Wednesday 2 August 2017

A bit on soundbites from Johor over tea

Had tea with an old friend yesterday afternoon.

The guy is from my gang in Johor back when we were defending the state for the last general election in 2013.

He's sorts of my senior and I respect him very much.

Even though out of politics now, my friend still receives credible intel from the ground, especially in Johor.

I have not seen him for quite a while, so initially I was not really sure why he called me out for tea.

It turned out that he's worried about Johor BN's preparations for the coming general election.

Basically, his worries were almost the same as what I wrote in this previous post,

Can Khaled do what Ghani did in handling a Malay tsunami?

Well, actually his assessment was even slightly worse than mine.

He said the possibility of Pakatan Harapan capturing half of the Johor's 26 parliamentary seats is very real.

The opposition coalition already have six - Gelang Patah, Senai, Bakri, Kluang, Batu Pahat and Pagoh.

Click on the link to my previous post above to know the other constituencies in Johor which were at risk of falling to Pakatan Harapan.

My friend said BN's preparations for the coming general election in Johor so far was not even close to the level of what were done during the same period in the run-up to the 2013 polls.

He felt that MB DS Mohamed Khaled Nordin and his team have not been on the ground enough and Khaled's visits to the parliamentary constituencies earlier this year, said to be in preparation for the polls, were mere touch n go affairs.

Khaled visiting Johor Baru parliamentary constituency early this year

"They can't just go to a constituency for a few hours, look around a bit, listen to a briefing by the district officer or someone like that and consider that as preparing for the general election," he said.

My friend also believed that there were not even proper follow-ups for those visits.

He said he was told that another round of similar "gerak gempur" visits will be launched by Johor BN soon but he felt even that is not going to be good enough.

Using fancy or fearsome soundbites and nothing much else is not going to win elections.

Just theorising and inventing catchy slogans are also not good enough.

They came out with a lot of those lately.

Well, making noise and looking tough is easier than really thinking properly and doing the actual work.

I'm always of the opinion that nothing can replace sustained hard work on the ground as the best way to win elections

That should had been started right after the last general election.

A bit too late now, I guess. So much time wasted.

In many cases, chasing individual interest seemed more important back then..

Sudah ada kuasa sikit, mahu pulun jadi kaya la pulak. Tak apa, pilihanraya lama lagi.

I wrote several times about many with that attitude right after the last general election.

Now they suddenly realised that there's not much time left even if they really want to do those real works. So, make noise lah a bit here and there. Make it sounds as if they are doing work.

Anyway, back to my old friend. I was surprised that he seemed more pessimistic about BN's chances than I did.

He said feedback from the ground have not been very good at all.

I'm very sure that he has not turned to the other side, but he even believed that Pakatan will likely win in Kedah.

He said BN leaders are making too many mistakes even now, which I agreed.

Too many own goals.

For one thing, I believe they got it all wrong from the start with their handling of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

They shouldn't have whacked the handsome old man the way they did. It only made things worse for them.

Many succumbed to their ego and ended up shouting on top of their lung with no one actually bothering to listen to them.

And what with that full page articles in newspapers supposedly written by MBs, which were actually their speeches written by I don't know who? How much did they pay for that? Did they really think people read those stuff?

What to do. Those are already rice turned to porridge cases.

Now I think they are making another mistake - they underestimated Dr Mahathir's ability to get the opposition parties to work together.

He's doing exactly that now.

The more time they give him to do that, the more dangerous it would be for BN.

Ignore this and I think BN will be in serious trouble.

But, then again, what would I know....I'm just an insignificant anonymous two-bit blogger, right?

My blog is devoid of facts, said some.

True also, my blog doesn't have charts, what.

Well, never mind. Doesn't make much difference to me what most people think about me and what I wrote.

I just write whatever stuff that crossed my mind which made sense to me.

Okay, that's all.



  1. Annie, jangan bimbang.

    Zahid dah pukul habis Tun Mahathir fengan isu a/l Iskandar..

    Bila bila pilihanraya pun, BN boleh menang besar dan mudah.

    1. HA HA HA, orang Kluang sarcasm rating AAA.
      BN don't worry, be happy, cash ada.

    2. Funny thing.....see how many mamaks Najis has placed in high position.

      Irwan Serigatal

      Azeez Baling

      Zambry Kadir

      many more.

      If the Javanese wants to be racist, when he gonna attack Zambry?

      Zambry also pijak kepala Melayu, and Zambry is 100% India tulen.

      Over to you, Zahid Komedi?

    3. Najib my partners in crime

      Give me another rm1billion because I want to date American women with rakyat money
      I love Malaysians

      Jho low

    4. Anonymous3 August 2017 at 11:41,

      You missed one point - that Zambry is the (stolen) MB of PERAK - the Javanese's home state !!!!

