Tuesday 29 August 2017

Annie and Jocelyn - about the Johor battleground

I wrote this on Saturday,

Dr Mahathir to contest in JB?

It turned out that the famous Jocelyn Tan of The Star wrote this the next day about Lim Kit Siang probably contesting in JB,

Malay tsunami – fact or psywar? 

I didn't notice it and wrote this instead the same day

Another place where Dr Mahathir can contest in Johor

I only realised about Jocelyn's article after reading Big Dog's and Voicey's just now,

Projection of sentiments Vs facts

Kit Siang's Malay tsunami psywar, Lethargic Chinese surprise

Quite amusing actually.

You all have to excuse me for being a bit late into reading Jocelyn's article.

It was Sunday and I was not feeling well enough that day to go out to buy newspapers or even surf the net too much.

Anyway, my postings during weekends are mostly out of whims, actually. No proper research.

I'm better today, so that's why I'm reading a bit more and therefore noticed that Jocelyn's article.

Well, I have great respect for Jocelyn as a political writer even though I do not agree with all that she wrote.

For one thing, I know that she actually tried her best to be on the ground to gather her materials, unlike so many others who just sat in their room and conjured up stories and then claimed themselves to be experts.

I bumped into Jocelyn many times at odd places where most high profile political writers would not go to get their stories.

For instance, I met her on one damp rainy night at a small gathering at a community field in Taman Tun Aminah, Johor Baru as she followed the rounds of TS Abdul Ghani Othman during the last days of campaigning of the last general election in 2013.

Ghani was at that time on his suicide mission against Kit Siang in the Chinese-majority Gelang Patah.

Despite her age and seniority, Jocelyn, in my opinion, sticks to being a true journalist by doing assignments that were normally only assigned to rookie reporters.

Yes, I admire her for that.

I was very young when I first met Jocelyn. She was working for New Straits Times at that time. I even remember the date - June 5, 1997.

At that time, I didn't know her yet as a political writer. Instead, I love to read her regular feature articles in NST.

This is exactly what I said to her at that moment,

"So, you are Jocelyn Tan. You are my favourite NST writer," I said enthusiastically.

I know, I sounded dumb, but those were my words. I didn't know what she looked like before that. Those days newspapers hardly carried picture by-lines of their journalists. And there were no internet too.

She smiled sheepishly as her collegues, who were with her made funny remarks to what I said.

She was cute. Still is.

Of course, I don't think she remembers that.

Well, nice memory that one.

As for her article on Kit Siang wanting to go against Shahrir in JB, I think it's plausible but I highly doubt Kit Siang will try it.

After all, the JB parliamentary constituency is still a Malay majority area.

Kit Siang, is not that brave.

He is not Ghani Othman, okay.

I don't even think he will lead the Pakatan's charge in Johor, knowing that BN will use the age-old anti-DAP sentiments among Malays, especially in that state.

I still think Dr Mahathir will be the one to play that role, if not in JB, then it's going to be as I said - in Muar.

I may wrote my last two posts on it out of whims, but the truth is, I had been thinking about it for quite a while.

Pakatan will need something to shock BN if it's to have a serious chance to capture Johor.

Imagine this - Dr Mahathir contesting JB and Kit Siang defending his Gelang Patah seat.

The two of them going around Johor selling the idea that the Malays and Chinese Johoreans can work together to topple BN.

That, I think, can be quite dangerous for BN.

Some may think that Dr Mahathir will never get out of his comfort zone in Kedah but I have this feeling that being 92, he may feels that this general election is his one and only shot left.

He would want to make it counts and for that he will throw caution to the wind and go for a do or die battle.

That battle will be in Johor, the birth place of Umno, which he is trying to kill now.

And for that, I doubt that he would want to be safe in Langkawi and so out of the lime light.

But then again, that's just my hunch and I'm not a reknown political writer like Jocelyn Tan.

Jocelyn must have written her article after doing thorough research and hearing about it from credible sources.

So, you all should stick to serious reading on this matter with Jocelyn.

Read mine just for fun, okay.



  1. "But then again, that's just my hunch and I'm not a renowned political writer like Jocelyn Tan.

