Thursday 10 August 2017

A neutral observation

Actually, I did my last four posts the way they are to test the response of readers from both sides of the political divide to views of a neutral observer such as myself.

Two of the posts are slightly pro-BN and the others slightly pro-Pakatan.

About 80 percent of the comments are from the pro-Pakatan crowd.

Most of them were not happy with every pro-BN elements of the postings.

They seemed to react quite harshly to the posts perceived not to be in their favour.

On the other hand, the few pro-BN readers who commented seemed more docile even when I appeared to be criticising their side.

The truth is, I wrote all four posts aimed at highlighting weaknesses of both sides and the need to remedy them.

- It's on the need for BN not to be over confident even at its strongholds as the chances of it losing the next general election is quite real.

-  The post was meant to inform the Pakatan people that they could not hope to replace the BN people if they behave as bad as the BN people or worse.

- This one is to inform the BN people why their methods were not doing so well in the perception war to win the heart and mind of the people.

- This post is actually to tell Pakatan people not to get arrogant with their opinions because they could be distasteful to many who would otherwise support them.

As I wrote above, I think the BN side reacted more positively to my criticisms than the Pakatan side.

The BN people may not like what I wrote but they were not too quick to jump on my head and accuse me of this and that.

As for the reactions of the Pakatan people, you all just need to go to the comments section of those postings and judge for yourselves.

I feel that the Pakatan people need to be more cool and not too quick to jump to conclusions.

But then again, maybe they just enjoy whacking people that they perceived to be their enemies.

Many people are like that.

The question is, how are they to be better than the BN people with such an attitude?

Think about it, okay.

Anyway, I'm not feeling very well today.

Something to do with my heart. Very painful.

So, that's all for now.

For a bit of cheer, here's a wonderful song,

It's actually requested by an Indian friend.

Nice, right?


  1. Aii Yaa !, Annie kena tipu lagi lea aa , tapi lea aa sikalang itu BN people lagi manyak arrogant maa aa ,kena tegor langsong tatak peduli lea aa ,tegor punya olang manyak salah lea aa .

    Uncle Lim manyak cool sekalang maa aa , China investment manyak masuk ,itu bahasa Bulayu sutak tatak mau pakai lagi maa aa .

    Papan tanda semu mendlin maa aa .

    1. Lufang,

      Wa ingat Luu sikit jam saja sini, tapi banyak lama, sudah belapa tahun ah?

      Itu papan tanda semua mendlin sikalang.

      Luu ingat orang mulayu tak boleh bikin itu keletapi ka.?

      Dulu semua olang mulayu bikin maa.

      Itu highway panjang-panjang olang mulayu,

      Itu ploton olang mulaya bikin punya.

      Sekalang, banyak olang cina sudah bikin oo.

      Olang mulayu mahu buat apa, gua pun tak tahu.

      Itu, MO1 , orang kantonese kata Nang Butinang Kui Buti kui.

      Itu mulayu cakap, olang bukan olang, hantu bukan hantu.

  2. Hope you recover and get back to your normal self. Great song, warm greetings and best wishes!

  3. "...not too quick to jump on my head and accused me of this and that."

    But you also accused a mere blogger of "being" Pakatan, so....ha ha ha....

    Goes back to same point:

    So anyone who points out breaches of law and that the govt is highly corrupt is "Pakatan"?

    Ye ke?


    Bar Council is Pakatan.

    Mustapha Kamil (ex-NST) is Pakatan.

    US DOJ is Pakatan.

    Swiss A-G is Pakatan.

    Singapore govt is Pakatan.

    French is Pakatan.

    Sultan Nazrin is Pakatan.

    TS Abu Kassim & former MACC officers are Pakatan.

    Zeti is Pakatan.

    Ahmad Husni is Pakatan.

    Close to 100 international newspapers work for Pakatan.



    PS: Yes, I also find it "annoying" when billions of money that I contribute to are stolen by the Gomen.

    So anyone who complains about that is "annoying" and Pakatan.

    Not so logical thinking, huh?

