Sunday 6 August 2017

Bland stories on a happy day

These are the links to ALL political stories published by national news agency Bernama yesterday :

Kota Belud UMNO, BN Fully Support Najib's Leadership

Johor UMNO Ready To Face Former Leader Who Joined Opposition

Leadership Qualities A Must To Attract Urban Malay Voters - Khairy

DPM Tells Component Parties To Prove Their Worth

Don't Abandon UMNO If Not Selected As Candidate - Johari

Semporna UMNO Still Intact - Nasir Sakaran

Shahrizat Reminds Umno Members To Be Ready To Face GE Challenges

Reject Perception-based Politics - Puteri UMNO

Sabah UMNO, BN Must Unite To Defend Government

No One Can Drive A Wedge Between Najib And Ahmad Zahid - Ismail Sabri

BN Will Still Be In Power After GE14 - Mahdzir

GE 14: Terengganu UMNO Intends To Field Women Candidates

Rather one-sided and predictable, aren't they?

Boring, if you asked me.

I wonder what's in the mind of the Bernama editors when they saw those headlines on their webpage at the end of yesterday.

I mean, can't they be a little bit more creative?

Try to make the stories be a bit more interesting and different from those published by New Straits Times, perhaps.

Surely the editorial direction can be better, right?

Wouldn't it be nice if they can make a bit of an effort to attract people into reading their stories?

Jeezzz, surely they must have thought of that.

Or did they?

What's the point of all the feel good stories if no one really feels like reading them, right?

Did they think of that too, or did they just do those stories to please those upstairs so that they can keep their well paying job without caring whether people want to read them or not?

Honestly, I feel that they didn't seem to even try being smart about it anymore these days.

Simply do the stories to fill up the pages without getting in trouble with the bosses, I think.

No wonder that good for nothing pro-opposition Malaysiakini is the most read news portal in the country.

People want to know what's happening on the other side too, okay.

Umno really need to do a survey to find out how many of its members read Malaysiakini.

I think they would be shocked with the findings.

Maybe then they will do something about it.

Well, never mind.

I'm rather sure they will carry on like now no matter how much I bitch about it here.

Wasting my breath only.

The most, they will do a bit of revamp, change several people here and there with golden parachutes for the outgoing big time editors and that's it.

Heard that what's happening at Media Prima.

Someone forwarded me this Wassap message yesterday evening,

Sure hope whatever that they are doing, I would like to be proven wrong by them selling more of their stories after such a revamp.

It would be wonderful, I think if one day the NST Online can replace Malaysiakini as the number one news portal in the country.

Well, you can never tell what's going to happen in future, okay.

Nothing is impossible.

See, even a cat can grows horns.

Anyway, despite everything, yesterday was a happy day for me.

Unfortunately, someone requested for me not to write about the main reason why I was happy.

Such a spoilsport. But what to, the guy is a shy one.

However, I think I can write a bit about the secondary reason why I was happy yesterday.

I got to meet many of my friends from the old Johor BN team.

They are good sincere people whom I have the honour to work with.

We worked hard in defence of Johor back in the last general election in 2013.

We didn't become rich or anything like that because of it, but our conscience is clear as we believed in what we were doing.

It feels good being able to feel and say that.

Special thanks to our chief at that time, TS Abdul Ghani Othman, whose leadership by example inspires us to do the right things.

Latest picture I have of Datuk Ghani and his wife Prof Jamilah (I still find it difficult to call them Tan Sri and Puan Sri)


  1. You think news establishments like NST and Bernama can shed their inhibitions and be more popular than "good-for-nothing" Malaysiakini? Then there will be more 'annoyance' for the govt to stomach. The last time something like this happened was the Star in the pre-Ops Lallang 1987 days; after a 6 months suspension it was tame again. And yeah, the Edge was recently also suspended for its interesting reporting...

  2. Nobody reads printing news nowadays. Nobody sees a reason to fork out a ringgit or two a day just to buy 'a toilet paper' if they could read them online via smartphones. What more having to fork out a ringgit or two just to consume tons of garbage full of bulls***t and government propaganda.

    Everything seems alright and fine and flowery when in fact on the ground is quite contrary. All the news and articles published are insults to our intelligent. Depa ingat kita ni apa? Lembu?

    Nak suruh percaya bulat-bulat apa yang depa tulih!. Manusia yang berpendidikan semestinya menilai apa yang dia baca. Bukannya menerima bulat-bulat apa yang disogokkan. Apabila dirasakan ada sesuatu yang tak kena dengan berita yang ditulis, mereka akan mencari alternatif lain. To seek a different take on the issue. To look for a second opinion.

    Kebiasaannya mereka mencari berita-berita secara atas talian (online), blog-blog dan portal-portal berita lain sebelum membuat penilain mereka sendiri dengan menggunakan akal yang waras lagi terpelajar.

    Audience sekarang TERLALU BERMAKLUMAT dan tidak begitu mudah untuk ditipu. Lebih-lebih lagi di zaman smartphones dimana maklumat boleh diakses sepantas kilat tanpa perlu pulang ke ofis atau ke rumah untuk membuka komputer.

