Saturday 26 August 2017

Dr Mahathir to contest in JB?

I read this story and I laughed,

Shahrir To Consider PM's Request To Continue Leading JB UMNO

excerpts :

Shahrir, who is Johor Bahru UMNO division chief, told reporters after the opening of the division's delegates conference here today that he would discuss the matter with the division and branch leaders and members before making a decision.

When opening the conference, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had openly expressed hope that the Johor Bahru Member of Parliament would not step down, saying that Shahrir was still needed to lead the division.

Also supporting the call for Shahrir to continue helming Johor Bahru UMNO was Menteri Besar and state UMNO liaison chief Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin, who in his speech at the same event, described Shahrir as a political icon, and a credible and respected figure.

I wish they could just be frank about it and said - there's no one else to replace Shahrir to contest the JB seat because Shahrir never trained anyone to replace him there.

Instead, Shahrir said he's going to discuss about it and such. What to discuss lah? It's a done deal. Don't be malu kuching and pretend, can or not?

Also, next time don't be gatal and say don't want to contest anymore while in actual fact you knew that there's no one else to replace you because you designed it that way.

Well, doesn't really matter to me. Shahrir can keep the JB seat till the day he died.

That is if he can keep it lah after the next general election. His majority there was slashed from over 20,000 to just over 10,000 over the past two general elections.

By the way, I wish Khaled could explain how his former boss is so iconic, credible and respected. I'm a bit lost on that one.

All I know is that he made his political career by whacking Dr Mahathir when the handsome old man was still the PM. People actually thought he's so good just because of that.

Really, other than that, what else?

How I wish Dr Mahathir can contest against Shahrir in JB for GE14.

Sorts of making it the last rumble for both of them.

That would shake things up quite a bit, especially in Johor, isn't it?

And for state seat, maybe Dr Mahathir should contest where ever Khaled is contesting.

Just a thought ya.....hahahahaha

Eh, but it's not totally impossible too, okay.

Dr Mahathir was said to have drafted a 10 points plan on how Pakatan can defeat BN in Johor

Anyway,  this is another story which made me laughed the other day,

Make Defending Putrajaya A 'Jihad' - UMNO Members Told


"Here, high hope is placed on UMNO, as the frontliners, to defend Putrajaya, as a symbol for the present government to be maintained.

"As frontliners, your huge sacrifice is demanded and because of that, the fight to defend Putrajaya in a jihad much needed by the party," he said when opening the Putrajaya UMNO delegates conference here today.

Do they really need to use the word "jihad" like that?

But then again, this is a story about Shahidan Kassim and Ku Nan.

I shouldn't expect too much.

Still, it was funny to read.

Can't they came out with more sober and proper way to motivate their people.

I really don't like them throwing around the word "jihad" like that.

Can't they just do things properly and lead by example in order to motivate?

I've seen other Umno people like Ghani Othman and Johari Ghani did it, why can't they?


  1. "I really don't like them throwing around the word "jihad" like that."

    Me too.
    How I wish UMNO's big-shot could abide by KPDNKK's Jihad to eradicate the role of dubious middlemen... e.g. Razak Baginda, Deepak Carpet & Jho Low... in government dealings.

  2. I have long admired Shahrir Samad when he was sports minister and used to take part in runs wearing shorts (You think Khairy berani pakai seluar pendek?)and then resigning as MP JB on principles BUT when he admitted getting a million from PM....sadly SS is just another makan dedak politician. Has SS detailed his spending of the million...for rakyat or sendiri? Will we ever know? Just move on SS.

  3. I'd rather see Tun M contest in Pekan to take on Najib.

    I'd devote full time of my unlife to help Tun M campaigning in Pekan should he decide to contest against Najib.

  4. It doesn't really matter whether he stay put or not. JB will gonna have new MP come GE 14. Salahudin Ayub or Syed Saddiq perhaps. Shahrir has already passed his prime. Like MO1 he has alrady overstayed his welcome. Politically world weary.

    He was in the same boat with the likes of Rais Yatim, Sabaruddin Chik, Megat Junid and Sanusi Junid who had been politicians and ministers in the heyday of 80s. He is no longer relevant to the current political climate. He's always out of step, out of place from his younger political peers. It is not that easy for him to continue. Off you go Shahrir.

