Tuesday 15 August 2017

Guys in red look the same

The Pribumi people have been going to town about Umno people being responsible for the fracas at their Nothing To Hide 2.0 forum over the weekend.

Most linked the culprits to the Red Shirts of that funny Jamal Sekinchan Ikan Bakar guy.

Umno people on the other hand accused the Pribumi people of self-sabotage to gain public sympathy.

They said it's the work of the Pribumi's youth wing Armada who themselves organised the event.

There were tones of this debate in the social media.

However, when people asked me what I think of it, I said I don't know.


I was not there, so what can I say?

Both sides of the argument have their own logics.

Honestly, I feel that both sides are more or less the same so that I can't really tell who were telling the truth and who were lying.

They even sounded the same.

In fact, they even look almost the same,

Red Shirts

What is it with these guys and wearing red?

Personally, I prefer purple.

Okay, I know the Pribumi supporters will say their Armada guys are very much nicer than the Red Shirts.

Well, I don't like the Red Shirts too. They tend to look thuggish and behave as such.

But than again, I find that the Pribumi side, despite their Armada leader looking a bit cute, can be as nasty too.

Just read the comments section of this blog, okay.

They were very quick to jump on my neck whenever they didn't like what I wrote.

And of course they mercilessly whacked people they don't like and any BN or Umno supporters who dare to voice their opinion in this blog.

Sometimes I do wish that they were not too harsh.

I think it only makes people like them less.

By the way, why they called themselves Armada, eh?

It's weird la.

So, I rather look at the fracas over the weekend as just another one of those usual Malaysian political comedies.

Alhamdulillah though that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali were not injured in the incident.

I always feel that the elderly couple should not be exposed to such risks, but since they insisted on going on the campaign trail,  I hope the Pribumi people could tighten security at events to be attended by them.


  1. "I always feel that the elderly couple should not be exposed to such risks, but since they insisted on going on the campaign trail, I hope the Pribumi people could tighten security at events to be attended by them."

    Unlike DS Penyamun PinkLips, who is so scared of facing questions that he ponteng Everything 2 Hide - twice.

    He has Everything 2 Hide.

  2. Well at least 10 hv been arrested,if the armada was staging the drama its damm stupid of them to catch the 3 so call culprit n the worst is handing them ove to the police. Adakah ppbm begitu berani, apakah ppbm fikir mereka akan dpt simpati dr pihak dn tutup kes ni


  3. "I always feel that elderly couple should not be exposed to such a risks "

    Manyak setuju Annie , tapi apa bolih buat maa aa ,itu keadaan amat manyak perlukan maa aa ,kalau itu Tun tatak buat siap lagi kasi bolih halap maa aa .

    Manyak kesian lor rr ,sutak tua pon itu Tun telpaksa tulun padang maa aa ,demi bangsa dan negala maa aa .

    Muda punya olang ,semangat semua sutak mati lor rr . mata semua sutak buta maa aa n telingta semua sutak pekak maa aa .

    Salah semua sutak tatak nampak n lengar lagi lea aa .

    Hilup Tun ,untuk kebenalan !!!.

  4. Not all PMs are the same however.....

    "PETALING JAYA: Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad remains undeterred in his desire to speak his mind on issues affecting the country following the violent disruption that occurred while he was fielding questions at the Nothing to Hide forum on Sunday.

    The PPBM chairman said the party’s youth wing which organised the event needed to also continue its struggle and not be demoralised by the incident.

    In a video interview uploaded on his Twitter account today, the 92-year old said challenges and difficult situations were bound to happen in politics, but one should not allow themselves to be disheartened by unpleasant events.

    “We must continue our struggle for the good … that is the duty of the youth because they are the ones who shall inherit our nation. The old will go away, the young will take over,” he said.

    He said the incident would not force him to stop speaking the truth.

    “I will talk as I normally do. I am very frank. I will speak what I think to be right. I do not care how other people react.

    “Truth must be voiced out. If not, evil will reign over our people because many are afraid to state the truth and they protect the evil,” he said, adding that such a society would eventually collapse."

    At age 92, more balls than the bacul Bugis.

  5. Annie,

    The difference between them are,

    One of them sometime dress with a towel and tooth brush appeared in Government office in Shah Alam. They are fully prepared to go to the toilet. (Well there is another alias for this ikan bakar feller)

    The other one are prepared to lead the country. They give us hope with our ex-PM as their leader.

    Albert Einstein said, "The world is a dangerous place not because of the people of evil, but because of people who don't do anythong about it"

    Can you see the difference between these two group Annie?

  6. Dear Annie.

    I'm not a member of Bersatu, but still officially, UMNO. However, my vote will go to any party which wanted to jahanamkan UMNO/BN. Last GE, only UMNO & PAS contested in my constituent. If it's same GE14, I'll just stay home.

    On second thought, if only UMNO & PAS contesting, I'll just go and write... 'Jual Rumah pada Warga-Asing Freehold. Pada Rakyat-sendiri, Leasehold 99 tahun. Pala Butoh la... Rakyat di Dahulukan'... on the voting-slip.

    "Honestly, I feel that both sides are more or less the same so that I can't really tell who were telling the truth and who were lying."

    I respect you stance, but to me, Armada is much more civil than the Red-Shirt whom, on many occasion have demonstrated their thuggish behaviour.
    Anyway, its obvious to me, that NothingToHide ruckus had a telltale sign of a task, coined by stupid people. The best example was the C4 used to disintegrate Altantuya's corpse.
    You just can't go into any hardware store to buy flares. Therefore, its highly likely, that flare was given to one of the 3 teenagers by someone who have the means to acquire it. Of-course, fishing vessel or a live-craft are usually equipped with one or two.

    Therefore, it will be very simple for the Police to investigate who is responsible for the fracas... of course if the Police is not hiding something for somebody.

    1. "On second thought, if only UMNO & PAS contesting, I'll just go and write... 'Jual Rumah pada Warga-Asing Freehold. Pada Rakyat-sendiri, Leasehold 99 tahun. Pala Butoh la... Rakyat di Dahulukan'... on the voting-slip."

      HA HA HA!

      Good one....maybe should make this viral. if we do not vote, we just write Najib's broken promises on voting slip then take picture....post on FB.

  7. I'm sorry.
    Live-craft... should be life-craft.

    1. Saudara RD,

      Baru-baru ini, Abdul Wahid Omar mengatakan bahawa negara kita lagi sikit lagi akan capai negara berpendapatan tinggi iaitu pada tahun 2020.

      Harap saudara bersabar, cuma tinggal 2 tahun saja lagi.

      Sekarang ini pun, kita dapat lihat rakyat kita semakin senang, pendapatan semakin tinggi, duit kita makin kuat, harga barang pun jatuh seperti mana kata Ahmad Maslan CGPA 3.75.

      Negara kita pun semakin terkenal di seluruh dunia, terutamanya di Amerika.

      Ku Nan kata kes 1MDB sudah selesai, dah beres orang jawa kata.

      Sepertimana slogan BN, Janji Ditepati, Rakyat didahulukan pencapai diutamakan.

      Baru-baru ini, Wahid Omar membeli plat kereta PNB 1, boleh jadi kerana pencapaian PNB sekarang terbaik dari zaman Tun M.

    2. Saudara Anon 2212.

      Jika Saudara tidak bergurau...

      Tiada maknanya... Negara atau Rakyat berpendapatan tinggi jika harga barangan dan perkhidmatan turut meningkat sama.

      2 tahun, sangat panjang bagi saya. Harga barangan akan semakin meningkat, akibat kejatuhan nilai Ringgit... dan sudah tentu, akibat persepsi negatif struktur & environment kewangan global terhadap... Kleptocracy dan 1MDB.
      Dan saya amat pasti sekali, nilai ringgit akan serta-merta mengukuh, sekurang-kurang setara dengan nilai Baht & Rupiah, jika Kleptocracy dapat dijatuhkan.

      Mustahil pencapaian PNB akan jadi lebih hebat dari zaman Tun... lebih-lebih lagi jika UMNO-Najib & BN terus menjadi Kerajaan.