    Jocelyn must have written her article after doing thorough research and hearing about it from credible sources."

    Actually she is a complete MCA-Gerakan hack.

    If The Star gets closed down for insulting Islam (what happened to the case? I guess the MCA towkays must have handed out some fat contracts to "kau thim"?) then she will have a good career in the dying NST.

    People don't want to read crap any more.

    People like Jocelyn Tan, RPK and other mercenaries only survive because their bosses are gullible enough to think anyone believes what they write.

    1. The Star still sells quite well and I think a lot of people still read Jocelyn's articles. Thank you.

    2. LOL.......mebbe people read Star for sports & info lah, not for politics.........otherwise why MCA mampus kow kow........dah dlm kubur dah....so mebbe Josslyn spin skill is syiok sendiri, kan? She cannot persuade the cinapek to vote for gelakan and mca, so hmmmmmmmm....power yilek.......

    3. I have to admit I am a staunch follower of Jocelyn Tan.In fact every Sunday, her column would be my first read before anything else in the Sunday Star.

      Prof Kangkung

    4. I have to admit, you are a staunch moron who supports anything lazy and corrupt like your good self.

      "Want to bet"?

      Prof Sawi

    5. Hentikan kebodohan yang mengatakan hanya UMNO saja yang boleh menjamin masa depan orang Melayu..hentikan kesesatan yang mengatakan undi pas akan masuk syurga.. UMNO dan pas ni 2x5 saja..sama sama bebal..tongong.. bahalul dan sesat.

      Yg kekal dlm UMNO sampai pru14 dañ beri undi pada UMNO adalah genetic bodoh dan kekal bodoh dan perosak negara.

    6. Anon 939
      Tgk nanti sapa menang

      Prof Kangkung

    7. Tengoklah nanti sapa yang memang...

      Jho low

    8. Its been a while since I last visit your blog, Annie. Still being trolled by RBA. Nothing changes then.

    9. By the way Jocelyn and RPK are the most credible political writers around. They exposed these Pakatun nincompoops for what they truly are. Never once they get sued.

  2. re: "Some may think that Dr Mahathir will never get out of his comfort zone in Kedah but I have this feeling that being 92, he may feels that this general election is his one and only shot left"

    That's why Tun M will contest in Pekan against Najib. He got nothing to lose.

    But Najib would be forced to resign as BN Chairman (and PM) when BN looses Perak, Negeri Sembilan and Melaka in GE14. BN would still wins GE 14 but with reduced Parliament seats and state seats. He wont be doing another Sleepy-Dollah; i.e. refuses to step down as PM when Sleepy-Dollah lost 2/3 majority in the other GE.

    1. actually no..........the lanun bugis CANNOT stap down la. Because then hancur for sure.........even if he win by 2 seats, he will sapu wang from KWSP, TH, and GLCs and bribe all the KBU........becos Umgnok election is next kan........the hippo must remain in power!

    2. Janji Najib jika MENANG PRU14

      1. GST 6% KEKAL & akan dinaikkan berperingkat-peringkat sehingga mencapai GST 11% (angka kegemaran)

      2. Lebih daripada 99 RCI akan ditubuhkan membabitkan puluhan juta duit cukai untuk membayar setiap panel RCI. RCI pula terpilih-pilih hanya melibatkan kes zaman Tun M sebagai PM selama 22 tahun.

      3. Lebih daripada 100 barang bebas GST akan ditarik balik dan dikenakan GST 11%. Kebanyakan barang tidak dipakai Rosmah Mansor dan Riza Aziz.

      4. Harta sitaan DOJ tidak akan dimohon selepas Jho Low didapati belot. Harta tersebut Rosmah Mansor derma kepada DOJ sebagai upah sita harta Riza Aziz.

      5. Upah cytroop akan digandakan sebanyak 5% untuk spin dan fitnah. Bonus pangkat tertinggi gelaran bangang, bangsat dan haramjadah akan dikeluarkan mengikut prestasi kerja. Upah tambahan RM50 + cukai GST.

      6. Lebih masa holiday ke tempat percutian mewah untuk keluarga Najib dan Rosmah. Kos ditanggung sepenuhnya cukai rakyat Malaysia.