      PLs look at his face:

      This guy's name should be Selvajoo a/l Poonudurai, lah !!!!

      ZERO Malay blood.

      If Zahid Beruk wants to play race card, why his HOME STATE is run by Indian?


      Really funny.

  2. Best news....

    Razak Baginda charged in France for Scorpene.

    This was where Najis Rosaj did his "warm-up" for the bigger thefts later.

    Kickback of 500 million from 2 submarines that were completely useless to Malaysia.

    Thank you for stealing our money.

    1. Warning to Bugis pirate, Hippo, Riza and Jho:

      You WILL be caught and disgraced in the end.

      However long.

      How do you sleep?

    2. How do they sleep? Hehehe, they don't get rest.... theirs is a living nightmare thats gonna end in certain death!!!

  3. MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!!!!!

    PARIS/KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - French financial prosecutors have put a former aide to Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak under formal investigation as part of a probe into the 2002 sale of submarines to Malaysia, a French judicial source said on Wednesday.

    Razak Baginda has denied wrongdoing. He advised Najib, who was defence minister at the time, on the purchase of two Scorpene-class submarines from French state-controlled warship builder DCN International (DCNI) in 2002.

    DCNI then became a new entity called DCNS, which in turn rebranded itself as Naval Group this year. French defence company Thales owns around a third of Naval Group.

    "The inquiry by the French is welcomed as Dr Razak Baginda has not committed any crime of corruption or breached any laws in the matter," the former aide said in a statement sent to Reuters.

    Two French former defence industry executives were placed under investigation last month as part of the same probe into alleged kickbacks from that submarines deal.

    Tahniah, DS Najib!

  4. Annie,

    The readiness of the BN election machine is not in question here.

    The BN election machinery is seriously one of the best around.

    I have previously mentioned the military-like precision of the MCA election team in my kampung compared to the amatuerish efforts of DAP, and I am sure it is the same elsewhere when comparing BN and Pakatan election teams.

    The ONLY thing that will lose UMNO seats in Johor, or anyway for that matter, is how much money will be handed over.

    The modus operandi has been the same year in year out for god knows how many years and it has worked admirably each time every time.

    You have worked the campaign trail and you have a pretty good idea of the money UMNO spends, OK? Not small potatoes, eh?

    I mean, the FELDA folks have got RM1.6billion(?) already.

    Those lousy FGV shares they bought? All paid off courtesy of taxpayers.

    I have no doubt there will be more goodies in the pipeline for FELDA settlers. They are a crucial voter base.

    And the money will keep coming to all and sundry, to MCA, to MIC, to Gerakan, to everybody over there in Sabah and Sarawak.

    The BIG question is - how much money?

    Can MCA/MIC continue to hold 8 or 9 sumptuous makans for 200+ people at the best restaurant in my kampung?

    Can MCA/MIC continue to have 4 or 5 lorry loads of rice and cooking oil to give away?

    I have no idea what UMNO spends around my kampung - I don't get invited to their election functions :)

    But I know that if the money is not forthcoming, then mampus lah.

    I do not know what the effect of 1MDB is on international money movements in and out of various countries to Malaysia, so I simply cannot say how much money BN is going to hand out.

    If there is no change to the money spending, then there is a good chance BN can retain Putrajaya.

    If I was you, I wouldn't worry about the readiness of the election machinery, I would be looking at the money coming thru for that machinery to function.


    1. Gladiator,
      I only know in details the ways Johor BN worked during the leadership of the no-nonsense former MB TS Abdul Ghani Othman. His team worked smart and used minimal amount of money for their election campaign. No hanky panky. You can read part of my experiences of that here :
      Thank you


    2. Luit , Luit , Luit ksai tentu semua bolih angkat punya maa aa ,siapa atak manyak luit mesti bolih menang punya maa aa .

      Ini lunia punya lalam ,siapa atak luit ,lia jugak atak kuasa maa aa ,atak kuasa punya mesti manyak luit punya lor rr . Kalau atak kuasa atak luit haiyaa aa itu menang sutak gulentee maa aa ,apa-apa pon bolih buat lor rr ,tatak hat punya maa aa.

      BN manyak luit n atak kuasa .

      DAP atak luit tatak kuasa .

      Lain-lain party tata luit tatak kuasa .

      Sendili pikir lor rr .

    3. Good analysis gladiator

      Also, spot on bro. You are the man!

      Jho low

  5. Your friend is wrong la,Annie.
    BN will win hands down ! Professor Kangkung believes so. Najib and gang can stop this handsome old man of yours from snatching victory in PRU14.

    Anyway I was giggling reading chedet sekolahkan zahid hamidi last night. Those he wrote were facts.

    Apa yang nak dirunsingkan dengan orang tua 92 tahun ni ?

