Saturday 12 September 2015

Haze by the river, prayers for the pilgrims, congrats Singapore

My fishing trip today was spoilt by the haze.

This is what it looked like at the river,

The uncle who was supposed to take us upstream in his boat advised us to cancel our plan.

"In this haze, you'll only catch flu, not fish," he said.

The API reading of the area today was at as unhealthy level of 147.

I wish the Indonesians can stop burning their Sumateran forests.

Well, so much for fishing.

We ended up eating steamed kerapu fish, grilled prawns and fried sweet potatoe leaves at a restaurant by the river.

Oh, and the iced kedondong asam boi drink was heavenly.

Despite the no fishing, the trip to the river was not so bad.

I was happy.

Reached home about 5pm.

Meanwhile, on the news front, the crane tragedy in Mecca late yesterday was so shocking.

Condolences and prayers for the victims.

Hopefully the Malaysian pilgrims who are still missing will be found safe.

Then there's the PAP's landslide victory in the Singapore general election.

Congratulations to Lee Hsien Loong and all Singaporeans for a smooth and peaceful electoral process.

I think they made the right choice.

If I'm a Singaporean, I would have voted PAP too.

They have a clean and efficient government for half a century since independence, why then they need to change it?

Okay, Singaporeans tend to be a bit skima (not cool) because of the tight control of their life by the PAP government, but they seemed happy with it.

A bit of complaints here and there, but generally they appeared satisfied with their life....maybe more satisfied than Malaysians.

For one thing, they have a better football team than ours.

And of course they have a really nice and handsome PM,


  1. Malaysia berjerebu
    Politiknya berjerebu
    Ekonominya lg berjerebu
    Singapura pun berjerebu tp
    Politiknya cerah
    Ekonominya lg cerah
    Jadi rakyatnya punya pilihan yg nyata dan cerah.
    Tak mcm di Malaysia berjerebu otak nak pilih yg mana. Semuanya buruk belaka.

    1. Betoi tu .. dah la sesak nafas dek jerebu, sesak nafas juge dek pemimpin polituk yg memanjaaaaang menyusahkan rakyat. Kesian kat kita kan ..

  2. Annie

    Tak pa la klau life is being tightly controlled klau gaji banyak, hidup senang.. Ini dah la duit kurang, hidup susah, everything is being controlled, susah la Annie..

  3. Oh-oh, the exercise cancelled and substituted with food fare .... madam you are watching your waistline?

  4. Pros and cons of the Singapore government

    “Growing the GDP at all cost” economic policy for the past 25 years is set to continue. Singaporeans will have to get used to the very high costs of living. The population of 6.9 million will come to pass. There will be overcrowded trains and buses and more train breakdowns because the infrastructure cannot cope. Transportation costs will continue to soar despite lower oil prices. Will there be more good years looking forward? Swiss standard of living? Rich will undoubtedly become richer and insular, while the poor will be further marginalised."

    "By voting the PAP in GE2015, Singaporeans are endorsing cronyism, elitism and arrogance and there will be more of it in the future. There will be more military men in the GLCs and more of their friends in the People's Association, the town councils, etc. The education & health policies will continue to favor foreigners and our Singaporeans will still have to send their children abroad for their tertiary education."

  5. Heartfelt condolences to the victims and families in the crane tragedy

    inna lillah wa inna ilaihi raji'un ....

  6. Hi Annie,

    How is your plan earlier to get a Singaporean husband.

    Now the currency is S1:RM3. That means if he gives you S1,500, you get RM4,500. No need to work, you can focus on writing blog or novel.

    RM is going even lower now, probably by end of the year, it will be S1:RM4.

    We did not hear any scandals in Singapore, their PM also low profile, down to earth and very modest (not wearing Hublot watch or something like that). No wonder PAP win landslide and their currency is very strong.

    1. Dear Anon 08:28,

      ..and to think that S'pore has next-to-nothing in natural resources or major industry save for SRC.

      Mainly thriving on Service-industry i.e Banking/Int'l Finance. With sound & prudent Management in the process.

      I suppose finding meself a S'porean-wifey would be in order next.. Ahakss!

      Barring changes in investor-confidence viz our political-turmoil, progress in GDP etc; Agree that RM can slide further year-End '15 albeit to say RM3.70.


    2. and they don't need donation to win the election.

    3. Their donations are not on the table but under.

  7. "And of course they have a really nice and handsome PM." Compared to whom Annie? If compared to Najib - Joko Widodo, Thein Sein, Angela Merckel and the rests also nicer and better looking.