    1. You really don't get it, do you. Well, never mind.

    2. people born with different IQ level. you're a good example of low IQ person enter college on PTPTN loan and refuse to repay it. a typical tax-paying idiot

    3. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
      my IQ is 2000, 4 digit IQ....
      hidup rilex je..... exam markah 100%, aku tidur je......

      sokong BN UMNO because my IQ is 2000.......dapat BRIM baru smart... sokong UMNO BN pun dapat markah 100%... lek je....

  4. Annie. Is that Hathi Mere Sathi man Rajesh Khana? I am not sure but that gajah story is the only one that I know of :)

  5. Aiya the " whacking " is nothing compared to the BN people who whack PH in RPK website.
    Anyway take care of your health and hope you recover soon.

    1. RPK and other "pro"-BN are merely money-sucking prostitutes.

      I give you an example.

      The MACC trail from the AmBank account led to a company called Brandworth that is run by Farid the Media Prima guy.

      The MACC raided the place:

      This Farid guy made millions from 1MDB stolen money.

      After Jibby sabotaged the MACC probe, the file was closed by the barua new A-G.

      You think this Farid feels shame?


      He is being paid to do Jibby's promo campaign for 2018 (PRU-14 is April 2018, by the way)!

      When you have people with this morality - Farid, RPK, all the paid lickers - then there is no hope lah.

      That's why more than 30% uni students think corruption is OK.

  6. I think you forget to take into considerations that the numbers of people supporting PH are getting higher and higher.

    How many people are BN supporter and PH supporter. You need to get numbers first and only then you can make the conclusion you make here.

    Secondly, your criticism at BN is just mild criticism compared to your whacking Pakatan which by the way this Mariam Mokhtar is not a member of.

    The Hindi Song however is nice.

    You have good taste but unfortunately your are on the dark side of the force.

    1. PAS is also on dark side.......

      Perbahasan usul Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang untuk meminda Akta Mahkamah Syariah (Bidang Kuasa Jenayah) ditangguhkan lagi.

      Pada April lalu, usul meminda rang undang-undang (RUU) Akta 355 dibentangkan namun Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia menangguhkan perbahasan.

      Sebelumnya, pembentangan usul itu ditangguhkan, iaitu pada sidang Mei dan November 2016, atas permohonan Hadi, ahli parlimen Marang dan presiden PAS.

      Dalam sidang hari ini, usul membahaskan pindaan akta itu, dikenali RUU 355, disenarai perkara ke-10 untuk dibahaskan, lapor Malaysiakini.

      Usul itu kemudiannya dimasukkan sebagai perkara keenam selepas empat rang undang-undang diumum akan ditangguhkan ke sidang Dewan Rakyat akan datang.

      Kemudian Timbalan Menteri Datuk Razali Ibrahim mencadangkan sidang hari ini hanya berakhir selepas lima rang undang-undang kerajaan diluluskan.

      LOL......brape kali nak tipu orang wei?

  7. Hi Annie,

    Visit your doctor soonest.Take your medications and adhere to his/her advise.Get well soon and I mean real soon.

    Rasta Rules

  8. Annie. Jaga kesihatan ye dan go and get treatment. Take good care of yourself. Nite.

  9. Annie,

    For goodness sake, you gotta do something about your health.

    I don't really know how old you are but heart problems are usually quite easy to diagnose nowadays - if you have a good doctor, that is.

    Fixing heart problems are also relatively easy as well, believe it or not!!

    Anyway, to the article above.

    So, you were treating poor lil me as a guinea pig, eh?

    Damn! Bad girl! :)

    //The BN people may not like what I wrote but they were not too quick to jump on my head and accuse me of this and that.//

    I think the reason why BN supporters tend to be more relaxed is because they are absolutely confident that BN will win GE14.

    Absolute confidence brings with it a calm and relaxed state of mind.

    Pakatan people do not have the same luxury of confidence.

    There are many unknowns in Pakatan's journey to Putrajaya.

    The constant juggling of knowns and unknowns create tension and anxiety.

    I believe that the comments from your blog reflect all the above emotions.

    //The question is, how are they to be better than the BN people with such an attitude?//

    Oh, that is easy to answer.

    Pakatan supporters feel that they are supporting a cause that is just and right.

    Pakatan supporters feel that BN supporters are defending a corrupt and unjust government.

    It is kind of like PAS supporters.