      7. Kemunculan 2MDB, 3MDB, 4MDB..... untuk proses pinjaman wang GLC dan badan kerajaan supaya boleh dibayar kepada syarikat pelaburan asing palsu milik Tok Arab..dan duit kasi joli. Hutang berbayar kepada syarikat sebenar akan ditanggung sepenuhnya MOF aka rakyat Malaysia!

      Janji Najib Janji dicapati.

  3. It's quite funny (and sad) to watch the media personalities in Malaysia who ignore the massive corruption that has reached its lowest depths under this govt.

    Sultan Nazrin said it today: Tun Razak would be ashamed.

    However, it seems Jocelyn Tan and the other apologists are completely lacking in honesty and decency.

    The crimes against TH, Felda, 1MDB, SRC, KWAP are cases of DELIBERATE THEFT FOR PERSONAL GAIN.

    Now they scurry like rats trying to dig up things from 30 years ago. As if people still care.

    Yes, Tun Razak would be ashamed of his son for sure.

    1. Jahabar Sadiq and Nazir Razak have played out The Sultan of Perak. Read RPK's latest post "How Nazir Razak took the Sultan of Perak for a ride". I believe RPK's words than Jahabar Sadiq anytime. And Nazir Razak is still sore at PM Najib for not appointing him as the Finance Minister.And whoever read The Malaysian Insight anyway?

    2. Alamak anon 556, antara you Dan rpk, siapa yang paling bodoh..

    3. "I believe RPK's words"

      Thank you for proving 100% that you are a complete idiot.

      So, you believe a guy who peed in his panties and changed his name to an imaginary "Julian Khoo" on every backdated article in his blog just to try and avoid legal action?

      Maybe RPK can give you the yellow-stained panties? Should be dry by now.

    4. rpk is nothing but a raving egomaniac, do not tell him he is wrong or you will never hear the last of him

      LKS and tun should sit this one out to debunk umno's claim that both of them are dictators and power crazy geriatrics, whoever replaces them should have a walkover with their backing and support

      the queen of england

    5. I read both RPK and the Malaysian insight.
      RPK is good.Much better compared to the Malaysian insight

      Prof Kangkung

    6. Pros Kangkang,

      I doubt you can read, but try lah:

      That you together with a person still at large, one Nik Faisal bin Kamil, on the 26.12.2014 at the AmIslamic Bank Bhd, Bangunan Anbank Group, No. 55 Jalan Raja Chulan, in the Federal Teritory of Kuala Lumpur, as agent(s) of the Government of Malaysia to wit the Prime Minister of Malaysia holding the post of Finance Minister as Special Advisor (Ameritus Advisor) to SRC International Sdn Bhd with common intention did corruptly receive a bribe in the sum of RM27 million from SRC International Sdn Bhd which was paid through Gandungan Mentari Sdn Bhd and Ihsan Perdana Sdn Bhd to your account with AmPrivate Banking – 1MY account No. 2112022011880 as an inducement to do an act or deed connected with the affairs of your principal to wit assisting in obtaining a loan of funds from Kumpulan Wang Persaraan (Incorporated) (KWAP) to SRC International Sdn Bhd. Therefore you have committed an offence under section 17(a) of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009 punishable under section 24 of the said Act read together with section 34 of the Penal Code.

      Yes, your paymaster stole the money of KWAP pensioners to finance his & her spending spree.

      Only dedak eaters, BN cybertroopers or prostitutes like RPK have no problem with that.

      Prof Sawi

  4. Questions for MO1 trip next month to Whitehouse and who will gain most

    1. Who is arranging MO1 and FLOM trip to WH
    2. Who will gain most is MO1 and FLOM are in disposable in WH and cannot return to Malaysia
    3. Who will gain most from the out cry of sympathy and win a snap election
    4. Will it be a public relations coup for BN
    5. Will this boost Trump’s rating as he says his rating are most important to him
    6. Will this Trump’s image
    7. Did the conspirators made a deal with DOJ ( the Chinese side )
    8. Will the new leader in Malaysia as a sign of gratitude, nudge more towards USA and renegade on the Chinese deals
    9. Will this be a case of one stone killing two birds – getting rid of tainted leader and wining elections at one go
    10. Are UMNO leaders worried that they have to something and not seem to be doing that by getting rid of leader but not dirtying their own hands and survival of the political careers

  5. This is a comment posted by diny yusof on 30 August 2017 in shahbudin's blog post on 29 August 2017:

    Except from the interview by Finews with Jordan Belfort , the author of " Wolf of Wall Street "

    Q : Do you have an example of running the other way in your post-prison life?