    Dia biasa pimpin parti dia menang 5 PRU. Dia sendiri pun kalah sekali only ini 53 years. And he could turn his political enemy for 50 years into working with him !

    Kalau umno Johor dah gelabah, umno negeri lain tak payah tanya la. umno dah jadi parti no money to talk.

    1. Dear anon 007
      As a johorean myself,even though I have not lived in Johor for the past 30 years,I believe as a tiang seri UMNO BN will win with comfortable margin in Johor and anywhere else in this upcoming GE
      Do keep in mind with the new dynamics making a prediction is very difficult.Let me put it in a very simple argument.
      When Pas is out of Pakatan,how much can they take out their supporters from Pakatan?20%?10?
      With Amanah is in the pakatan how much can they 'steal' Pas supporters?with parti bunga headed by the handsome old man,how much can parti bunga can take UMNO supporters?How many chinese votes can MCA pull from DAP as some chinese might be turned off by Tun M's existence in Pakatan.
      Overall,the future is quite bleak for Pakatan unless the manage to pull Pas back into their fold

      Prof Kangkung

    2. dear Prof K, my uncle used to be a hard-core PAS at age 55 already turn to PAN just after 4-5 month TGNA passed away. Orang2 kampung banyak dah dok tanya tentang 90 juta...Pemimpin PAS sekarang banyak yg sombong/bongkak/suka buat ayat2 lawak..depa dok pikir puak2 PAS ni sibuk kumpul2 pitih sebab macam dah tau PRU14 nanti depa pasti kalah...alang2 dapat duit dedak tu, baik simpan utk 2-3 generasi, kalah PRU pun takpe... :-)

    3. Prof Kangkong.

      Sebaik saja Najib bubar Parliament nanti...kalau DoJ Amerika, AG Switzerland, Belgium, Hong Kong dan France (Kes Scorpene), Singapura dan lain-lain... mulakan pendakwaan civil atau criminal keatas Jho Low, bagaimana?

      Kalau Negara kuasa-besar dunia, termasuk UK (mewakili Negara2 Commomwealth) & Australia mahu hantar pemerhati dalam PRU14, boleh kah?

      Prof kena ingat, nama Najib 'busuk' 1Dunia, bukan saja kerana scandal 1MDB dan orang-tengah beliau, Jho Low.
      Semasa Najib Menteri Pertahanan lagi, nama & emej beliau sudah 'busuk' 1Dunia kerana penggunaan orang-tengah Razak Baginda dalam urusan pembelian kapalselam, mengakibatkan Altantuya mati dibom. Paling mengejutkan, jenis bahan letopan yang digunakan, hanya boleh diperolehi dari pasukan keselamatan Negara.

      Selepas 15 tahun, bahana guna Razak Baginda sebagai orang-tengah, masih belum reda. Kali ini dalam bentuk persoalan... Siapa arah bunuh... kerana pembunuh-Altantuya, Sirul tidak boleh menjalani hukuman mati, selagi beliau berada di Australia. Inspector Azhar, ketua Sirul yang juga dijatuhi hukuman mati, sudah menjalani hukuman kah?

      Untuk pengetahuan Prof, TS Annuar Musa, baru-baru ini mendedahkan bahawa Prebet Adam yang mengamuk di Chowkit pada 1986 dan telah dijatuhi hukuman mati, telah 'bebas'.
      Sila lihat video Annuar Musa berucap di URL berikut:-

      Tak terkejut kah Rakyat, terutamanya ahli keluarga mangsa yang Prebet Adam tembak mati di Chowkit?

    4. Pros Kangakang is a dedak inhaler who is high on stolen 1MDB money.

      Credibility yilek.

    5. Mane boleh UMNO tumbang, UMNO rilekkkkkkk

      Saya orang penang, tetapi saya telah jadi orang johor. Orang pulau pinang tak rilekkkkk

      Orang melayu islam rilekkkk, I want to party first with sexy celebrity kerrrrr

      Orang islam good job, keep doing tremendous job

      Jho low

  6. This GE14 will be a total demolition of BN - i told you so wink...

  7. Aiya Annie don't worry la it is so easy to solve all the problems of your beloved party. Everyone know the problems your party is facing now is caused by only ONE man, just get rid of him, all problems will be selesai and you can look forward to a good GE result.

  8. Annie @ 3 August 2017 at 01:41,

    //His team worked smart and used minimal amount of money for their election campaign. No hanky panky//

    No, no, no, I wasn't suggesting hanky panky.

    I was pointing to the amounts of money spent.

    But seeing as you have said that minimal amounts of money was spent in Johor, I am willing to accept your word for it.

    Personally, it would seem rather unusual as the modus operandi for BN parties is to spend large sums in clearly vote buying activities.