    You will notice that PAS supporters walk around looking like they are tranquilised.

    Nothing worries them, why?

    Well, everything is going to be alright because they are special, you see. What? You don't believe?

    You wait lah, you'll see.

    Yes, PAS supporters are a very special category of people - total and absolute belief in the total and absolute absence of evidence :)

    Hm, that reminds me of the White Queen in "Thru the Looking Glass", doesn't it?

    In her younger days, The White Queen used to believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast.


  10. Serbuan ke syarikat² anak² Tun adalah cara sopan, terhormat yang mungkin dimaksudkan oleh annie membayangkan betapa halusnya budi Najib.

  11. Annie..back in 2013

    "Annie13 December 2013 at 12:29
    Datuk Najib already have almost half a decade as PM. I don't think he has that one or two more years. If he screwed up and die alone in GE14, then that's sad but not so bad. The problem is, Umno will die along with him and after that Malays and the rest of the bumiputera are going to be totally screwed.."

    Thanks you

  12. Pemabangkang dari dulu sampai sekarang play on people emotion.They don't appreciate rational thinking and argument.
    Fortunately nowadays BN cyber troopers are quick to response.A case in point is when a person post cost comparison between the cost of building a railway line in Tanzania by a chinese company versus ECRL.
    I googled the answer to that and immediately get the right answer.Congrats to the BN cyber troopers.

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Prof..kadang2 headline atau tajuk blogger pro-BN teramat kebudak-budakkan atau syok sendiri..tak pasti target siapa pembaca mereka..barangkali kebanyakkan (tak banyakpun setakat 6%) "Blogger Bangang" (pinjam ayat2 DS Najib) ni..terdiri orang2 yg sama..pengkomen2 pun dikalangan mereka sendiri...lagi la banyak ayat sumpah seranah, nak cari fakta pendebatan,zero..mmg syok sendiri,janji buat skrin capture tunjuk kat bos mereka yang mereka buat kerja...rasanya rakyat tak baca pun..ha.ha..


    2. "Congrats to the BN cyber troopers."

      So you are one ke, Pros Kangkang?

      If so, you're a very bad one, despite being self-proclaimed T20 Melayu....ha ha!

      Prof Sawi

    3. I just sell malay land to china no hard feelings, be cool
      Aku duduk merempat rilex je
      Eat maggie everyday, jantan sebenar

      Jho low

    4. Prof sawi,
      I am not a cyber salary is enough to sustain my moderate.
      As a Muslim,i believe in hereafter.It is my small contribution share my knowledge on what is right and what is wrong.It is part of amal jariah.

      Prof Kangkung


      "The US Department of Justice (DOJ) is now carrying out criminal investigations into the alleged misappropriation of 1MDB funds. 

      Bloomberg reported that DOJ officials have asked a judge in Los Angeles to put on hold, civil forfeiture suits to seize assets purportedly purchased by Penang-born businessperson Jho Low using 1MDB-linked funds, as this might have "an adverse effect" on its ability to conduct criminal investigations.

      This was reportedly revealed in court filings on Thursday."

      Jho, you going to jail.

      Prof kangkong, you have to get off your lazy backside and work.


      .......can go inside jail and keep Kangkong company.

  13. Seems to me Pakatan supporters are more passionate about their cause.
    While Barisan people still believe that they only need the Cash to win them through.

  14. Annie, let's face it, I think your blog is read more by the fence sitters and those with PH leanings. The hardcore BN supporters (except P kankung ;) ) will go to RPK's blog. One of your most prolific commentators is now a permanent fixture there.

    The politicians are fair game (within reason) but a writer/ fellow blogger who probably don't know what you write about her/him is not. It is akin to 'mengumpat'. The more gentlemanly thing to do is to leave a comment on his/her blog even if anonymously.

    P/S: I left a few comments on your previous article but I am one of those fence sitter.

    1. RPK is a unprincipled whore who will suck anyone for money......., what does that make his readers?

      Even worse.

    2. "The Hottest Places in Hell Are Reserved for Those Who in a Period of Moral Crisis Maintain Their Neutrality"....Dante

    3. RPK? Is that fat fuck still relevent? The wanker hid behind a Chinese name when Clare threatened to sue...once again and I hope he reads this - all of altantunyas murderers should go to hell - led by that fat fuck.