    JB : If you look at the movie, for instance: the movie's is a huge success, and then it turns out the guys who financed it were criminals. And this guy Jho Low . Leo ( Leonardo DiCaprio ,who stars as Belfort in <> ) got sucked in. Leo's an honest guy. But I met these guys, and said to Anne (Belfort fiancée),these guys are fucking criminals'.

    And then I met them at the launch party. They flew me to Cannes four or five months after they bought the movie and they wanted to announce it in Cannes. It hadn't even gone into production yet, and they threw a launch party. They must have spent $3 million on a launch party. They flew in Kanye West, and I said to Anne, this is a fucking scam ,anybody who does this has stolen money .'You wouldn't spend money you worked for like that.

    Q: What happened after that with Red Granite ,the production firm allegedly bankrolled by 1MDB?

    JB: So then the movie goes into production and I'm spending a lot of time with Leo and these guys wanted to meet me for dinner and they wanted me to go to Vegas with Leo. They offered me money and everything to go to Vegas. A lot of money. Like $500,000, which I really could've used. I was like ,' I can't do it' .Leo went , Margo ( Margo Robbie,<> co-star ) went.

    I refused to go . And because of that,I'm not mentioned in the articles. I've learned my lesson. It's all Red Granite. They tried to offer me money and give me things, I never even spoke to these guys. I was like ,' I don't need these fucking people.' I knew it, it was so obvious .

    1. Anon 10:53

      Jordan Belfort's net worth is USD100 million. So what is USD500,000 to him? Only morons read Shahbudin's blog as he always writes garbage and not based in facts.

    2. This excerpt actually comes grom actual interview with Jordan Belfort in Finews, the guy who penned 'Wolf of Wall Street". Shahbudin got nothing to do with it.

    3. Anon 12:29 ternyata bodoh
      Its OK.
      You have a career with Najib

    4. Give the link, Anon 14:28

  6. Do you know that Mahathir had paid the disgraced American lobbyist Jack Abramoff USD1.2 million to have a meeting with President Bush in 2002? Of course the protuns either don't know or refused to acknowledge it. It was widely reported in the American media. Najib has received an official invitation from the White House but Mahathir had to lobby and pay. What a shame!

    1. Yes good with handcuffs ready and also a pair of prison uniform

      Nothing comes free and it will boost Trump's ratings sky high . It is all about showmanship and imagine Sadam or Ghadafi or Bin Laden or Hitler getting arrested by the President of USS in person. That is what you call free and no lobbing needed

    2. Najib should receive an official invitation from France now that his money man Rosak Buggerinda has been implicated in Scorpene corruption.

      The ghost of that poor Mongolian lady will linger until she finds rest - and justice.

      Remember that, Rosak Buggerinda and Fei Low - both losers who helped to line the Bugis criminal's pockets with stolen funds.

      Hell awaits you all.

    3. Anon 1216

      Tun M is a newly found 'god' among Pakatuns.Dulu Tun was a pariah but now Tun is the saviour.
      What makes Tun M changes from a pariah into a saviour?But Tun hates UMNO.
      These people never really love UMNO in the first place

      Prof Kangkung

    4. Insyaallah UMNO winning GE14
      Let's bet 2.6billion, winner take all, loser eat dusts

      Jho low

    5. Prof Kangkung,

      What you and your kind were saying about Tun M, calling him names and what not, and the way your kind treat the elders amongst you who are no longer holding any position or power, justify the following:

      1. That Najib and family were right to pang sai (berak) on the head of your kind., they were right to help themselves first rather than your kind who would never feel enough or satisfied, and have no shame, no moral, and can never appreciate the help of others (and your kind would hide behind the claim of 'Rezki Datang Daripada Allah' to deny any gratefulness to others who have helped you).

