruption so common to u that u can let thing just slide by?

    maybe u could explain ur stand about corruption in your next post. but healing our nation comes with kicking najib and his goons out.

    example is with the latest fiasco with the IPIC payment and tabung2 negara ended up having to bail the payment. its our money again. for wht? making porno movie ? help jho low tackle mirranda kerr ? buying diamonds for the first lady ? while we have to ikat perut thinking how to survive next month.

    for me it is beyond annoying when someone just say chill when our nation is in dire situation.

    1. I suggest you write "corruption" on the search column of this blog to check on my postings on corruption. Thank you

    2. 1.5million in 10 days? How dire actually our situation?

    3. Come learn with me. I'm a professional
      Million ringgit is amateurish

      Jho low

    4. 100million lost, and UMNO man from oxford claims to know nothing

      How dire is our situation?

  12. I hope I did not in anyway annoyed you Annie.
    After-all... at the outset of 1MDB-Jho Low scandal, I'd preferred that Najib resign and be gone. That was before Muhyiddin's dismissal.

    But now things have changed. The gomen's hutang is practically... keliling-pinggang. More of Rakyat's assets, including prime-land or tanah-pusaka will be sold, pawned or forfeited to foreigners as a deed of indemnity.

    Now it looks as if the Rakyat aka Finance Ministry, under Najib will be paying that initial RM2.56 Billion to IPIC, on behalf of 1MDB... the 2nd time... including interest. The first-time was when 1MDB 'technically' paid 4 (four) times, into wrong account.

    If Najib & Rosmah are allowed to be gone now, Jho Low & Reza Aziz should also be allowed to go, scot-free too. Therefore, no redress for the Rakyat who will ultimately be burden with all those debt.
    And... if Pakatan let them of the hook, then Pakatan must also agree with AG Apandi that 1MDB did not lose anything. So Dr.M or Wan Azizah cannot claim the fortune DoJ is going after, in the US, UK or elsewhere.
    Rosmah should also be allowed to keep those pink-diamond, worth USD27 Million.

    1. According to sources with ears close to the ground in the Middle East, Malaysia’s Minister of Finance and his team at 1MDB, have approached IPIC begging the Abu Dhabi fund to give them till the end of the month to pay the US$628,000 fine that ought to have been paid by the end of last month.

      As has been widerly noted, the Bank of Malaysia scrambled on August 1st, the day after the expiry period, to raise almost that exact sum (RM2.5bn), which in principle should be available on the 4th, just in time to meet the grace period of five days over-run built into the contract.

      But, since everyone has noticed this apparently rather obvious move, MOF is allegedly asking for the extra time to attempt to disguise the link.

      The PM is hell bent on maintaining the deception that 1MDB had money after all. Najib had been banking on some payments out of the various recent deals cut by his trusty financial advisor, Jho Low, in China (such as the East Coast Railway and Bandar Malaysia investments and purchases like Proton), which could then be disguised as 1MDB repayments.

      It has left Jho Low’s ploy of presenting the debt repayment to IPIC as a triumphant vindication of 1MDB’s claims they had the cash all along beached right at the last minute (when will Najib learn that his ‘financial whizz kid’ is in fact a learner driver, who long since crashed?)

  13. BN will win hands down.No doubt about it.Do I sound so annoying?

    Prof kangkung

    1. Yes, that sounds so annoying too.

    2. Haha

      Prof Kangkung

    3. You sound like a talentless dedak eater, actually, Pros Kangkang.


      Prof Sawi

  14. Hi Annie,

    Speaker's conduct - Absurdly annoying

    IGP's behaviour - Totally annoying

    AG's reaction - Simply annoying

    DPM's outburst - Childishly annoying

    Kak Ros's flaunting - Outlandishly annoying

    Jamal Jamban's actions - Impishly annoying

    Puad Zakar's reasoning - Obsessively annoying

    Salleh Ketiak's statements - Boringly annoying

    Ajib Gor's evasiveness (1MDB) - Utterly annoying

    Rani Kulop's garb - Compulsively annoying

    Siti Kassim's hairdo -Psychedelically annoying

    1MDB'S mess -Eternally annoying

    TDM's comeback - Positively annoying

    Rasta Rules

    1. According to above list
      If one want to get rid of the biggest problem
      It's very clear what party you should vote

  15. Annie,

    Either I write very annoying comments which don't get thru OR I lost it when trying to send it on my handphone OR maybe I forgot to send it and just exited out of the browser.


    Anyway, I am going to have another shot at it and see what happens.

    //Most on both sides are annoying.//

    That is not so surprising as most Malaysians are quite alike.

    We have lived side-by-side for hundreds of years.

    //What is it with that obsession of wanting to put Najib in jail is all about anyway?//

    I think it is just anger on the part of some Pakatan supporters.

    The years of repressed frustrations, the discriminations, the sacrifices made to send their children overseas to study , etc are probably what is driving the call for a jailing.

    But Najib should consider himself lucky that those calling for his jailing are a relatively civilised bunch.

    In some other countries, they hang or shoot their deposed leaders like Muamar Gadafi, Saddam Hussein, the Ceaușescus.

    //Some of them are in fact creepier than the creepiest Umno people.//

    Hishamuddin Rais is creepy.

    I think I have mentioned watching him screaming incoherently, gesticulating wildly, with flecks of spittle coming out of his mouth and at the end of it, people clapping and cheering!!

    Like WTF????!!! What did he say to get the applause?

    How could anybody understand incoherent screaming?

    To be honest, I seriously doubt if Hishamuddin Rais will have any part in a Pakatan government.