    Smartphones sekarang telah memberi perkhidmatan seperti 'handheld computer' dimakna maklumat dan berita terkini boleh diakses dimana-mana anda berada dan dalam apa jua keadaan; provided there is an internet connection. Inilah jasa terbesar Steve Jobs kepada umat manusia seluruh dunia sebelum beliau meninggal dunia.

    Walaupun Steve Jobs dilahirkan sebagai anak 'halal' dan ibu bapanya menyerahkan kepada keluarga angkat kerana malu mempunyai anak sebegitu, namun the 'unwanted child' inilah yang telah mengubah dunia dengan legasi yang beliau tinggalkan.

    Perasaan rendah diri dan terhina yang teramat sangat dengan kelahiran sebegiti telah membakar semangat yang dalam diri Steve Jobs dan beliau berazam untuk melakukan sesuatu yang mampu mengubah dunia. Melalut pasal Steve Jobs pulak..

    Apa-apa pun the bottomline is Newspapers nowadays are a waste of time and a waste of money dan newspapers perlu ditukar nama sebagai wastepapers..

    1. If u read slowly. Annie mention NST Online. Which is accessible via your hand held computers.

      Please read slowly first ok.


    2. Even if it has an online version, nobody read it either. it mirrors each other. Why are you so sensitive? NST journalist? Ouchh..

    3. Owh.. ya. Maybe im just being sensitive anon 16:47.


    4. Dear anon 1331
      You maybe right in the sense that nobody is watching any pro-government media like Utusan Malaysia,RTM news,tv3 etc.
      However do keep in mind there is a 'niche' population who still rely on these old media to get their daily feed of news even though I have to admit the numbers are fast dwindling.
      A few years back I was interviewed by RTM about some political issues in Kelantan.The interview was shown on tv1 news for about 3 to 4 minutes.I didn't expect any reaction from the public since in my mind nobody is watching RTM news anymore.
      Surprise surprise th next day so many people who know me send messages to me and commented that they saw me on tv.
      These people are usually the least educated among us and many are in their 50s.They form the fixed deposit for UMNO and BN

      Prof Kangkung

  3. Actually, Annie, your list of headlines you quoted above do sound like those in the North Korea KCNA website.

    "If the newspapers of a country are filled with good news, the jails of that country will be filled with good people. " - Daniel Moynihan, US politician, professor

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry Old friend,
      I can only publish this censored comment of yours -
      My (our) friend, (censored), is one lucky guy. *wink.

    2. Hmmm... I always thought that in Islam, it is obligatory to announce such occasion.

  5. Annie. Boring and annoying. Take a break. Let me share this. It reminds me of those anak-anak main basikal tengah jalan. But this is the UK.

    Same as adults riding on politics to ambush others.

  6. "A significant decline in readers and viewers of government-controlled newspapers and television and radio stations is worrying Putrajaya.

    Notwithstanding the slump in ratings and hence, earnings, the government's concern is whether its messages are getting out to the target audience - especially since snap polls are anticipated this year.

    For example, Media Prima Bhd, the media stable controlled by Umno (the United Malays National Organisation, Malaysia's biggest political party), has four TV and three radio stations and three dailies, with the dailies parked under its subsidiary, New Straits Times Press Bhd (NSTP).

    In the third quarter to end September, Media Prima slipped into the red with a loss of RM109 million, mainly from the restructuring exercise under which NSTP closed two of its four printing plants.

    The English daily in the Media Prima stable, New Straits Times (NST), has been struggling to contain the freefall. Its daily circulation, at 100,000 in the first half of 2012, was down to 44,000 in the first half of last year, said the Audit Bureau of Circulation. (Data for the second half will be available only in May.)

    But the biggest surprise has been the marked fall in circulation for Media Prima's Malay daily, Harian Metro; once at 394,000, its circulation is now about 149,000 - a 62 per cent drop.

    Utusan Malaysia, another newspaper controlled by Umno through Bursa-listed Utusan Melayu (Malaysia) Bhd, has had its circulation trimmed by a fifth, from 181,000 to 144,000. Media executives say the company has been bleeding for a number of quarters.

    A media executive who did not want to be named said English newspapers play less of a role in garnering support for Umno and the members of its coalition Barisan Nasional (BN), as the party gets most of its support from rural and semi-rural Malays.

    "Readers want more balanced reporting, he said, noting that print and broadcast platforms that adopt an overtly pro-establishment stance appear to have alienated not only their readers/viewers, but their advertisers as well."

    Better for failed journalists with zero principles to become BN bloggers.

    Then they can all be "lucky guys" and hypocrites too.


  7. UMNO pikir apa-apa pon, semua olang mesti suka punya maa aa .

    Kuasa yang begitu lama ,kasi buat pikiran pon sutak buntu maa aa .semua pelut manyak buncit maa aa ,mana bolih kasi tileh belakang lagi lea aa .

    Wang kasi tentu segala hat , mungkin itu macam lia olang pikir lor rr ,apa pasat mau susah-susah maa aa.