  8. Hi Annie,

    It is unfair to bunch both the Red Shirts of having the same thuggish DNA.
    Armada has had no history of being violent, thuggish,provocative,menacing, uncouth, ungentlemanly,riotous, notorious OR parading in bath towels, marching in school uniform to an university, accusing the cops of assault,fake adoption of a Chinese boy, beating up reporters, fake show of silat skills right in the capital city,flushing legal notices into toilet bowls,intimidating and stalking female opposition politicians,driving a fleet of van jenazah to an administrative building,fake rescue of stranded fishermen,chopper ride cheap thrills and many other misdemeanours.

    I have searched my memory and don't recall any misbehaviour or misconduct committed by the fledgling Armada youths since their formation.Even if they have had such ideas (when push comes to shove), TDM and TSMY will, in all probability,sack them instantly and may even report them to the police.

    That's the difference between Jackass Jamal's Red Army and TDM's Ambitious Armada.

    Rasta Rules.

  9. Annie,

    I think what you were trying to say are these:

    I. Yang buat kecoh tu semua muka Melayu

    II. Semua pakai baju merah

    III. Semua berlagak macam Melayu glokal

    IV. Semua di tempat yang sama

    V. Semua berjihad untuk agama bangsa dan negara

    So you cannot differentiate one from the other. And, because you cannot differentiate by MATA KASAR, the SENANG way is to treat them all the same.

    Now, Annie, let me suggest to you:

    I. There's no reason you cannot find your lover, because all men with the batang would be the same for you.

    II. you said "I'm not there, what can I say?"; that is the word of truth, it can only come from a true Muslim/ Muslimah. Logically therefore any Melayu Islam who talks about any happening where he wasn't around has a problem with their iman.

    III. If your house get ransacked by robbers, the problem is that you do not take care of the security of your belongings, don't blame the robbers because they are GENERASI ULUL AL-BAB,

    IV. If a thief comes to your house and stole the money that you saved for performing hajj, hopefully the thief did not treat you too harsh but even if they do that's the usual Malaysian crime and comedy ;->

    IV. if your parents intend to visit you over the weekend, tell them not to and better stay at home and watch TV3, otherwise if any crime should happen and hurt them then it would be entirely their fault :-(

    1. Anonymous16 August 2017 at 00:27, setuju 100%

  10. Merah ada gambar keris tu kita dah muak tengok. Kita ni dah kena game la.
    Dulu kerja buat kecoh ni kerja Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, Hj.Fadzil Noor. Lepas tu ada generasi baru. Cakap lagi kuat dan selalu. Lama-lama in 2008 merasa kuasa memerintah negeri. Kelantan dah biasa. Penang 1st time ! Ini bukan macam Lim Chong Eu join Perikatan. Kita dengar dalam diam dan bising, Penang jadi lebih bersih dan teratur. Politics aside Penang is take a shape for better.

    T shirt merah gambar keris ni dulu kita percaya boleh berubah. Tapi hari ni memang dah tak ada apa harapan lagi untuk mula berubah. Jawapan senang nya memang tak pernah cuba nak berubah macam yang dijanjikan dalam PAU awal 2000's. Banyak kali. Dan Dr.Mahathir pun tak buat apa-apa juga di zaman nya. Tetapi beliau telah mengaku in public dia telah gagal dalam mengubah pemikiran orang Melayu semasa berkuasa penuh selama 22 tahun dan sebagai menteri kabinet, penulis selebih usia dewasa dan tua beliau.

    Disebabkan sekelian rakyat Malaysia yang tidak bersetuju dengan pentadbiran Malaysia oleh Mahathir, beliau akhir nya meletakkan jawatan.

    T shirt merah cap keris hari ni orang Malaysia hari ni tengok bermula daripada Najib Razak sendiri di Stadium TPCA. Lepas daripada itu Malaysia terus suka bertengkar sesama sendiri tentang hubungan antara kaum.