    1. Syed Saddiq is a greenhorn

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Of course he is a greenhorn and you just a Prof Kangkung. He has more balls than you old prick.

    3. BN x ada masaalah utk menang.insyaAllah

      jho low

  5. Of course Shahrir is malu malu kucing...he wants someone to derma him another 1 juta ringgit...anyway the last 1 juta ringgit didn't go far enough dah habis kot...not doing anything dah dapat 1 juta ringgit ini nak pertahankan JB mesti lebih banyak juta ringgit?

  6. Annie,

    //His majority there was slashed from over 20,000 to just over 10,000 over the past two general elections.//

    A 10,000 majority is not going to be easy for anybody to beat.

    So, Shahrir Abdul Samad will keep his seat, if he is standing , of course.

    //Do they really need to use the word "jihad" like that?//

    Of course the word "jihad" must be used.

    If the politics don't get them, if the ketuanan don't get them, the call to jihad will :)

    Jihad appeals to the Muslim in an UMNO supporter.

    Any good Muslim knows that jihad has positive meanings, and it is only those dumb non-Muslims who only think of a jihad as being bad.

    Thus, this makes the use of the word "jihad" a sort of a code, where those UMNO folk can smile quietly to themselves and think that they are smarter for knowing something which those dumb non-Muslims don't.

    Well, that's my theory anyway :)

    //I've seen other Umno people like Ghani Othman and Johari Ghani did it, why can't they?//

    Simple answer - too much work lah.

    Come on, we know that UMNO has won the last 13 times, OK?

    And over the years, they have probably done less and less and UMNO still keeps winning.

    So, with GE14 coming up, the same old formula will be used - spread lots of money around and voila, one GE in the bag again, just like the other 13 times.

    Easy peasy.


  7. Jihad is to strive for a good muslim society (not a bad dumno society) right...

  8. Annie,

    Mendengar ucapan najib di TV dan membaca komen prof kangkung da bagaikan jihad utk aku annie

  9. My advice to Tun M, don't push your luck.Look at Lee Chong Wei.Chong Wei is a good badminton player but he is over his prime.He lost in th3 first round of the World Chanpionship,something unthinkable a few years back.
    No doubt Tun is a master tactician but he gathered his strength not only through his ideas but he was supported by the institutions that he controlled.He used carrot and stick approach to whoever who dare to go against him.
    Now he longer has those powerful tools that he can use.
    Baik Tun rehat-rehat aja dan let his legacy lives on.

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Yg patut rehat adalah anda yang tidak menyumbang apa pun melainkan membodek MO1. You think Tun cares about legacy now that everything that he's entitled to as an ex-PM been taken away?

      The reason why people like Prof Kangkung always made comments like as if they care of Tun legacy / health or spiritual needs is that they knew Tun will be a force that UMNO cannot face in the coming election.

      Like one Bugis Lanun said "Nothing is sacred anymore" will it be for the Pakatan Harapan.

    2. Prof...

      A sportsman and a politician are worlds apart. If you compare Dr.M with Nik Aziz, also cannot.
      That is because, Nik Aziz died at the age of 84, while Dr.M, at 92 is still kicking and does not need to carry his own urinary-pouch to give ceramahs.

      As a Professor you should have known that Politician are like King who rule until death or insanity. The only difference between them is... Politicians are chosen by the Rakyat.

    3. Najib mengacau hidup orang lain macam gst, sosma, tax tourism, felda, weakened ringgit, petrol increase, harga makanan increase

      Resign already tolol
      Your name is as stupid as it is, macai

    4. Let his legacy lives on??

      Mana ada legasi dah Prof. Kangkang. Buku sejarah pun dah padam nama Mahathir. PM Malaysia ada 4 jer sebelum Najib..

  10. Annie,

    Orang Melayu ni ada satu benda namanya SAKA. Dahulu kala orang Melayu duduk tepi sungai dalam hutan, nak defend diri dia pakai jin. Jin tu bila dah mengikut dia maka akan sentiasa mengikut dia, sehingga dia mati, lalu diwarisi lah jin itu oleh anak dia, generasi demi generasi.

    Maka apabila dah sampai tua, dia tak mati mati. Bukan dia tak mahu mati, tapi dia tak mati mati, sebab jin dia tak kasi dia mati. Maka apabila itu berlaku, jasad dia masih hidup, namun yang memegang jasad dia itu bukanlah dia lagi.