  15. The macai BN acting docile because they have bedcome desensitized with dedak and brim

    Long term planning is country can go to hell as long as money politic is involved

  16. Anonymous @ 11 August 2017 at 10:16

    //One of your most prolific commentators is now a permanent fixture there.//

    And who would be "one most prolific commentators" be?

    Come on lah, tell us, you are amongst friends :)

    No need to be shy, ok?

    I promise you I will not whack you :)


    1. Gladdy,

      Could it be the nauseous and corrosive Zinc DPH ?????

      Currently another one is getting bombed time and time again...feeling sad for the swathe of kangkung fields...sawi will soon carpet bomb him out. I have fallen in love with sawi.

      Rasta Rules

    2. M Zin al Kentut of Kampung Tengkorak Alor Gajah DPH (Dubur Punggung Hitam).

    3. Bwahahahaha.....luffing my ass off....just looove the so apt name given to that kepala hotak Zin hippocrite a fervent PAS fanatic if ever there was one....hahaha...still luffing at al Kentut of Kampung Tengkorak..alamak Dubur Punggung Hitam so finally I get to know what DPH is !! Nauseous and corrosive Zinc DPH indeed :)

      I kinda guess this Zinc hippocrite might be peeking into at this site and when he gets to read about himself the al Kentut Dubur Punggung Hitam, he'll be stomping on his skullcap in impotent rage, wakakakaka.

  17. Annie,

    According to Malay belief, 'Pontianak' refers to blood sucking female ghost, an unrest soul which turned into such a ghastly being when a pregnant lady was killed without just cause.

    By definition the Mongolian lady Altantuya could have become a pontianak, as she was brutally murdered by two badge carrying anggota PDRM and believed to be pregnant when she was killed.

    The murderers had since been convicted and sentenced to death, and the case widely reported internationally.

    But the killers are yet to be executed, the main male actor walks free.

    Altantuya came from the vast terrain of Mongolia, a place once produced a great warrior king called Genghis Khan, one of the greatest in the world history. But because Mongolia is now cut into half, there is indeed very little Mr. Shaaribuu could do to seek justice for his daughter via his government.

    But the two policemen were Muslims, they prayed to Allah SWT. So was the main actor. So were the many ulama in Malaysia who had not uttered one single word to condemn the murder.

    But Allah is Most Just. He will give justice even though Altantuya might not be a Muslimah. The unborn, as Islam says, should be considered a Muslim/Muslimah because according to Islam everyone is a Muslim on birth.

    So let's wait and see, if the pontianak could rest in peace, and the unborn too, could get refuge from Allah against the evil in this part of the world.

    Let's forget politics for a while. Let's not label anyone who is not happy with Najib administration as Pakatoon, Protun, or Pro-Pakatan, and to label whatever comment against Najib administration as anti-BN supporters. Don't divert the issue and further divide the people.

    No one is criticising BN supporters. No one is against the Government. No one is against the Judiciary. No one is against the Speaker of the Dewan Rakyat.

    In fact, the Rakyat needs these institutions. We need the Government. We need judges, a good attorney general, and a good person to preside the Dewan Rakyat.

    But we know the functions of these institutions were derailed by the greed of one person. We know that BN supporters were fooled by this one man, and as long as he is around there is no future for all.

    We want to prosper. Hell we want BN supporters to prosper too. We are all Malaysians.

    Let's work together to vote BN out. Let's give peace to the ghost of Altantuya and the unborn baby.

    1. I don't think Malays really believe in pontianak. Thank you.

    2. Annie, I don't believe in Puntianak. I am a Malay.

      However, I like Vampire Stories like The Originals, Vampire Diaries. Vampires have more imaginations then Puntianak.

      Referring to your comment about Pakatan and BN supporters, I think, with the likes of Ali Tinju with his ass dancing and Jamal Ikan Bakar, there is no need for comparisons.

      If you want to gauge, since elections is around the corner, why don't you do a poll... then you will get better result rather than looking the numbers of comments.

