Wednesday 16 August 2017

Good that Malaysia is really neutral over Arab quarrel

Last month I wrote this,


I was told that the people who wanted us to take sides in the dispute wanted Malaysia to be with the other Arab states going against Qatar.

Yesterday, Jahabar of Malaysian Insight wrote this,

Qatar emir's visit causes split in Putrajaya


The Malaysian Insight understands Foreign Minister Anifah Aman is firm that Putrajaya, as a neutral party in the Gulf diplomatic crisis, will host Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim Hamad Al-Thani when he visits next month
But Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, who is also the Special Functions Minister and seen to be close to the Saudi government, wants the trip delayed until peace is brokered between the Middle East nations.
"There is a spat and Anifah is unhappy, to put it diplomatically, that his ministry's decisions and jurisdiction is being questioned. The emir has been invited and it cannot be delayed," a source told The Malaysian Insight.
Then both Hishammuddin and Anifah immediately denied Jahabar's story,

Malaysia welcomes Qatari emir visit, denies ministerial rift


Hishammuddin Hussein and I have long been working very well and closely with each other on many occasions,” Anifah said in a statement. 
“The government of Malaysia looks forward to the state visit by the emir of Qatar and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with other Malaysian government agencies are currently making the necessary preparations for the visit,” he added. 
He also said Malaysia had made its position clear on “the ongoing difficulties between the Arab Quartet and Qatar”.
“Why should there be rift? The rift is between the Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
“Do you really think that I can stop the emir of Qatar if he wants to come?” Hishammuddin said at a press conference at the Parliament lobby.
Whatever it is, I'm glad that it's confirmed now Malaysia will remain neutral as far as the Arab quarrel is concerned.

I believe that's the best for the country.

It doesn't matter to me that Jahabar's story, and in a way my post on the matter too, were denied by the ministers yesterday.

For me, that's only natural.

I don't know about Jahabar, but I didn't write that post of mine last month simply to make the ministers seemed to be quarreling  with each other over the issue.

I didn't even mention any of the ministers' name.

My posting was actually just an appeal for PM DS Najib Razak and his government to do the right thing which is to remain neutral when it comes to other people's disputes.

In this case, I believe that we have a good foreign minister in Anifah and therefore Najib and the government should trust him and his people at Wisma Putra to handle such matters.

I also think that Anifah is the best Sabah guy that Najib have in his Cabinet.

The guy is cool and I really believe that he knows what he is doing.

These are two of my previous postings on him,

Maybe Anifah is more humane than Aung San Suu Kyi

Please let Anifah do his job


  1. Both Menteri taik kucings...cannot make up their mind whether to suck up Qatar or Saudi....oklah you sudah bodek Saudi banyak kali beb sekarang gua punya turn bodek sama Qatar ok? fairlah...tapi you sudah advantage dari sudah bodek kuat sama China...nanti gua punya turn bodek sama Donald Trump amacam? fairkan?

    1. Cuba lah positive sikit. Thank you.

    2. Bankrupt Nasional should follow the money.

  2. Actually I'm on Hisham's side on this one.

    But we should be more worried about home.

    See how confused people are here?

  3. Being neutral with Middle East is good
    But being neutral with jho low is a costly mistake

    And 20million Malaysians will be taxed and robbed
    How about that hah?

    1. Azmin already made a lawsuit for this.

      Let justice take it course.

    2. "But being neutral with jho low is a costly mistake"

      That fat boy is 100% safe.

      He did his jab, as middleman to steal our money and pass to Pinklips, Hippo and Riza.

      Maybe Pinklips, Hippo and Riza can apply to Saudi Arabia for asylum.

      They protected Idi Amin:

      Tapi Jho tu susah lah nak ikut.

      Kena peluk Isle kawan...

    3. Azmin's lawsuit will go the same way as 1MDB probe locally.

      They want to keep power, not achieve justice for Malaysians.

      A government with such a large war chest at its disposal appears tired, ineffective and bereft of a strategy to make optimal use of its assets.

      Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s bluster and sensationalist blogging is a very poor judgment call. He has few friends, even less credibility and zero pull and journalistic credentials. He is a strange bedfellow for a government in sore need of something, – anything – to counter an opposition on the ascendency.

      Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s involvement smacks of desperation on the part of government.

      Whosever idea it was, it needs to be culled. Government needs a new battle strategy and it needs it now.