  8. I've always had a hunch... when the atmosphere is Cash is King, the environment will be infested with boot-lickers or kaki-bodek.
    And... more often than not, these kaki-bodek are good for nothing. They're usually the panicky or cepat-gabra type and they have no qualms, blaming their subordinate or colleague if something went wrong.
    In military units, these kaki-bodek leaders is better-off, shot dead by its own men, if they are to survive any skirmishes with the enemy.

    1. "more often than not, these kaki-bodek are good for nothing. They're usually the panicky or cepat-gabra type and they have no qualms, blaming their subordinate or colleague if something went wrong."

      Yep, most of them become bloggers that support professional criminals like Jibros, Jho and Riza.

  9. Annie,

    //These are the links to ALL political stories published by national news agency Bernama yesterday//

    Aiyah! They are political stories, OK?

    Whatcha expect from political headlines? :)

    //No wonder that good for nothing pro-opposition Malaysiakini is the most read news portal in the country.//

    Mkini has an advantage - it taps into a particular demographic, ie unhappy and dissatisfied Malaysians.

    There is also the fact that its reporters are dedicated to their profession.

    In fact, I would not be surprised if that commitment to duty extends from top to bottom within Mkini.

    //if one day the NST Online can replace Malaysiakini as the number one news portal in the country.//

    And that day will be a long time coming.

    I just can't see the necessary changes being made for NST Online to be number one.

    //Anyway, despite everything, yesterday was a happy day for me.//

    It's always nice to tick off a happy day on the calender :)

    //We didn't become rich or anything like that because of it, but our conscience is clear as we believed in what we were doing.//

    It's always like that, you know.

    The foot soldiers always feel that they are doing the right thing - they wouldn't be doing it otherwise, would they?

    It's exactly the same with opposition foot soldiers.

    My cousin, who is a diehard DAP supporter, gave up work, gave up earning an income to help out in GE12 and GE13.

    He was already living a hand-to-mouth existence and yet was willing to go without any income for the several weeks of campaigning, working day and night doing whatever he was told by the DAP people in our kampung - delivering messages, picking up this or that, carrying and arranging tables and chairs, handing out drinks, whatever.

    Of cos, they gave him lunch and dinner during that time and gave him some petrol money but that was really about all he got.

    I have no doubt when GE14 comes around, he will be doing the same again.


    I have little time for that sort of thing.

    My only job is to walk up to the polling station, mark that piece of paper, and put it in the ballot box :)


  10. Only happened in BN bolehland, scandalous BN govt (eg 1mdb, scorpene, fgv, etc) cant be toppled but good Pakatan govt (Pg & Sgor) can be toppled...

    1. I beg to differ.

      BN state govt in Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah, Selangor and Penang had been toppled in the past.

    2. "good" Pakatan govt (Pg & Sgor)?

      you must be living in a lala land.

    3. Even trump cannot silence the US DOJ.

      The Special Counsel is digging into all his wrongdoing.

      If we have Special Counsel in Malaysia, all the MTU in Umno will be doing life sentences in jail.

    4. The 2 best managed states in Malaysia are Selangor & PP, doh.

      If you want to see massive pink diamond on fat woman, then no lah.

      The Pakatan Harapan opposition coalition is compiling a manifesto on bread-and-butter issues, according to lawmaker Rafizi Ramli, whose constituency is in Selangor. Rafizi, who is vice president of PKR, said the promises would probably be similar to the prior election, as well as replacing the GST with a more progressive tax system and resuming subsidies.

      Urban voters see Najib’s promises of cheaper housing and better transport as “sweeteners that take ages to reach them,” Rafizi said. He’s proposing a wages council that would set a mandatory annual minimum wage increase for all workers.

      Kamzailan Kamal, 53, said the problem lay not with Barisan Nasional itself but the “people at the top.”

      “We need to change the government. Bring down Najib,” said Kamzailan, who sleeps during the week in the taxi he drives 12 hours a day around the capital. “Mark my words: In the 14th general election, we taxi drivers are not going to support Barisan Nasional.”

  11. After Pakatan Harapan win the election, then we can look forward to a more balance news from the news paper and online.

    BBC, CNN all come from a two party government system. Journalists who write have the readers in mind. Not here where the journalist write have to considers their masters approval.

    Your cat doesn't look very happy. Have you fed the cat.

    Mine not happy with the GST. Before this I bought cat food made in USA, "Blackwell", now because of the currency and GST, I have to give my cat, cat food Tesco brand.

    My cat not very happy just like yours and very grumpy.

    1. Re:After Pakatan Harapan win the election, then we can look forward to a more balance news from the news paper and online.

      fat chance.

      try reading DAP's own website, full of one-sided news on DAP only.

    2. Anon 13:27

      I don't know... that's DAP's own website..

      You mean, you were searching for news on perhimpunan agung UMNO bahagian kesang on DAP's own website? And you couldn't find it?

      Did you try PAP's website?

  12. Why no sympathy for The Edge?

    What they were suspended for is telling the TRUTH.

    They published money trails that both the govts of USA, Swiss and even S'pore have confirmed correct.

    The Edge staff also have to cari makan.

    But they exposed wrong.

    The jilat bontot dedak eaters who run the NST have zero principles.

    See the diff?