    Baju merah cap bunga ni lahir nya lanjutan daripada kengganan baju merah cap keris ni cuba berubah menjadi pemangkin yang lebih berguna. Jadi contoh. Kalau baju merah cap keris ni tak masuk longkang, tak payah ada baju merah cap bunga ni langsung..

    So sekarang ni orangtua Mahathir ni sedang bermain. Tapi dia main fair game. Dia tak takut.

    And for 1st time Pakatan Harapan is a pack. May The Force be with him.

    1. ada petrol, kereta boleh jalan..ada duit, kerja boleh jalan...lagi banyak duit dapat,lagi besar kepala..si badut tukang promote berus gigi ni, agak2 dia pernah duduk atas sejadah muhasabah diri tak atau dok sejam dua baca Quran sambil sebak di hati...? sekali imbas tengok muka memang takde cahaya...mungkin spesis2 macam ni rasa sempat bertaubat sebelum mati agaknya..wallalahualam

  11. Sometimes when I sit around and doing nothing,I would like to imagine the life of our surviving two ex-prime ministers.
    Both Pak Lah and Tun M are respected statesmen.
    While I imagine Pak Lah is living his life happily with his beloved wife Tun is living his life full of anger and frustation.
    I myself would be retiring in about 5 years' time.If I were to choose how to spend my retirement between Pak Lah and Tun M's retirement lifestyle,I would prefer to live in happiness.
    After all,life is too short to fell bitter all the time.
    I just wish Kedah will be 'returned' back to Mukhriz so that the handsome old man will get some satisfaction to make up for his disaapointment for his failure to topple Najib.
    Just like a lizard that cut off his tail to distract the cat for the time being.

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Kangkung
      You too much self interest
      You would rather have your child burn than ruin your retirement
      Your moving on will not be a big loss to the next generation

    2. From where I came from a Professor of your kind is only good to be an office assistant. And I am not kidding.

    3. dear prof..ini bukan isu nak bagi DS Mukriz naik atau tidak tapi ini adalah apa yang majoriti rakyat negara ini mahukan..semua orang tahu TDM boleh hidup senang lenang lepas pencen..setakat DS Mukhriz kalau tak jadi politician pun hidup memang mewah sampai 7 gererasi agaknya..Imagine TDM susah payah memertabatkan Malaysia ke mercu dunia selama 22 tahun tapi cuba lihat hasilnya sekarang..ada tak sekelumit rasa malu dalam jiwa, apabila masyarakat dunia pandang negara kita buat masa ini. Tak tahu nak cakap apa. TDM terpaksa bersusah payah untuk kembalikan Malaysia ke keadaan asal..yang pasti bukan untuk dirinya atau suku sakat beliau...pastinya untuk generasi kita akan datang termasuk cucu cicit Prof jugak esok2..thanks

    4. I just wish Najib will lose in next GE 14 so that the country can be saved and Tun M can retire in peace.

    5. I would prefer to live in happiness is equivelent to' fiddle while Rome burns '
      Back then plah knows his enemy then take a step back
      Today in broad daylight they still need to light flares so that they can hurled projectiles toward its intended enemy
      That means they do not understands the enemy's strength


  12. "Both Pak Lah and Tun M are respected statesmen."

    I don't think so. Nobody have any respect whatsoever for a sleepy ex-PM who started the bastardization of Malaysia through his SIL's 4th. floor cabinet.

    It was also during his reign that the Ministry of Money... oops... Finance, seems to have become a designated patrimony of the incumbent Prime Minister. In Kapir-countries, this greedy practice would have raised a lot of eyebrows.

  13. Komen saya kepada Haku,
    Zaman berubah.Zaman Tun dulu pun bukan semuanya sempurna.Tapi kita tak nafikan yang Tun juga memberi sumbangan kepada negara.
    Biar saya bagi satu analogi.
    Katalah seorang kawan saya yg meminjam sebuah kereta berbaik hati menghantar saya pulang ke rumah.Saya hargai sikap baik hati kawan saya itu.
    Apa yang berlaku selepas itu kawan saya tak mahu memulangkan kereta yang dipinjamkan selepas tamat tempoh pinjaman.Sebaliknya dia nak membakar kereta itu.
    The point that I am trying to tell is that people keep on telling us that we must not forget Tun's contribution to the country by the virtue that he was the PM of Malaysia through UMNO.UMNO was the platform used by Tun to contribute to the country.
    When he is no longer the driver of the car he can be considered as berhati busuk if he wants to burn the car that served him well

    Prof Kangkung

  14. Annie,

    I've done it again, haven't I?