    At best, he will only play a bit part on the fringes and even then that might be a bit too much involvement.

    What I find surprising you didn't include Lim Guan Eng in your list of creepy politicians :)

    //The alternative doesn't seems very appealing.//

    There is an old audit technique used by accountants all over the world.

    Staff are rotated through jobs OR jobs are shared between staff.

    The idea is that staff who have worked a long time in one job learn all the tricks on how to cover up "shrinkage" - in other words, outright theft.

    Many business crimes have been discovered simply because there is a change in staff due to illness, or forced leave, or promotion, or after staff have left, etc.

    We should consider doing the same to our governments.

    We should not let them get too comfortable in their jobs.

    I think it was Mark Twain who said "Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason."

    I quite agree with Mark Twain.


    1. Gladiator
      This is the only comment of yours that I got today. Thank you.


  16. Ini bukan pasat suka atau tatak suka maa aa ,ini pasat atak buat salah lor rr .

    Kalau Malaysia lalam tatak salah punya ,apa pasat luar negala kata itu hat manyak salah lor rr . Kita bukan hati busuk punya maa aa ,kita mau tanya apa itu atak kebenalan saja maa aa .

    Culi ayam manyak salah ,culi wang tatak salah ,itu pasat SPRM sikalang manyak sebok lea aa .

  17. later queuing only to vote for either of these sides... better do something else with my time.

    1. Aku Kenal sangat orang neutral-neutral ni

      Acah-acah neutral and saying all the stuff that deviates from the true story.
      In the end they'll vote either BN or opposition
      And you know what? They'll vote for BN because it's the easy way out
      And then walk out of the voting room while thinking they have done a good job
      Who cares what happened in 20-50 years time?

  18. excuse me for adding to the annoyance but when you care to venture an opinion you can and should expect brickbats in return, it comes with the turf... like they say if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen but don't take the scale with you, otoh if you want to emulate that fugitive in Manchester who only allows comments that pleases him... just do it!

    it is annoying and confusing is it not when you can't decide which is the right side to be on

    annoying dick

  19. Dear readers,

    I think what Annie was trying to say was to urge the Rakyat to stop suggesting for severe punishment upon their BN thieves, should they lose the election.

    On the one hand the BN people are powerless to do anything on their chief thief, on the other hand they want the chief thief to go. But the war cry was too loud and it scares the hippopotamus shit out of the chief thief and gang.

    Hence the annoyance.

    And hence the suggestion that after changing of government there will be disturbances.

    Got it?

    1. Only divine justice for sanrabone jib and bakuteh low and the evil riffraffs

  20. All these plots about jawa zahid toppling bugis MO1, annoying but TRUE LOL

  21. Annoyingly dramatic scenario - Mr & Mrs MO1 sinking like titanic...

  22. Annie, are you implying south korea is a third world nation for jailing its corrupt president???
    You are so annoyingly shallow...

    1. Aiyo...I dont think the South Koreans go on and on day in day out saying that they want to jail their president. You want to jail Najib when Pakatan wins go ahead la, no need to talk so much about it now. Irritating la. Thank you.

    2. Should frame it nicer - sending MO1 to sungai buloh resort for his retirement...

    3. Annie, unlike here south korea police, prosecution & court acted without fear or favour...

    4. Guys, I read Korean news on quite a regular basis....and you know what, the common Korean folks HAD been going on and on, daily, during the height of the their former President 'crisis', calling for her jailing...not ONLY on social media, but marching on the streets, stridently calling for her to be charged and sent to jail, all without their police arresting these protesters for assembly without permit or being 'seditious'. Just because most of us don't follow Korean news, does not mean they are not 'annoying' too, hehe.

  23. It's annoying when stupid Melayu bloggers think they are smart.

  24. I think it is better to cool it, Annie; the more you argue, the more they bring up the 1MDB thing into the open. And some people won't be happy if this happens.

  25. Let me tell you the annoying habit of Malaysian politicians.
    I still remember when Pas took over Terengganu from BN in 1999 , the first thing the Pas supporters did was to go to Wisma Darul Iman in Kuala Terengganu.
    Wisma Darul Iman was where the office of the previous MB,Tan Sri Wan Mokhtar situated.
    PAS supporters wanted to make sure no files of supposedly the evidence of BN wrongdoings were taken out from Wan Mokhtar's office.
    PAS president who later became the MB (guess who) made a statement that they have found lorries of documents that prove BN wrongdoings.
    Past forward to 2017,what happen to all those evidences.
    That is really annoying.

    Prof Kangkung

  26. from what i heard they are not actually targeting najib. they are actually targeting rosma who supposedly is running the country.....hmmmm what a lot of bullshit. they get upset coz rosma getting expensive handbags and

  27. we should just let Allah tell us the truth ....which is what the AlMighty has been revealing lately bit by bit....but some people choose to be in denial...hehehe

  28. A few more days the annoyance should go away, Annie, period.

  29. "What is it with that obsession of wanting to put Najib in jail is all about anyway?"

    Can we also ask what is the purpose of the current RCI on the forex scandal too?

    Of course, when a current or ex- minister or PM is suspected to be involved in an offence, he should be investigated. Nothing to do with 3rd world countries habit of jailing their leaders. For that matter, Nixon and Clinton had to be subjected to the due process of the law in a 1st world country.

    In the current situation, there are very serious allegations that have arisen, both at the domestic and international level,that cannot be wished away.

    Regarding the 'annoyance' in the political scene, aren't the politics of other countries, including 1st world ones,also annoying? Isn't this part of the political process?