    Lalu berasa seksa lah dia, makan tak lena, tidur tak kenyang, walhal bini dia ditiduri walau jasad dia juga tapi entahlah siapa di dalamnya.

    Ini dinamakan bala.

    Dalam UMNO ramailah pemimpin yang tak pergi pergi. Bukan dia tak mahu pergi, sebab kalau dah ada cash in hand RM1 juta, dah berusia dan uzur tapi masa nak solat kat masjid pun takde, ... siapa tak mahu henti? Tapi tak boleh, sebab jin dia tak kasi.

    Tunggulah, sehingga ada tok bomoh datang rumah dia pecah lantai pecah bumbung, barulah senang dia nak pergi...

    1. Kah kah kah...
      I like this Sunday Morning Humour.

  11. I enjoy reading OUTSIDE THE BOX latest entry about
    letting a crocodile from the swamp into the white
    house. The question is, why is Trump doing such
    a silly thing......????
    Duit dia sudah habiskah sampai boleh dibeli....???
    Tak mungkin Trump serious nak selamatkan si buaya
    dengan memperbodohkan dirinya di mata rakyat Amerika
    yang memang menganggapnya, bodoh.
    Atau, dia nak perangkap si buaya yang datang
    menyondolkan kepalanya ke dalam perangkap yang
    sedang dipasangkah.......?????

    Ini artikelnya yang saya copy daripada blognya
    melalui Tor Browser.

    " ... We heard about Donald Trump meeting a crocodile.
    During his campaigning, Trump promised to "drain the
    swamp". So when we heard that Trump was letting the
    Swamp Crocodile into the White House, something did
    not jive.

    Has Trump been bought, just like Obama was bought ?
    Remember this guy Mr Frank White.

    Mr.Frank White smiles like a crocodile.
    He was Obama's No. 1 fund raiser. According to the Wall
    Street Journal, Mr White the Swamp Alligator was paid
    tens of millions of US DOLLARS by the kleptocrats, using
    our 1MDB money. Of course some of that money went into Obama's reelection campaign. That was why Obama visited Malaysia TWICE in two years. Someday, someone will blow
    the lid off this Obama episode as well. Its not over
    till the fat lady sinks.

    So has Donald Trump also been bought?
    Trump is a US Dollar billionaire. How much money
    would you need to pay to get on the good books of a billionaire?

    It does not sound feasible at all.

    There is plenty speculation about why Trump has agreed
    to let the Swamp Crocodile into the White House.
    It does not make sense. Unless the meeting is to show
    the Crocodile some exit options.

    'Leave while you still have your head and tail intact'.

    The Washington Post is making a career out of saying
    that Trump is not suitable for the presidency.
    Saving the crocodile from the Swamp may not improve
    Trump's esteem in the mainstream American media.

    Why Trump would want to even meet a Crocodile that
    is already facing CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS by the US
    DOJ is a mystery only if there is no head chopping
    axe in the other hand.

  12. And, I also like Din Merican's lates entry about
    'A Great Nation with an unstable Leader"

    Here is his article for people like Prof Kangkong
    and the likes to read selain daripada membaca Utusan
    dan menonton news on TV3.........

    "...What happens when the people of a great
    nation gradually realize that their leader may not
    be, er, quite right in the head?

    When Caligula became Roman emperor in A.D. 37,
    the people rejoiced. “On all sides, you could
    see nothing but altars and sacrifices, men and
    women decked in their holiday best and smiling",
    according to the first-century writer Philo.

    The Senate embraced him, and he was hailed as a
    breath of fresh air after the dourness,
    absenteeism and miserliness of his great-uncle,
    Emperor Tiberius. Caligula was colorful and
    flamboyant, offering plenty of opportunities for
    ribald gossip. Caligula had four wives in rapid
    succession, and he was said to be sleeping with
    his sister. (Roman historians despised him, so
    some of the gossip should be treated skeptically.)

    He was charming, impetuous and energetic,
    sleeping only three hours a night, and he
    displayed a common touch as he constantly
    engaged with the public. His early months as
    emperor brimmed with hope.

    Initially, Caligula focused on denouncing his
    predecessor and reversing everything that he
    had done. Caligula also made popular promises of
    tax reform so as to reduce the burden on the public.
    He was full of grandiose pledges of infrastructure
    projects, such as a scheme to cut through the
    Isthmus of Corinth.