    4. I dont want to assume just yet for JL case, but Azmin just using the protocol as i see it.

      Our Malaysia Court cant simply ruled out the case.

      What say u Annie? You are a law graduate.

    5. Anon 13:29
      I have some faith in our judiciary. So does Azmin, I think. Otherwise, I don't think he would have bothered. The opposition won a lot of court cases against the government and its supporters too. Thank you.

    6. I will have faith in a judiciary when it can act against MO1 without fear or favour!!!

    7. Anonymous17 August 2017 at 09:58

      You are right on the flip-flip prostitute RPK........actually....any of the paid bloggers who write in English are waste of dedak.

      You are either talking to urban Malays or non-Malays, so what's the point?

      They don't vote for BN anyway.

      The gomen should cancel the dedak contracts of RPK and the other paid English bloggers and hire more BM bloggers.

    8. "If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher."
      President Abdul Kalam of India

      Of course, the religion must not be corrupted - because then hearts and minds will be made ugly.

    9. Anon 1551
      I live in kota bharu.Do you consider me as an urban Malay or rural Malay?and I do read RPK's writings regularly and I am a staunch supporter of UMNO /BN.
      Don't make a wrong assumption that middle class Malays who speak English only support opposition.
      My ex-university alumni group (we are US graduates) have discussed politics from time to time.From those who voice out our opinions,I would say we are equally divided.Of course the silent majority among us can be considered as pro establishment since most pro opposition are usually more vocal

      Prof Kangkung

    10. Woi prof bangsat... before this aku dah kata don't worry be happy kan?
      Diam sekarang jugak
      Dengar cakap aku dan stop posting messages
      Don't worry be happy

      Jho low

  4. Why do we have to get mix up with these Arabs?

    400,000 people died in Syria because of IS.

    This is after the Abu Bakar Al-Baghdadi declaration in Mosul, Iraq.

    We also had the Abdul Hadi declaration in 1984 which had caused havoc in the muslim community then.

    The Arabs, they quarrel for power and oil. They want to quarrel, its their business.

    We have our own problem in Malaysia. Corruption on the rise, cost of living on the rise and so forth.

  5. Petrol naik 5 sen
    Hooray good for rakyat malaysia

    Disclaimer: rakyat malaysia tu bukan berjumlah 30juta, tapi seorang sahaja, iaitu saya, hidup bumiputra

    Jho low

    1. Jho,

      You WILL never be arrested by Malaysia police.

      But other countries.......heh heh heh.

      No gerenti lah bro.

  6. Annie,

    Look, I don't really know who is supporting whom and what is which, OK?

    But, my guess is that Hishammuddin is on the side of the Saudis for obvious reasons - about 2.6billion of them, while Anifah is being the consummate Foreign Minister by being friends with everybody.

    It is quite a coup for Anifah to be able to bring the Emir of Qatar to Malaysia for whatever reason, if it was indeed Anifah who is bringing him here.


  7. Russia will build a high speed rail from Moscow to Kazan which is 770 kilo at a cost of 22.4b USD...ECRL which is shorter in distance cost Malaysian 55b USD.... A very huge different ....Could this extra be reviewed???

  8. At home we are worse:

    "SEREMBAN: Two assailants today assaulted Hindraf chairman P Waythamoorthy at his office here today, in what he believed was a politically motivated attack to stop his support for the opposition.

    Waythamoorthy’s lawyer, S Karthigesan, said two men had come to his office at around 3.50pm on the pretext of making a delivery.

    He said the activist was then punched, while several bags of liquid were hurled into his room as the assailants shouted “acid”.

    According to Karthigesan, one of the men warned Waythamoorthy “not to mess around with the government”.


    So the new culture of Najis gomen is to attack old men and beat people up.

    Anything for money, I guess.


    1. BUTTERWORTH: A group of PKR members who were about to do a “welcoming” flash mob for Prime Minister Najib Razak outside Politeknik Seberang Perai (PSP) were detained by police today.

      Policemen intercepted the group as they were on their way to a Petronas station at Jalan Permatang Pauh, where they had planned to hold their protest.

      It is learnt that five Penang PKR Youth members were among the large group detained.

      "So the new culture of Najis gomen is to attack old men and beat people up."......

      Actually you forgot.......

      "lock people up for no reason."