      2. That Tun M is right to work to destroy UMNO and all that are 'sewaktu dengannya', because UMNO now is 'diterajui' by your kind.,

      3. That money politics would go on until your kind ceases to exist, because for your kind it is easy: siapa ada duit, dialah jadi tuan., and isn't 'Rezki Datang Daripada Allah'? He who can give your kind money would be treated like god. Your kind recognise only the face of money, with money your kind can, and indeed have sold everything including maruah, and truly your kind are pariahs.

      4. That UMNO should be defended at all costs by your kind, because truly you know that when UMNO is gone, corruption will no longer pay, rezki will no longer come through abuse of power, rape of nation's wealth, stealing from the Rakyat. And rezki, maruah diri, kemuliaan, all must be earned through sincere 'usaha'. That should be the rightful way, but because of corrupted heart your kind fear that THE MOST.

    6. Pros Kangkang,

      What made you change from a pariah into a bigger pariah?

      Dedak must be fattening.

      Prof Sawi

  7. Annie, don't be too sure that Shahrer will win
    hands Up for PRU14. My sister who is a staunch
    Wanita Umno of Kg.Melayu Majidee and her husband
    who is one of the Umno AJK are musangs berbulukan
    ayam. Yeh, they attend all the meetings and wear
    the red and white unifrom of umno, but in the
    family wassp group, hari-hari posting videos,
    caricature picures or funny quotations on Najib
    & Rosmah and their 40 gang of thieve.
    Zaman bermegah-megah mengatakan Johore kubu
    kuat UMNO macam Sabah & Sarawak, is over.
    Just wait and see.


    1. Agree with you, Cik Minah. There are many musangs in the present day UMNO. And many of them are high-ranking office-bearers too. They go through the motions, attending to party matters and such. But privately to close friends and members, they confide they will never vote for BN again.

      So UMNO should not be too cock-sure of themselves.

  8. Annie,

    You talked so much about the possibility of Tun M contesting in johor.

    TS Ghani was MB of Johor when Tun M was PM. There wasn't any significant problem between johor and federal during Tun M's time. I guess that there's also no bad blood between Tun and Ghani too.

    So if really Tun M comes to johor, do you think that ghani and gang will support him?

    BTW, on BN side, who actually decides for their candidates for the respective constituencies? Theoretically it should be Khaled, or Najib, but is it really them?

    I heard that BN is going to keep all the old horses for fear that if not, the old horses who generally owe allegiance to Tun M may just turn against BN.

    And the Johorean Javanese (and Bugis) are not really fond of PAS, ahli syurga or not.

    Khaled and his UMNO are going to have a very interesting time, don't you think so?

  9. Harga petrol naik berapa?

  10. Annie,

    I have read some articles by Jocelyn Tan and although I may not like what she writes, I have to admit she writes very well.

    Beyond that I don't go looking for her articles to read.

    Your experiences in meeting Jocelyn at odd times in odd places is very interesting.

    It does show that Jocelyn is indeed a true professional who follows a story thru thick and thin.

    Re Mahatir, well, who knows where he will contest, if he does.

    But I do like your theories on him contesting in Johor.

    A double act between Mahatir in JB and Lim in Gelang Patah would certainly make sensational news.

    Can sensational news win votes?



    1. Mahathir has stepped on so many Sultans toes during his premiership.I don't think the Sultan of Johor will be sitting down quietly of Tun really decide to contest in Johor.

      Prof Kangkung

  11. Dr. Mahathir:

    He is father to every working man; and to all those who aspire towards excellence, our great leader!


  12. Wow annie spinning shit like Bullshit Nasional, why all these BN fake news about Dr M & LKS, muhyiddin will lead Harapan in demolishing johor BN OK...

    1. Whoever leads Pakatan Harapan BN will win with comfortable margin unless they can pull Pas to rejoin Pakatan.
      I have said this so many times before.

      Prof Kangkung

    2. What else have you not said vegetable man?