    But, alas, Caligula had no significant government experience, and he proved utterly incompetent at
    actually getting things done. Meanwhile, his
    personal extravagance actually increased the need
    for tax revenue.

    Suetonius, the Roman historian, recounted how
    Caligula’s boats had “sterns set with gems,
    parti-colored sails, huge spacious baths, c
    olonnades and banquet halls, and even a great
    variety of vines and fruit trees.”

    Romans initially accepted Caligula’s luxurious
    tastes, perhaps intrigued by them. But Caligula’s
    lavish spending soon exhausted the surplus he had
    inherited, and Rome ran out of money.

    This led to increasingly desperate, cruel and
    tyrannical behavior. Caligula reportedly opened a
    brothel in the imperial palace to make money,
    and he introduced new taxes. When this wasn’t
    enough, he began to confiscate estates,antagonizing
    Roman elites and sometimes killing them.

    A coward himself, Caligula was said to delight
    in the torture of others; rumor had it that he
    would tell his executioners: “Kill him so that he
    can feel he is dying.”

    Caligula, a narcissist and megalomaniac, became
    increasingly unhinged. He supposedly rolled around
    on a huge pile of gold coins, and he engaged in conversations with the moon, which he would
    invite into his bed. He replaced the heads of
    some statues of gods with his own head, and he
    occasionally appeared in public dressed as a god.
    He was referred to as a god in certain circumstances,
    and he set up a temple where he could be worshiped.

  13. Sambungan dari atas......

    “Remember that I have the right to do anything to
    anybody,” he told his grandmother, according to

    Caligula had a thing for generals, and he
    periodically wore the garb of a triumphant
    military commander. He removed the breastplate
    of Alexander the Great from his sarcophagus and
    wore it himself at times.

    The Senate, dignified and traditional, watched
    Caligula with increasing alarm. He scandalized
    the public by sometimes dressing as a woman,
    and he aggravated tensions by scathingly
    denouncing the Senate, relying on sarcasm and
    insult, and showing utter contempt for it.

    One of Caligula’s last allies was his beloved
    racehorse, Incitatus, who wore a collar of
    precious stones and lived in a marble stall.
    Caligula would invite Incitatus to dine with him.

    Edward Champlin, a historian of Rome at Princeton University, says that Caligula pursued “a love
    of pranks that a 4-year-old might disdain” and
    had a penchant for “blurting out whatever is
    on his mind” — such as suggesting that Incitatus
    could become consul. These rash statements rippled
    through Rome, for leaders of great powers are
    often taken not just seriously but also literally.

    Yet as Caligula wreaked havoc, Rome also had
    values, institutions and mores that inspired
    resistance. He offended practically everyone,
    he couldn’t deliver on his promises, his mental
    stability was increasingly doubted and he showed
    he simply had no idea how to govern. Within a
    few years, he had lost all support, and the
    Praetorian Guard murdered him in January 41
    (not a path I would ever condone).

    Caligula was as abominable a ruler as a great
    nation could have, yet Rome proved resilient.

    Likewise, Rome survived Emperor Nero a generation
    later, even as Nero apparently torched Rome,
    slaughtered Christians, slept with and then
    murdered his mother, kicked his pregnant wife
    to death, castrated and married a man and
    generally mismanaged the empire.

    “If there’s a hero in the story of first-century
    Rome, it’s Roman institutions and traditional
    expectations,” reflects Emma Dench, a Harvard
    scholar of the period. “However battered or
    modified, they kept the empire alive for future

    To me, the lesson is that Rome was able to
    inoculate itself against unstable rulers so that
    it could recover and rise to new glories. Even
    the greatest of nations may suffer a catastrophic
    leader, but the nation can survive the test and
    protect its resilience — if the public stays true
    to its values, institutions and traditions.
    That was true two millennia ago, and remains true

  14. Che Minah oii
    Sapa nak baca cerpen di atas tu..
    Qoute...SOTB...Kejap lagi post dia dia padam,lupas komen yg dia tak suka tak release
    Din Merican...lebih Mat Salehh dari Orang Putih bila buat posting tak pernah beri credit bila tindakan betul diambil govt
    Annie...baik betul la u nii