    At least that is what I have noticed in Selangor in my kampung.

    BUT I must stress that I don't know what UMNO spent in my kampung, just what MCA and MIC spent.


  9. I advice you to give handouts to kampung felda, kampung Johor, kampung sarawak

    High chances are, they'll vote for BN. This is a professional advice from politik matang

    Give rm3000 larr, sikit jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, for those who vote BN

    Muah ciked
    Jho low

  10. Prof Kangkung,

    //Overall,the future is quite bleak for Pakatan unless the manage to pull Pas back into their fold//

    Politically speaking, Pakatan would love to have Parti Anak Syaitan back in the Pakatan fold - let's be honest, politics is not a pleasant game, OK?

    Every little bit helps, OK?

    But the reality is this - exactly how popular is PAS?

    I can tell you that PAS members around my kampung in Selangor have virtually all gone over to Amanah - 4000+(?) voters maybe more.

    The Raya open houses runned by Amanah in the last couple of years have been eye-openers.

    People in those open houses actually look happy and welcoming and relieved, almost like a huge load has been lifted off their backs!!

    I have never been invited to a PAS open house - ever.

    Hell, even UMNO people invite me but not PAS, never PAS :)

    By nature, PAS does not like anybody other then Malay Muslims.

    I could be wrong but I don't think there are even many Indian Muslims in PAS. There will be some, but not many, I think.

    By keeping such a closed-shop, PAS severely restricts itself to a narrowly defined voter base - Malay Muslims.

    Nothing wrong with that but PAS now has to draw from a voter base shared between itself, UMNO, PKR, Amanah and PPBM.

    So, with that Malay Muslim vote split 5-ways, the question remain - exactly how popular is PAS?

    They have never been able to translate their self-proclaimed popularity into any meaningful number of parliamentary seats, other than in Kelantan and maybe Terengganu.

    Look at GE13 - PAS contested 70+ seats and only got a piddling 21 seats, and that was with the help of non-Muslims. Where was the magical PAS popularity then?

    As you were suggesting, things will be a bit easier with PAS in Pakatan, but I don't think that things will be bleak without PAS because exactly how popular is PAS? :)


    1. Dear keep in mind Pas menang sbb DAP and PKR tolong.ingat DAP dan PKR menang org Pas tak tolong ke

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Opposition jangan jealous dengan pas....
      RUU355 kena cancelled pun jangan jealous pulak...

      Jho low

  11. Jamal jamban loves kangkung

    1. Lah.anon 1334.
      Pls dispute my argument.don't be too personal

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Oi prof
      How's life prof kangkung?
      Defend najib UMNO, opposition ni jahat lah, saya mana ada buat salah
      Buat lagi argument, tak logik pun tak pe, yang penting kena buat bising

      UMNO dulu pernah tolong awak dapat biasiswa
      So u skrang kerja you untuk mempertahankan saya

      You tak buat no hal lorr, ramai lagi mahu jilat dedak, jamal jamban contohnya

      Jho low

    3. Hei fei Low,

      That Prof Kangkung is a self-described T20 Melayu, lu jangan main main.

      Konon high class but jilat kuat on penyamun rear end.

      Not so high class lah....

  12. Everyone should wish MO1 long life, if not according to dumno Mrs MO1 will takeover from MO1 (eg Kuala Kangsar MP) oh no!!!

  13. Prof Kangkung,

    //ingat DAP dan PKR menang org Pas tak tolong ke//

    Well, it appears that the "popularity" of PAS is now in question, so did PAS really really contribute that much to the wins by DAP and PKR?

    Plus what about the PPBM and Amanah factor?

    It would be madness to say that those two parties account for nothing.

    Amanah alone may not pull in the votes but never ever underestimate the wily old fox, Mahatir Mohamad.

    I may not personally like him but I have some regard for his skills.

    I was one such person who believed he was a spent force based on my own assessment and observations - not just from what I was told.

    For someone who is supposed to be a spent force, he is giving a lot of people a hard time.

    Consider this, at one stage, we had, virtually, the whole UMNO Supreme Council attacking him - just him alone, one single solitary 92 y.o. man. who is supposed to be a spent force, a has-been!!

    And those attacks have not let up.



    1. Because they are panicking.

      Only if Jibbi steals billions more to feed them and buy votes, they will be safe.

      PS......heard Jibbi has got "war chest" of 850 million already stolen for Ge14.

      Songlaped of course.

      The TV3 Farid is running campaign soon.

      The same guy's company was raided by MACC before they covered up (Kassim's era, not the new macai.)

  14. Annie,

    "out of politics but still receiving credible intels" are those we called 'VETERAN'.

    There are aplenty of them in kedai kopi, surau etc..

    To you, their so-called intel are very reliable.

    So, good luck to you.