      PKR Youth has condemned the arrest of its members for planning to stage a flash mob in Permatang Pauh in conjunction with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's visit.

      The wing's vice-chief Fahmi Fadzil claimed that the arrests were a slap for democracy in Malaysia and proved that the Najib administration does not respect freedom of expression...

      Yet Jamal Jamban can freely do anything, anywhere becoz on the "right side".

      A country cannot have two systems of laws.

      Must apply fairly to all.

    2. HA HA HA, ZAHID....

      "PUTRAJAYA: An unprecedented meeting between Pakatan Harapan (PH) chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Hindraf took place today, increasing the possibility of the opposition coalition signing up yet another member.

      The meeting between Mahathir and Hindraf leader P Waythamoorthy at his office in Perdana Leadership Foundation here, saw the duo discussing the prospect of the latter becoming the fifth component of PH or at least a partner to it.

      Dressed in his trademark all-grey bush jacket, with Waythamoorthy sitting in front of him, Mahathir spoke to FMT about how the Indian-based NGO had an important place in the opposition machinery.

      “We notice the Indian community is not well represented in PH. There is no Indian party. There are multiracial parties where Indians are members, but the representation is not adequate.

      “I think we appreciate the fact that Hindraf has got the support of the ordinary Indians, not the lawyers or the doctors, but the ordinary estate people."

      So you whack Indians, but guess what?

      Also everyone remember how the Bugis Pirate broke his promise to implement Hindraf blueprint.

      This is the end of MIC!

      And 8% more vote for PH.

      Padan muka, Zahid Komedi....

    3. MIC are dedak eaters.

      Anak Semi Value is the worst.








    1. PRU13 Janji bina 500,000 buah rumah, yang siap hanya 8475, yang diserah kunci hanya 934 buah rumah. Tunaikan dulu janji PRU13 nak bina 500,000 rumah sebelum berjanji lain wahai Najib Razak.

  10. Noh omar tahi macai

  11. I think Malaysia should side with the Saudi camels and send as many Melayu soldiers as they can to fight in Yemen.

    1. Anonymous @ 17 August 2017 at 21:01,

      //send as many Melayu soldiers as they can to fight in Yemen.//

      The war in Yemen has nothing to do with Malaysia.

      It is about Saudi Arabia trying to prop up an unpopular Yemeni president.

      And yes, you guessed it, it has something to do with religion.

      Right now, Saudi forces are getting their butt whipped by Yemeni tribesmen using primitive el cheapo weapons against Saudi high-tech high-priced equipment.

      I think someone said they were using a US$3,000 RPG to take out a US$10million Abrams M1 tank.

      There are lots of videos on Youtube showing such unequal fights in Yemen.

      I hope Malaysia will not send any of our soldiers to die in a battle in a faraway land on matters which do not concern us one bit.


    2. Alahai Gladiator..anon 21:01 tu menyindir..sarcasm pun kau tak paham??!!..

      *komen kau tu kekadang poyo sangat...

  12. siapa najib berbanding mahadir.... cuba cerita...menyusahkan rakyat... barang semua naik macam sial....

  13. Anonymous @ 19 August 2017 at 03:56,

    //anon 21:01 tu menyindir..sarcasm pun kau tak paham??!!//


    I didn't realise that one is not allowed to respond to sarcastic comments.

    Yes, THIS is a sarcastic comment, so I guess you will not be responding.



  14. For so long all in the BN CORRUPTED​ family business..Ditakdirkan..All going down as 1 package..cos of the twin tsunami rural/urban by God's blessed twins of DRM/DSAI..yeah yeah..BN dan PAS kalah tetap kalah HARAPAN menang tetap menang..Angin perubahan oleh HARAPAN sedang melanda seluruh di Malaysia dan perkara seterusnya yang anda akan tahu ialah Najib dan Najib punya BN akan jadi saperti..'HARI INI DI DALAM SEJARAH'..jadi..ya..kita boleh..UBAH.. Dalam kepentingan terbaik untuk rakyat pada keseluruhan.. pilih DRM pilih DSAI dan pilih rakan2 lain dalam HARAPAN

  15. Ade ke netizen marah minyak naik?

    1. Marah tiap-tiap minggu pun tak baik utk kesihatan

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Prof kangkung suka ya kalau minyak naik?

    3. Don't worry and be happy

      Jho low

  16. Kangkung taik bebal