    Lost another long convoluted comment :)

    Never mind, this internet connection is not the best and my laptop uses a lousy O/S interface :)

    OK, I'll keep it short - for my standards.

    //Umno people on the other hand accused the Pribumi people of self-sabotage to gain public sympathy.//

    I find this unlikely.

    PPBM Youth will not jeopardise the health and well -being of their hero, Mahatir, with such antics.

    I mean, what if one of those flares was misdirected? What if the acrid toxic smoke affected the breathing of their hero? Etc etc.

    //Personally, I prefer purple.//


    I prefer whatever tee-shirt and jeans I can lay my hands on.

    I am not very comfortable with political parties having uniforms. It reminds me of school children.

    //And of course they mercilessly whacked people they don't like and any BN or Umno supporters who dare to voice their opinion in this blog.//

    Your blog articles have been regularly featured on The Malaysia Chronicles, or as RPK calls it, Suara Tian Chua.

    TMC commentators are often rabid and incoherent in their whacking of anything UMNO or BN.

    It is much like commentators on RPK's blog - rabid incoherent commentators whacking Pakatan :)

    I have a feeling that many of the commentators here have come from TMC, so they have brought along that "either you are with us or against us" mindset.

    Not everybody is aware that you have an easygoing relaxed writing style, albeit leaning towards UMNO/BN.

    Not everybody can see that you write straight from your brain to the keyboard about how you feel, how you see it - no charts, no graphs, no tables of percentages, etc.

    //By the way, why they called themselves Armada, eh?//

    It's the Malaysian custom of coming up with clever sounding acronyms :)

    //Alhamdulillah though that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali were not injured in the incident.//

    I think it will just be a matter of time before someone is hurt.

    No opposition supporter would dare to physically attack an UMNO supporter because of the consequences.

    So, my guess is that it will likely be an Opposition politician or Opposition supporters who will be attacked because :-

    1/ Opposition politicians simply do not have the resources to have the same security as pro-govt politicians.
    2/ Those attackers will know that they have protection from "atas" in UMNO.
    3/ I had a third reason but I can't remember what it is, sorry.

    Hm, I did say a "short comment", didn't I? :)

    OK, I'll leave out any clever closing lines I may have.


  15. Prof Kangkung,

    //When he is no longer the driver of the car he can be considered as berhati busuk if he wants to burn the car that served him well//

    Sure, that can be one view of the situation and you would be 100% correctly if one assumed there was nothing wrong with the car.

    BUT you will note that Mahatir is smarter than that.

    Mahatir has already said that the car is now all broken down and rosak - tak bolih pakai lagi.

    So lebih baik bakar lah.

    Tapi see that nice shiny new car over there? That is now yours.

    Mari lah naik. :)


    1. Itu pdgn beliau.one man's point of view cannot be used to judge whether the car is still in good running position.after all Mahathir is no longer an UMNO anymore

  16. Anonymous @ 16 August 2017 at 13:30,

    //Itu pdgn beliau//

    No, not my view, that is Mahatir's view.

    I was just using Prof Kangkung's analogy of a car.

    //one man's point of view cannot be used to judge whether the car is still in good running position//

    I agree 100%, so that means that Mahatir's view is just as valid as yours or mine or Najib's.

    //after all Mahathir is no longer an UMNO anymore//

    But I think Mahatir has been in UMNO longer than many members, so he might know one or two things about UMNO don't you think?

    And as we said above, he is no longer in UMNO because he believes he has a better alternative.


  17. Soon desperate dumno knives will come out for fence sitters (ie annie) so those fence sitters better tighten their security...

  18. With the perpetrators still around, 'who killed altantuya' might repeat itself with other 'high risk to BN' victim(s)...