      Now things are getting spice up. With the french submarine case surfacing up, then Australia Sirul and then DOJ pursuing criminal charges to Jho Low relating to 1MDB. Things will get complicated for BN.

    3. "DOJ pursuing criminal charges to Jho Low relating to 1MDB"

      That fat boy going to sing like fat canary.

      Jibbi & Ros going down, down down.........

  18. Nonsense... PM kita bagus. Slalu bantu rakyat. Hidup cara sederhana dan sgt humble. Brģ2 keperluan rakyat smua terkawal. Harga minyak sgt murah. Hutang negara rendah. Ekonomi berkembang pesat. Menteri2 smua bertungkus lumus dan bermati-matian membantu dan menaikkan taraf kehidupan rakyat jelata...

    Jho low

  19. Lim Kit Siang lahir di China!

    Excerpts from comments @ Ronnie Klassen's FB post:

    "Born in Batu Pahat? My foot lah apek Lim! You shameless treacherous creature !!!

    In Lim Kit Siang's biography........he wrote 1957:

    Arrived in Malaysia....... So it confirmed that he came from mainland China.

    Born a communist in 1941, in ZhangZhou in Fujian,China and came to Malaysia at age of 16 by tongkang to work in the pig farm.

    No wonder DAP educational bureau copied the style of the Chinese Red Guard's indoctrination techniques to create the Red Bean Army (RBA) to carry out their subversive activities back in 2008.

    No wonder 95% of the Chinese are spellbound by them to abandon MCA. For a guy who dare not even disclose his birth place surely have a lot of ugly past to hide.

    How do you expect a diehard communist cadre like him to have loyalty to an adopted democratic country like M'sia?

    This treacherous slug have no qualm for M'sian lives as can be seen from his treacherous actions back in May 69 which eventually led to the racial riot that caused so many injuries n deaths to our ppls.

    When the riot erupted, he was found hiding in Winner Hotel in Kota Kinabalu n only returned to Malaya after the riot subsided."

    1. Zzzzzzzzzz.

      Boring lah.......not relevant to today's songlap of 4.5 billion USD by Hippo and Pinklips that our children will pay for.

      You can live in past, we worried about future.

      Next time, spin harder lah.......

    2. Stupid comments n baseless accusations as a native batu pahat he was born in batu pahat n he is my senior at High School Batu Pahat so is tan sri vincent tan,and guan eng studied there till form 2

    3. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
      lets sleep some more
      i am a macho man, i am king of the world
      ...................oh so mengantuk..........
      ...................i am a korean artist.....

      jho low

    4. Blackmoon oh you blackguard with a black heart....go read RPK's account of how May 13 happened ( I mean his past writes before he tukar coat ). It was the Gerakan who led the parade and like they said, the rest is history or rather His-story as per our reivised history books and BN's recounting. Also read Dr Kua's account of May 13. ( Btw....your new spin now had LKS hiding in some hotel in KK, but the old spin had LKS caught taking a pee at some tiang near the massacre site on May day ! Come on la...even when fibbing, one must at least be consistent ).

  20. Interesting findings, that is, 80% of your readers and commentators are Pro-Pakatan while the other 20 % are Pro-BN. A fair indication of present sentiment from the wavering environment of political divide. You being a neutral observer, you are really something! your writings and responses need for attention.

    I think, it is not of being better than BN or Pakatan. At present, your readers already decided who they are going to vote at the general election.

  21. Rasta Rules,

    //Zinc DPH ?????//

    Nupe, have not seen that name around.

    //I have fallen in love with sawi.//



  22. Anonymous @ 11 August 2017 at 14:24,

    //M Zin//

    Nupe, have not seen him around for a while.


  23. Annie,

    //I don't think Malays really believe in pontianak.//

    Probably not as much nowadays esp by the more modern urban Malays, but I am pretty sure it is still part of Malay folklore.


  24. What about observing neutrality??..sigh

  25. When it come to MO1 1mdb wrongdoings, all BN macais now 'neutral' instead of defending MO1 bend with the wind so lallang LMAO

  26. People acting neutral because they cant read a report that has been classified as Official Secret Act

    how stupid it is to cover a crime by a crooked fatcat

  27. Now I am ready to do my breakfast, once having my breakfast coming over again to read more news.