Friday 11 September 2015

Friday bitching

It's a slow day at the office.

Doing nothing much.

Don't even feel like writing anything serious.

Just not in the mood.

I'm also really bored of the ding dong Umno civil war.

Whenever I posted something on it, I got quite a number of really stupid comments.

I just spiked off the rubbish as I don't want to clutter up the pages.

Normally, I'm quite tolerant, but somehow of late I just don't have the patience for them anymore.

If those monkeys really hate me and this blog, I wonder why they bothered to come here in the first place.

It's not as if this blog is of any significance or "powerful"like all those prominent blogs.

As I have often wrote, this is just an insignificant anonymous blog where I write things as according to my whims and fancies.

It's not even an authority of anything.

In fact, it's actually just a fun blog for me and my thoughts.

Maybe those monkeys got no real life and get their kicks by disturbing me.

I suggest they go to facebook, twitter, instegram etc.

There, they can have really meaningful intellectual discussion.

I don't have any active account in those other social media platforms.

This blog is my only little space in the cyberspace.

I prefer writing here because I don't feel that I'm imposing my thoughts on others unlike if I use the other social media platforms.

For instance, you write something on your facebook wall and it appears on other people's wall and they would have to read it whether they like it or not.

I don't like that concept of forcing people to read what I wrote.

You have to come to this blog to read it.

The choice is yours.

If you think this blog is no good, then don't come here.

I'm not forcing anyone to read it nor did I profit from it.

It's as easy as that.

It's a simple concept, okay.

Okay, having bitched about all that, here is a beautiful song for all the nice people who read this blog,

To the not nice people, please go away and bother the powerful prominent bloggers instead.

I'm packing my stuff now to go home.

So looking forward for this weekend.

I'm going fishing tomorrow.

Hope you all will have an enjoyable weekend too.



  1. Dear Annie,

    Like you, I do not subscribe to those other social media platforms. Facebook was the last I confess.. :-)

    I've said before along the lines that I'd found your blog to be as real & simple as any lady's life gets. Along the way, ada laa yang rather teramat-chomeii..

    And I've also opined that 'to-Pluto!' with the nasty ones i.e went missing when God was handing-out brains..

    I do take take pleasure visiting your blog whenever I'm back ashore to dilute all those gruellingly-mad 12hourly-2weeks ON.

    So..KALAU you bunyi cam majux..err..jangan majux lama2 ya.. Nanti cepat tua..(siapa nak then..)..... :-)


  2. Annie, we keep on coming back because your writing is entertaining.

  3. Hai Annie ,
    I have nothing to said , I like to borrow Rani kulop trademark , " Kipidap dongibab" Please don't feel sad just move on , I liked your blog , ok be happy and take care . bye

  4. To all the good guys who survive the corruption of Tai Gor Jib and the Gang

    The greater struggle is against your own ego

  5. A Feeling of Urgency to improve the economy is needed of all Malaysian politicians - instead of jostling for power. Just look at what Indonesia is doing.

    Indonesia’s president today promised quick and “massive deregulation” to attract much needed investment in South-East Asia’s largest economy.

    This is the latest move by President Joko Widodo to try to improve investor sentiment about Indonesia, which has soured recently due to slowing domestic consumption, China’s downturn and rock-bottom commodity prices.

    Over the past few weeks, the president has reshuffled his economic team, announced plans for a new stimulus package and showcased the start of major infrastructure projects, such as a US$4 billion (RM16.68 billion) coal-fired power plant.

    “We need to carry out massive deregulation and introduce new regulations that will really create a good climate for the economy as soon as possible,” Joko said in a cabinet meeting. “We are racing against time.”

  6. i like reading what you got to say but whenever i feels like hearing to what a stupid fcuk got to say....i will just go to the comment section and in there i will always find more than one....

    >james bond

  7. You give the sense of consciousness, in return you get glib and dopey monkey.

    What a shame, this handicap-brainless monkey can't even differentiate between nut and coconut.

    Don't worry your pretty little head about it.


  8. re, Whenever I posted something on it , I got numbers of really stupid comments .

    Annie eaa aa ,tatak lamai olang manyak pandai maa aa ,kalau manyak olang pandai itu Najib tatak bolih jadi PM maa aa.

    Sebab itu Najib kata lain olang bangang , bangsat ,sikalang lu kata kita olang " monkey ", Wa manyak sedih lea aa , ini macam .

  9. Cheerio Annie. Enjoy your weekend. Let the haters consumed by their own filth. I'm glad.

  10. sorry annie your blog sometimes lack of energy but i still come to your blog to read as i would like to know your opinions on certain things especially knowing you have multiracial parents. i would like to know why chinese are always provoking the Malays n sometimes our religion and why they are acting so insensitive towards us. Is it lack of knowledge or just plain ignorance. They step on our leaders photos, allow their dogs run loose n poop at our gardens, bring dogs to malls, display pig pics, lie about halal signs, talk in chinese knowing we dont malays lazy....but when we fight back they say we are racists....

  11. Ya la akak..jgn la amik ati sgt ek..yg komen teruk2 tu maybe ada problem mati pucuk ke..jgn amik ati ek..

    Org muo

  12. Anonymous said...
    Hahaha...umno mangkuk melayu bugis pondan kuarkan list peserta MERAH MANGKUK dia...hahaha...

    Tiap bhg 1000, 2000....lebih macam DISURUH BHG/CAW g cari macai2 utk datang daripada ikhlas nak dtg sendiri....BERAPA BAYARAN? Bagi la rm10ribu sorang!! Kalau bg 10k sya umno tmn cantek dan kwn2 dr umno lembah keramat, setiawangsa, ampang jaya, melawati dll lgi akan datang!!!...TAPI BAYAR IN ADVANCE PASAL UMNO BYK KALI KENCING SKRG!!! Sat g penat g, da abis himpun, bg rm10 jer...

    Tak yah bawa cash, transfer jer...kmi blh bg akaun no...da transfer jgn lupa wasap slip!!

    TIME HIMPUN KANG KAMI DTG BAWA SURAT MC ya!! Dtg utk submit MC jer....hehehehe


  13. You are unfortunately presumed guilty, adinda Ms Annie
    unless you are on their side(?) Given facts unfortunately hurts for many who then revert to personal attacks.

    We could do with less personal cuss words and nauseating remarks
    and lets keep these where they come from(?) MI & MK.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH